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Chapter 7: Seven Daughters Are Here (Chapter 7 Part 4)

S-Day 1

Aku looked at his daughters on the floor. He threw his hands forward and his eyes glowed. Nothing happened? "Huh?" He said? "They were supposed to come back inside of me!"

The daughters all looked up at Aku. He looked down at them. Awkward Silence. Aku spoke "Oh, Hi daughters."

Avi spoke first " We saw what you did! You Attacked our mother and killed our clan's citizens!"

Aku held his hands out saying "Now, now my daughters... You misunderstand!"

Axi said "The Samurai told us you were evil. I knew if from the start!"

Aku frowned "Listen here my daughters...!"

The other daughters starting accusing Aku and they went up to him and kicked at his blackness and picked up rocks and threw them at him. They took out their weapons and struck at him with no effect.

Aku started laughting "How amusing! Have you not learned how to..." and he paused. He thought to himself "Perhaps they have not learned to use their powers! Of Course! They have not been taught yet. Perhaps that is why they do not listen to Aku...They lack... Training!"

Aku picked up the girls in his hands. Three in each hand. He was careful not to kill them as they could be useful to him. He took them to a large jail cell with no door. IT was open on the top. He placed them in it and put a huge rock on top of it.

Aku lowered himself to speak. The girls had expressions of hate. "You shall stay in here until you can respect Aku. After that I shall make you my REAL daughters... and you will learn to love the Father that is Aku!"

One of the daughters spit at Aku. He rose and said "You shall learn your place!" and he left to sit down and mull his thoughts.


Jack, Ashi, Scaramouch and The Old Man walked. They would be there in Two days if they got a ride on the "Giglomah". It was a big creature. A Creature which carried many people and creatures to their destinations in a house on top of it. They all boarded and headed to Aku's lair.

Ashi leaned against the wall next to Jack. The Old man stood off at a bit of a distance. He sat at a table. Scaremouche wandered off bee doo opsing as usual.

Ashi asked "Jack do you believe me can trust him?

Jack responded "I don't know, But if he is correct then we must heed his warnings."

Ashi stated "I'm going to ask him some questions"

Jack tried to stop her by saying "Ashi wait" but she went and sat by the Old Man.

Ashi sat and looked at the Old Man. He looked her in the eyes and smiled.

Ashi said "Old Man... You have not told us your name yet..."

The Old Man smiled and said "My name is unimportant, Ashi."

Ashi said "Please, Tell me your name."

The Old man smiled "Art."

Ashi asked "Your name is Art?"

He responded "Yes."

Ashi asked her main question "So, Art... How do you know what you said is true about Aku?"

The Old Man asked a different question "You were the first born of your mother right?"

Ashi was taken by surprise at this question. She said " Mother has told me so... I believe I am. Why?"

The Old Man Smiled yet again "I knew it. You're such a strong young woman."

Ashi frowned and said "You've not answered my question."

The Old Man said nothing more and Ashi got up and returned to Jack.

She spoke to Jack "I do not trust this man..."

S-Day 2

Avi, Axi, Achi, Aki, Ati, and Ami had slept in the cage that night. They huddled together for protection. The daughters had no idea what to think. The next day they talked. They wondered why Aku had done these horrendous things. Had they been taught wrong all their lives? All of them were standing up except Ati and Aki, who sat down.

Avi said "Perhaps this is how the world should be?"

Achi said "What? That's horrible! We are supposed to live happy lives?

Avi said "Well... Mother told us that would be how things worked AFTER we killed the Samurai. Perhaps Aku is just punishing us for not killing the Samurai"

Axi said "Maybe the samurai is bad after all?"

Aki said "I don't know... I watched the Samurai sleep. He seemed so nice and gentle. I don't think he is bad..."

Ati said "Maybe..." She looked at the only daughter who had not spoken... "What do you think Ami?"

Ami said "No! Aku killed out clan members... The Samurai...John... Jack... Whatever his name is... I've not seen him kill anyone... In fact..."

