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Dark Light: Chapter 2

Once again Izuku found himself sitting on a swivel chair in the doctor's office, the same doctor who diagnosed and identified his Quirk before. The only difference was that the mood was a stark contrast from before.

Even with his healing factor Izuku still had bandages around his arm and part of his face.

Inko was a picture of worry herself, she was still reeling from the news, not just of Izuku's fight but the relationship between him and Katsuki. Guilt couldn't begin to describe how she felt to know that she had been ignorant of the fact that her best friend's son was bullying her own, even going so far as to use his Quirk against him.

It's a wonder why he changed so much. At the very least Mitsuki apologized for Katsuki's behavior and while they agreed (on Inko's insistence) to keep them separated Inko found it hard to ever trust her friend again.

As for Izuku, he had clammed up, he hadn't really talked much since then. Remorse was clearly evident on his part and she'd even heard him crying sometimes at night. Like Katsuki he didn't speak about what happened, he did however ask her if they could visit the doctor to see about his Quirk again, she complied and here they are.

A solemn Izuku looked to the doctor "can you turn off the lights please?"

That question caught both adults off guard though the doctor did comply but left a lamp on to see. In the small room surrounded by darkness with only the lamp as the only source of light Izuku held out his palm. Inko almost gasped when an inky black substance swirled into existence until it was the size of a baseball.

The doctor fixed his glasses and leaned closer to observe the mass "extraordinary. Tell me Izuku, since when have you been able to do this?"

Izuku lowered his arm "a few day ago but" he paused he'd had a lot of time to think about it, in fact he cataloged it in his notebook "but I think it started two months ago"

Inko recognized it as the time when the gloom started to creep on his face.

"It is rare to find someone with a photokinetic Quirk" he paused seeing their confused faces "a Quirk whose ability is to emit and/or manipulate photons or light energy if you will. It is even rarer to find its inverse umbrakineses – the ability to generate and manipulate darkness. But to combine them together..." he trailed before getting up to turn on the light.

"I can't manipulate light" Izuku said but was intrigued.

"Yet" the doctor interjected "you cannot manipulate light yet Izuku, your Quirk is still in its development stage but if what you have just shown me is any indication then you are not that far off from discovering that ability."

"What does this all mean?' Inko said worriedly "will Izuku be alright?"

"I will not lie to you Mrs. Midoriya, by themselves those Quirks have the potential to be truly powerful and dangerous Quirks."

In that instant they truly seemed like mother and son as the worry spike reflected on both their faces.

"Will Izuku be alright?" she pressed.

The doctor raised his hands to placate the mother and son "what is the extent of your control over it? Can you materialize it in sunlight?"

He shook his head "a little but it's better in the dark"

He nodded "at the rate of growth, he wouldn't be as powerful as someone with only one of the powers so the backlash wouldn't be as great."

That was a small relief for the mother though "it still doesn't answer my question."

"Your son should be alright, I believe his current disposition is because of the emergence of his secondary Quirk. In some cases a person's Quirk affects their demeanor. Izuku is just one of many cases"

Izuku nodded along, understanding the doctor's words as the most immediate example he had was Katsuki, an explosive quirk for an equally explosive attitude. At least he confirmed the source of his strange behavior much to his mother's relief.

Does it solve the problem? Not really, but knowing is half the battle.

"The reason for Izuku's sudden change is due to his accessing of the 'darker' aspects of his Quirk. In order to help change his demeanor again, all he has to do is use his light powers. So I suggest prolonged exposure to the sun."

'He makes it sound so easy' Izuku thought but nonetheless nodded.


Izuku moved into the next town over, far away from where he lived and relatively close to a middle school. Izuku couldn't say he missed his old home, there was nothing there but torment, pent up aggression and helplessness. And Izuku vowed he would never end up the same way again.

So with his move Izuku would start over from scratch. From this point on he wouldn't be 'the useless Deku but rather Midoriya Izuku! He will have the normal school life he deserved and real friends, no bullying, no name calling, he would leave all of that behind.

He added that to his ever growing bucket list, right next to training his Quirk. Speaking of which Izuku was going to be on top of that throughout the rest of his middle school year. He has his eyes set on Yuuei Academy, no doubt Kacchan would be aiming for the same, after all if there was one thing they had in common it was their love for All Might.

He'd always said that but Izuku hadn't really looked up the school requirements, too preoccupied with his previously unknown Quirk and Kacchan. Now that he had some semblance of control and access to the internet Izuku could thoroughly research.

What he found shocked him a little, the things professional heroes say about that place were many but what stood out was how high their standards were. Yuuei only accepted the best and apparently their acceptance test is grueling. In an interview even All Might said that it was no different for him and he still has the memories of almost not making the cut.

