We ended up in my back yard, thankfully not in China. On the other hand, we landed in Masia's garden again.

"Dad!" Two familiar voices shouted from the kitchen. I heard the sliding glass door open and my kids ran at me. I was already on my knees so I opened my arms and let them tackle me in a hug.

"Hey dorks, how it going?"

"Seaweed Brain," Annabeth muttered, standing over us. I pulled myself out of the dog-pile of Jacksons and wrapped an arm around my wife's waist.

"Hi, Wise Girl." I kissed her in greeting and rubbed her swollen belly. Then I remembered that there were more people than just us in the world, and turned back towards the others to help Steve get Bucky inside. Will had his arm around Nico's waist to help him walk.

"I've heard from the others. Jason got hit in the leg but it's not too bad. They're on their way back now," Annabeth said. My bro got hit! I felt anger swell in my chest. Nobody hurts my family. "He's fine. Told me to tell you not to kill anybody." Annabeth set her hand on my chest to calm me down.

"WILL!" Came a shout from the front of the house. Will and I exchanged a glance and we took off towards Hazel's shouting. Nico sat on the loveseat and took deep breaths while Bucky was laid across the couch. A rush of people stormed through the front door with Jason between them. Piper shoved everything off the kitchen table and they set him there.

"Dude, you're cleaning this mess up," I joked. Jason gave me a pained smile and swatted at me. Will got to work immediately. He shouted out for supplies which the rest of us quickly supplied him with (pun intended) and Piper shoved a square of ambrosia down Jason's throat.

"Leo, grab me some more towels, and I'm going to need bandages in a minute." WIll worked quickly. None of us spoke while he was working, so the only sound was Jason's quick breaths. Natasha watched over him with a look of interest, as if she'd never seen somebody pull out a bullet like this.

"What tool is that?" she finally asked. Will paused for a moment to lift his gloved hands and show off the steady streams of light extending from his fingertips.

"Apollo," was his simple answer.

"Um, what?" Tony Stark stepped up. I cringed, having forgotten that they don't yet know about the gods.

"We call it the power of Apollo, because," I couldn't think of anything.

"Because Apollo is what the Greeks called their god of healing, and that's what Will's power is; healing," Annabeth quickly answered. Dam she's good.

Finally, Will got the bullet out and dropped it into a glass on the counter. He moved on to Nico, who was groaning on the loveseat.

"Check Bucky, I'm fine. Really, Will," Nico insisted. Will sighed and moved onto his husband's old friend. Bucky was unconscious on the couch. Steve was beside him trying, and failing, to wake him up. Will pressed both hands to Bucky's chest and closed his eyes. I set my hand on his shoulder so he could use some of my energy. Apparently Apollo kids can suck the energy out of other living things, which we discovered on accident during Capture the Flag a few years back. It wasn't deadly, but if he wanted to and was powerful enough, Will could knock me unconsciousness with his touch. And he could only do it with powerful entities. So when he took my energy, his healing powers grew.

Bucky woke with a start, his eyes dangerously blood-shot and his teeth bared. He started thrashing around as if trying to escape, then made a break for the door.

"Bucky, wait! It's ok, you're safe here!" Steve insisted. Bucky stopped at the door and turned around hesitantly. This is when he noticed Steve and Nico. Confusion struck his features and he glanced to the door.

"It's ok, calm down. Come back inside and sit down," Piper soothed. Bucky listened to her, not that he had a choice, and sat down on the couch. "Do you know who you are?" Piper asked. Bucky nodded, then shook his head. "Your name is James Buchanan Barnes. Remember your past." Bucky squeezed his eyes shut and began to emit a distressed squealing sound. Steve scooted closer but didn't touch him. "Remember who you used to be. You're Bucky, Bucky Barnes."

Piper's voice nearly convinced me that my name was Bucky, so I had no doubt that it was working for Bucky. Finally, he went quiet. He groaned and lifted his head, pushing his hair out of his eyes. "Steve?" his voice was hoarse and just above a whisper. Steve grinned and set a hand on his friend's shoulder.

"Long time no see, Bucky."

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