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Chapter XLVII: Winter Soldier – Deadliest Man Alive.

Last Time.

Red Skull fires at Captain America, who blocks and tackles Red Skull outside through the window. Red Skull reaches for the gun, but Captain America stops him and holds him up, then knocks him down as Iron Man lands, followed by reporters.

"Nice photo op."

Captain America jumps back into the office to find the Winter Soldier gone and then picks up an empty antidote syringe.

Hydra Base.

At a S.H.I.E.L.D. hydro base, Shinobi, Hawkeye, Thor, and Wasp watched Samson, Falcon, and Red Skull be escorted inside as Iron Man walked to them. "Just spoke to the S.H.I.E.L.D. psych team. Falcon and Samson are gonna be treated for whatever mind control the Skull had them under."

"Good. They're not the bad guys." Wasp said as Thor held Mjölnir.

"Except for the red monstrosity I did battle with. He has not been seen since."

"Speaking of which, J.A.R.V.I.S. reports that the news footage of Cap and the Skull on the Pentagon lawn is being played worldwide."

Hawkeye crossed his arms at that before speaking. "Well, I hope they're looking into exactly how a psychopathic Hydra war criminal could get appointed Secretary of Defense. Uh, I'll never understand politics."

Iron Man shrugged before he too crossed his arms. "The important thing is that all of Rusk's public campaigns against us end up looking like the rantings of a madman. That's good PR for us. And we owe it all to this man." He gestures towards Captain America, who's looking out into the ocean.

Wasp looked towards him before speaking. "Cap?"

Iron Man stopped her before she tried to walk over to the war hero. "Let him be, Wasp. After all, he's been through? I just hope he hasn't forgotten what's important. To him, and the Avengers."

Captain America continues looking at the empty syringe in his hands wondering why the Winter Soldier saved him.


Hydro Base.

Captain America stood at Red Skull's cell as he ate with his back to the hero. "Quite the country you have built," Skull said after taking a bite. "Here I sit, a war criminal, eating better than most American workers, three times a day. Is this what you call 'The American Dream'?"

Captain America just stared before speaking. "It took years for you to infiltrate the US government as Dell Rusk. Clearly, you set out to sabotage our country. I want details."

"There is only one detail that matters now, Captain. Imprisoning me will not stop what I have begun. You have already lost."

Captain America slammed his shield on the energy wall that kept Skull contained in the cell. "I'm not playing games, Skull! What was Code Red really about? Why did you brainwash Falcon? Doc Samson?"

Red Skull glanced back at Cap before turning back and stood to face him. "And the Winter Soldier. A disappointment, that one. He fascinates you, doesn't he? One of the deadliest men on the planet, and yet-!"

"Why? Who is the Winter Soldier?"

"These are questions to which you may not want answers. But I will tell you this. You have only yourself to blame, Captain America." Skull said before the two heard an explosion in the distance.

Suddenly, alarms went off as the building shook having Cap run down the hall having Red Skull laughs

Outside, Cap saw agents fighting off against a giant robot with HYDRA'S emblem on it.

"What is that thing?" A man asked Cap who turned to him after stopping.

"Hydra. It has to be after the Skull. Get someone to his cell." Cap then runs to a jet and jumps on as it starts to lift. "You have parachutes on this crate?"

"Anti-grav packs." The agent replied as Cap sat beside him.

"Put one on."

The S.H.I.E.L.D. agent got up, put on a pack, then jumped off the jet. Captain America then turns and crashes the jet into Sleeper after jumping off.


The robot then crashes into the ocean but gets right back up.

Captain America just stared at the robot before bringing his shield up as its eyes glowed yellow. "What are you?" He asked the robot who showed a yellow laser at him.

And had Ms. Marvel drops down and absorbs the robot's blast.

Iron Man flew down as Shinobi dropped down as well. "Haven't we talked about hogging all the giant robots, Cap?"

Ms. Marvel blasts the robot with her attacks before looking back to Cap. "Came as fast as we could when we picked up the S.H.I.E.L.D. distress call." She said before noticing the robot wasn't damaged. "Didn't even dent it."

Iron Man then flew up and powered his unibeam. "Maybe it's because you don't have one of these." He also blasts the robot, with no effect.

