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*Chapter One: Section Six

(October 4th, 2017, Wednesday Morning)

Flipping the page of his manga, Natsu read out loud, "'We just said that's the wrong name!'" He took a breath, changing the tone of his voice a bit. "'No, it's not! When I made him that shrine, Yato was so happy! He'd wanted it for so long! It can't be wrong!'"

Eyes flitting to the next page, Natsu continued. "'Or he wouldn't have cried like that...'"

He sighed, closing his manga and setting it beside him. He didn't need to turn the page to know what came next. Muttering, he recited the words from the next few pages because he had them memorized. "'Yaboku! Wheeeeew... Welcome back, Yato.'"

Green eyes shut as he leaned back on his mattress, staring up at the fluorescent lights that didn't work anymore. "This is so boring," he moaned to himself. He had read his tenth volume of 'Noragami' twenty, no... twenty-one times before today.

'If only I had the other volumes. Maybe then I wouldn't be so bored.'

Shifting against his bed and covers, he tried to get comfortable for a nap. However, the sound of a familiar voice captured his attention. "If it's so boring, why do you keep reading it?"

Jolting, Natsu looked over towards the door to see one of his oldest friends, Erza Fernandes. Her long red hair was pulled back into a thick braid, brown eyes locked with his.

"It's still a good book," Natsu reasoned, sitting up on his mattress until his back pressed against the wall. "It was just better the first few times I read it. Now nothing's a surprise." Threading a hand through his spiky pink locks, he felt a few tangles towards the ends. He needed to run a comb through it later.

"It's a manga."

"Anyways..." Not wanting to lose the manga vs. book debate... again, he changed the subject. "What's up?" Looking over to the door, he found it propped open. He swore he closed it earlier so Happy couldn't escape. "Actually, when did you get here? I didn't hear the door open."

Walking over to him, Erza bent over to pull at a wire hanging by his face, effectively plucking the earbud from his ear. "Maybe that's because you have these in your ear." She pressed it to her ear to see what he was listening to, frowning when she realized there was nothing coming from it. Pulling on the cord, she saw his cellphone fall from his pocket. Nothing happened when she pressed the home screen button.

"It died a little bit ago."

"You didn't charge it?" she asked, setting the device back on his mattress.

Natsu shrugged before yawning. "I did, but then Asuka started crying this morning."

"Ah," Erza nodded, already understanding what happened. "Game or movie?"

"Movie." Natsu pulled the other earbud from his ear before wrapping it around his phone. "I mean I know 'Big Hero 6' is good, but how many times can she rewatch it?" The same question could be applied to Natsu and reading his manga, but he didn't touch that topic again.

Erza sat on the tile floor, looking towards the windows above the bookshelves. "Better than letting her watch your horror movies."

Natsu couldn't help but agree. He didn't want to give the girl nightmares, especially with the world as it was now. "True."

"Speaking of movies, I was wondering if you wanted to come over tonight. Jellal and I are having a movie night in our room."

Not having anything else going on tonight, Natsu nodded. "Sure. Which movie are you thinkin' of?"

"We're not sure yet. We were going to go through the DVD wallets in the rec room and see if there's anything interesting. Is it okay if we borrow your car inverter?"

"Sure. It's on my bookcase on the top shelf." Natsu nodded towards the three bookcases. One was his, the other his roommates, and the third was vacant now. He tried not to think about it too much seeing as it upset him every time he did.

He watched Erza collect the item before she returned to her spot on the floor. The inverter would let her use a car's 12 volt socket to charge something. It wasn't strong enough to power up a toaster -Natsu had tried and failed, but it was perfect for charging a laptop.

Natsu tried relaxing on his mattress, but it wasn't as comfortable as the one he had back in his apartment. 'At least I'm not sleeping on the floor anymore,' he thought, relieved he had something to sleep on that didn't hurt his back.

Cocking his head in her direction, he saw she was still sitting there. To his knowledge, she was supposed to be at work. "So was that it?"

