My day started out pretty normal. I usually sleep in pretty well, but Annabeth doesn't allow that. She knows how good I am at navigating the snooze button on my alarm, so she wakes me up with less conventional methods. Usually pancakes or kisses. Today was the later.

"Morning seaweed brain," Her voice was slightly horse from sleepiness and I opened my eyes so I could see her. Her blonde hair was messy, bed-head style, and beautiful as usual. She smiled and pecked me quickly on the lips then got up to get ready for work, advising me to do the same. I could have stayed in bed all day but sadly, I also had work. I know, Percy Jackson is actually working? Well believe it, cuz I actually have a job that I got on my own and totally not by letting Annabeth scare the guy into hiring me. I rolled out of bed and groaned. I could barely keep my eyes opened as I trudged to the bathroom. to get ready for the oncoming day.

(Time skip)

I was wide awake by the time I got to work. I had a job at the New York Aquarium (A.N. I know, such a creative name!) and I loved it. Annabeth worked at the biggest architectural firm around and was a household name for anybody who paid attention to that kind of stuff. I strolled through the front doors of the aquarium, flashing my ID card at the security guard. The fish here have mostly gotten used to me, which is a good thing because they followed me around in their tanks for the first few months. I've been working here for two years now, and it almost seems too normal. I smiled to a few visitors as I made my way to the shark tank, the area I was assigned to today. I did the usual; teaching kids more about the sharks, telling idiot teenagers to back away from the glass, and repeatedly telling the same elderly couple that no, this was not the otter exhibit.

"Whoo Hoo! Bruce take a picture!" Somebody screamed, I turned around quickly to see what the commotion was. A familiar looking man was standing above the tank, where the employees went to feed the sharks and dangled his foot over the edge.

"Tony, I think you should get down from there," his friend advised. Dam right he should get down! Hee hee, dam.

"Dude!" I quickly climbed the stairs and pulled the man away from the ledge. Normally, I would have been a little less obey-the-rules-like, but he was scaring the sharks. "Man, what are you doing? This is restricted! You can't be here!" I know, ironic coming from me. I felt weird saying it; I felt like Annabeth. Gods, now I missed Annabeth.

"Nah, bro it's ok. Do you know who I am?" The man said casually. I gave him a look that told him I really didn't care.

"An idiot?" I guessed. The man with him chuckled approvingly.

"No, I'm Tony Stark."

Oh right, that guy. Annabeth told me about these guys. While we were saving the world (The second time) they were saving New York. Well, demigods were secretly doing most of the work for them, but at least they tried. If he's Tony Stark, then the man with him must have been one of the smart people on his team. Which ones are the smart ones? Dang, I really needed Annabeth.

"I'm so sorry about this, we'll be leaving right now-," Smarty-pants didn't get to finish his statement because Tony Stark fell into the tank. Styx.

My demigod instincts kicked in and I lunged forward, just in time to see his head slip under water. Usually, I would have just waited for him to resurface and yanked him out, but the dude sank. Like, actually sank. It was like he was made of metal! Wait, Annabeth said something about that... Yeah, I should probably get him out. I slipped off my walkie-talkie and cell phone (only for emergencies) and jumped into the water. It was cold and salty, but that didn't really bother me. I grabbed hold of Tony's arm and tried to swim upwards but he was too heavy. Gods, this dude weighs more than Juno! I looked around quickly; there were people staring at the tank with their cameras out and filming. So that was a no on a showage of powers then. I turned to the nearest shark, who was staring at me in fascination.

Help us up? I'll feed you extra!

I reasoned with the great white. Apparently, that worked, because she suddenly swished her tail violently, sending a current fast enough to give me and my luggage a much-needed boost towards the surface. I made a quick decision and used my powers to get us the rest of the way to the top. I know it was a bad idea, but Tony Stark couldn't breathe under water; he needed to get to the surface, quickly. We broke the surface and I hauled Tony back onto the concrete slab from where he had fallen. He began gasped for breath and violently coughing.

"I warned you!" I immediately said. The smart guy glanced suspiciously at me. I avoided his gaze and grabbed my radio to call this in.

"How did you do that?" He asked, still staring at me.

"Uh, I'm just good at my job?" I squeaked. I reached for my phone, more than tempted to call Annabeth. I had a bad feeling about this.

"No, I saw what you did. That wasn't human,"