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Summer 6th

Dear Henry.

Hey big bro how's it going? How's uncle Frank and the farm? Anything new? Me? Well, nothing new here. Just the same old thing. You know, dad's trying to get me to get a job at his office ever since you told us that you wanted to be a farmer. Since Lynn's only 12 years old, dad doesn't want to push her much like how he likes to do with us. I know mom says to have patience with him but I can't take it anymore. It's been a year since you left and life here has been chaotic. You're so lucky that you left when you did. It must be great, you know, following your dream career path as a farmer while I'm just sitting here going through job applications getting my hopes up for nothing. Man, I need to get out of this house. Out of the city. Hey, I have a idea. I didn't know why I didn't think of it before. It's crazy, but….can I move in with you? Please? You won't turn down your favorite sister will you? I know you have your own life now but I really need this. I'll even help you with your farm work. I don't think farming's my thing but at least you'll have another set of hands around. Besides, both mom and Lynn got to visit you last year while I was finishing up with school, it's only fair. Plus I always wanted to visit you and the three towns. Mom told me that Lulukoko's nice and she thinks I'd like it. So, what you say?. Can I hang around you for a while? I don't know for how long I'd be there, or what my goal will be, but I really need a break from dad and everything else right now. You know what, I'm coming regardless of your answer. I better go mail this letter to you before I forget. I guess I should pack too if I want to get out of this house as soon as possible. Okay, love you and I'll see you and uncle Frank soon!


One week later

Shannon's P.O.V

So, wait, where am I? According to Lynn's directions, this should be the crossroads between the three towns? Wow, Clearly, I can't read a simple map. Okay Shan focus. You've gotten this far, you can't turn back now. Especially since I have no idea where I am. Okay, so, it looks like I'm in the right place. Good. I don't want to think what dad would say if he finds out that I've given up and gone back home. He's already mad at me for leaving, and you know what? I don't care. Henry left, why can I?

Okay so I know I don't have a life goal, or anything, but hey, I'm trying. He needs to understand that I'm trying. Why can't he be supportive of me like mom? It's like he doesn't trust me with anything. It's been this way ever since I was little. I don't remember much of my childhood, but it looks like I need to prove myself to him.

Right now, though, I need to find Henry. Or, at least, uncle Frank. He should know that I'm coming right? Where am I anyway? I've been following a path for a while now. Was there a sign?

Look at that….I've found one. Tsuyukusa? I must be in one of the towns. Looking around, it actually looks cool. However I should be in Westown right? Yup. It's official. I'm totally lost. Groaning, I sat on a bench. People are staring, but I don't care. I need a break from walking. However I personally should pick somewhere else to sit other than someone's rice patty field.

Getting up, I grabbed my things and began walking again. Getting back on the road, I followed the path again. May as well. It's not like I know what I'm doing…..

"Look out!"

"Huh?" Turning around, I literally froze. Is that a horse charging toward me—

Ow, my head. Where am I? Opening my eyes, I just noticed my surroundings. It looks like I'm at a…hospital? Clinic?

"Ah, good. You're awake." Hearing a voice, I faced the small group of people in the room. "You were lucky that my wife had found you." A man spoke up, fixing his glasses. "That horse in Tsuyukusa really got you good. What were you thinking doing in the middle of the road anyway?"

Clearly, I'm getting yelled at by this man who I'm assuming, is the doctor. How amusing. I tried my best to act innocent. However I'm failing. I was going to speak, but another person spoke up.

"Alright, Ford, that's enough. It probably was an accident that this lovely lady gotten ran over. Are you alright, miss?"

"Yeah, I think I'm-" Turning my head, I faced the guy who addressed me. He was really tall, has blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes and wow, I'm staring. Feeling awkward, I smiled innocently.

"It might've been a accident, Wayne, however, this young lady should've been paying attention to her surroundings."

"…" I was going to give this doctor guy a piece of my mind, however, my head started pounding like crazy.

"Alright you two, at least this girl's alright now." The woman in the room said as she rubbed her stomach. Wait, is she pregnant? If so she shouldn't be standing, it looks like she could pop out at any moment. I wanted to help her, but my head told me otherwise. Holding my head, I smiled at the woman. I think she was the one who found me. It was proven when the doctor gestured toward her when he said that I was lucky that his wife had found me earlier.