"Actually, no." Erza shook her head, tone hesitant. "I almost forgot, they need you to go off base."

"What?" Springing up, he looked at her with wide eyes. "Why? It's my day off!"

Erza sighed, frowning. He could see the confliction in her eyes, knowing she hated when any of her friends left the base. "I know, but Max hasn't come back yet. He was supposed to be back yesterday."

Natsu's lips parted, stunned silent for a moment. "He left base?"

"You didn't notice?" She glanced over to the other mattress in the room. "He's your roommate."

"Doesn't mean I know where he's at all the time," Natsu said in defense. He wasn't Max's keeper. "He was still at work when I went on watch last night. I didn't see him when I got off this morning, but I didn't think anything of it. You know how he's an early riser."

"You didn't see him go through the gate last night?" Erza asked, raising a brow.

"No. He probably left when I was walking the perimeter." He shrugged before his shoulders sagged. He assumed the answer, but he asked anyway. "Where'd he go?"

"Section six, to visit his parent's grave."

Natsu groaned, dragging a hand over his face. "Fuck. I told him to wait for me."

"You knew he was leaving?"

Natsu shook his head. "He'd been talking about going, but I thought I convinced him to wait."

Standing up, he walked to his bookcase where his clothes and personal items sat. A dragon statue rested on the top, Natsu looking at the flames around its feet for a moment before blowing out a breath.

"At least it doesn't have many undead," Erza pointed out, only for Natsu to huff.

"It's still dangerous." He clenched his teeth. "I know he was thinking about switching to an off base job, but this is just reckless."

Which said something, seeing as Natsu was the most reckless of his group.

A shiver ran down his spine as he thought about his two previous roommates, but he ignored the dread pooling in his stomach. Max wouldn't suffer the same fate.

"He should've waited."

Taking off his precious scarf, he started lifting his shirt. "Dumbass," he groused.

Even if Max wanted to try his hand at clearing or running, he shouldn't have left base alone. Especially with his inexperience.

Both clearers and runners left base for the better part of the day, risking their lives for the sake of making the base stronger and safer in the long run.

"What are you doing?" Erza asked when she saw him take off his jeans, leaving him in only a pair of boxer briefs and socks.

Glancing back at her, he raised a brow. "I'm not goin' out there in my good clothes."

Erza looked at the torn red shirt Natsu folded. His definition of 'good' had dropped since the outbreak. Everyone's had.

Her eyes raked over the tan skin stretched over his firm muscles. Natsu was one of the lucky ones not as affected physically by everything going on around them. While most people started to lose muscle mass, he gained it.

Not only did he work out in his spare time, but he also went on a lot of runs. While off base, survivors were allowed to eat whatever they found to stay alive, whereas those on base had to stick with their rations. It was one of the perks runners and clearers held.

As Natsu pulled out his boots to get ready, Erza admired the tattoos on his body. She wished she had some of her own, but she had spent all her money on college and her wedding while Natsu used his money to pay for whatever he wanted.

On his right shoulder he wore a red fairy tattoo, matching their high school's mascot, the fighting fairies. He got that one after losing a bet to their friend, Gray Fullbuster.

A large dragon covered Natsu's left shoulder blade and part of his back, while his right side held his biggest tattoo. Stretching from the top of his ribs down to his upper thigh, with only a small gap in between, adorned a red scaled tattoo. At first glance it looked like his skin had been ripped open, revealing realistic dragon scales under his flesh.

Erza remembered Natsu forking over all the money he saved up during his junior and senior year to afford it. He said it was worth it though, and she had to agree. After the outbreak her college credits were worth nothing, but he still had his tattoos.

At least her wedding to her best friend, Jellal, would stay a fond memory in her mind, something to think of when times got tough. Which lately, seemed to happen more often than not.

While Natsu put on his black cargo shorts, she noted the cuts and scars on his torso and arms, some healed but others were recovering. A nasty one in the shape of an 'X' on his hip was stitched, but it looked mostly healed.

"Don't bust your stitches open," Erza warned. "You know Grandeeney will kill you if she has to sew you up again."

