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Chapter L: Live Kree Or Die.

Last Time.

"Nay, not alone. I will accompany him." Thor said before Ms. Marvel spoke.

"Me too."

"As will I." Vision spoke up as well.

"Looks like we've got a plan."

"We're all on board and ready to detach the Quinjet, Panther. Double time." Cap said as everyone ran.

"Understood, Captain. Tracking systems are locked."

They then got in the Quinjet before detaching from the Falchion before it rumbled.

"What happened?" Wasp asked as Cap looked around.

"Some sort of explosion on the Falchion. Panther, do you copy? You have to get to the airlock right now, soldier."

"I'm afraid I cannot do that."

Naruto disappeared before reappearing with Panther in tow. "I left a clone to maintain the tractor beam," he said as the others came in as well.

"On 3, 2, 1..." Cap then flies Quinjet into the wormhole. "Hawkeye, now!"

Hawkeye then destroyed the generator as the Quinjet exited out of Subspace.

"Are we alive?"

"Not for long." Ms. Marvel said as they all saw thousands of Kree ships fly by them.

"Oh, fuck me!" Naruto cursed as he stood and looked at the army.



"I've got 60 contacts bearing 292. Incoming!" Hawkeye yelled out from his seat as Kree ships fired at them.

Ms. Marvel looked at a screen before glancing back at the others. "Shields are gone. We can't take another hit like that."

"Activate the Sub-Space engines."

"They're offline!" Mar-Vell yelled hitting a button by him having it spark.

"Our only chance is making it to the planet," Cap said from his seat as Naruto looked out the window.

"More incoming!"

The Quinjet flies towards Hala with Kree ships chasing it. "We're not gonna make it. We are not gonna make it." Ms. Marvel yelled as they hit the atmosphere.

"Stow that talk. You can do this."

The Quinjet is suddenly shot in half, and starts falling towards Hala and falls into a lake. Suddenly, Thor carries one half of Quinjet to safety out of the lake as everyone walks out with Vision looking at a coughing Hawkeye who took off his helmet. "It is inadvisable for humans to remain underwater that long."

"Thanks for the tip, Vision," Hawkeye said as Naruto and Panther dropped out of the jet.

"This is insane. We're actually on the other side of the universe." Iron Man exclaimed as he looked up to the sky.

Thor then points towards some smoke rising. "'Twould seem the other half of the Quinjet fell within the city."

Naruto rolled his shoulder as he walked up to them. "If we survived, there's a chance they did, too."

Iron Man then looked down before speaking. "J.A.R.V.I.S., open a channel to their Avengers ID cards. Cap, Ms. Marvel, Wasp, anybody, do you copy?" After a moment of silence, he sighed. "Nothing."

Suddenly, the ground started to shake as the others got out of their suits. "That sounds like something." Panther said looking around.

Suddenly, a large creature with tendrils on its head came out of the ground and roared.

City, The Others.

Ms. Marvel pushed the door open on the other half of the Quinjet. "Guys? I think you'll wanna take a look at this." She said having the others walk out of Quinjet "I'm sorry, Cap. I couldn't hold it together."

Captain America looked at her before speaking. "We're alive, aren't we? In my book, that's a good landing." He then turned to Captain Marvel. "Is Commander Corbeau okay?"

Mar-Vell brought Peter out of the wreckage. "Unconscious, but otherwise, yes."

"You guys, are we seriously on an alien planet? How are we going to get home?" Wasp asked as she looked at the green and gold buildings.

Captain America brings up his Identicard and saw it spark. "Can't get through to Iron Man. What is this place, Mar-Vell?"

"Hala. We've crashed on the Kree Homeworld."

"Everything's so cold, so harsh." Ms. Marvel said looking around. "Are the Kree that different from humanity?"

"We are. Everything is in service to the expansion of the Kree Empire." He then looks around before his eyes widened. "We've crashed in a secure zone, we need to leave this place now!" Mar-Vell yelled at them.

"'Secure zone'? Doesn't look so secure, there's nothing here." Wasp said with a shrug before Kree soldiers and Kree Sentries appear around from doors on the ground. "I stand corrected. That looks pretty secure."

Outside City.

The Avengers outside the city fight the attacking monster, with no effect before it bites down on Thor. "Thor!"

Thor breaks down the teeth of the monster and flies out as Naruto drops down with a large Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere) and knocks it unconscious.

Hawkeye put an arrow back in his quiver before looking around. "Well, that was horrible. What is this place?"

Iron Man looked to see a wall in front of them with circular floating cameras. "It's man-made, or Kree-made, I guess. Look."

Thor Looks around as well. "This... is a training ground. These Kree, they send their warriors here, to train against these monsters."

Vision flew down to them and put his hands on his waists. "What kind of beings are the Kree, that they would force their people to fight such creatures?"