She sat by Ati and Aki and said "Sisters. Sit with me..." The girls all came by and they sat in a circle. Ami looked down and blushed slightly. "When the samurai and I went on that date before he told me a story." She paused and the other girls listened. She continued " The Samurai told me that he was born in peace with a loving family. He told me that one day when he was a boy, Aku was unleased and took control of the world slaughtering many. He told me that he fought Aku but Aku used magic and flung him into the future and he is here now. When he told me I didn't believe him. And I felt weak and used by him. I was very angry and held a lot of anger and resentment. I was wrong. I now feel the samurai is the good one and Aku is the Evil one."

Achi said "Yes. Ashi and I overheard this. I believe the Samurai too now. But we don't know if Ashi and Mother executed the Samurai or not?"

Avi said "No, Probably not. After all Aku attacked everyone.

Ami said "The samurai will come and save us... I know it"

Avi said "I doubt it. Ashi will save us though. The samurai just runs and hides..."

The daughters were split in the thoughts. Some trusted the samurai, some didn't.


Aku sat on his large throne. How would he get his daughters to do his bidding?

Suddenly one of his minion robots came in frantically waving it's arms.

Aku looked at it...pause... "What is the matter? Why do you disturb me at this time?"

The robot said "Master Aku, several uprisings have occurred and land is being taken from us"

Aku frowned. "Why is it that my minions are incapable of doing anything without my help?"

Aku's eyes shined and beams came from his eyes and destroyed he robot.

Aku pondered " It appears as of late my rule is crumbling! I must make my daughters obey me and assist me in ruling this world!"

Aku got up and flung himself to the Daughters in their cage.

Upon arriving Aku looked at his daughters. They all had hate on their faces.

Aku addressed them " Daughter's. Would you please your father and do as I command?"

The daughter's remained silent.

Aku frowned and said "Alright then. If you will not do as I request. I will destroy you one by one!" His eyes glowed but suddenly one of the girls spoke.

Avi said "Lord Aku, My sisters may not follow you but I shall." She bowed " All that I ask is that my sisters are not harmed"

The other daughters started to object bu Aku Laughted. Instead he shot a different beam at Avi.

Avi started turning Black like Aku. [Looking like how Ashi was on t.v]

Aku laughed. "Now my daughter I have a mission for you. You must go out and destroy my enemies!"

Suddenly Avi reverted back to her human form.

Aku said in shock " What is the meaning of this?"

Avi said "Lord Aku. Please give me one night with my sisters and then I shall do everything you say."

Aku thought for a minute and then said " Very Well, My Daughter... But tomorrow you shall go and vanquish our foes!"

S-Day 3

Jack, Ashi, Scaramouche, and the Old Man got off of the Giglomah.

Scaramouche said to everyone "Alright babe. We're about an hour from Aku's lair.

Jack said "Let's waste no time. Lets go"

Ashi said " Yes."

All four headed off to find Aku and save the daughters and the world.


Avi had made a decision to follow Aku and her sisters didn't agree. Avi had slept on her own side of the cage as her sisters were mad at her. Avi felt sad and alone and somehow that made her feel stronger. she was uncertain what to do. Should she really follow Aku? OR ... She didn't know.


Jack and the gang reached Aku's lair and Scaramouche lead them in. "Ok babe so follow me and we'll go straight to Aku!"


Aku head noise and awoke. He opened up a view screen with his powers to see who was going to be annoying him now. His eyes bulged huge seeing that it was Samurai Jack, with another girl who looked like his daughters, and old man and... Scaramouche! Scaramouche had betrayed him!

Aku flung himself to the daughter's cage. He yelled "Wake Up!" and the daughters awoke, frightened.

Aku said to Avi " My daughter I need your assistance now!" He opened up the view screen and showed the daughters it. All of the daughter's except Avi cheered on someone named Ashi and spoke well of the Samurai.

Aku's rage was growing.

Avi said "Yes, Lord Aku. I shall defeat them for you. Please spare my sisters and Ashi though!"

Aku said "Yes, If you defeat the Samurai I will reward you with your request! Now go!"


Jack and Ashi looked at the empty throne.

Scaramouche scratched his robot head and said "Well, This is usually where he's at..."