"Yeah, yeah," Natsu groaned before folding up his scarf. It was supposed to be white, but the lack of a proper washer machine left the thing a little dingy. The rips in the material didn't help either, but he refused to have the 'laundry detail' touch his scarf. He could wash it and sew it on his own -whenever he got around to it.

Natsu grumbled to himself as he applied some deodorant. "And I just took a shower yesterday." Aggravated, he placed the cap back on the stick of deodorant a little too roughly. He knew he would sweat, making his weekly shower less effective.

"It's cold outside. You should wear pants," Erza said, then laughed when he narrowed his eyes at her.

"You know I don't get cold." Despite his words, he grabbed the black material with zippers around the top. Sliding them over his legs, he attached them to his cargo shorts to make them pants. "You're like a damn mom."

"I can't help it," Erza teased. "You and Gray act just like children."

"Hey," Natsu sneered. "Don't compare me to that stripping asshole!" He took his frustration out on Gray seeing as his absence made him an easy target.

"Sheesh! If he's your best friend and you talk about him like that, I'd hate to hear what you say about me."

Natsu mumbled under his breath exactly what Gray and him said behind her back many times, but when she asked him to repeat himself he shouted, "N-nothing!"

"That's what I thought." Erza stood up, heading for the door. "Well, I have to get back to work. Let me know if you find Max. I'd hate to see another friend go."

"Don't worry about it." He did well hiding his concern, his chest heavy as he carried on.

Natsu secured his headlamp on his head, then shoved his cargo pockets with a wireless doorbell and remote, his keys, a lighter, and his damaged pack of cigarettes.

"I wish you'd quit."

"You and me both," Natsu said before walking over to a small animal sleeping in the corner of the room. "I'll be back soon, Happy." Petting the blue feline, he smiled when the cat purred back at him. Looking at the empty food bowl, he frowned. "I'll find something you can eat today," he promised before standing back up.

The end of the world has caused everyone to lower their standards, except Happy. His cat had been spoiled rotten, only eating cans of tuna and raw fish. However, with the limited rations, Happy had to eat cat food.

He was picky, only eating fish-flavored food now. Happy had gone nearly a week without eating before Natsu switched from the chicken-flavored food he had been given. He hoped he was wrong, but he had a feeling his stubborn cat would have starved to death before eating regular cat food.

Glancing at the opened window of the classroom, he decided to leave it open in case Happy wanted to use the bathroom outside while he was gone. It allowed the cold air to drift into the room, but it was better than risking Happy having an accident while he was gone.

Popping a pill, he swallowed some water from his pitcher. He had horrible motion sickness, the medication soothing his stomach.

By the time Natsu was ready to leave his room, Erza was already gone. Deciding he didn't want to bring his phone with him, he left it behind. Not only was it dead, it would be a distraction.

Distractions were the last thing he needed when off base.

After locking up the classroom, he assessed the hallway, deciding the large window at the end of the hall provided enough light to see.

He wanted to find Max as soon as possible, but his plan was delayed when a door across the halls opened, revealing a pink haired woman wearing a crop top and lounge pants.

Her eyes set on him before a smile pulled at her face. "Hi Natsu," Sherry said, her voice almost like a purr.

Natsu nodded, pace slowing without stopping. "Hey, what's up?"

She leaned against the door, cocking her hip. "Not much, just wondering when you're going to pay me a little visit?"

'Protect yourself.'

Natsu merely chuckled at the implied offer. "Sorry, kinda busy." The world might have gone to shit, but that didn't mean he was going to change his mind. Relationships always seemed more trouble than they were worth, though he had a feeling Sherry was looking for something with less strings.

Sex seemed fun, but the risk of catching feelings always deterred him from pursuing it. He was content being by himself. Why would he want to complicate things?

Sherry was objectively attractive, but his decision wasn't negotiable. He wouldn't risk the chance of heartbreak, seeing how it had the potential to destroy a person.

Dying a virgin didn't seem so bad as long as he kept his heart protected from that pain.

