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This was a nightmare. An absolute nightmare. Conan couldn't believe he was standing right here, staring down at his own, or rather, "Shinichi's" bleeding form. What had he done to deserve this? "Conan…take care of Ran and the rest of them. It's all up to you now." Conan stared in horror as he listened to the word's coming out of Shinichi's mouth. How had it come to this point?

Well, it all started just a short while ago…

One week in late March, Shinichi, or "Conan" as he was currently known, received a rather ominous phone call. It seemed that his parents had decided that they were going to come and visit him. His father apparently had gotten some "time away" from his busy schedule and his mother had insisted that they spend that time with their little "Shin-chan." Conan shuttered.

It wasn't as if he didn't like his parents. For the most part despite their long absence from one another they got along just fine. His parents were also one of the few whom he could actually act like himself around. That was the problem though…he wasn't himself.

Over a year had passed since that fateful date at Tropical Land and the cure for his "little problem" had yet to be found. It was rather discouraging at this point actually, and his parents' arrival only further served to remind him of what he didn't have. As such he had been moping all week long, even as he spent time more time with them. He had even been able to spend time in his own house for a while, as Subaru Okiya was off at some convention or other. His parents hadn't gone into details, but he had guessed it had something to do with his father's influence.

Haibara Ai had also been conspicuously absent that week, having been supposedly been spending most of her time in the lab on the latest batch of antidote. In retrospect, it was probably Conan's own fault for pushing her so hard to work on it that had lead to her doing it, but he seriously couldn't help his anxiety over the matter.

That was why it came as little surprise when one day Conan received a note from Haibara asking him to "Come over immediately." To which he was only to happy to oblige. He was right next door, after all.

"What is it Haibara? Have you got something for me?" Conan stared at her in anticipation. Could it be possible she had made a breakthrough?

Haibara gave him a flat look, but there was definitely something hidden in her expression. "Yes Kudo-kun. I do. Though you shouldn't be so eager to try it. After all, I haven't tested it yet and it still holds a high probability of failure. If you try this there's a chance…"

"There's a chance it will stop working on my system and a high probability it will kill me. I know." Conan sighed. This wasn't the first time she had reminded him of the rather grim side of the antidote. He knew the risk well enough, but at this point he had become mostly numb to it. If he died it would leave his mission unaccomplished, but he held hope to the fact that if it did succeed he would accomplish that mission all the faster. After an entire year in this body, it was seriously a risk he was willing to take.

Haibara sighed and held out a pill for him. "Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you. These pills can have some rather…strange side effects." She gave him a look that seemed to say "I'm not responsible for anything that happens to you from here-on out." He hesitated briefly, wondering if maybe she meant it this time. Still, he needed to at least try.

He grabbed the pill. "I'll keep that in mind."

Haibara rolled her eyes lightly at him. "Take this with it. It will help relax your nerves and make the transition easier." She handed him a smaller blue pill and a glass of water.

"Oh? Umm…thanks, I guess." Conan stared at the second pill, a bit confused. He didn't recognize it directly, but it resembled a sleeping capsule. Wasn't it a bad idea to mix medicine? Well, Haibara was a chemist so it wasn't all that strange, but still. "Isn't it a bad idea to mix medicines though?" He asked, quirking his eyebrow up in confusion.

Haibara stared at him, crossing her arms. "Oh I'm sorry, Kudo-kun, did you wish to experience the pain that comes with the transformation?" she gave him a rather hard to read look. "Really…you act as if you don't trust me."

Conan gulped a bit at her stare. It was not a good idea to cross one Haibara Ai. He quickly shook his head. "Right. Ummm…could you step out of the room then? I don't want to uh…transform in front of you." Conan's cheeks reddened a bit.

Haibara stood there for a moment as if contemplating before seemingly sighing in resignation. "Really Kudo, I'm a scientist. It's not as if I haven't seen it before."

Conan found himself turning an even deeper shade of red until she spoke up once more. "I'm joking. You've got some extra clothes laying right there if you need them." She pointed at an area on the couch where a neatly folded shirt and pants lay. "I'll be in the other room. Good luck Kudo-kun." With that, she turned and left, leaving Conan alone with his thoughts.

"Thanks, Haibara. I think luck is just what I need right about now." With that, he sat down on the couch and consumed both pills simultaneously alongside the glass of water. It took a few minutes to take effect before he suddenly felt dizzy, and then it was as if the whole world around him began to spin. He could feel himself sweat, but just as Haibara said, he felt little of the usual pains that came with his transformation. And, just like that, he blacked out.

Conan woke drowsily to the sound of voices. He opened and shut his eyes a couple of times. His head was aching wildly with a pain similar to that of his first hangover.

"How long has he been out?" A male voice… Professor Agasa?

