Shannon's P.O.V

"Henry, you're unbelievable." With amusement in my eye, I just couldn't stay mad at him. He's a idiot, definitely, but him hating Wayne wasn't my problem. He has his reasons, and I'm okay with that….Well, I'm trying to be okay with it. I'm sorry but disliking somebody just because of a few roomers isn't a reason for me. I see it as a childish act, and two can play that game.

"What you mean?" He's playing dumb on purpose, I can see it in his eye.

"Never mind." I waved, clearly done with this conversation. "Just know, two can play this game." I smirked, following him towards the clinic.

Uncle Frank and Wayne had excused themselves, and seems my idiotic older brother has agreed to be Ford's medical test subject for the afternoon. I saw the part time job, it's more like he had agreed to be Ford's guinea pig, and I know for a fact he knows it.

"Henry are you sure this is safe?" I questioned, a worried expression on my face. What? Henry can be annoying at times, but I still worry. I'm his little sister after all.

"Oh, yeah I'm sure." Walking backwoods, he continued. "Ford's only going to test my stamina level. I've done this before…"

"Really? Henry you don't sound convincing." I was going to continue, but Leigh led us inside once she saw us. When Ford noticed us, there doctor didn't waste any time as he brought over three medicine capsules, filling my brother's head with information like he's never done this before.

Ford even had the nerve to ask me if I was part of his experiment, but I bravely declined him. Sorry but there was no way I was letting him put anything into my body.

As for Henry, he looks like he's going to panic, which was a unusual sight for me. Now I wasn't listening, but it seems all he has to do is: pick a medicine. For somebody who done this before, he's being chicken. But again I don't blame him. It's like we're playing a game of chance.

Finally, after what felt like forever, Henry picked up one of the bottles, taking the content that was inside of it. Now, in my opinion, anything with a red label can't be a good sign. My thoughts was soon confirmed as Henry almost passed out on us.

"Henry are you okay?" Approaching him, I gave my brother arm support.

"Yeah I'm okay…" Taking my hand, he leaned against me. See I knew that there was a problem with this experiment.

"Hmmm…..just like I thought, medical test C has a negative result, must do more experiments on it.." Ford wrote a few notes on his clipboard before turning back to us. "Now then, seeing that your stamina has went down 60%, Henry I want you to…blah blah blah blah blah…."

I've stopped listening. Seriously Ford you talk way too much. Sometimes I wonder if he has a off button. I also wonder how Leigh manages to keep the doctor quiet. She must have a secret button hidden somewhere. Giggling to myself, I was brought back to reality by my brother. Seems we can leave now. Which to my relief. Sorry but I knew there was a reason why I didn't like visiting the clinic. Taking the water from Leigh, I guided my brother out of the building.

"So what now? Shall I take you home so that you can rest, or shall I just leave you out here to your own devices?" Smirking, I knew my answer. He was going home rather he likes it or not. There was no way I'm letting him overwork himself. "Come o" I'm taking you home."

"I can't go home. I have a few more jobs to do." Henry told me tiredly, forcing himself to walk.

Watching him with amusement, part of me wanted to see how far he's willing to go. Shrugging, I followed him into the general store. Standing by the door, seems we walked in on a conversation between Lisette, Miranda and Noel.

"Oh, Henry, Shan, sorry for not noticing you two sooner." Miranda apologized, even though we literally just walked in. But hey, whatever works I supposed.

"Lisette's teaching us about the language of flowers." Noel looked like she was confused and something?

"The language of flowers?" Henry asked curiously, and a bit tiredly. "I don't think I know anything about that."

"Of course you don't," Rolling my eyes, I also punched his arm to wake him up. "I think I know a few, like….a Magnolia means Love of nature, and um…"

"Okay, okay, don't hurt yourself sis." Henry smirked.

"Henry since you grow flowers on your farm, it might be good idea if you learn a few things too. I'm just learning myself, so I don't know everything.."

It's called the internet Lisette…. I thought with a smirk.

"I….suppose…" Henry looked like he didn't know how to respond. Yup, that's my brother for you, brain dead or not.

"Hey did you know that there's a flower for love? It's…..Aw I've forgotten it….." Noel looks even more confused.

"You mean the one we've talked about earlier? The red rose?"

"Hey yeah that one!"

"Everyone know that one, I'm not a complete idiot." Henry really should shut up now but oddly, he's not wrong.

"Now I'd like to see you hand somebody a red rose Henry, and I don't count." With a giggle, I turned to Noel. "It's okay if you couldn't remember, learning everything at once really is difficult…." Reason why I'm here instead of a actual college.

"Shan's right Noel, it's hard to learn everything at once, and like I said earlier, I'm still learning myself." Lisette told the little girl sweetly.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I'd love to learn more about the language of flowers. Lisette will you teach us?"

"Of course I can."

"Hey Lisette! You think if I give Collin a Red Rose you think he'll know how much I love him?"

"Now, aren't boys boys usually the ones who give out flowers?" Miranda chuckled.

Maybe in the 1950s? I thought. Now I like Miranda and all, but damn, she's way too old fashioned.

Lisette giggled into her hand. "Actually, I think it's wonderful that you want to show that special person how you feel Noel, we all should follow that example."

Hear that Henry? I smirked. At least Lesette knows what time period we're currently living in. Amused now, I listened to the rest of the conversation.

Lisette had to go back to work though, I literally can see Henry staring at the flower girl as she left. Wanting to bring my idiotic older brother back to reality, I punched his arm.

"Ow." He groaned.

"Welcome back to reality," I giggled.

Turning back to the current conversation, both of us smirked at Miranda's comment towards her daughter. That's was a good point though, Noel pretty sure you're going to waste your mother's money if you give away the flowers she would've bought.

"Now, how may I help you two today?" Miranda turned her attention on us.

"Henry's here about a package and I'm just here to to make sure he doesn't pass out. He took Ford's medical test subject job." I spoke, finding myself looking around. "Actually, do you have a job opening?" Hey, it wouldn't hurt of asking and well, I need a job away from the farm.

Miranda looked at me curiously, a soft smile appearing. "Well, I normally don't hire anyone, however, I'll give you a shot. We can start you on something small, Frank's your uncle so I already know I can trust you."

"Really?" Thank you, Uncle Frank!

"Stop by tomorrow and we'll get you set up." The woman gave me a smile.

After helping Henry with whatever, I lethim separate himself from me. To be fair, he has eaten something and gained strength, I don't have to follow him everywhere anymore and he promised me that he'd be careful. Yeah we'll see about that.

As for me, I'm at the Garden Grill. I gotten hungry and maybe I'll bump into Wayne again or something. Speaking of which, as I entered the restaurant I can see the mentioned man talking to Carrie and Brad doesn't look pleased.

"Hey Brad is everything okay?" I approached the counter. Sitting down, I looked at the man curiously. "Earth to brad!"

A/N: I know it's been forever but...I've been really busy. As 2018 coming to a close, I've decided to make 2019 my year of returning. I'll try to update all of my stories soon, starting with this one.