Izuku couldn't imagine it, the number 1 hero had a hard time through Yuuei? Izuku couldn't believe it and even now he couldn't help but doubt it. But he's willing to take his word for it, All Might wasn't one to lie.

After further research on Quirk development Izuku found another tidbit of information in that for some, the power of their Quirk is dependent on the user's health. Again another example has got to be All Might, there is no way he could have a figure like that due to his Quirk. Unless it's muscle Augmentation but Izuku just didn't see that from the number of videos he's seen of him.

With that information he managed to categorize Quirk growth in two categories, physical and mental growth. His umbrakineses would definitely fall in the latter category, it's the only explanation he has to how he could make so much progress with darkness manipulation despite showing Photokineses first.

'I was spending so much time trying to get my Quirk to work I didn't even bother trying to find out the proper conditions under how it would work' he grumbled in deep thought.

All those late nights researching, exhausting himself and eating junk food had only succeeded in stifling his photokinetic Quirk. It's like expecting a flower to grow in a toxic wasteland, well not a toxic wasteland but you know what he means!

A very huge blunder on his part which cost him precious time but something he could hopefully remedy in the years to come with a carefully constructed training regimen. A challenge it would be no doubt, Izuku is woefully aware of the how unfit he currently is, he couldn't even run a short distance let alone pull through a full workout but he will persevere because nothing comes without a cost. Hopefully with the sun out he'll be able to recover faster thus train for longer in one sitting.


As a precursor he started by working on his stamina which would also serve the purpose of familiarizing himself with his new neighborhood. He made sure to wear a tank top and sweat shorts to ensure his skin is exposed to as much sunlight as possible. As expected he started running on fumes less than ten minutes in his jogging.

At least he got an answer as to how efficient his body was at absorbing and converting solar energy into what his body needed. If he could barely last ten minutes on a jog that could only mean one of two things, either his Quirk isn't as strong (or developed) as he thought or he's just that unfit and his Quirk is compensating for it.

He really couldn't tell which part sucks because who's to say where his energy ended and the solar powered energy started during that relatively short jog?

Not one to give up Izuku continued his regime to the best of his ability.

Every day he would start the day with a well balanced breakfast consisting of the five major food groups before running until his legs collapse, sunbathe, do push-ups until his arms gave out, attempt to get a tan, do sits ups until his sides cramped up beyond all reason,
soak up some rays, do squats until his legs burn and finish off with a light jog back to his home where he would promptly collapse in his bed until his mother woke him up for an equally balanced dinner. Afterwards he would try not to drown himself in the shower, sleep with the blinds open, wake up at the crack of dawn, rinse and repeat.

The training was tortuous, unusually cruel by his standards, and didn't show any immediate results where his Photon Quirk was concerned but what he did succeed in getting (aside from cramps and soul crushing regret) was the recognition from some of his neighbors. Apparently there was something earnest and inspiring about a young man actually training to become a hero instead of flaunting his power.

Izuku was especially popular with the older generation for this, though it could also be because of his naturally cheerful attitude and willingness to help them with anything they had trouble with. A couple of odd jobs here and there manual labor was also part of his training plus doing a few favors in return for some treats is a win-win situation for him.

Eventually it was time for the start of middle school which made Izuku put his training on pause temporarily. It wouldn't do any good to be a half dead wreck in the middle of class, no need to make a bad first impression.


They say that one person could have only so much luck at a given time and then there's Murphy's Law which Izuku didn't even think about. All he knew was that when he walked through the gates of his new school he found himself feeling a sense of freedom. This was supposed to be a fresh start, it's the reason why he was all smiles when he found his homeroom.

"Isn't that Deku?"

Then the smile was wiped from his face and ever so slowly he turned to see who had uttered that name. His stomach dropped when he saw them, he didn't know their names and their faces were vaguely familiar but the fact that they know that name was cause enough for Izuku to lose any hope he had. He found the farthest corner away from them and waited for class to begin.

Izuku's fight with Katsuki made headways and with almost every school the rumors started spreading and as it is with school spread rumors, as it gets passed around the truth becomes more and more obscured to the point where nothing is as it seems. Judging by how they were looking at Izuku whatever they heard wasn't good for him at all.

He would find out later on that the fight wasn't a fight at all and went more along the lines of Katsuki having one of his epic tantrums and going overboard with his beatings on 'Deku.' By the end of the day everyone would know that Izuku was 'Quirkless' and pretty much a useless wimp who got beat up so bad he had to move out of his neighborhood.

And what does Izuku have to say to this?

