Over a Thousand years before the events of the Clone Wars


Inside a huge mansion, we see a little boy is in bit sick as he's coughing up a storm. Meanwhile another young man, that was a bit older than the little boy, was shaving bits of his long pointy like nails as he looks over at the young boy and says, "You always get sick." The little boy finished hos coughing as he looked over at him and replied, "You were sick to when you were my age." Suddenly a man enters the room as the young man stood up and said to him, "evening sir." The man looked at him in a blank but some what frustrated look as he replies to him, "Evening Victor, what brings you here."

The man walked past him and headed to the little boy's bed as Victor says to him, "I thought I keep James company sir." The man sat on the boy's bed as he didn't stare back at Victor but nevertheless replied, "Very thoughtful of you Victor." The man puts his hand on the boy's forehead as he asks him, "How are you feeling James?" James shivered a bit as he replied to him, "Still cold father." That's okay son, you can beat this you always have," Said his father reassuringly.


the father looks a bit behind him as he says over to Victor, "Your father is drunk again Victor, you should take him home." Victor shook his head and responded to him, "That's not my name he's calling sir." The Father then realizes what's going on as he and Victor start heading out of the room as James cries out, "Father, Father!" The father turns around as he says back at James, "Stay here and be safe!" Victor then closes the door as James looks on in fear and hopes that everything turns out okay.



James immediately jumps out of his bed as he runs out of the room towards the entrance way where he sees his father lying on the ground with a hole in his chest as Victor is at a distance with a look of shock, and James mother Elizabeth right next to Victor's father as he's holding a shotgun. James immediately runs to his father's corpse as he begins to start fuming as he heard Victor's father say, "James...there are things you don't understand." Elizabeth tried to yank her arm out of Victor's dad's hand as she spits out, "Don't." "I need him to know, no more lies!" Exclaimed Victor's father.

Suddenly, James began to feel something coming out of his hand as he looks at his right hand to see 3 bone claws starting to grow out. Thinking this as a way to avenge his father's death, James unleashed a yell that can be heard across the halls of the mansion as he charged at Victor's father. Before he can even get a shot James immediately impaled him with both claws as Victor's dad slid down to his level as he says to him in his dying breath, "He wasn't your father..." James looked back at his father's corpse in shock as he looked back at Victor's father as he finished, "son."

James then pulled his claws out of his real father as he starts backing away in shock as he looks over at his mother as she looks at him with fear in her eyes as she says to him, "What are you?" James immediately bolts out of the mansion as he starts running into the forest, but Victor catches up to him as he turns James around as James yells out, "I'm sorry I didn't mean for it!" "I know you didn't but it's okay, they both deserved it,"said Victor reassuringly. Victor puts both his hands on James as he says to him, "You know what this means Jimmy, were brothers and we have to look out for each other now." James nodded his head as they heard people coming as both he and Victor kept running into the forest as Victor says, "Keep on running, don't look back."

A few years later...

Mandalorian Wars/ Corulag

James and Victor, now adults and in the Republic Army, are charging towards a mandalorian hoard as James wacks a Mandalorian in the face with the butt of his gun. James then charges towards a group of mandalorians as one of them shot him as victor looks on in shock. However, the lazier bolt had no affect on him as he kept on charging till a mandalorian threw a grenade in front of him as it reels him back.

Another few years later...

Jedi Civil War/ Geonosis

James looks up as he sees Republic Fighters flying across the sky taking on Sith fighters as he, Victor, and a squad of Republic soldiers continue onward towards the enemy. James then shoots at a sith trooper as he and Victor then threw down their guns as they jumped down a trench and began attacking sith troopers. Victor kicked off of one and then swiped the other one with hos sharp claw like nails. James then picked up a gun as he tosses it to Victor as he yells out, "Back to back!" Victor catches it as he smacks a sith trooper across the face with it. James punches a sith trooper in the face as his screen helmet broke through and Victor moves James out of the way as he takes a shot from a sith trooper as James looks around.

Another few years later...

Great Galactic Civil War/ Alderann

James looks back at some Republic troopers as he can see the nervousness on some of their faces as he puts a cigar in his mouth and cocks his gun with Victor giving a smug look towards the enemy. The boat opens as Victor and James charge through brushing off the lazier bolt shots. Victor then drops his gun as he charges in all fours to a bunker as he jumps up and swipes at a sith trooper as James shoots a nearby one. Victor steals the mini gun from the troopers as he starts mowing down on them. James look over at Victor in disbelief as he can see the joy on Victor's face from this.