The Old Man spoke "Aku is here." The old man took out a black orb and threw it at the ground. "I have made it so that Aku cannot escape this place."

Jack looked at the old man and said "What? What are you saying?"

Ashi looked very surprised as well.

The Old man said "It's time I told you the truth... But first we must save your sisters, Ashi. One of them is coming here now. You must fight her yourself to save her."

Ashi said "What?! Fight my own sister?

The Old Man said "Aku has turned her against you... You shall save her though."

He looked at Jack and said "You must go after Aku and slay him." He looked at Scaramouch " And you and I will rescue the other daughters while this goes on..." After seeing that they didn't fully trust him he said "Please trust me..." and that they hesitantly agreed to that plan.


Ashi waited as Jack and the others went their own ways. She heard a sound. She looked and she saw a creature that looked like a mini Aku before her. Ashi took a fighting stance.

The creature's head changed and showed her sister's was Avi.

Ashi said "Avi, What has happened to you?

Her sister responded "Aku gave me special powers. With these I will please Lord Aku and kill the samurai!"

Ashi shook her head and said "No, Avi! The Samurai is good. We have been misguided to think he is our foe. Mother has acknowledged she was wrong."

Avi looked down and said "Is that true?"

Ashi said "Yes."

Avi's demonic form receded and she became human again.

Ashi smiled and he sister came up to her and hugged her.

Avi was crying and Ashi got teary eyed too. "It'll be ok Avi. Where are our sisters?"

Avi finished her hug and said "Follow me, They are here. Aku imprisoned them." She looked down and added "I'm sorry Ashi. I have failed you."

Ashi said "No, Avi... Everything will be ok!"

Avi smiled and said "Follow me!"

Ashi followed thinking that the old man had no faith in her sisters. There was no fighting needed!


Jack ran in the direction the old man had pointed. He heard a sound and ran towards it hiding in spaces as to not be seen. He saw Aku. aku was using eye beams to hit a smoky black wall.

Jack wondered "What is this? How is Aku trapped in his own sorcery?"

Aku turned around and slited his eyes. He said "Samurai, I know you are there. Come out now! This shall be our final battle, foolish samurai warrior!"

Jack sprung out with his sword aiming for Aku. Aku lunged back and dodged it.

Jack landed on the floor looking at Aku.

Jack said "This will be the end of your tyranny, Aku. Face me and let us fight our final battle!"


Scaramouche and the old man reached the cage the daughters were in. The daughters looked at them and started asking who they were and speaking between each other.

Scaramouche said "Hey babe! We're here to rescue you. Jack and Ashi are on their way babe!"

The daughters were excited and happy!

The old man simply smiled and said "Here come your other sisters now..."

Scaramouche used his blades to break the Cage. The daughters were free now.


Ashi and Avi ran towards the cage that had been broken. The old man, Scaramouche and all the other sisters were there. Ashi and Avi met up with them.

Ashi said "Sisters are you all alright?"

They all said yes and tried to figure out a plan.

The Old Man stopped smiling and said "Girls, I must reveal to you the truth"

They all looked at him and Axi said "It's the old man from before!"

The Old man said "The truth is my name is Art. Please listen to my tale."

Art picked up a black orb and threw it down. The girls and Scaramouche were frozen and could only listen.

Art spoke "I have temporarily prevented you from speaking or moving so you could hear this tale. IT is important I hurry as the Samurai needs our help...After Aku is dead you will be released from this hold..."

"Once long ago I met Aku. He was a very powerful being and he gave me powers. He entrusted me to help build his army... And he allowed me to create seven powerful beings. Along the way I fell in love with a woman. She and I got married and had many plans for the future as we ruled a clan full of worshipers of Aku... Now at this time I worshiped Aku but I did not trust or believe in his good nature. After I was done being useful to him I would be disposed of as my only mission was to create seven powerful beings... One day the woman I married became pregnant with seven daughters. I knew they must be the beings Aku needed and I began to worry. My worry allowed me to blacken my mind and try to kill my love before she gave birth. At that time I could only create beings. I had no special powers aside from that. And as such my wife defeated me and seemingly killed me... But I was not dead. Somehow I was able to manifest myself into another being of Aku. An other being... As the years went by I was able to learn many things and gain many powers. Being a part of Aku I could learn everything. I know all of Aku's secrets and memories now. That pains me very much. But I cannot kill Aku as I am part of him. I would kill myself... I didn't want to end my life before meeting my own daughters... It's been nearly twenty years since that day... and my oh my... You've all grown to be such beautiful girls. So courageous and strong. You truly art the greatest work of Art"

The man named Art allowed tears to trickle down his face.