And had the robot hit him with a blast of its own sending him back down.

"Yeah, you want to come up with an actual plan now?" Naruto asked before Iron Man got back up and flew up with Ms. Marvel

"Aim for the cannon. Together." They then fired their beams hitting the robot's own, having a loud screech come off before the robot exploded.


Meanwhile, Captain America runs back into Red Skull's cell, only to find him missing, and 'The Sleepers have awoken!' written in flames on the wall above the bed.

Avengers Mansion.

The Avengers were all sitting at the table in the underground room looking at the holo images of the destroyed robot.

Iron Man then spoke as he lifted his faceplate. "Whatever that thing was, clearly there are more coming. Note Sleepers. Plural. This was a serious piece of tech. The Skull stole some parts from the Army when he was posing as Secretary of Defense. Other pieces date as far back as World War II. Obviously, the Skull's been working on this pet project for a long time."

"We need to catch him and shut it down. Fast. I'm uploading data collected from the Sleeper's transmissions to everyone's ID cards. Start the search in Washington, D.C., the Skull's last base of operations. Let's move." He finished as the Avengers left with Cap walking up to Iron Man.

"Tony, I'd like to try a different tact. I want to look for the Winter Soldier. Call it... A hunch."

"What's the deal, Steve?" Iron Man asked only for Cap to glare. "Okay. I trust you. But we have zero intel on Winter Soldier. If you want him, you need someone sneaky and underhanded, with access to very classified files. So there's only one place to start." Iron Man finished as he turned to leave.

Later, Cap went to Fury to ask about the Winter Soldier and Fury explained that on one of his early missions, the Winter Soldier attacked his team leaving them inside a building they were meant to blow up. Fury then showed Cap various incidents where the same man had appeared at various times throughout the decades after WWII but never aged.

Elsewhere, The Winter Soldier found out about the Sleepers and started to locate and destroy them to take revenge on what Red Skull had done to him. Steve had suspicions on who Winter Soldier was and asked Nick to help him out, but he had a dislike against it because of what he did to his team while he was still under the Red Skull's control.

After Red Skull broke out of prison and Cap and Nick encountered a Sleeper that they helped Bucky destroy, Cap yelled out. "Bucky!"

Winter Soldier ended up attacking Fury while Cap tried to continuously talk to him, to which Bucky showed his anger at him when he thought he'd left him behind. He then told of what Red Skull had done to him and helped to fight him in his Mega-Sleeper.

Washington, D.C.

The Avengers were at the Washington Monument before Ms. Marvel turned to them. "Found zip down here, Stark. Any luck tracking the signal from the sky?"

Iron Man landed and brought up a holo map. "Can't pinpoint it. Looks like the Skull set up scrambling baffles all over the city. He really thought this through."

He stopped as a screech hit him forcing the group to cover their ears. Iron Man flew up to look for the source before Captain America came up on his vision. "Tony, keep an eye out for trouble. I think another Sleeper has just been activated."

"Thanks for the heads up."

Suddenly, Sleepers came out of the pool and walked to each other to fuse into one giant Sleeper. "Oh, son of a bitch!" Naruto cursed before they saw the Red Skull fly a ship into the head. "Damn, glad I ain't playing the lottery today.

"Cap, you might want to hustle it down here. And bring everyone." Iron Man said as Ms. Marvel flew up and everyone started attacking.

"It's headed for the Capitol."

As they attacked, with Naruto and Panther jumping up to use their weapons, nothing happened to the robot as Iron Man caught Panther when he and Naruto were knocked off. Ms. Marvel followed, catching Naruto. The Sleeper suddenly opens up its chest revealing a very large canon.

"That's the prototype of the Nova Cannon. Skull finished this thing with American weapons." Iron Man said as the Sleeper aims the weapon at the Capitol building and fires. "Oh no."

Thor and a repaired Vision flew down and intercepted the blasts. "You are not alone, Iron Man. Together, we will defeat it." Thor said as he spun Mjölnir.

"Even if we hold off the Nova Blast, the Sleeper will hit the Capitol in approximately-"

Ms. Marvel flew to him after dropping Naruto off and spoke. "Have to try something." She said before she absorbs a blast and redirects it back at the Sleeper.