"Whatever. We took one of 'em down easy enough." Hawkeye said just before more monsters appear around them.

Naruto sighed before turning to the archer. "I hate you."

Inside The City.

"I am Geheneris Halason Mar-Vell, Pluskommander of the Kree Void Science Navy! I order you to stand down!" Mar-Vell said to the Kree.

One Kree soldier: aimed at him. "We are well aware of who you are. Open fire!"

The Kree soldiers started shooting at Avengers as Cap blocked with his shield. "Wasp, Ms. Marvel, get up in the sky. Mar-Vell, protect Corbeau."

Captain Marvel generates a shield over Peter Corbeau as Ms. Marvel and Wasp fight Kree Sentries and Kree soldiers and dodges blasts. "Cap... Cap, there are too many of them. Look out!" Waspyelled only to get shot.

"Wasp!" Ms. Marvel yelled before she was hit by a tank blast.

Mar-Vell runs over to Try and catch Ms. Marvel. "No!"

Only for more tanks shoot down both him and Ms. Marvel. Captain America defeats another Kree soldier before looking back to see a large Sentry shoot him, knocking the war hero out.

Inside Spire.

Captain America wakes up to see him and the others in pods out of their spacesuits.

"I'll warn you right now, Cap, you may not wanna look," Wasp said as Cap looked in front of them to see a large green head in a tube in front of them. "Told ya." She finished as Mar-Vell who was outside woke up as the head was watching footage of the Avengers on Hala. "Okay, I may barf, but will someone tell me what that thing is?" She asked before Mar-Vell looked over to her.

"The Supreme Intelligence. It's a collection of the greatest minds of the Kree people. Their bio-matter focused on the ultimate computer. The Intelligence rules the Kree Empire."

"So it's a computer, made of alien brains? Ew."

Captain Marvel turned to the Supreme Intelligence. "Supremor, these humans, these Avengers, spare them. They are exactly the specimens I was reporting about to you."

Ms. Marvel looked at him before speaking. "Specimens? You-You're selling us out?"

Captain Marvel turned to whisper. "I'm trying to save you." He then turned back to Supreme Intelligence. "Supremor, each of these humans, they are prime examples of the potential within humanity. The Wasp is a size changer. Her genetics were modified through exposure to an unknown particle. Captain America was transformed into a Super-Soldier by a human-made serum. And Ms. Marvel, her genetics were transformed by Kree energy."

"Human genetics is special. The species is on the brink of evolving, something the Kree have long since lost the ability to do. Generations of attempting to breed the perfect soldier have eliminated the possibility of anything new. If you invade, Supremor, if you open another wormhole into their system, humanity will be wiped out. They deserve a chance to live."

Wasp then brought a hand up to her face to whisper to Mar-Vell. "Does it talk?"

Supreme Intelligence then spoke up at that. "I agree with your assessment, Captain Mar-Vell. 152397.2: The Avengers defeat Kree Sentry 459. 305492.1: The Avengers humiliate and imprison the Kree Grand Accuser. 504928.2: The Avengers defeat a Kree warship, destroy a wormhole. No other species has accomplished such actions, not even the Skrulls or Shi'ar. They possess a genetic potential never before seen. This power, the Empire requires."

"Mar-Vell-" Cap stopped as Mar-Vell spoke.

Captain Marvel: Supremor, thank you. I-"

"The baseline human will be used as a control specimen. The Avengers will be taken for experimentation, then dissection."


"No!" Mar-Vell yelled as Ms. Marvel put her hands on the glass of her tube.

"Mar-Vell, do something!"

The Avengers are taken away, as Kree soldiers surround Captain Marvel. "Wait. Supremor, please, reconsider."

Supreme Intelligence looked down at Mar-Vell. "Traitors to the Empire have no say."

Outside The City.

Clones of Naruto dropped onto the monsters with Rasengans as Panther sliced at its eyes. Once finished, Naruto closed his eyes as he got information from a close he sent out to look for the others before another flew in a purple Kree, a ship to them having them get inside to fly into the city while being shot at.

"The other Avengers are being held in the Spire, captives of the Supreme Intelligence," Naruto explained as Panther weaved from the blasts being shot at them.

"We are Avengers, we shall not run. Go to the Supreme Intelligence, find our friends. I shall deal with the Kree." Thor said holding Mjölnir before he flies out of the ship and destroys the pursuing ships outside.

He then destroys Kree Sentries with lightning. "Hear me, Kree! If you truly claim to be warriors, then prove it! RAH!" Thor yelled as he shot lightning at the Kree below.

Inside Labs.

Wasp, Ms. Marvel, and Captain America are experimented on Ms. Marvel in a pod being shocked, Wasp upside down on a dissection table, and Cab in a ring with his limbs stretched with magnets connected to his wrists and ankles.

"Cap? Cap, what's happening?"

