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"M-My Lord..?" Lucius asks, finally opening his mouth at Voldemort's last words. Harry could tell he was confused, almost shocked as those words rolled past his lips.

"Once Severus has become his legal guardian, he will have control of the boy's banking. I'm sure the Potters have more than enough to cover all these costs so you needn't worry about emptying your own vault, Lucius. Until then, however, might we get the boy something to eat? He looks as though he hasn't eaten in weeks." At the small flinch from the green-eyed boy, the blond's gaze is drawn back down to him and he's able to tell that beneath the clearly too-large and surprisingly ragged clothing, Harry was rather thin.

"Yes, of course." The blond says before calling out for his House-Elf, Dobby. When the small elf with large eyes and ears appeared before them with a soft pop and Lucius barked out his order for the creature to bring food for the young boy, Harry could only stare in surprise. He had never seen a being like this before and, as he was still flummoxed by the use of magic, was surprised by his sudden appearance from nowhere. Not long after Dobby disappeared again, a plate full of food appeared before the small preteen and the blond man waved his hand. "Please, go ahead and eat." He says, careful to make his voice soft enough so he doesn't tempt the Dark Lord into punishing him.

"Very well then, your arm Lucius," Voldemort says, reaching out his long, thin hand with his demanding words and the tall man wastes no time in pulling up the sleeve of his dark green robe to reveal a black marking on his arms, a tattoo of a skull with its jaw hanging open, a snake protruding from the mouth and wrapping around itself to appear almost like the sign of infinity before continuing along the pale man's forearm. The snake itself was shifting around yet staying in place and the elder man draws his wand out, grasping onto the handle with a hooked end and presses the tip to the black tattoo, calling forth only Severus before releasing Lucius's wrist once more. "You are dismissed Lucius," He says as a black haired man cracks into existence just beside the blond who nods at the Dark Lord's words and bows before hurrying out of the room. Crimson eyes sweep over to the dark haired man and take him in. "Severus, you look unwell." Ebony eyebrows furrow together and the Potions professor almost opens his mouth to inquire about the man's reasoning for doing so before catching himself.

"I've been kept up with refilling Poppy's stock of potions, I have not yet had the opportunity to take an Invigoration Draught." The man replies in his usual monotone, just barely taking notice of the small child seated beside the Dark Lord with his eye down, hands and mouth busy with a large roll held to his face. "My Lord, if I may..?" Snape trails off, assuming his very pointed look, as well as his slightly shocked expression, would be enough to fill in the blank.

"Ah, yes. Severus. This is Harry Potter. Lucius will fill you in on the details, for now all that's required of you is to run a diagnostic spell to see if perhaps he has any illnesses or injuries we must attend to." Voldemort replies, following his follower's eyes to the small boy beside him. Harry had looked up from the table to meet Snape's eyes and the older black haired man gasped quietly and even without the use of Legilimency Voldemort could tell that the Death Eater was remembering the boy's mother, with whom he had always been in love with.

After the initial shock of seeing much too familiar eyes on a completely familiar face, Snape stepped forward to do as his commander had asked. "Omnem morbum." He murmurs, pointing his simple, black wand toward the young boy who had no knowledge of what had been said. Green eyes squeeze shut as a quick burst of blue light engulfs the ten-year-old and soon after the light swirls away, creating a solid background with letters etched into it, detailing every ailment the young Potter had ever faced. Most weren't awful, though there were some recent additions that enraged the Potions Master, despite his dislike for the boy's father. He had long since learned that blood didn't mean much.

"I trust you can take care of any potions that may need to be brewed for him?" The Dark Lord asks as the pale man's ebony eyes scan over the bright list, he nods as he begins mumbling under his breath, figuring out what would need to be made and what he already had on hand. With a gesture of his hand, Voldemort procures a quill and bit of parchment for the Potions Master to take any notes he might need to remember the potions that were necessary. "Once you are done there, I've already spoken with Lucius he will fill you in a bit more before you get started on those potions." With a nod, Snape finishes his list and folds the paper up to tuck it into his pocket and, after being waved off, leaves the room to find the blond man.

"I'm sure you have a lot of questions Harry, but I'm going to ask that you wait and get your answers from Severus. He'll be able to explain much better than I can. He knew your parents fairly well. He went to school with them and was the same age." Voldemort says, turning to look at the boy who had finished the bread and had moved on to pushing his fork against the meat on his plate, as though he was no longer hungry. Seeing as he hadn't had much to eat, it was entirely plausible that his stomach had shrunk and he wasn't able to eat much.

The green eyed boy nods, still acting as timid as he had been since appearing in the manor, though he does set down the silver utensil that wasn't really being used. "Thank you… For bringing me here and feeding me, but-" The boy was cut off with a pale hand raising to silence him.

"Harry. Think nothing of it and do not thank me. If anyone you should be thanking Lucius. It is his home you are in and his food that is being shared with you as well as he who will be ensuring that you are taken care of from here onward. So if you must thank anyone, make sure it is him." The red-eyed man says, standing and looking down at the preteen. "You should try to eat a bit more, Harry. But when you are done you will be shown to a room that will be yours to stay in, at least for now. You need rest, we'll talk more tomorrow perhaps." He says, walking away from the table, away from the Potter boy who looked as though he wanted to argue before he simply shut his mouth and nodded. "Sleep well, Harry," Voldemort says as he tugs open the door.

The door is shutting behind the tall man as a quiet voice replies. "Sleep well..."