"Maybe ask Cobra?"

A frown tugged at her lips. "He's hooking up with Kinana."

That had Natsu stopping in his tracks. "Oh yeah?" The base was small, with a little over one hundred people. With a lack of entertainment, rumors usually spread like wildfire. "I hadn't heard that."

Sherry fought a losing battle against a cringe. "I accidentally walked in on them." She shook her head before shivering. "They were in the conference room."

Natsu wanted to ask why she was at the conference room in the first place, since people only used it now for hooking up. He decided to leave it alone.

"Yikes." He had walked in on couples before, and it always awkward as hell. "Sorry."

She shrugged. "It's fine. I think I'll see if Elfman wants to hang out later."

Natsu resisted the urge to scrunch his nose. That was a mental picture he could have lived without.

"Well, have fun." Natsu gave a nonchalant wave before continuing on his way.

He let the topic of hooking up fill his head. It was welcomed compared to his task at hand. A lot of survivors had sex for recreational purposes. It was a way to distract from the world they lived in now.

After taking the stairs to the first floor and walking down the hall, he headed towards the arena. It was a new addition to Magnolia High, built two years ago for the school's basketball team. After the outbreak it was converted for more suitable means. Since it had the only electricity -generated by the solar panels on the roof- it was the perfect place to boil water for drinking and showering.

The 'kitchen detail' used it to make breakfast and dinners, but the area was also used for people to hang out during their days off. Being a runner most days, the thing Natsu associated the arena with most was the processing station.

Before making his way outside, Natsu headed into the men's restroom to take a leak. Once he finished relieving himself, he zipped up, then grabbed the bucket of rain water. One splash was enough to rinse his piss down the drains to avoid stinking up the place.

Women had to use more water to cause the toilet to properly flush. This was their alternative since they didn't have running water anymore.

Finished, Natsu left the bathroom to head to the side doors of the school.

It seemed crazy, but they had made their base at Magnolia High.

It was an old building, used for over thirty years before the outbreak started. The main building didn't have power, but they made do with flashlights and lamps. Some people -like Natsu- used candles to keep their rooms bright at night when they needed to see, but he used his more for the smell.

Without running water, showers were scarce, meaning people smelled worse than before the outbreak.

It wasn't terrible. As long as everyone went to work when they were scheduled, they earned a fifteen-minute warm shower every week in the arena's locker rooms. It wasn't an actual shower. Camping showers did the trick well enough. Considering the alternative was living off base, it seemed like a fair trade.

Natsu walked the short distance from the school to the arena, shaking his head once again at the oversized building. It cost the school over ten million dollars to build it, but he felt they could have used that money to buy something more useful.

Like better school books or desks.

Natsu couldn't count how many times he opened a book to find dicks or foul language drawn all over the pages when he used to be a student. Sure he loved sports, but they already had a nice gym. The arena was a waste of money.

Gramps agreed, but even as principal at the time, he had little say when the school board called all the shots.

Walking up the concrete stairs, Natsu entered the arena. He wasn't surprised to see people coming and going, enjoying their free time in the arena. He couldn't blame them since it had large windows to provide natural light and lots of room to run around. Not to mention the large bleachers on both sides, giving people a place to sit and talk indoors without using flashlights.

They didn't turn on the regular lights since it would consume too much electricity. Solar panels could only store so much. The only lights turned on in the arena were in the processing station, the weapons room, and the kitchen where the stoves and microwaves were set up.

Natsu headed straight for the arsenal, which used to be where the school-themed merchandise was sold during games. A guard patrolled the area, eyes on Natsu as he went to the window in the wall.

Ignoring the guard's gaze, he rang the little bell, waiting until a short guy with a long pointy nose came up to help him. "Yes?"

"Natsu Dragneel. I need my knives."

Nobarly, a guy Natsu wished he didn't know, cocked his head. "Why do you introduce yourself every time, man? I know who you are. We went to high school together for fuck's sake."