"Wasp!" He yelled as he breaks free and attacks the Kree scientists only for a Kree soldier to shoot down Captain America.

They turned to Wasp before a beam hit one of them having the others turned to see the Avengers at the doorway. "Avengers, take these monsters down."

Naruto, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Panther, and Vision attacked the Kree scientists and free captured Avengers. "Close one."

"You okay, Cap?" Iron Man asked while Naruto slammed the head of a soldier into a table.

Captain America nodded. "We've got work to do, people. There's an alien computer upstairs called the Supreme Intelligence. This thing runs the Kree Empire. We take it down, and we may have a shot at ending the Kree threat to Earth for good."

Upstairs, the Supreme Intelligence is talking to Mar-Vell. "Your resistance to my questions is not logical, Mar-Vell. Your mind is exceptional. You could be part of the Intelligence. But your affection for these human animals compromises."

The Avengers then ran into the room. "Back off, mister. Captain Marvel is one of us."

"No, you have to go. You don't understand, he's too powerful."

The Supreme Intelligence releases waves that blast away Avengers aside from Naruto before gold chakra covers him. "You are an exceptional species that shows great promise. You have power within you, but in the Kree Empire, I am supreme. Your resilience is impressive, but you will fall. It is inevitable."

"I don't think so," Naruto said before each of the other Avengers attacked only to get hit with waves.

Cap block with his shield before speaking. "His shields are too powerful. Vision, I need you-!" He stops as he gets blasted by Supreme Intelligence.

"You chose poorly, Mar-Vell. Earth is filled with test subjects for experimentation. These Avengers are expendable, as are you."

Thor then crashes in from the wall. "Your army was found wanting, foul creature. Have at thee!" He throws Mjölnir at Supreme Intelligence, with Naruto hitting it with a Rasengan and broke the glass

"Pour it on!"

"Vision, take him!" Naruto yelled out as the others started attacking Supreme Intelligence.

Vision flies towards Supreme Intelligence and accesses him. "Opening connection. Connection established. Initiating takeover. His programming... like nothing... nothing..."

"Error. Foreign A.I. detected. The power of a thousand alien minds- Error. Shutdown initiated."

Vision then shuts down Supreme Intelligence and flies down.

"Vision!" Ms. Marvel flew over as Vision landed.

"I was successful, but only temporarily. The Intelligence is rebooting. I could see it in its mind. It is going to order all Kree forces to descend on the city. We will not survive such an onslaught."

Iron Man looked at Vision for a moment before speaking. "And you can't stop it?"

"No. I am attempting to slow it, but its mind… It is too powerful."

Hawkeye held his bow up at that. "I can stop it, by blowing the thing up." He then notched an explosive arrow and drew it back.

"Wait, isn't it-!" Wasp stopped as Mar-Vell shot down Supreme Intelligence.

"This isn't your responsibility. It's mine."

"Error. I am the Supreme-Error. The Kree Empire will-Error. Error. Initial reboot online. Designation: Supreme Intelligence. I was designed to create a Cosmic Cube-Error..."

Vision looks up at the head. "The Intelligence. Its biological mind has been isolated. It has been separated from the Kree computers."

Mar-Vell shot the head again. "I am a Kree. This is my decision, my choice. The Kree's conquest of civilization after civilization, species after species, it has to end."

"First contact, Skrulls, Skrull peace convoy-Error. Kree barbarians slew the convoy as well as the native Cotati-Error..."

Mar-Vell then looked at Ms. Marvel who walked up. "The Intelligence will live, but it's harmless now. After living on Earth, with humanity-After spending time with the Avengers, something within me changed. I had no other choice."

"Mar-Vell. What happens now? What you just did-" She was interrupted by Mar-Vell.

"It will destroy the Empire. Without the leadership of the Intelligence, the military will fall apart. It will be chaos, riots, all systems will break down. The Kree people will meet their end."

Captain America took a step forward at that. "There's another choice, Mar-Vell. You could be an example to the Kree. You can show the Kree that there's another way, a better way. You can lead them."

"Maybe. Maybe my people can learn from humanity. Maybe there is a future for us, a future without the Supreme Intelligence." Mar-Vell said looking out the hole and out to the city.

Later, Earth.

The Avengers in a Kree Ship appeared in Earth's Atmosphere. "That's a sight for sore eyes," Naruto said standing up.

"Verily. For as much as I enjoy your company, friends, 5 weeks journey through this Sub-space is a very long time, especially when forced to endure Hawkeye's complaints."


"It's amazing. Think about it, Cap. The 8 of us, we changed an alien empire. Mar-Vell looked to the Avengers as an example. We can be that for Earth." Iron Man said to Cap who was standing up behind Ms. Marvel.

"Well, whatever the future brings, I'm just glad to be home."

To Be Continued.

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