*Sigh* 'whatever'

At this point Izuku could literally care less about what people like them thought of him, sure he could disprove everything by showing his Quirk. That would guarantee a rise in his status because it is unique and powerful but really if that is the cost of being acknowledged in this class then Izuku would rather be an outcast. The last thing he would want is a bunch of flunkies hanging off of him like what Katsuki had, no he'd keep his Quirk to himself, let them think whatever they want of him.

At least no one tried to confront him about it. For one though he didn't talk to the class much as Izuku didn't show the weakness he had in elementary that was a magnet for bullies. He felt they could sense the 'don't mess with me' Aura he tries to exude, he may have used a little of his darkness aura to fuel the sense of dread for anyone who was trying to pick up where Katsuki left off.

It didn't earn him any friends but neither did it get him any kind of trouble which left him free to go through the motions of school so he could get back to training his Quirk.


The training eventually showed some results in his physical performance, his stamina was better, his diet contributed to a slight increase in muscle mass (which he greatly approves of when he started flexing in front of the mirror every morning) though it wasn't much it was progress.

As for his Quirk, after a semester of rigorous training Izuku was eventually able to summon an orb of light to his palms…and that was pretty much it. It was a start and he'd spent a week studying it and what he could do with it, the first instinct one would have with a ball of light in his hand was to throw it, but it was stuck pretty tied to his hand and he wasn't sure if it would maintain its form away from the power source (namely him) or do what most would think and explode.

There was no way he was going to take any chances with that which means he needed a proper testing ground.


"Looking for a place to train your Quirk eh?"

Izuku nodded to the older man as he paid for water. Izuku had pinned the kindly man's store down as a sort of halfway mark between runs, he'd always buy something to drink and before he knew it became one of the man's regular customers.

"Yeah, I need somewhere to practice my Quirk so I don't destroy anything"

The man nodded in approval before stroking his beard "well if its space you're looking for I know of a place though I'm not sure it would be to your liking but could get you some privacy, as long as you don't mind the mess."

Izuku smiled "I don't think I would"

"Alright then…"

What the man gave him was directions to a condemned beach.

"So that's what he meant by mess" Izuku muttered as he found himself at what used to be a seaside park.

There were junk piled higher than he was tall, he could also see some bobbing on the ocean currents and honestly he could only imagine how a once popular local destination like this ended up amounting to little more than a junkyard. That was at the back of his mind as for what he thought of it now

"It's perfect"

Not only was it not too far from home but it afforded him privacy and (hopefully) target practice for his Quirk. Okay so he has some expectations for what his Quirk would be but what else would it do?

A little unsure of himself Izuku decided to start with some calisthenics, experience has told him to always limber up before doing any strenuous exercises and he was that unsure of himself to do it.

Taking a deep breath he steeled his resolve and summoned the orb of light to his hand, he squeezed it a little, it was solid in his hand and felt warm like a a miniature fire, it was something he was used to by now. Standing before a pile of trash he positioned himself. Notebook and pen lying a few parts away next to his bagpack.

"Here goes" he tossed the glowing orb towards the trash pile and watched with rapped attention as it shrunk mid air fizzled into a barely seen spark as it hit the trash pile.


Getting his notebook Izuku began scribbling down while mumbling "as expected it wasn't able to maintain its form without a steady supply of power, hmm maybe if I put more into it before release there would be a better result?"

He put the book down and created another orb which shone brighter with more power he willed into it "okay, test number two" he muttered and lobbed the orb.

This time the orb remained stable and made contact with the trash, there was an explosion of light that when subsided revealed a jagged hole in the sand along with burned traces of trash.

"Whoa" he continued to stare until he broke out into a huge smile "YES!"

After a short victory dance he scribbled down in his notebook again, possible ways to utilize the attack, a name and so forth. The testing was a success, not only could he manifest light, he could attack with it. Izuku would admit he got the idea from Kacchan, that guy's been tossing his Quirk around so much (sometimes at him) that it was unavoidable to copy him.

For a moment he entertained the thought of tossing a grenade of light at him just to see how he liked it.

"Hmm light grenade" he wrote it down as a possible name.

Then a thought occurred, was an attack like that safe to use against people? He would more than likely use it against villains but villains were people too and the last thing he wanted was to maim someone.

Taking a look at the hole he pursed his lips and made another orb exactly as the first one except he lowered the power output by half and tossed it into another pile of junk. There was a bright shine but more of a *pop* than an explosion that had Izuku squint his eyes but by the time it was over the trash pile was merely singed and a bit displaced.

"Well that didn't work" he wrote it down "aside from a flashy light show there wasn't much damage."

He took a deep breath and tried again this time lowering it by roughly a quart then tossed it. There was a bright shine followed by an explosion however the hole left by was less deep and the trash wasn't completely incinerated. Another success and Izuku made sure to note the power of each grenade, delay time and result.