"There is no way to crack the external armor on it, not in time to save the Capitol. If we got inside its main CPU, we could do some damage."

The Winter Soldier then spoke up on their comms. "Get me in close to the head, and I'll shut it down."

"Who is that?"

Captain America, Fury, and Winter Soldier then fly in on a jet. "Tony, Winter Soldier is helping us."

"Helping us get blown out of the sky." Fury said as they flew to the head.

"They're going for the head. Avengers, give the Sleeper everything you got." Iron Man said as the Avengers held the Sleeper off.

Cap and the Winter Soldier jump into the head and a few minutes later, the head then flies off

"The coward! He flees!" Thor yelled as he, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, and Vision caught the Sleeper body and prevented it from crushing the Capitol building.

"Cap, what's the status, pal? Do you have the Skull?"

Suddenly, the head explodes Ship and Red Skull jumps out with a parachute and lands on the monument as the head crashed into the pool

Naruto saw Cap talking to the Winter Soldier only for the part he was about to explode.


Captain America runs towards the explosion and finds Winter Soldier gone. "I hope you find what you're looking for, soldier."

"10-4, Cap. Bucky out." Winter Soldier said after a moment.

A Week Later, Hulkbuster Base.

Shinobi, Captain America, and Iron Man are walking down the hall with General Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross.

"Are you people out of your minds? This new Hulkbuster base is the most secure facility ever built by human hands. It exists to keep the world safe, and I'm not gonna let you people deter me from that mission."

Captain America looked to him before speaking. "Your mission was a success, General Ross. But the President has agreed that the man you're holding here is no longer considered a threat to anyone." He then hands General Ross a letter.

Ross reads it quickly before looking up. "What!? He's a monster! How did you con the President into believing otherwise?"

Iron Man shrugged under his armor at that. "We used things called facts. You should try them sometime."

"It's over, General. Bruce Banner is a free man." Naruto said before pointing to the letter. "Unless you think you're above the President."

They got to the cell and the doors open having the Avengers walk in. "This is insane! The Hulk is a threat to every man and woman alive!"

"The Hulk was lied to and manipulated into turning himself in by an alien terrorist, posing as me. Not only is he innocent, as far as I'm concerned, but he's also a hero." Cap said as Ross then walked up to the hero.

"You have no idea what you're doing. Release him, and I promise you the results will be disastrous."

Iron Man turned to a Hulkbuster soldier. "Shut down the gamma dampeners and get him out of there."

The Hulkbuster soldier then opens Bruce Banner's cell as Captain America walked up to Bruce in an orange jumpsuit. "Bruce?"

"Hey, Cap. My surrender worked out great, didn't it?"

"Banner, we're here to get you out," Naruto said, walking up to the scientist with Iron Man.

"Bruce, stay calm." Bruce's eyes then turned green. "We've lost him!"

Bruce turns into Hulk and attacks Captain America.


"Bring it back online! All of it!" Ross yelled as Naruto raised his hand.

"Something's not right here. Hulk, take it easy, we're not trying to hurt you. Bruce!"

The Hulk just attacks Naruto and Iron Man before leaping towards Ross. Captain America then tackles Ross out of the way as the Hulk crashes through the walls and jumps away.

"Congratulations, Captain. You've just freed the deadliest man alive."

"We'll see," Naruto said to the general before looking out of the hole the Hulk made.

Later, Avenger's Meeting Room.

Tony looked to the others before he spoke. "Folks, the Hulk is off the grid. He's loose, he's dangerous, and as far as I can tell, he's completely out of his mind. Finding the Hulk is priority number one. Even at his worst, we've never seen him like this. I don't know if the isolation of imprisonment drove him nuts or what. Whatever the reason, it's our responsibility to bring him in."

Captain America then picked up after Iron Man. "I know how this looks, but I still give Hulk the benefit of the doubt. Ross and the Hulkbusters want nothing less than his destruction. But he's still one of us."

Thor nodded at that as he brought a hand to his chin. "Indeed, the Hulk has been a valuable ally and not one I look forward to facing in battle once again."