Barely holding back a groan, Natsu lied. "Just tryin' to follow protocol." He didn't want him to think they were in any way friends. Nobarly's crude sense of humor rubbed people the wrong way. Natsu told inappropriate jokes too, but his were a lot less offensive.

"Do you want both of them?" another guy asked, popping into the conversation.

Natsu nodded, thankful someone was doing their damn job. Nobarly turned, shouting, "Grab him a backpack too in case he finds something while he's out."

"No need!" Natsu hollered, hoping the other guy heard him. "I'm taking my truck." He pulled out his keys to show him in case he wanted visual confirmation as well.

Normally Natsu didn't take his truck, but he wanted to complete his mission in a timely manner. It was his only day off, and he was tired from the lack of sleep last night. He wanted to find Max, bring him home, then pass out until dinner time. His truck would make things go by a lot faster, even if he was pressing his luck with gas. He had about a third of a tank left, so he hoped he found Max quickly.

"Are you going to look for Max?" Nobarly asked, a slight smirk on his face. "I heard he didn't come back last night."

Eye twitching, he nodded. "Yeah." He hoped he could get his weapons soon, already getting a bad feeling crawling up his spine.

Nobarly shouted over his shoulder, "Hey! Grab him a tarp too!"

Natsu frowned. "Why would I need a tarp?"

"It's for Max's body when you find him. They say third time's the charm, right?"

The frown on Natsu's face deepened as his eyebrows darted in. "Shut the hell up!" He gritted his teeth, barely holding back the urge to punch Nobarly in the face. "I'm finding him alive!"

"Sure," he snickered, making Natsu's stomach twist.

Before he could do anything, the other guy came back. He held out a belt with two knives attached, a tarp, and two cans of spray paint.

Accepting his belt, Natsu wrapped it around his hips and threaded it through two loops before securing it to his body. He took the two cans of spray paint, one black and one red, but hesitated when offered the tarp. As much as he wanted to find Max alive, he had to prepare for the possibility of not being so lucky.

'I'll find him alive. He won't end up like the others.'

He grabbed the tarp reluctantly, then scowled as he made his way out of the arena and towards the parking lot. A guard followed him until he made it to his truck, making sure Natsu didn't go anywhere he wasn't supposed to while carrying a weapon.

Weapons weren't allowed freely on base for safety reasons.

Relief hit him when he heard his doors unlock after clicking the button on his key fob. He dreaded the day his battery would give up.

Once a week he started it and drove around the parking lot. It was enough to keep the battery alive and the fuel from settling, but he knew he was just delaying the inevitable.

As Natsu started his truck, he looked up and over at the school. The school's flag waved from the flagpole. The symbol in the center was supposed to represent a fairy with a tail, but Natsu thought it looked more like a weird bird.

Magnolia High, home of the fighting fairies.

The symbol was specifically called Fairy Tail, but most people couldn't get to that part, laughing too much that their mascot was a fairy. Their leader -the old principal- decided to name the base 'Fairy Tail' in honor of the symbol. Before Natsu was annoyed with his Fairy Tail tattoo on his shoulder, but now he liked it since it represented the base.

The guard kept his hands on his rifle as Natsu drove to the gate. He didn't pay him any mind, knowing he wouldn't get in trouble as long as he followed the rules. He didn't want to get kicked out.

Driving to the gate, he waited until the gate guard opened it for him. A chain link fence was all that separated them from the undead plaguing the land, but they had plans to reinforce the fence, eventually.

The gate hadn't seen any zombies in a few weeks thanks to the constant clearers they sent out six days a week. As long as everyone did their part, the base would stay safe.

Natsu drove down the spray painted roads, heading towards section six. He decided to listen to music for the time being. If he kept it low enough he would stay alert, not that it was really necessary.

The streets were dead, literally.

Cracking a window, Natsu lit a cigarette. A groan tore from his throat when he realized he only had three left. He used to smoke a pack a day, but now he was forced to use them sparingly. Trying to quit left him moody and restless, so he smoked when he could.

