Garuss a hunter was hunting on the frontline he liked the thrill.

Then he heard a voice.

"Men Arrest This Clone"

Garuss froze.

'Clone?' He thought.

He went to the voice and crouched on a small hill near by.

That's when he saw the 26 mile Republic compound.

His eyes moved from the size of the compound and to the Jedi.

His lightsaber is pointing at a clone who is looking down.

There was an Erie silence...

"Fine Ill Do It Myself" Said the Jedi.

Garuss mouth and eyes widened when suddenly the clones jump the Jedi!

He gasped when the clone line him up and what looked like from the Coler of His armor the commander lined up with His men.

"Ready Men Aim And...FIRE" said the commander

When the bolts first hit the Jedi he put his hand to his mouth.

He started to slowly walk away then when out of earshot he ran to the nearest spaceport and booked a trip to Coruscant.

'I have to tell the Jedi!'

Clone Compound

The Clones where scrambled and are running to every positions in the compound.

They have gotten word that the CIS where launching a mass scale assault on the compound.

In the middle Vortex and Hot-Shot where planning the defense when a clone named Able ran to them (Yes that Able) Worry in his face

"A squad of snipers reported a strike team of Jedi are incoming!"

Both clones eyes widened.

"How many" said Hot-Shot.

"25"Said Able.

"Dam" said Vortex.

"But I have a plan" Said Vortex

"I suggest that we use our Air Force against The Jedi And our tanks against the Clankers and we split the Infantry" He said.

"Good plan"said Hot-Shot.

"Vortex commence your plan Able Sound the alarm" he said.

They salute and go but Able turns around.

"Before I forget the snipers saw Mace windo in The strike force.

Hot-Shot Pales Remembering what Mace did on Geonosis.

"Tell Vortex to put more Infantry on the Jedi front than the droid front if he's there they are gonna need the help" he said.

Able Saluted and ran off.

Hot-Shot looked at his situation.

He was surrounded by Clankers and a Jedi strike team led by Mase Windo.

"Let the best team win" he said to the sky.

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