He wiped the sweat from his brow and looked at it, if that didn't prove how taxing the power could be then he didn't know what did.


As nightfall came Izuku switched it up and just as it was every time he did, the warm feeling he had turned cold, not chillingly more like the cold of night air creeping on his bare chest. It wasn't uncomfortable just noticeable and Izuku had long accepted this, after all it was his Quirk a part of him. A lot of people would note the duality of his power (much like his mother did at first) but really it was still Izuku.

Sure when he activated his 'darkness cloak' everything about him would become just a bit more gloomier but it was still him, it's not like he'd turn evil just because he could manipulate darkness…at least he hoped not.

He shook his head "focus"

The reason why he did this was to start the second part of his Quirk training but Izuku had the advantage of practice. Since his darkness manipulation had nothing to do with his physical performance Izuku had been able to train with it in his room for months now. However this would be the first time he had to use it in a wide area.

He checked the time looked out to the sea "alright"

Just like with his light he formed a black orb and stretched it out to wrap around a random piece of trash and yank it with all his strength. With his other hand he made another black orb launched at the oncoming object and smashed it away. Next he clenched his fist and the black orbs extended to make a crude and cartoonish giant hammer and turning towards a fridge he started battering it down, within minutes the rusted refrigerator was dented and deformed. Aside from the slight strain of moving his arms Izuku was not the worse for wear.

"Just as I thought, it is easier."

Izuku was a thinker by heart, for what he lacked in physical prowess he more than made up for it in his mental aptitude. Problem solving, critical thinking it all came easy for him, it's the reason why he's top of his class. For a Quirk whose strength owes a big part to his mental fortitude, it was only natural that he was better at it than with its light counterpart.

He could've manifested it in the day if he wanted to (he'd been able to for weeks now) but it wasn't as strong as it was at night. Not to mention he needed to make a comparison between them and just as he'd use the light side to the best of his abilities he needed to use the dark to that effect as well.

This continued for the rest of the first semester and all the way through the second semester and before he knew it the first year was over. School went by in a relative blur for Izuku, he continued with his training, practiced with his Quirks and studied (mostly because it was the only way he knew how to increase his mental prowess).

In a way it's a good and bad thing. On one hand he was able to maintain his spot in the top ten of his class, on the other hand he wasn't winning any favors with his more vindictive (academically inept) classmates, not that he really cared. The days of curving his studies to suit the egos of others was over.

At the end of the year Izuku scored within the top twenty in his year. A sizable amount of the junk at the seaside park was incinerated and any junk within fifteen meters of the shoreline was pulled from the sea.

All in all Izuku had a very productive first year of middle school.

To Be Continued

Author's Notes: So I've engineered a situation where Izuku would discover a Quirk and how he would react to it.

Personally in this situation Izuku strikes me as the type of person who would want to explore the depths of his Quirk. In fact I think he would in canon but there was just no time plus it would have been dangerous for him. Not to mention the thought of being chosen by his idol to be granted his powers must have affected his judgment.

It's the reason why he copied All Might's attacks instead of making his own to suite his own brand of fighting until way into the manga. Maybe I'm being presumptuous but for a hero nerd to not make up his own special moves (and I have no doubt he would've heard the heroes shout it a few times) strikes me as odd.

For anyone thinking "would it not make sense for other people to create special moves as well?" Yes it would and the difference in this story has to do with the situation I engineered. Everyone else with a Quirk, once they manifest it, the Quirk becomes as easy to use as breathing after minimum practice runs. So they become used to doing things a certain way and since Quirks are a facet of everyday life they wouldn't think "I should probably train and become stronger" it would be like a regular teenager exercising, sure they could but what's the point?

Barring Todoroki, Momo and Iida who no doubt were training extensively. The difference, Todoroki has resentment issues and doesn't utilize the full capacity of his Quirk, Momo has confidence issues and being a high class girl I don't think she'd be into the hardcore training thing, a few self defense classes to utilize some of the weapons she could make. Iida would have worked hard but his position in his family's hero business was already secured, there was no doubt of that so he's earnestly biding his time while diligently working towards that end. Izuku on the other hand has to work for and continuously work for the development of his Quirk. he also set up a ridiculously high standard which he feels he must live up to.

Also for the Quirk affects emotions thing, well aside from a future plot point, I looked at Fumikage's Quirk, which is sentient by the way, and how it got out of Quirk. the guy from what I've seen is calm and cool yet his Quirk 'rages out' and it has a mouth too. So apply that to Izuku except his 'darkness' isn't a 'separate entity.'

Izuku isn't a genius but he is smart, I think his grades were ranked 4th in his class at Yuuei the highest in class among those who went to public middle school, that should tell you something about him.