~I'm Baaack~

Unfortunately this is not an update on the story itself but an update nonetheless. To those it may concern it's been a few years since I've posted on this site. Naturally there's a bunch of reasons why I've maintained silence, mostly it's because of life and bit due to shame. I made the mistake of thinking of proclaiming that I'd be finishing all my stories at some point. If I could I'd travel back in time dope slap myself but if it wasn't obvious I won't be finishing a lot of my stories.

I felt the need to address this because even years later some of you still feel the need to take jabs at me with snide comments about me not coming through on a promise I made years before when I was young, dumb and cocky. I'd say you guys are assholes but it's actually flattering because you enjoyed the stories and you want more so you show your displeasure at the fact that I'd essentially abandoned them.

For what it's worth I AM SORRY about that and if I could I would totally devote my time and effort into finishing them. Unfortunately I lost interest in almost all my stories and have since moved on from them. Also my hard drive got wiped some time ago and since I didn't save them to cloud storage the only copies of said stories exist on this site alone. I didn't save them to a cloud server and tried to get them back with a few programs but most of them are lost. I'll make an update to the summaries of stories that are truly dead for you to see.

So with that said I am planning on publishing fics on this site again. Different stories for different fandoms, going in a different direction that would see me hopefully complete them this time damn stories this time.

If you're interested in my writings I should have published a story by the time you read this so check that out if you're interested.

~For The Dark Light Followers~

By some grace of God I managed save the last three chapters of Dark Light including the unpublished and incomplete 9th chapter. I'm going to be honest here, the MHA fandom kinda freaks me out. It's blown up a lot over the years to the point where I'm not even sure if my story could support all the shit currently going on. I mean between the movies, spinoffs, lore and the fact that IGN is individually reviewing episodes now MHA is a far cry from what I remembered as a good manga with a decent anime adaptation way back in 2017.

I originally considered this story dead like all the others but a renewed interest in the story got me to read the manga again and now I'm caught up. Now I'm stuck between continuing the story or declaring it dead. There is also the possibility of a reboot/rewrite but if I'm being honest I'd rather just polish this story since it still has potential in my eyes.

I still get reviews for this story every month, I know more people continue to follow/favorite it so I know this story still has fans. Since it's been years I need to know if people are even still interested in this thing, if you're having trouble remembering why you have this in your feed give it a reread and tell me what you think. Show your support with a review or PM or whatever because I won't commit to this unless I know people are interested.