Camellia Black – Codename Blossom – Alias Camellia Louis

Paige Greystone – Codename Bubbles – Alias Paige Noonan

Isabella "Izzie" White – Codename Buttercup – Alias Isabella "Izzie" Goodman

Damian "Brick" Thornton – Alias Damian Quick

Dominic "Butch" Thornton – Alias Dominic Quick

Derrick "Boomer" Thornton – Alias Derrick Quick

"I choose my friends for their good looks, my acquaintances for their good characters, and my enemies for their good intellects." ~Oscar Wilde

"We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion. The great task in life is to find reality." ~Iris Murdoch

"There are times in our lives when we have to realize our past is precisely what it is, and we cannot change it. But we can change the story we tell ourselves about it, and by doing that, we can change the future." ~Eleanor Brown

"Bubbles, this is Blossom what's the situation?" the redheaded FBI agent stated in her headset.

A blonde peered over the side of the building where a hostage situation was going down, she replied: "Not good, Blossy. We got eight armed suspects in the current location; BC is already on the corresponding rooftops now. We also regret that we have several DB's in there; all hostages. Not counting the dead, they're at least twenty or twenty-five can't see through walls. Don't really have x-ray vision like you." Bubbles stated as Blossom's mouth tightened in a thin line with her eyes narrowed.

Her unnatural electric pink eyes scanning the general area to spot her lime green eyed sharpshooter of a partner on the rooftops. Finally spotting her two buildings across from her and diagonally across from the building in question.

"BC, come in; can you read me?" Blossom's voice rang out through the raven headed woman's earpiece, and answered: "Yeah, read ya loud and clear Bloss. You're not gonna like this though…" the raven responded.

Blossom narrowed her eyes in thought and responded, "Why?"

"It's them Bloss. The insignia is on their right shoulders of their shirts." She replied in turn.

"Are they there?" she questioned back, biting back a dark growl at the thoughts of them being there.

"No." was the reply in short as Blossom sighed in irritation.

"Alright, BC. Take 'em out, and leave at least four of them alive this time, okay?" she ordered as she took out her favorite cigarettes, placing one in her mouth and placing the pack back into her pocket. Instead of using a lighter, she simply snapped her fingers as flames shot out of her pointer finger and lit the cigarette and extinguishing by a thought.

Bullets soon echoes through the air as Buttercup's sniper rifle deposited a full cartridge of bullets. With her superhuman vision, Blossom notices four of the men drop dead from bullets through vital parts of their bodies, whilst the other four are hit in their appendages. None whatsoever hitting the civilians.

The smoke finally cleared as Blossom teleported in front of the building walking through the doors still smoking as she gazed at the bodies of the men and innocents. Damn it, what a mess.

She soon walked over to the men that were wounded and jerked one of them up the scruff of his neck whilst pinning his hands behind his back as she read his Miranda Rights. Her partners soon arrived along with the Townsville PD and EMTs.

The area was soon cleared with all the DBs being loaded into the waiting ambulances along with the injured.

"At least you followed orders this time Buttercup." Blossom stated as she lit another cigarette with a smirk.

"You do know those things cause cancer, don't you?" inquired Bubbles in a worried voice. Blossom just smirked as she let out a puff of smoke in retaliation.

"And do you remember that we cannot die nor age past our twenty-fifth birthdays?" she retaliated in turn with a playful tune, as Buttercup snorted slightly as she took a squig of her beer.

Bubbles looked as Buttercup guzzled the alcohol like water whilst shaking her head in disappointment.

All three known each other since diapers, their parents once being best friends after they did lab experimentation [which is where they first met] which granted them limited powers. Their mothers had also known each other in college along with their best friend's parents [Berserk, Brute, and Brat] meeting as well. The experiment granted them all superhuman powers, all six set of parents found their life partners there.

The children they had after quitting the experiments, were Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup.

Going by the codename Blossom, Camellia Black is the youngest FBI agent in history. Having graduated from high school at the age of seven, and college at ten. She went into law enforcement and then the FBI academy at eleven, she is a prodigy with fifteen PHDs and various Masters in a variety of subjects.

Going by the codename Bubbles, Paige Greystone is the youngest CIA agent in history. She graduated from high school at the age of seven, and college at ten. She went into law enforcement and then the academy at eleven, she was then recruited by the CIA and is known for her manipulative streak along with her intel gathering skills. She has a PHD in Philosophy and Art Appreciation.

