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A/N: I forgot to put up (At first.) that this chapter and the previous takes place at five years before Breakout, IDK episode 3-7 was a compilation of the Micro-Episodes that was online before the series premier and they take place before Breakout. I thought they just focused on each member so we would get to know them.

I just used the Ant-man and Wasp episodes as they focused on them and we have Naruto living with them. It wasn't until I did the episode that I found out about it being the Micro-Episodes and that they took place before breakout.

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Chapter II: Good Men in Uniform

Last Time.

"Stop. If you're just interested in having your own Superhuman soldiers, then the answer's no."

"Look, Ant Man." Hank shook his head at that. \

"I agreed to work with S.H.I.E.L.D. to help people like Whirlwind, not to do more fighting. I'm not going to make weapons for you. You've already got Tony Stark for that." Fury stared at Hank for a moment before speaking.

"What's it like? Living in your science world, Pym? You guys played hero, took down Whirlwind. Did you even bother to ask what he stole?" Fury walked to a computer and brought up a small device with a round end. "A sonic disruptor." He then brought up a picture of Klaw.

"Whirlwind was working for Klaw. You saw what he did with the small amount of Vibranium he got his hands on. He's still out there. So you three go home and think about how you want supervillians to have comfier jail cells. Because we'll still be here, making the World safer."

They walked away as an agent informed Fury that Whirlwind is a Mutant.


A Week Later, New York City.

A red Lamborghini drove down the highway with two people in it.

The first is a middle-aged man who has black hair with two hair points sticking out, and brown eyes. He's wearing a red button shirt and black dress pants.

The second is an African-American man wearing a military uniform, he has a well-groomed haircut and brown eyes.

"You've been pretty quiet, Tony. Usually you're telling me about a hot date." Tony shifted to a higher gear before replying.

"Just thinking about a teen boy Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne brought a few months ago."


(A/N: Any dialogue underline is Japanese.)

A Few Months Ago, Stark Industries.

A week after Naruto came to the world, he was with Hank and Janet in a cab that stopped just outside a tall skyscraper with 'STARK' written down the building. They walked inside and saw a woman holding a clipboard.

She has long red hair tied into a low ponytail and green eyes. She wears a light brown blazer with a black t-shirt, a brown skirt and shoes.

"Hello Dr. Pym, Ms. Van Dyne. I'm Virginia Potts. But my friends call me Pepper. This must be Naruto that you've told us about." She said as Naruto waved with his left hand.

"Hey." Naruto said as she smiled at him.

"Hello, follow me." She said in Japanese before the trio followed Pepper down the halls.

On the way, they passed several rooms with people working, or testing some sort of machinery or robotics. Naruto blinked as he looked around before coming to room here they saw Tony and a female doctor with blonde hair in an office.

"So, you want us to help out with the kid's arm?" Tony asked having Hank nod.

"Yes, apparently he just lost it a week ago, so we thought it would be easier to get a new one." Naruto looked confused until Pepper translated for him as the others talked.

"So, what can you tell me about him?" Tony asked the two who looked to each other.

"We just found him by Janet's penthouse last week... After he fell out of the sky and landed on one of Janet's tables." Hank said as Tony raised an eyebrow and glanced to Naruto.

Later, Naruto, in a hospital gown was standing against a wall. "Get that... torture device away from me!" He yelled as the doctor was holding a needle.

"Oh, come on! You need to have your shots before going under. You don't have any records, so we don't know if you've had your tetanus shot!"

Pepper said before Naruto glanced to her, and suddenly, the needle was in his arm as Janet struck him. "OW!"

(Flashback End.)

"They still won't tell me anything else about him." Tony said as a small TV screen came up on the console above the gear shift as a report played with a woman news reporter with tan skin, brown hair, and a beauty mark by her lip.

"And Iron Man saved civilians from what eye-witness are calling a giant robot attack."

Rhodey reached and turned it off. "A giant robot attack? Really, Tony? You could have called me." Tony glance to him before looking back at the road.

