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Here are the chapters in order with length of chapter:

Chapter 1: Seven Daughters Are Born (Short)

Chapter 2: Seven Daughters Are Raised (Long)

Chapter 3: Seven Daughters Are Unleashed (Medium)

Chapter 4: Seven Daughters Are Seperated (Long)

Chapter 5: Seven Daughters Are Alive (Long)

Chapter 6: Seven Daughters Are Wondering (Long)

Chapter 7: Seven Daughters Are Here (Long)

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Chapter 1: Seven Daughters Are Born

She was born of a great woman and horrible man. She remembered her childhood. Her mother always hugging her and kissing her and protecting her. Her mother would fall on the ground when she cried because of her father's screaming and hitting. "Worthless" was his favorite word. She would go day after day of her father kicking her mother as she did nothing but cower in the corner. When he left and was gone for days her mother would cry. She would tell her that the father was only scared. Scared of the Samurai and the Hunting Monsters. She would say that some day Aku would return and the sunny days would not cease ever again and that the rain would not pour any longer because Aku had no need for tears when the samurai died.

One day as she was older her father did something he never did. He hugged her and her mom. He told her that he loved her. He told the mother he loved her. There was noise. A few minutes later it was louder. She was afraid. Her father came up to her and said he loved her but it had to be done. She was confused. Her mother was screaming and getting in front if her. The noise was too loud. And he took out a knife and he slew her mom. And he approached her. He was saying words about how it wasn't supposed to be this way and it had to happen and he loved her. He approached with a knife. And he was then gone. He had been cut in half. Hundreds or thousands, countless numbers of monsters surrounded her.

She closed her eyes and fell and screamed and cried. Nothing. She waited for death. She wondered if she was dead. She opened her eyes. All around her was black and dead monsters. She was alive. This must have been a gift from Aku. She was on her knees and she prayed. She prayed thanks and for mercy and for her mom and for the samurai's death. She prayed for guidance and peace. She prayed that her life not be in vain. She prayed for purpose.

She wandered for days. One day a man took her in. He took her to a secret place. A haven for people who had survived in the world with the samurai. When she told him what happened he told her he had never heard such a story with a survivor. He asked her if she wanted to rid the world of the samurai. When she told him she did he trained her. As both he and she rose in rank of the clan she and he arranged a wedding. He told her even in war the glory is in love. As they married on the same day they became the heads of the clan. It was glorious. She was in love and it was thrilling.

After a while she became pregnant. There was a doctor who told her there would be seven daughters on the way. She was very much in love. Aku had blessed her every day since the tragic loss of her parents. But something was wrong. Her husband said the amount of children was not a gift of Aku and it was a curse from the samurai. That night he tried to kill her but she was stronger. She slew him and spit on his corpse. Were all men so evil and vile? Then it came to her mind. The samurai was a man. She was the sole head of the clan. Her order to end the life of all men was upheld. Special consideration was held for the couple men who ended thier own lives. They were treated with an honorary burial.

Months and months passed and she kept her hold over the clan. More training and more resolve. She had a plan in mind now. She knew how to get rid of the world's samurai problem. Her daughters would save the world. And months later seven precious girls were born. Seeing no males proved in her mind she must be right and her resolve became permanent. She loved her daughters. They were Aku's gift to rid the world of the samurai and finally bring peace.

The daughters grew of age in their mothers arms. They were too young to talk or crawl. They were helpless. They were helpless today but soon they would be the heroines of the world. When they learned to crawl, they would learn to retain this knowledge for advancement in climbing trees or crawling through obstacles. Perhaps have a special safe pacifier in their mouths that would later be a knife. They would be the ultimate fighters. From their first words they will learn to pray to Aku as to be blessed and put into his favor. Her daughters would be the light in the darkness of a world that has lost hope.

The mother kissed her children as she put them to bed. She contemplated how to instill on them great power but retain a sense of love. That was the ultimate goal. Aku was love and he was gone. The thing that was left was that of legend. Of a fierce Samurai pillaging every area of the surface world. There had been masses of killer robot and monsters and assasins sent to rid the world of the samurai and bring back peace and Aku. It was said Aku once removed the samurai but he was unleased nearly 200 years ago. Some of the Clan Of Aku spoke of fighting the warrior and how brutal he was. She kept her reserve on belief of these tales as the samurai would not spare any living soul.

As days past her clan trained. They trained for the day they would train their saviors. Occasionally fights would occur in the ranks. There was death and hate but only she was in charge and her daughters always safe. Only the highest ranked of the clan were allowed in the walls and only the personal favorites and most trusted be her allowed to even look at her daughters. And as days and months passed it neared time to start training her beautiful blessings on how to finally rid the world of the samurai that plauged the world. And as she tucked them in bed she thought: Death to Samurai Jack.

To be continued...

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