Going by the codename Buttercup, Izzie White is the youngest SWAT agent in history. She graduated from high school at the age of seven, and college at ten. She went into law enforcement and the military. She was later recruited for SWAT due to her talent with weapons, specifically firearms and long-ranged weapons. She has a PHD in business management.

All three girls live in a lavish mansion-like house with their families, having become their sibling's legal guardians after the deaths of their parents. All three have a bond of sisters and would do anything for each other. Camellia works as a scientist and lawyer on the side, with her cover job being the secretary of Damian Quick.

Paige works as a freelance artist that is famous for her works, with her cover job being a teacher at Quick Academy working for Damian's brother Derrick.

Izzie is a part-time gym instructor and trainer and her cover job is working for Damian's brother Dominic.

"What say we stop by Louis; I could use some of their chili fries and I know you need some sugar." She stated crushing the beer can in her fist and dunking it in the garbage can beside them.

Camellia nodded thinking of the desserts that were famous at Louis'. Paige smiled brightly at her friend's suggestion, wanting to take a hit at their salad bar.

All three young women soon headed out and got into Camellia's car and drove to Downtown Townsville. They pulled up into the parking lot, they proceeded to get out as Camellia locking the car. On the way to the restaurant, they had all used their shapeshifting powers to shift into their aliases for working with the Quick brothers.

Camellia flipped her waist-length dark brown hair over her shoulders as all three proceeded to the front doors.

It was quiet for a Wednesday evening.

Meanwhile Rasputin, back room

Brick was just finishing up some paperwork when there were three solid knocks on the door. Looking up he shouted, "Enter!" he stated going back to his work already knowing it was one of his brothers.

"Yo, bro!" Butch exclaimed loudly with a stupid grin on his face, Brick felt a tick mark appear on his forehead. His youngest brother Boomer calmly walked through the door with an expressionless face and closed the door.

Brick stopped and placed his pen on his desk and started to massage his temples as he glared darkly at the raven-haired man in front of him.

"The bank heist, had gone differently than we had planned." Boomer's cold voice replied as his Brick's crimson orbs pierced through his navy-blue ones in rage.

As Brick exhaled, black smoke was seen exiting through his nostrils along with his pupils slitting like an animal in his anger.

He only said one thing, "How?"

"Out contacts say it was them." He replied with a small smirk at thinking of his blonde-haired blue-eyed angel taking down eight fully grown men with ease. Brick sighs in irritation as he leaned back in his chair and tilting his head towards the ceiling.

"BC killed four of our men that lead the heist whilst seriously injuring the other four. But from what I could tell the assholes deserved to be shot like dogs." Butch commented flopping down on a dark red recliner. Brick just simply raised his eyebrow at his brother's comment, nodding to Boomer to carry on.

"The eight had killed several of the hostages, from our contacts; the girls had equal rights to kill all eight of them. My guess is that Blossom really laid into Buttercup in leaving some of their suspects alive this time." He stated also sitting down on a black couch in the room.

Brick just shook his head, idiots…I have idiots working for me.

"I believe that we had ordered no kills during this heist, it would appear we need to have a little chat with Desoto." He inquired steeping his hands and resting his chin on them.

"Where are the girls now?" Brick questioned ready to head them off as Quick, if he knew his love well. And he did, more than she herself believed than they were mostly likely heading to Louis to eat.

His dearest secretary may have believed that she had him fooled with her undercover work, but she was wrong. He had found it too suspicious that a woman he had met in this very club and then proceeded to have a one-night-stand with would soon become pregnant that fell with his personal secretary.

Camellia Louis did not exist, despite to apparent paper trail that points to her existence.

Like her and her friends' parents, he and his brother's mother and father had also partaken in the X Project.

Blossom had soon given birth to their triplet daughters, three months earlier. He had enquired about seeing his secretary's newest additions to her family she had replied in that two weeks would probably be good chance to see his little girls.

His brothers were also aware of her friend's backgrounds, at having followed Brick's lead at enquiring their extensive backgrounds.

Unknown to his love and her friends, was that he had round-the-clock surveillance and bodyguards around her residence always. He refused to take any chances with her and his little girls' safety was concerned.

"Well, I do believe that our girls would be heading to Louis. I'm sure they need some stiff drinks from what they had to do." Brick decided and shapeshifted into his Damian Quick persona along with his brothers.