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, Thor. For now, I've got worldwide sat-scans trying to track him. As soon as we have a lock on his position, we're heading out." Tony said as he and Cap walked into the armory. "Understand. We have to be prepared in case things go south."

"If we have to, we'll take him down. But only as a last resort." Cap said before J.A.R.V.I.S. spoke.

"Sir, I've intercepted a Hulkbuster transmission. They've found the Hulk in the Niagara Falls area. General Ross and his team are en route."

"Let's go. Maybe we can beat them there."

Niagara Falls.

Hulk looked to a puddle as he hit trees in the forest he was in and saw Bruce in the reflection. "They came to help us."

"They lied to us."

"Something's wrong. The transformation was forced. It wasn't triggered by either one of us."

Hulk snorted at that. "We trusted them!"

"I know you did."

Hulk looked back to see Captain America and Shinobi standing on a boulder. "And I'm asking you to trust us again. Let us help you."

"I don't need any help from you."

Naruto then raised his hands at that. "Hulk, we've fought together, side by side. I want to help you, but you need to listen."

The Hulk doubles over in pain then grabs a tree and throws it at the duo who dodges. The Hulk charges at Captain America and attacks, which Captain America dodges as Naruto tries getting his attention before Thor attacks Hulk with Mjölnir.

"Yield, friend Hulk. I do not wish to hurt you." Thor said with multiple hits to the head before The Hulk tackles him and throws him away as Iron Man shoots Hulk with repulsors inside his Hulkbuster armor.

"As you can see, I came dressed for the party."

"Wait, something's not right!" Naruto yelled as the Hulk tackles Iron Man and throws him around.

Suddenly, the Avengers surround and attack the Hulk.

"Wait, are we hurting him?" Wasp asked as Hawkeye looked at her.

"Are you kidding?"

"Cap, I've got Ross on the line." Iron Man said as he showed a hologram of Ross."

"Stand down, Captain. We're taking him in." Ross said as the Hulk fights off the Avengers.

Hulk then sees Captain America before yelling. "You!"

"I'm not going to fight you, Hulk."

Hulk just knocks down Captain America at that before grabbing Naruto and threw him across the forest. "Ssshhiiittt-!"

Suddenly, the Red Hulk saves Captain America by attacking Hulk to the ground and fights in the dust. Red Hulk laughs as he knocks out Hulk and walks up to Captain America, who's preparing to attack. "No need for that. I came to help."

Captain America then recognized the man. "You."

"Hear me out, Captain. I don't know if you're in the market for new Avengers, but I'd like to sign up if you'll have me." Red Hulk said as Naruto dropped down.

Later, Avengers Mansion.

Shinobi, Wasp, Iron Man, and Cap are watching a news report on the new Hulk.

"You've all heard of the green Hulk. Well, if one wasn't enough, a new Hulk has arrived. A Red Hulk. And while any Hulk is enough to make the world more than a little nervous, this Hulk has spent the week demonstrating his honest desire to serve humanity as one of its heroes."

They then saw footage of the Red Hulk saving civilians from a fire before reporters came up.

"What's your story, Red Hulk?"

"I'm far from perfect, I've made my mistakes. I've been brainwashed and forced to do things I'm not proud of. But I'm not a monster. Now, I just wanna help."

The feed then went to General Ross in his office. "I don't care what he wants to prove or what he does for the sake of the cameras, a Hulk is a Hulk is a Hulk. Green, red or blue, doesn't matter. We've already got one in custody and when this one screws up, we'll lock him in with Banner and throw away the key!"

"It's a very strange day when I find myself actually agreeing with Thunderbolt Ross," Cap said before Iron Man looked to him.

"You can't deny that our new red friend has been living up to his word."

Wasp then put her hand on her hip. "That's putting it mildly. Seems like every time we turn around, he's on the news for some new heroics."

Naruto then turned to them. "So both of you are buying into this shit?"

Iron Man turned to the ninja and spoke up. "We've all been made to look bad at some point. Besides, he willingly submitted himself to a full-body scan, which did show evidence of possible mind control in his past."

"Yeah because tests aren't faked," Naruto said as Cap turned to them.

"This is a mistake."

