"Jyugo!" Uno yelled, running up to him. He glanced at me with that same look on his face. He grinned at him, wrapping his arms around his shoulders. "Hey, how do you feel about doing some jai–"

"Don't even finish that sentence, Eleven," growled Hajime as he came up behind them and smacked the blond and magenta haired boy. He glared at him, causing him to nervously laugh and rub the back of his head. He was followed by Nico, who had gone to get his medication, and Rock, who went along just cause. They were in the cafeteria about to eat, so any word of jail breaking would get leaked by the other inmates and his job is in jeopardy.

"Jyugo, wait!" Nico exclaimed but it was too late. His hand was on his shoulder and the next thing they all knew, a five year old was replacing number fifteen. The three inmates of cell thirteen yelled at the small child. Hajime's eyes were wide as he stared at the violet and green eyed child. No one in the room knew what to do but just stare at the young boy.

His big eyes stared up at them all, blinking as he tried getting his surroundings. His prison outfit was the same but big enough to fit him, except his sleeves were a little too long. The black shackles were still on him but they didn't seem to care, other than the fact their friend and fellow inmate was a five year old. He noticed Uno's hair and a big smile came across his face and he took it in his hands. "Pretty!" he said, his voice sounding like a child's.

"J-Jyugo?" Uno asked out of disbelief, staring at his best friend. "Nico, what the hell did you do?"

"It was an accident!" Nico grabbed Jyugo and held him on his hip. He scratched the side of his face with a finger, his face holding a sheepish smile. "But you have to admit, he's cute. We'll just have to wait until he turns back to normal, which is probably in two hours?"

Rock took Jyugo from Nico as Uno yelled and looked ready to attack him but he hid behind Hajime. Rock was making sure Jyugo was looking away from their friends. He sighed softly as he placed a hand on Uno's shoulder. "Uno, stop, you're scaring Jyugo."

They looked at the now five year old inmate who turned to them and jumped into Uno's arms. He grabbed his hat and put it on himself. Uno didn't bother retrieving his hat, finding him adorable. The gambler glanced around the room and noticed the stares they were getting. "Hajime, um, what are we going to do with him for the mean time?"

Hajime shook himself out of his stupor, taking Jyugo out of Uno's arms and putting the hat back onto the blond's head. "Give him to me, I'll be keeping an eye on him. He's too curious and would be running around and with you three, I don't trust you to take care of a flour sack." Plus, if a five year old can escape from this prison, that was saying something. He walked out of the cafeteria and left the chef in charge. No one wanted to cross paths with him so he felt it was appropriate.

Jyugo was a still five year old, he noticed. He hoped he stayed that way, he didn't need any trouble from the younger inmate. He walked to the guard's room and sat the boy on a chair. Kuu saw him and immediately recognized the five year old, hopping onto the boy's lap. A giggle came from him as he snuggled against the cat. Hajime sighed a bit and went out to find Seitarou. He needed him to care for the inmate until he returned back to normal. When the two came back, inmate fifteen was missing.

Kenshirou muttered under his breath as he held Jyugo, who was trying to take his hat. "That damned gorilla," he muttered as searched for Hajime.

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