"Alright, let's go. I wanna see Butterbabe!" Butch/Dominic grinned widely as he thought of the love of his life.

The three brothers soon exited the club Rasputin and made their way towards Damian's car.

Buckling up and immediately shot off through the night of Downtown Townsville. Soon they pulled into the parking spot beside Camellia's car. Shutting off the ignition and proceed to get out.

All three brothers soon came upon the women that had captured their hearts conversing outside upon the front patio of the restaurant.

"Yo! Iz, good to see yeah!" Dominic grinned roguishly as Izzie rolled her eyes at her boss in irritation.

"Hello, Paige." Derrick greeted his blushing employee with a light smile.

"Hello, Mr. Quick" she replied back with a small smile.

"How are you doing Cammie?" Damian asked showing his concern in his murky brown-red eyes and boring into her emerald green ones.

She nodded in reply, "I am well Mr. Quick." She replied stiffly.

"Well, I assume you are planning on eating dinner. Would it trouble you if we intrude?" Damian inquired with a small smirk.

Camellia blinked slowly at his offer, she looked at her two best friends. Izzie shrugged her shoulder with an indifferent expression. Paige tilted her head to the right slightly giving her consent.

All six soon was seated into a table on the right side of the restaurant. After receiving their drinks all six had proceeded to get up and began their way to the buffet.

They made their way back to their table in a secluded part of the restaurant. Unknown to the six a man around his late twenties was glaring at Damian with unmigrated hatred in his cobalt eyes. The man's gaze soon shifted to the long brown-haired woman conversing with her boss. As Camellia and Damian create some small talk, sipping her apple martini as she conversed with her boss.

"Camellia, is that you?" a man's voice stated causing everybody's heads to snap towards a man with light auburn red hair and cobalt eyes with glasses. He was dressed in what appeared to be scientist clothing.

Camellia blinked slightly at the man's sudden appearance, cocking her head to the left slightly. His name finally came to her, "Dexter! I didn't recognize you for a second there! How have you been?" she exclaimed with a smile.

"Oh! Dexter this is my boss, Mr. Damian Quick and his brothers Derrick and Dominic. And of course, you already know Paige and Izzie." She introduced the group to the man. Damian raked his eyes up to the man, sizing him up and decided that he wasn't of any concern to him and Camellia.

"Pleasure." He answered in a blank voice. His murky brown-red eyes connecting and entering a staring contest with him.

Damian immediately sensed something wrong with this man called Dexter. It appeared that the only person he was interested in was Camellia. He had an almost predatory and lust/lovesick expression on his face as he gazed at her talking to her friends and his brothers. It caused the hair on the back of his neck to stand up.

Feeling a tick mark coming, he cleared his throat. Gathering the other's attention, he subtly placed his arm around Camellia's perfect waist. Dexter's eyes zeroed on where they were touching and was scowling. Camellia turned and looked at him with a questioning look in her eyes. Damian openly glared back at Dexter as the others began to eat, Dexter spoke once more.

"Camellia I was wondering if you would do me the honor of coming to a science convention with me next week?" Dexter asked in his most charming voice, he thinks that she is very smart woman, and would no doubt say yes. It was the man beside her who answered him, much to his anger.

"Sorry, but Cammie has to work all next week. After all she is my personal secretary" Damian stated in a hard voice, he didn't trust this Dexter at all. He sensed a massive amounts of dark intentions coming from him as he stares at his future wife.

"Excuse me, but I do believe the lady in question can answer for herself!" Dexter briefly lost control of his temper at the fool who was getting in the way of wooing his future spouse.

Camellia sighs in irritation, apparently, she didn't like Dexter that much either, but was too nice to tell him to fuck off, Damian thinks as Cammie confirms his statement.

"Sorry, Dexter, but he's right. I am his personal secretary, and in managing such a large company like Quick Enterprises takes a lot of energy to do so. So, I'm gonna have to turn you down" Camellia states as she sips her drink. Izzie snorts in her own drink and Paige hides her knowing grin. Dominic and Derrick didn't hide their grins and amusement.

Dexter glares darkly at Damian who just stares at him, almost daring him to start something. Dexter huffs in anger and storms off and out of the restaurant. Camellia sighs in relief as Dexter exits the front door, Izzie is now laughing and Paige grinning.