Inhaling deeply, he filled his lungs with smoke before blowing it towards the window. Lung cancer was the least of his worries now, not when there were other things trying to kill him. For his sake, he hoped the only undead he might face would be walkers. He didn't know if he had the energy to face a sprinter.

Or worse, multiple sprinters.

Shivering at the thought, Natsu turned down a street that went specifically to the center of section six. He wasn't exactly sure where his parents were buried, but Max had said it was in his old backyard. His only clue was to look out for a wind chime on the front porch with little metal brooms hanging from it.

Apparently Max's mom loved anything to do with witches. She had decorated the house to fit her taste.

Natsu drove for a couple of miles up and down neighborhoods, seeing houses and littered streets. There were bodies laying on the ground, but most had their heads smashed in.

That was the best way to kill a zombie. Any severe damage to the brain or brain stem would permanently kill them. There was another way, but they rarely tried it. If they could destroy the heart, they would kill them. That method was messy and difficult, and often took too much effort.

It was easier to go for a headshot.

Natsu didn't have a gun, so he used his two military issued Ka-Bars. They were a gift, and he cherished them and the person who gave it them to him.

Despite loving his knives, Natsu wanted a gun, but they wouldn't give him one. Only guards who had experience with firearms could carry.

Since ammo was limited, they didn't want to spend the time teaching someone how to shoot.

After a while, Natsu accepted the decision. He'd never fired one before, and he didn't want to waste ammo. He also had no desire to be a guard. For now his knives were enough, especially since they had kept him alive so far.

Natsu's heart beat a little faster when he got his first clue to Max's whereabouts. In the middle of a street there was a backpack. It was near the outskirts of the city, an endless field seen behind some of the houses.

"Shit," Natsu cursed, parking the truck. He climbed out to inspect the bag. It had a flashlight and pack of matches inside, but no weapon. He sighed, hoping that was a good sign. If Max could defend himself he should be fine.

Natsu tossed the backpack in the passenger seat, then glanced around. It was hard looking for wind chimes when all he noticed was spray paint on the houses, a red X on every door.

That was part of Fairy Tail's system. A red X meant the house was tapped out of supplies, but a black circle meant zombies were trapped inside. If a door had both, it meant just how it sounded, no supplies, but zombies inside.

Natsu only saw red, so he felt relieved. Walking around, Natsu listened for anything that could be useful while also trying to spot wind chimes. He heard birds chirping and the wind brushing against the trees, but he didn't hear a person or zombie.

Or chimes.

He looked around houses, checking inside a few. Luck didn't seem to be on his side. Tall grass brushed against his legs as he continued his search.

A block and a half down the road, Natsu found Max's old house. It was tall and dark, every window covered by black curtains. The house looked creepy as hell, and that was without the added blood stains on the porch.

The chimes fluttering in the wind, Natsu looking at each brass broom before knocking on the door.

With no answer, he checked the knob. He went in when he found it unlocked, searching each room as he called out Max's name. Normally he was more cautious so he didn't alert any threats of his presence, but he would welcome any signs of life now.

Finding nothing, Natsu checked the backyard. The large yard was overgrown with no signs that someone had trekked through it recently. He couldn't even see where Max's parents might have been buried.

Frowning, Natsu backtracked to where he found the backpack before starting his search again with sharper eyes.

After twenty minutes, he found something promising. Near the edge of the neighborhood, the street turned into a dirt road. Section six was considered the country, meaning more land, less people, and less supplies. A few feet into the dirt road, Natsu noticed two things.

Drops of blood and footprints.

Multiple sets of footprints.

Natsu cringed when he realized Max might have found some undead before he ever got a chance to visit his parent's grave. He raced back to his truck. Climbing inside, he started it up to head down the dirt road, taking note of the black line spray painted across the path.

A black line meant that was as far as Fairy Tail had gone. Anything beyond that was a mystery.

Gulping, Natsu hoped he wasn't being led into trouble. He had one goal in mind: Get Max. However, he didn't know how successful he would be after he started driving towards the unknown.




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