"Think about what this team deals with daily. Having a Hulk on the roster, especially one that won't take your head off if someone puts too much cream in his coffee? That's firepower we can use. And he wants in."

"And what about Bruce? Do we just leave him locked up?" Naruto asked before Wasp turned to him.

"You saw him, Naruto."

"Yes, I did. And you of all people, Wasp. You should know better. We don't give up on friends. There's a very, very small list of people I trust. And that's now a count on one hand list. Bruce is on that list. You. All of you are quick to dismiss that maybe Bruce is being controlled. Maybe Skull got to him when he was undercover? And remember, I can feel emotions, Red is putting off a lot of negative ones."

"Let's just put it to a vote. Majority rules." Iron Man said breaking them up as Naruto left.

"I vote no."

Later, Naruto watched a press conference of the Avengers minus him and Cap.

Iron Man at a podium then started speaking. "Well, it might not have been unanimous, a decision has been made, and it's time to make it official. With his recent acts of heroism, the Red Hulk has more than made up for his past transgressions. With the presentation of this Avengers ID card, we proudly announce the Red Hulk will be joining our ranks, effective immediately."

The crowd cheer at that as Iron Man hands Red Hulk his Identicard. "Don't leave home without it, pal."

"Thank you, Iron Man, and to the rest of the Avengers who supported me on this proud occasion."

"Come on, guys. Say it once for the cameras."

"Yeah, come on, guys. We wanna hear you say it."

The Avengers then raised their arms. "Avengers assemble!"

"So, where's Captain America and Shinobi?

Naruto turned the TV off and left the room with his ID card on the table. He then met up with Captain America in the meeting room. "J.A.R.V.I.S., I want to know about the Red Hulk. I want to know who he is."

"All that exists are the statistics that were gathered during the initial scanning process."

"Strength levels. Radiation. Power. Intelligence quotients. What I saw in the field, his strategic-minded approach to combat suggests military training."

"Entirely possible, sir."

Naruto then spoke up after that. "If he was so intent on showing himself as a hero, he could have approached us at any time. But he waited for a specific moment, a moment when the Hulk was on an uncontrollable rampage."

"Sirs, you are no longer alone."

The Red Hulk then walked inside. "Missed you at the induction ceremony. Look, I know that maniac was a friend of yours, but you were nuts to have that monster around in the first place."

Naruto then walked over. "Just worry about yourself. I'll be keeping a close eye on you."

"Hmm. Maybe this is something you want to take up with me. Personally." Red said as Hawkeye walked into the room.

"Oh, there you are. Try not to wander off when I'm giving you the Nickel tour."

"Sorry, Hawkeye. I got curious. Let's go." Red said as he left the room with Hawkeye.

Hydro Base.

Shinobi and Cap came into the base underwater and took out the cameras for a moment before having a loop of the empty room play. They then made their way to Bruce's room. "Banner! Banner, wake up! Come on!" Cap said before the two notice a device on Bruce's neck. "What did they do to him?"

Suddenly, Wasp flies out of Captain America's uniform. "Wasp?"

"Sorry I played stowaway, Cap. But I kept thinking about what you said. You're right. I should know better, so I'm here to help if I can."

Naruto nodded at that before speaking. "Your timing couldn't be better. Can you look at that implant in Bruce's head?"

Wasp shrinks and flies into the device. "Okay, I'm no scientist, but there's some sort of- Ew, it looks like there's a device connected to his brain."

Captain America nodded at that. "Right, but who planted it? And why?"


Bruce suddenly wakes up and screams.

"Wasp, get out of there!" Cap yelled as Wasp then flew out of the device

The device beeps and activates as Bruce transforms into the Hulk and grabs Captain America.

"Cap, I could feel it in there. Some sort of high-frequency signal."

Captain America blocked an attack before jumping over another. "Less talk, more action."

Wasp nodded at that. "Right." She then blasts the device off.

Hulk then lets Captain America go, who removes the device from Hulk's neck. "Hulk?"

Hulk shook his head and looked at Cap. "It wasn't you. You didn't betray me, did you?"

