Logan is in the jedi temple with Ahsoka and Anakin as they are discussing with the council what will become of Logan's fate. Ahsoka was explaining her situation on Trandosha to the council as Logan would stare at the council members, but mostly ahsoka as she would glance at him a couple of times. "If it wasn't for Logan me and the others wouldn't have survived as a way of thanking him I was hoping that he could stay with us here in the jedi temple as he still has a lot of questions to be answered," concluded Ahsoka as she looked at Logan and smiled. The council members looked at each other as Windu looked at Logan and asked, "How much do you remember about your past?" Logan stared back at the jedi master, but then gets a flash about when they were putting the adamantium in his body as his blood curdling scream could be heard. Logan stared at the floor a bit as the flashback ended as he replied to Master Windu, "Bits and pieces, all I fully remember was the day I was captured by the CIS to right here right now."

Yoda put his hand on his chin as he grunted a little as he said to him, "Much pain you have, suffer a long time you have hmm?" Logan stared at the wise jedi master in bewilderment as he answered, "Yes, but I need to know more about myself and where I belong." The council continued to stare at each other as Windu said to the group, "Padawan Tano, you and Logan step outside for a minute, the council and General Skywalker will decide what we will do for Logan." Ahsoka bowed towards the council as she motioned for Logan to leave as the two stepped outside the council chamber as Anakin looked back at them and at the council as Ki Adi Mundi asked Anakin, "do you trust that man Skywalker?" Anakin stared at Mundi as he answered to him , "Well Master Mundi I just met him, but judging by how my Padawan was saved by him and surly trust him then yes I do." "Padawan Tano spoke about Logan having these special gifts, what kind is she meaning exactly?" asked Master Kit Fisto.

Anakin had to think a moment as he put his hand on his chin, till he remembered what Ahsoka told him as he answered, "Well from what Ahsoka told me, he has this unique ability to regenerate from any wound he sustains, also he has these metal claws that stick out that are made from this rare metal called adamantium, it's unknown if he got those abilities from the Separatists scientists or if they were genetically born to him." The council continued to look at each other some more as Obi Wan says, "I think we should give him a chance, but he will be under mine and Anakin's watch." Anakin looked at Obi Wan and smiled as he agreed, "Yes, if you decide to let him stay with us we could have him help us in the war." Windu and Yoda looked at each other as Yoda gave him a nod as Windu stared back at Anakin as he said, "Alright, bring them in."

Meanwhile outside the chamber room, Logan is resting himself on a wall as another flashback came to him as it was him and Victor. This flashback was from where they were teens as a group of bullies were jumping on Logan and beating them up till Victor hopped in and beat the snot out of them. the bullies run off as Victor offers his hand as Logan grasps it and gets lifted up as Victor asks him, "Are you okay Jimmy?" Logan wiped the dirt from the ground off his shirt as he said to Victor, "Yeah thanks to you Victor, I don't know what I would do without you." The flashback ends as those words kept on echoing throughout Logan's head as he heard another voice say, "Hey Logan, are you okay?"

Logan broke out of his faze as he turned to see a concerned Ahsoka as he answered to her, "yeah I'm fine." Anakin then opened the chamber doors as he said to Logan and Ahsoka, "The council wants you two." Logan and Ahsoka stare at each other as they enter the council chambers as Master Windu says to them, "Well Logan after careful consideration from the council, we have decided to let you stay with us here in the Jedi Temple...however, you will join the Republic army and help us fight in this war as you will be fighting with General Skywalker and Master Kenobi." Logan stared at Master Kenobi as he nodded at Logan and then back at the council as he said, "Okay I'm in." Ahsoka did a sigh of relief as she was happy that Logan will stay with them and help fight in the war as Master Windu then said, "Good, then your very first mission as a general of the Republic will be to Alderaan."

Logan stared at Master Windu confusingly as he asked, "Alderaan, the planet is peaceful why would the CIS attack it?" "The senate received word from Senator Organa that the Separatists are planning to attack Alderaan as a way of showing how willing they are to defeat us," answered Master Shaak Ti. Anakin stared at the council as he asked, "So you want to send us to Alderaan to set up a defense force?" Master Windu nodded his head as he said, "That is correct, you will leave immediately as they might come at anytime...may the force be with you."


Anakin and Obi Wan's forces have arrived to Alderaan as they began to set up camp and a defense force around the planned target city of Cairo. Some clones, along with Captain Rex and Commander Cody, gather around Obi Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka, and Logan as they began their briefing. "Before we begin briefing let me introduce to you a newcomer in our little party here, this is Logan he will be leading us all in this battle and more to come, "said Anakin as he looked at Logan as Logan looked around to see some of the clones just stare at him as he looks over at Rex and sees a slight nod from him. "Now with that out of the way men, we know that the Separatists pan on attacking us any minute so to ensure the safety of the city were splitting up into two teams, Obi Wan, Cody, and I will defend the right side of the city, whereas Logan, Ahsoka, and Rex will defend the left side of the city," briefed Anakin on how the defenses should go. "Also, if we are outnumbered then we will fall back into the gate and make our last stand as it is the only way for the Separatist to get in," continued Obi wan. "Now if there are any questions then come brief us, until then begin making your posts," concluded Anakin as the troops began to form up to their posts.