"Is he always like that?" it was Derrick who asked, he too felt something was off with this Dexter character. Camellia sighs in response and takes a bite of her food, "Unfortunately".

Izzie snorts, "He's been tryin' to get with Cams for years. But like the smart woman she is, turns him down. There's just something wrong with that man." She states drinking her Patron. The other's nod in agreement.

"Glad I wasn't the only one, he just seems, what's the word?" Damian asks.

"Strange?" Paige answered.

Damian snaps his fingers and points to her at her response, "That's the word!" he exclaims with a smile. Camellia snorts at his reaction and couldn't help but agree with her boss, Dexter was a very odd character, but his older sister Dee-Dee was much more pleasant to be around. She was the best medical examiner in the government after all, Dexter might believe that his sister is just a blonde ditz, but she has a very high IQ.

How dare she turn him down, him! That boss of her's is just in the way of their love, he'll show her, oh yes…

All six finished their meal, the Quick brothers insisting that they pay the bill much to the girl's annoyance. Blossom wanted to get home to her girls, their siblings were currently watching them and had to make the house was still standing by the time they got back. Bidding farewell to the brothers, the girls get into Blossom's car and drive towards their estate.

"Was it just me or did Dexter seem almost, angry at your boss answering for you instead?" Bubs asks as she sighs in her seat. BC was in the back, looking through her sPhone and looks up, adding her own two cents to the statement.

"Yeah, he looked like he wanted to kill Damian for putting his arm around ya Bloss. That guy gives me the creeps. I can't believe that Dee's really related to him…" BC states as she reclines back. Blossom continues to pay attention to the road as they come to a stop sign.

"Dexter is a very smart man, but his ego is irritating. And Dee says that he has this freaky obsession with me or something. Told me she caught him staring at a picture of me in my Louis form one time. And then there was another where she caught him masturbating to a picture. [shudders]." Blossom says as she shudders, a shadow covers the car and the girls appearance changes to their real forms.

Blossom's long, bright red hair, pale skin and bright pink eyes glowed lightly under the low lighting. Bubbles' golden blonde hair, pale skin and baby blue eyes were next and BC's raven black hair, lightly tanned skin and bright green eyes soon followed.

"That's disgusting, Blossy. Why do you even talk to him?" Bubbles states as she crinkles her nose at the thought of anybody masturbating to a picture of any of them gave her the shivers. Blossom made a noise of agreement as she tightens her grip on her steering wheel. Thank god she had her car upgraded to withstand her and the girls strength.

"That wasn't all Dee saw either, she was looking for some chemicals that she ran out of before she could buy some more that was needed in the room. Told me that she found a secret compartment hidden in his lab, it contained wigs that were my exact shade of brown hair as Louis plus colored contacts. But the really freaky thing was the clothes, skimpy, slutty and hookerish clothes that were in all my sizes were also there. Needless to say, Dee grabbed what she needed and got the hell out of there" Blossom growls lowly at the thought of Dexter's fetishes.

"My god, he sound's like some of the unsubs we had to take down over the years!" BC exclaims with wide eyes as she leans forward from her seat. Bubs nods in agreement, Blossom just hums as turns onto the highway.

BC's phone notification beeped as she looked down at it, her eyes suddenly widen in shock. "Bloss, pull over now!" BC states, Blossom looks into the rearview mirror and Paige turns around to look at her with confusion.

"Why?" Blossom's eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "Just do it!" BC demanded, her green hard, promising to tell them when they pull over. Bloss grunts and pulls over to the side of the busiest highway in D.C. and parks the car.

"Alright, Iz. What's going on now?" Blossom's voice was demanding as she turns to look at the raven-haired woman. BC fiddled with the phone and turns up the volume. Both Bubbles and Blossom turn around and look at the device. It was showing the local news…

"And that's it for the weather, back to you Joe." The weatherman stated as the broadcast is turned to the anchorman.

"Thanks Jim, tonight's top story is a shocking event taking place just over two hours ago. A body was found in the local agricultural center were it was hanging from a lamppost. Police officers have closed off the area and further details about the incident is still fuzzy. But there was something interesting left at the scene though. A note was pinned into the body that said, "To show you what will happen if didn't stop quick enough with your new man." And it was signed with a heart. Very disturbing, no details of the victims identity has been released to the public as of yet. The "Hearts Killer" as the press has started to call him has claimed forty-one victims, and if this murder is related it makes forty-two." The newsman stated his face solemn.