"No, I didn't. But the implant, who did this to you?" He asked before the room rumbled and Red Hulk smashes down doors, standing with Iron Man, Thor, and Hawkeye before he spoke.

"Captain America, Shinobi, for treason against the United States government, for aiding and abetting a known supercriminal, you are under arrest. You can either surrender peacefully, or you can resist. Please, resist."

Hulk jumps over and starts to fight with Red Hulk as Iron Man flew to the others

"I know you had a reason. Make it a good one, please."

Captain America threw Iron Man the device. "We pulled this out of Hulk's skull. An implant wired into his brain, remote-controlled to send him into a rage."

Iron Man: scans the device before sighing. "Oh, great. This is based on old Stark cybernetic tech I sold to the military years ago." He said as the Red Hulk punches Hulk through the wall.

Hulk looked to Red Hulk before speaking. "Gonna have to do better than that, ugly."

"Oh, I won't need to. I'm content to let you destroy yourself. He said, pulling a remote from his pocket and pressed a button. "No." He said as Hulk tackled him through the wall

"Let's move, Avengers!" Cap yelled as they ran after the Hulks.

Up ahead, Red Hulk punched Hulk. "Don't you get it? You're old news. They don't want a psycho, they want a soldier."

Cap then jumped over and attacked alongside Naruto who had a Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere.) "We've already got one. Thanks!"

Red Hulk was sent into another room before growling. "I'll crush you!"

Hulk grabbed the Red Hulk before speaking. "No, this about you and me." He then jumps up and out of the base.

"They're headed for the surface!"

Captain America then stopped them. "Wait. He dropped something." He then picks up Red Hulk's remote. "I think I found Hulk's angry button. A remote trigger, and guess who was holding it."

"So this entire time, the Red Hulk was manipulating us, framing the Hulk, and making himself look like a hero?" Wasp asked as they followed after the Hulk's

Hawkeye nodded at that. "Yeah, and we fell for it."

Iron Man shook his head before speaking. "Not exactly."

They come up to see Red holding a boat of people before Thor throws Mjölnir at Red Hulk. "It would appear your reckoning has arrived, traitor."

Iron Man raised a hand before speaking. "Hold on, Thor. That's not how we deal with a fellow Avenger who's gone rogue. First things first, Red Hulk, I need you to turn in your ID card."

Red Hulk then pulls out his card. "This piece of junk? You people are a joke! In a week, I would've been running things."

"Sure you would have… J.A.R.V.I.S."

"Initiating self-replicating containment measures," J.A.R.V.I.S. said as Red Hulk's ID card melts and covers him in nanites.

"I can be pig-headed, but I hope you didn't think I'd just blindly trust that red screwball. That's a little nanite-formed, high-density containment compound I cooked up." Iron Man said walking up as the nanites completely trap Red Hulk.

"No! You can't do this!"

Iron Man shrugged at that. "A little insurance just in case you weren't exactly the lovable boy scout your PR was selling." He said as Red Hulk then turns into General Ross.

"General Ross!?"

"Get out!" Hawkeye said as Iron Man pointed at the General.

"This whole thing was Ross' way of discrediting the Hulk. But how did he-!" Iron Man stopped as Hulk roared and looked at Ross.

"It was you. Always you!" He then heads towards General Ross and prepares to attack.

"Wait. Hulk, we know you're not a monster. Let him go." Naruto said having Hulk calm down.

"Hulk knows a real monster when he sees one."

Avengers Meeting Room.

The Avengers watch Ross be put into Hulk's cell on TV before Iron Man smiled. "Hope there's no hard feelings, Hulk. You have to admit, it was a strange situation."

Hulk snorted at that. "Whatever. I'm still mad."

Wasp looked at him. "Well, yeah. You're the Hulk."

"You guys sure took your sweet time to help me." Hulk said before looking at Naruto and Captain America." Except for you two."

"That's what friends are for. I figured I owed you."

Iron Man then hands Hulk his ID card as Hawkeye smirked. "Don't worry, I checked mine too. Totally goo-free. Welcome back, big guy."

Hulk sighed before looking at the others. "I don't know. I think... I want to be left alone for a while." He said before walking out of the room. "But if you need me, call. After all, what are friends for, right?"

To Be Continued.

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