Logan, Rex, and Ahsoka are observing the preparations of the defenses as their side was more wooded as Logan says to Rex, "Captain set up some men behind the trees so we can catch them by surprise." Rex looked at Logan with a confusing look as he asked, "with all due respect general, do you know what your doing?" Logan smirks as he pats Rex on the shoulder and answers, "captain, this isn't my first time on the battlefield." Logan walked off to his position as Rex looked at Ahsoka with a shocked expression on his face as he asked, "How old is this guy?" Ahsoka shrugged her shoulders as she smiled at Rex and answered, "Who knows Rex, but come on we have to get to our positions."

Logan, Rex, Ahsoka, and the men are hiding behind the trees as a somewhat small battalion of battle droids and supper battle droids are marching through as Rex says to them, "This is odd, it's not exactly a full battalion." Ahsoka nodded at Rex as she responds, "Yeah your right Rex, I have a bad feeling about this." Logan turned his head a bit back to look at them as he says, "same here, hope Anakin and Obi Wan are as lucky as we are right now." As the droids make it to the middle, Logan immediately charges out as he attacks the middle area as Ahsoka joins with him and the men pop out from both sides as they start shooting at the droids.

Logan sliced a battle droids gun in half as he impaled it underneath it's head as he sliced a super battle droids arm off as he hops on its back and starts impaling it. Ahsoka and Rex are mopping up their own little group of droids as a battle droid tried to catch them by surprise but Logan sliced it in half as the upper body fell off of the lower body as Ahsoka and Rex turned to see this as Ahsoka smiled and Rex said to him, "Thanks for that General." Logan nodded as they continued the battle as Logan single hand slices the last droids head off as they won without any casualties.

Logan looks around at the scrape heap they left behind as he looked at Rex and Ahsoka as he said, "This was way to easy guys, it's almost like this was..." Before Logan could finish, their comlinks went off as it was Anakin as he was saying, "We are under fire, we have a massive Separatist Force attacking us! Were falling back towards the gate...we need reinforcements!" As the comlink ended Logan finished what he was saying by saying, "A trap." Ahsoka looked at Logan with a worried expression as she said, "we have to go help them!" Logan nodded as he had an idea as he immediately started running the other direction in front of the city instead of behind as Rex yelled out, "General the city is that way, why aren't you heading there!" Logan then contacted Rex by the conlink as he replied while sprinting, "There's no time, we have to catch them by hurry!"

Logan was able to get behind the other Invasion force as he starts attacking the battle droids from behind. He starts getting surrounded by some of them and is being shot at until some blue lazier bolts fly by as Ahsoka, Rex, and their men are approaching and attacking the droids. "We got your back Logan, go help Master Skywalker and Kenobi!" Exclaimed Ahsoka as she cut down a battle droid. Logan nodded as he continued towards the gate while slashing some droids along the way. Logan makes it and sees Anakin, Obi Wan, Cody, and their men held up behind some barriers as some AAT tanks are firing at them.

Logan starts running as he slashes a few more droids and the jumps on top of an AAT as he slices through the door and jumps in. Meanwhile, Anakin and Obi Wan noticed him as Obi Wan asked Anakin, "what is he doing?" Anakin looked over as he saw the now captured AAT firing at the other two tanks as he replied, "Helping us, come on men lets finish this!" Anakin, Obi Wan, Cody, and their men ran out as they started firing at the droids as Logan popped out of the tank and sliced a droid as the tank exploded.

Later Ahsoka and her forces arrived as they started mopping up the droids as they finished the last one and everyone regrouped as Ahsoka asked her master, "Are you guys okay master?" Anakin nodded his head as he smiled and put his hand on Logan's shoulder as he replied, "Were okay Snips, thanks to Logan here." Logan nodded his head in gratitude as he then said, "This strategy isn't anything I've ever seen before, it's like they knew our strategy and tried to use it against us." Obi Wan put his hand on his beard as he began to think about all this until he realized it and said to them, "I have, this is the work of General Grievous." Everyone looked at Obi Wan in shock as Logan stared at him in confusion and asked, "Who's General Grievous?"

Everyone looked at him as Obi Wan replied, "He's the commander of the droid armies and uses lightsabers as weapons, those lightsabers are actually fellow jedi he had slain in past battles." Logan thought about what Obi Wan just said as he realized this Grievous must be really talented if he could pull this off, he then looked at Obi Wan as he asked, "So I take it then if we take him out, were a step closer to ending the war?" Obi Wan nodded his head as he answered, "Absolutely, well we better go inside and discuss more about this, in the mean time Cody send Waxer and Boil to scout out ahead and find out where Grievous is located." "Yes sir," saluted Cody.

Everyone started heading inside as Ahsoka stopped Logan as she said to him, "Hey, you did awesome today." Logan smiled at this as he replied to her, "Thanks, you did too Snips." Normally she would only allow Anakin to call her that, but since it was Logan she would let it slide as she smiled and replied, "Thank you Wolverine." Ahsoka walked away towards the city as she thought to herself, "He might be a bit older than me, but he's very handsome and awesome and...what am I thinking I'm a jedi! Wait what if Logan has feelings for me...does he?" Logan kept looking on with a smile as he thought, "Well she might be young but she is beautiful and amazing. Ah why am I thinking about that she's a jedi and their not supposed to fall in love...or do they?" Logan shook those thoughts out of his head as he started heading into the city as well to discuss their next strategy.