All three of them looked up at one another with looks of shock on their faces. Bubs was pale as a ghost at the broadcast and Blossom's jaw ticked. The Hearts Killer was something she told the director they needed to get onto years ago, from the moment the first body turned up! And now the forty-second body has just turned up!

"Why did they use "quick" and not fast?" Blossom murmurs to herself as BC pauses the stream. All three look towards one another, all their eyes widen in realization.

"Maybe they weren't talking about the action quick, but maybe they were talking about…" Bloss began to say slowly.

"The name Quick" Bubs finishes. BC looks at them both with wide eyes. All three soon say, "We need to tell the brothers!"

Both Blossom and Bubbles get their phones out and look through their contacts for their bosses, BC was already talking to Dominic. Soon Bubbles was speaking with Derrick as Blossom listened to the ringing of the phone when she heard Damian answering.

"This is Quick" Damian's voice was gruff, and he was grunting. He must be doing something that involved extra effort.

"It's Camellia Louis sir. Have you had a chance to look at the news yet?" Blossom states in a stern voice. Brick grunts and the sound of metal meeting metal was heard.

"No, why?" Brick panted as he began to drink from his water bottle. He was in his private gym burning the calories he and the other's just ate not two hours ago. He was listening to music on his Redtooth when the incoming message came through.

"A body was found in the agricultural center tonight." Blossom's sweet voice sounded through the headset, at the word body, Damian choked lightly on his water.

"Are you alright sir?"

"[Cough] yeah, I'm fine, just taken by surprise is all. Do they know who it is?" Brick asked, one of his people better not have gone rogue on him or he swears to motherfucking god…

"No, but there was a note attached to the body itself." Was Blossom's reply, Brick sighs in annoyance.

"And what does that have to do with me?" it was an honest question as Brick sighs as he opens his phone and start making inquiries via text.

"The note, it said "To show you what will happen if didn't stop quick enough with your new man." Izzie made me pull over to the news broadcast on her phone. Me and the girls believe that the "quick" meant as a name not an action. I just wanted to call and let you know that's all." Blossom huffs. Brick chuckles at her being worried for him.

"Aw, Cammie. If I didn't know better, I would say you were worried about me~" Brick coos as his contacts began to send him info that he needed on the body.

Blossom simply huffs, "Sir, you and your brothers are the only ones in the entire tri-state area with the surname Quick. Forgive me for being worried for my bosses safety." Blossom's sarcasm was showing. Brick cracked a smile, he loved it when she was sarcastic sometimes.

"[sigh] you don't have to worry about me Cams, I'll have bodyguards on a 24-hour surveillance if it makes you feel better. I take it that the victim is another of the so-called "Hearts Killer"?" Brick asked as he sips his water. A text stated the victim was a local woman by the name of Rose Sanchez, she was twenty. Fuck, this guy has been racking up bodies for years! Why the hell haven't the FBI become involved yet?

He knows Blossom had tried to talk to Director Youngston about this, but the man was so dirty he was using the killer to do some of his own illegal things himself! He knew Blossom suspected that her boss was up to something, Brick wondered if he needed to give her a "nudge" in the direction to get the bastard out of office. The assistant director was a good, honest man. Brick might not like the cops and authorities but even he knew that sometimes it helped when you had someone looking out for the little guy.

A fucking serial killer was turning the entire city on its ear and the fucking biggest government agency right up there with the CIA and Secret Service refuses to lift a damn finger to help? More than once, when a body turns up that he has seen his precious flower's eyes take on a dangerous light in them.

And Brick wasn't stupid, he noticed how the victims wore wigs and contact lenses the same shade as Blossom's false form. The guy was obviously obsessed with his secretary. That thought brought back the encounter he and the others had at Louis' not two hours ago. That Dexter guy rubbed him the wrong way. He's met others who sent the same reaction through his body before and more than naught they always turn out to be either psychopaths or sociopaths who have killed before.

Blossom soon hung up, afterwards he began to demand any and all background information on a scientist by the name of Dexter and expected the results to be on his desk by tomorrow…

"When you have a child, the world has a hostage." ~Ernest Hemingway

"The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned." ~Dr. Maya Angelou

"We all have a monster within; the difference is in degree, not in kind." ~Douglas Preston

"Cruelty, like every other vice, requires no motive outside of itself. It only requires opportunity." ~George Eliot