Annie's parents (based on the 1999 Annie)

"She was born on October 28th..."

It was October 28th 1922 and a beautiful auburn haired brown eyed baby was born to David and Margret Bennett. They named her Annie and she was the most perfect baby they could ever asked for. They fell in love the second they laid eyes on her. They were poor and lived in a tiny apartment in New York City but they were a happy small family. "She is absolutely perfect! I can't wait till she grows up to see what she'll be like" said Margaret one night "She'll have your spunk and energy I can already tell" said David.

It's been a month since little Annie was born. They were getting short on food but they'd be fine for a while since Annie drank milk. One night in late November David came home saying "I just got fired from my job. Almost everyone did apparently the economy has gotten worse" "oh dear! What should we do! We have a baby!" They never dreamed they may have to give up their little girl but it was the only thing they could do at this point. A few days later Margret saw a job offer in Canada on a farm, it was all they could do so they got the job. Unfortunately they could not bring children so they decided it would be best to put Annie in an orphanage for the time being. "I just hate giving her up! I'd hate to stick her in one of those horrible orphanages" cried Margret "I know but it's the best we can do we'll come back for her as soon as we can" said David knowing it may not be true. Margret broke half of her silver locket and put the other half around Annie's neck and wrote a note that said "please take care of our darling little girl her name is Annie. She was born on October 28th we'll come back to ge her soon we left half a silver locket around her neck and kept the other half so that when we come back for her you'll know that she's our baby."

David and Margret stood in the front steps of New York City Municipal Orphanage waiting for someone to answer the door. Finally a middle-aged angry looking woman with too much makeup answered the door "yeah? What'd ya want?"

" we came to drop our baby Annie here. We found a job on a farm in Canada but they don't allow children. Well come back for her as soon we we can afford it. Please take care of her we love her!" Said Margret almost crying

"Ya sure give me the brat and get the heck outta here" said the woman taking Annie out of their arms.

A few years later David and Margret were still working on the farm. They had almost enough money to go get Annie and bring her home. One night when Margret was cooking dinner, and David was reading the newspaper the stove somehow caught on fire. "Crap!" It was too late for them to escape and they both died. They will never get to go get Annie.

Eleven years later Annie still wears the silver locket and reads the note every night never giving up hope that her parents will come back for her someday.

"Maybe now this prayers the last one of its kind won't you please come get your baby maybe."