-yup, i'll just finish helping alphys.. – Sans talked to Papyrus thorough his phone -yup, i won't dawdle. uhg, promise! yup. bye, bro.

– S-so… I-I think it's d-done! – Alphys explained. She and Sans were making a teleporter based on Sans's ability to use "shortcuts".

– ready to test? – Sans questioned

– Y-yes! – Alphys gave him the "soul keeper" – take this. W-we don't w-want to take risks, do we?

– Nope.- Sans replied placing the device on his left arm. Alphys watched the skeleton walk to the machine and activating the soul keeper. But as Alphys pressed a red button…


The glass around the machine broke into a million pieces and a tornado formed. Alphys hurried to turn it off but as she did so she heard a loud and muffed shout of pain then the tornado imploded leaving smoke behind.

‒ –S-sans? ‒ –Alphys called and as the smoke went away she only saw the skeleton's clothes. ‒– O-oh, no… W-what am I going t-to tell P-papyrus?!

But as she looked closer she noticed that the soul keeper was there and it had a soul contained! She activated the device and a hologram of Sans came out.

‒ –al?!

‒ –S-sans!

‒ –how- oh… the soul keeper.

‒ –Yes. At least some machine I made did its job.

‒ –actuall-

Then the phone rang. It was Papyrus.

‒ –yeah, bro?

‒ –ARE YOU DAWDLING, BROTHER?– ‒ Papyrus asked with a worried tone

‒ –no. we got a problem here. start eating without me. i'll be home late.

‒ –OH. OK! GOOD LUCK! –‒ Papyrus said in a sad tone and hung up

‒ –I-I think I m-may have a s-solution for t-this situation… At least until I make a machine capable to bring dusted ones back to life… ‒– Alphys walked into a some sort of 3d printing machine ‒ –this one can even make a perfect copy. She picked Sans's dusty clothes and placed them. The machine started and made a perfect. Copy. Of. Sans. With a thin cover of bone to make it even more realistic.

‒ –are you sure you didn't travel in time? because it's perfect!

‒ –T-thanks.

A few seconds later, the Sans-like robot came out. Alphys placed the Soul Keeper in the right arm and Sans "woke up".

‒ –yawn… ‒– Sans yawned he felt like he slept for years

‒ –A-alright! So, you can charge in 3 different ways: by the cable. By eating or sleeping. You are also kinda "digitalized" because of the portal… S-so… Y-you can go through the Undernet or make phone calls directly from you.

‒– like… walk through data? cool! ‒– Sans exclaimed ‒– May I go home, doc?

‒ –S-sure! A-and… I'm s-sorry.

‒–it's alright. i'm fine, now. welp, see ya, alph! ‒ Sans teleported.

_Hey everyone and welcome to Digitalized! I'm not very into regular posting but I'll try my best! I accept grammar corrections! And this is my 1st undertale fanfic! Tnx and Nana out!