He continued "Now my daughter please do me a service. After the final blow is struck and Aku is gone. Please tell Alia that I love her, that I was wrong, and that if I could do it all over things would be so different. I love you my daughters... Time is running out. I must go and assist the samurai..."

The old man named Art held out his arms towards the girls. Black came out of the girls and entered into the old man. His body changed and he reverted to his younger self. He said " I have taken the evil of Aku out of you. You are not Aku's daughters, You are my daughters... My beautiful wonderful daughters. Please remember this always: I love you!"

And the old man turned and left...


Jack and Aku fought on and on with neither gaining ground as Aku ran and Jack followed.

Jack said "Aku! Face me and let us finish this!"

Aku simply laughed "HahaHa! Foolish Samurai! You shall never defeat me!"

Suddenly a voice said "Aku!"

Aku turned and said "Who are you?"

Quickly a the young man turned into a black ball and raced toward Aku.

Jack watched the ball follow Aku and go into him.

Aku fell and Jack ran up to The Aku who was writhing in pain...

A voice from Aku that didn't sound like him said "Samurai, Kill me now!"

Another voice that sounded like Aku said "No Samurai, Wait"

The other voice said "Do it now Samurai, I cannot hold him much longer"

Jack thought for a moment and then took his sword and plunged it into Aku!


All the blackness got smaller and turned into the young man.

Jack had shock as he realized he had killed his first human!

Jack fell to his knees at the young man...

The young man was dying as he said "Don't worry Jack. This was the only way to kill Aku. I took all of him and became him... So that you could kill him... and save yourself and the daughters" The man reached up and touched Jack's chest. Jack felt pain and saw blackness come out of himself. The young man said "Aku's evil is gone from you as well... From this moment of you shall age normally... That is my gift to you... Please Protect this world and my daughters..." And with that the man died!

S-Day 4 and Forevermore...

After the defeat of Aku, Jack, Scaramouche, Ashi, Axi, Avi, Aki, Ati, Achi, and Ami returned to Alia's clan base... All nine of them were treated as heros. Alia changed everything and Jack became a teacher to the people. The clan changed their ways and things got better...It was decided that Jack would teach the citizensthe right path and teach Alia and the daughters as well... so that they may bring about a good future... Alia was told about Art. She forgave him, She forgave herself... and so with time everything would grow well and all the pain would be forgotten.

After returning to the village Jack got his own place. He could finally relax. He had saved the future. His past... He missed the past.

It was getting late and he was planning on going to bed early. After all he had to teach the clan the proper ways.

Just then he heard a knock at the door. He went and opened it. It was Ami. She was dressed well and Jack said nervously "H-Hello Ami. I did not expect to see you."

Ami looked directly at the samurai and said "Jack... I wanted to come over and tell you how sorry I am for not trusting you."

Jack held up his hands and said "No, No. No trouble at all. I was in the wrong for having to keep a secret from you for so long..."

Ami said " It's ok... " She paused and said " Listen... Now that things are better I was wondering... Well I never got a real date with you and I... I like you Jack"

Jack rubbed the back of his head and said "Well I- I like you too Ami..."

Ami said shyly "C- Could we try a date again, Jack?"

Jack thought about it... Time of peace had finally gotten in hand... Perhaps it was time for him to start a family. He may never have the past but he was certain if his father and mother were to be watching him as he knew they were, they would want to see him happy and see him have a family in his future.

Jack smiled at Ami and said "Of course...When would be a good time?"

Ami smiled and said " Well... how about now?"

Jack smiled...

... and they went hand in hand off into the future...

The End... Is just the Beginning... Of happily Ever After...

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