"That footage didn't capture how big the thing really was. I mean it was huge." He swerved through several cars before Rhodey looked to him.

"OK, look, that just makes my point for me. S.H.I.E.L.D. should be fighting giant robots, not you! They're not the bad guys, Tony, and they need your help." Tony sighed at that.

"I'm out of the weapons making game, Rhodey. You're talking to a kinder, gentler Tony Stark."

"That fights supervillains." Rhodey said as Tony swerved past a tractor-trailer.

"We've been over this a million times. You're starting to bum me out." Rhodey just stared at him.

"What about the Hulkbuster unit? You can still help them take out that monster!" Tony ignored him as he drove to his building.

As he made it to the parking garage, Pepper was waiting for them, tapping her foot. "Pepper. I already know you're a great assistant, but you don't need to park my car too. We've got valets for that."

Pepper narrowed her eyes at him. "For someone who makes their living off of technology, you should try answering your phone. I've been calling you for twenty minutes." He just raised an eyebrow at her.

"Oh, because you missed me so much?" she shook her head.

"Because HYDRA just attacked the United Nations."

A few minutes later, they were in Tony's office with a very large screen TV showed large octopus robots attacking the U.N. building with soldiers in a green body suits light green helmets and a logo of a red circle with a black evil octopus on it.

"Where's S.H.I.E.L.D.?" Tony asked as the screen was covered by a painting.

"Forty minutes out. There's military detail there, but Tony, it's a full assembly, all the world's leaders are there. Including the President." Tony went to the wall and a door opened up showing a dark room.

Taking his clothes off, he revealed he's wearing a bodysuit with blue glowing lines on it connected to a glowing circle on his chest.

"J.A.R.V.I.S., fire it up." He said before hearing a voice.

"Very good, sir. Initiating the Mark VI." A pod opened up showing a suit of armour broken up.

It's red on the chest and helmet with gold on the face plate, arms, and legs with red boots and gloves.

He stepped in and the suit wrapped around him and locked in place. Thrusters came out of his hands and feet before flying outside. "Better start now, I'll be 10-15 minutes max." He said as a screen came over his face showing a full screen view of what he was seeing instead of obscured.

The U.N.

Iron Man flew to the mayhem and floated near one of the large robots. A beam shot out of his chest going through the robots head before glancing around seeing HYDRA Agents around and saw two on a nearby roof sniping. He aimed at them only to lower his hand as Shinobi dropped down and slammed their heads together.

Naruto flipped over the edge and landed on another man before running to a bush as the men shot at him. "MISSED ME!" Naruto yelled running out of the bush and weaved through the large group. Naruto took a kunai out and attacked several men before taking their rifles and destroyed them by breaking them over a chakra infused leg.

"Taj┼ź Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Multi-Shadow Clone Technique)." Multiple Naruto's poofed onto the area before each made short work of the agents. "Oh yeah, I rock!" Iron Man flew down to him before speaking.

"I had everything under control." Naruto deadpanned at them.

"Well, you're welcome anyway, jackass." Naruto turned to see missle were shot at them before taking kunai out and threw them at two in the middle.


The missiles exploded having a chain reaction to all but two that Iron Man took care of shooting a beam out of his hands.

"Look, whoever you are, I didn't need any help!" Naruto just stared at him.

"I just thought I would repay you for giving me my arm a couple of months ago."

Iron Man's eyes widened behind his mask at that. Before anything could be said, three robots came down at them.

Only for three Naruto's with a Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere) in hand and blew them up as they made contact with the heads. Naruto looked at Iron Man before the Heli-Carrier flew above them and men in blue and silver armour dropped down as other S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents repealed down.

"Iron Man, Shinobi! By the authorities of Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. You're both hereby ordered to stand down." Naruto held his right arm as it twitched before flipping them off.

"Oh, sorry, I thought I fixed that! It still needs recalibrations. Listen! Let me talk to Fury. Unless you want to explain to the World Leaders why S.H.I.E.L.D. is arresting the two who saved their asses." Naruto said pointing to reporters and the World Leaders who had bodyguards around them.