Last few years later..

Early stage of the Clone Wars/Ryloth

James and Victor are working as mercenaries as Victor starts mowing down a village with a mini gun as James looks over at him and yells out, "That's enough!" Victor brushes him off as he continues shooting as James yells out again, "Enough!" James then goes to the cockpit of the ship and pilots them away from the village. They soon land at the village as a scream can be heard as Victor throws a young twi'lek on a bed as a mercenary soldier comes in and yells out, "Hey take it easy man..." Victor punches the soldier out as he starts a fight with the others.

James notices this as he runs out towards them as he yells out, "Victor!" Victor slams down another mercenary as James pushes down another one trying to shoot at Victor. the leader then charges towards them to break it up but Victor impales the leader as James yells out, "Noooo!" James then pops out his bone claws as the two brothers went back to back as the mercenary squad surrounded them. James with a quick look at Victor, charges at the squad as screams can be heard.

Later that night

James and Victor are setting up a camp as Victor is messing around with the fire as James put more wood in it. He looks over at Victor with a concerned look as he says to him, "You went to far this time Victor." Victor scoffed at James as he gave him a slight chuckle and said back to him, "All is fair in love and war Jimmy, you should know that by now...besides were mercenaries it's not like were in the Republic still." James approaches Victor and sits next to him as James explains to him, "Victor you don't get it your not what you use to be, your not well joining all these wars is making you become less of the brother I look up to." Victor stares at James in an agitated look as he says to him, "No I get it, I know what I am the problem is that your getting soft and not wanting to become what I'm becoming."

James shakes his head as he tries to explain to Victor, "No it's not that..." Victor jolts up as he yells out, "then what is it then Jimmy, just admit it you have no balls to do what I do...because your a coward!" James gets in his face as his claws pop out as he says to Victor in a cold hearted tone, "Say that again, and I'll show you what this coward can do." Victor then calms down as he chuckles as he pats James on the shoulder as he says, "Get some rest Jimmy, I'm going for a walk." Victor then begins to walk away as James looks on.

The Next Day

James wakes up from his tent as he gets out and starts stretching as he looks around and doesn't see Victor anywhere. Suddenly a dart hits him in the neck as he sees it's a tranquilizer dart. James is usually resistant to darts but this was different...this dart contained enough of its compound to make him dizzy. James then falls to the ground as nemodian soldiers started bracing him as they stood him up as Wat Tambor, a man, and Victor approach him as Wat Tambor says to James, "ah he's perfect for this experiment!" James looks over at Victor who's smiling from ear to ear to the point that his sharp fang like teeth are showing as James says to him in a very groggy tone, "Why Victor?"

Victor looked up sarcastically as he answered, "Why...well to get you out of my hair of course, sorry Jimmy it's nothing personal." James then sees nothing but darkness as Victor says to Tambor, "I gave you what you want, now I want my end of the bargain." Tambor looked at Victor as he says to him, "Of course, you will be paid handsomely for your service Mr. Creed." Victor looked at Tambor in disbelief as he says to him, "I thought I was gonna be your first for the experiment." Tambor shook his head as he says to him, "I'm afraid not Victor as your body would resist the adamantium process." Victor growled at Tambor as the nemodian guards surrounded him with their guns as Victor then chuckles and says, "Alright you win, but if the Separatist need my services..." "We'll inform you immediately, now if you excuse us we have an experiment to do," Said Tambor boldly.

The group began to walk away from Victor as Tambor calls out, "Colonel Stryker." Stryker approaches Tambor as Tambor explains to him, "I want you to conduct the Andamantium processing and make sure you wipe out his memories...I don't want him trying to escape." Stryker nodded his head as he replied to him, "Yes sir but what should we call him?" Tambor stopped and looked back at James as he looked back at Stryker and said, "When he's ready his civillian name will be Logan, but now we shall call him Weapon X."

Well there ya go guys, this is my nod or tribute to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine as he is apart of the Star Wars series. I'm looking to make this go through to the Force Awakens movie as we all know how Logan turns out. Nevertheless I hope you enjoyed this beginning and the next part will be up soon as we will witness him escpape from the Weapon X facility on Ryloth.