"HEY! That's my tech!" Iron Man yelled out at them.

"Let's go and talk to the bald idiot, Tony. See if he can explain himself." Naruto said walking to one of the ropes and climbed it as Iron Man flew up. He burst through the Heli-Carrier and looked to Fury.


And had Maria aim her gun at his head. "Stand down, Hill. In case you forgot, he just saved the U.N." Maria looked to Fury as Naruto walked in with his hands behind his head. Naruto tuned everything out for a few minutes before hearing Fury yell at him.

"Huh?!" Fury sighed at that.

"Did you hear a word, Shinobi?" Naruto shook his head at Fury.

"Nope, I was thinking how cool it would be if you were replaced by that Samuel L. Jackson guy."

Fury turned his attention to Iron Man and argued about using his tech and weapons before Iron Man flew off.

A Few Days Later, Janet's Penthouse.

"HA-HA-HA-HA!" Naruto laughed loudly as he sat at the kitchen table. "That's a good one!"

Janet just huffed at that. "It's not a joke! You need to go to High School!"


"Now look here-!"

"HA-HA-HA! I can't stop laughing!"

Janet's eyebrow twitched at that. "It's not a damn joke! Here, you have to go to school until you're eighteen! And you're sixteen!" Naruto stopped laughing at that and looked at her in shock.

"You must be joking! I graduated school at thirteen!"

"Nope. And then there's college where, depending on what career you want, can go to school for another seven. Only reason I'm bringing it up now, is because it's summer vacation." A cloud of depression formed over Naruto at that. "Oh, come on Naruto, you'll make friends and go out on dates."

"I can't be the only cute girl in your life." Naruto snorted as he held in a laugh. Janet narrowed her eyes at him.

"I-uh, I mean, I'd never find one as cute as you." She smiled as she patted his head.


A Week Later, Library.

Naruto was reading up on what he could to get ready for school so he won't raise suspicion. He picked one up on WWII and saw a large section on a Steve Rogers A.K.A Captain America and his partner Bucky Barnes. Picking a book, he saw two colored pictures of them.

Captain America is a tall and muscular man wearing a uniform that's comprised of a mostly blue tunic, white sleeves, and red gloves and boots. On his tunic, a stylized star is visible, along with red and white stripes around his mid-torso to his waist, along with a brown utility belt with various pouches for his equipment

He's holding a circular shield that has red and white stripes around it ending with a blue circle and a white star in the center.

Bucky is a teenage boy wearing a blue army shirt and red pants. He's wearing a black domino mask, gloves, belt, and boots.

Naruto turned the page and continued reading.


(A/N: This part is canon so feel free to skip.)

Norway, 1943.

A group of allied soldiers ducked under HYDRA fire in a graveyard as rain poured down hard. "Howlette! I need recon!" The leader said to a man with muttonchops.

"I'm on it, bub!" Logan replied ducking behind a boulder. The minigun jammed before Captain America's shield flew to it and slices it in half.

"This is the end of the line ,boys!" The group looked to see Captain America grab his shield standing on a rock. "Our job is to take down HYDRA science space. We already have a man on the inside to get us in! Now, let's go show the Red Skull his days are over!"

Red Skull, Castle.

A man whose entire head looks like a red skull looked out the window. He's wearing a black Allgemeine-SS uniform. He's wearing a military decoration similar to the Iron Cross around his neck.

"Lieutenant Strucker, report."

He said looking to a bald man in the HYDRA uniform.

"Herr Skull. The Allies have found the fortress. Captain America is with them." Strucker said as Red Skull looked out the window.

"Send your best regiment out to confront him. He will defeat them, of course. But it will give us time to prepare the specimens. This will be the perfect test."

Captain America, And The Howling Commandos.

Captain America and the Commandos fought against HYDRA soldiers as they made their way through the graveyard Captain America and Jack Fury ran towards Red Skull's castle and dealt with a group of soldiers before a grenade was dropped down.


Captain America brought his shield up and blocked most of the explosion as it sent both men to the ground. Captain America got up and flipped a HYDRA soldier over his shoulder, off of the bridge. THe drawbridge dropped down and Captain America saw Bucky dropped down on it.

"Well, you're late." He said as the Commandos caught up to them. Bucky explained he couldn't get into the lower levels of the castle without raising an alarm before Captain America ran in. Once blowing the door inside, the duo were greeted by a cyclops wielding a hammer for a left hand.

The cyclops attacked, bringing his hammer down having the do jump out-of-the-way. "Must be one of Zola's experiments!" Captain America said looking up at the cyclops. They fought the cyclops as it swung the hammer around destroying whatever was in its path.

As they fought, a yellow light on a collar shined as Captain America's shield hit the cyclops. Captain America lured it outside and had the cyclops attack the draw bridge, breaking it. The cyclops fell down the cliff to the river several miles down below.

Later, they went into a laboratory with several bombs and experiments littered throughout the room. Walking to another, they went on a catwalk and looked down. There, they saw other monsters in a tube as a man with wild grey hair in a HYDRA uniform and cape looked at a monitor.

As well as Red Skull and Strucker. "I know you're there, Captain." Red Skull said as he looked at a light in the middle of the room. "You're just in time to witness history!" He finished looking up at the duo. Captain America surrendered when soldiers came, so as not to have Bucky get hurt.

They walked down to Red Skull and the others. "Still doing Zemo's dirty work, Skull?" Red Skull just chuckled at that.

"No, no, I have stopped looking for the relics of this world. Today, I take the power of another one. Ancient Norse mythology of supernaturally powerful beings. But all myths have some basis of truth to them. This cave, was once a gateway to that. The Norse called it, Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge. Picture an army of mythological beasts, unleashed upon the battlefield."

He glanced to a wolf creature beside him and picked a remote.

He pressed a button and had the wolf whimper as the light glowed on a collar on its neck. "What have you done?" Captain America asked in horror.

"What have I done? I have won this war. Open the portal!"

The portal in the center of the room glowed brightly. The scientist increased the power showing the head of a giant that had blue skin and a helmet that looked liked ice.

"Now!" Captain America yelled attacking the soldiers with Bucky having the others shoot at them, and hot the monitors and computers.

"No, no!" Red Skill yelled as the duo continued their attack. The lights flickered on and off having the creatures escape their pods.

They attacked as well as Pixies went through the portal. The duo attacked having the creatures go into the portal before shutting the power off just as the giant started to come through. The lab exploded having the duo chase after Red Skull. Captain America put his shield on his back with straps as they made it to the roof.

There, they saw Red Skull climbing on a tower's ladder. "Stay here!" Captain America ordered running to chase after Red Skull. "Secure the fortress!" Bucky glared at that as Red Skull got into a rocket and flew off. Captain America climbed along as Red Skull flew high in the air.

"I've got your back, Cap!" Captain America looked back to see Bucky holding on behind him.

"Bucky?! I told you to-!" He was interrupted by Bucky who climbed higher.

"Yeah, I know. But we're partners, right?!" Captain America smiled at that.

"Let's finish this!" The jet flew over the Arctic as the duo made their way to the cockpit.

Captain America used his shield to break the glass and grab Red Skull. "It's over, Red Skull!" Red Skull just laughed at him.

"Finally, we agree!" He hit a yellow button having a timer come up counting down from one minute. Red Skull ejected laughing as he did so as Captain America looked inside the cockpit.

"Not enough time! Bucky, jump for it!" He yelled as Bucky was caught on some loose rung of the ladder.

"I can't!" Captain America dropped down and helped Bucky. Only for Bucky to kick him off to save him as the rocket flew up and exploded.


"NO! NO! BUCKY!" Captain America yelled as the blast sent him to the freezing waters below.

(Flashback Ends.)

Liberty Island.

Naruto found himself on Liberty Island looking at a statue of Captain America and Bucky in front of the Statue of Liberty. He then thinks back on the illustration of Steve saluting in the book he read, looks at his right hand and brings it up to the side of his head in a salute to the brave duo.

To Be Continued.

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