"About a half hour or so, I think. I can't believe he just kind of collapsed like that." A female voice…Haibara. Why would she be surprised he was passed out here? It was her antidote that left him like this after all.

"I know. This is all his cousin Shinichi's doing. If it weren't for him, Conan wouldn't nearly be so reckless." Was that his mother's voice? Only for some reason she sounded an awful lot like Fumiyo Edogawa at the moment. Well, that made some sense. She had dressed up as her earlier to spend time with him this week after all. Still… What the heck was she talking about? Ugh…he felt like he had just taken a hit from one of his own super-powered kicks. He fell back against the couch. Maybe he just needed a bit more rest.

"Hey, don't pin this on me. It's not my fault the kid likes to follow me around! Shouldn't you be blaming yourself for not being around enough to keep a better eye on him?" At this voice Conan tensed. He knew that voice…but it couldn't be…

"Shinichi, he is the one that insisted he stay with Kogoro-san. You should know better than any how taxing world travel can be on a child." 'Fumiyo' spoke once more. Okay, this was seriously getting weird. Just what the heck was going on here?

"Now is not the time for arguments you two. Shinichi, I know you care about your young cousin's well being, but his mother's got a point." Agasa put in.

That was enough for Conan. He quickly sat up and blinked slowly clearing, his vision. Four blurry figures appeared before him, staring back in sudden silence. "Conan-kun, you're awake! About time sleepy-head." Spoke the shortest one. He still couldn't see clearly, but he guessed it was Haibara, though something wasn't quite right about her tone of voice, and what did she just call him?

"I'd say… How are you feeling kid?" Conan flinched at the voice of the person who addressed him next. Wait did he just say... kid? Conan's eyes finally focused and he stared at his seven year old sized hands. That was strange... Had the antidote failed?

"He just collapsed on the sidewalk for no apparent reason, and has been passed out for the past half hour or so. How do you think he feels?" Haibara stepped forward leaning next to Conan. "Hey you alright? You really scared us there." There was something in Haibara's tone that made him flinch. She sounded...concerned, but not in her usual manner it was more...kind.

Not to mention what had she just said? None of this was making any sense. He then turned to address the other person who had spoken to him, only to recoil back in surprise. Standing there before him, lifesize and in person was… "Shinichi Kudo?!" Okay, now he was completely lost. He stared in wide eyed confusion at the figure before him.

'Shinichi' blinked back at him, seemingly equally confused, though his face showed something else. "Yeah, that's me kid. Good to know you still remember me. Seriously though, Ai-chan's right, you really scared us all there. You sure you're feeling alright there, Conan-kun?"

Conan shook his head, trying to clear it. This situation had suddenly taken a rather bizarre and surreal turn. Okay, hold on a second there Conan. Focus. Remember everything has a logical answer.

A dream...right he was probably dreaming right now. Haibara had mentioned "odd side effects" to her latest antidote. Perhaps mixing it with that other medicine had left him in a perpetual dream-like state for a bit. Yes, that was the most logical conclusion. Though he had to admit this was by far one of the oddest dreams he had ever had.

Conan stared back into 'Shinichi's' eyes, silent. He certainly seemed real enough. It was almost like he could reach up and touch him. Slowly, he reached up a hand, and with a slight tug, he pulled on 'Shinichi's' cheek, only for him to pull back with a yelp.

"Ouch!" Shinichi swore, pulling back. "Little brat...the heck was that for?" he stood there holding his sore cheek as Conan looked at him with a dazed expression.

Conan then went to do the same to his own cheek, testing the validity of his dream theory. He yelped as he felt the pain of his own pinch. Well, that certainly changed things.

Shinichi continued to rub at his sore cheek while Haibara seemingly did her best not to look amused at what had just occurred in front of her. Conan turned to her quickly. "Haibara, what the heck is going on here?"

Haibara gazed at him, a blank expression pasted on her face. "You must of hit your head harder than we thought Conan-kun. Do you seriously not remember passing out?" she looked at him with that same strange concerned expression from earlier.

Conan stared back at her confused, shaking his head. What was he supposed to say in this situation…

Suddenly, Fumiyo cut in. "Conan. Is everything alright, sweetie? Do we need to take you to the doctor? Come on, tell mommy where it hurts." Conan stared at 'Fumiyo', his head suddenly throbbing again, though it was more from confusion than anything. Why was his mother playing up the part of Fumiyo like this? There was something seriously wrong here. He glanced at the other three faces around him, all wearing different degrees of muted concern, though Agasa wore a slightly different, almost nervous expression.

Conan was quick to latch on to this. "Professor...whats going on here?" he continued to glance back and forth between Agasa and the others, whose expressions remained the same.

Conan watched as a somewhat guilty expression suddenly crossed Agasa's eyes, but before he could step in and question him, a new voice joined the group, which made Conan's eyes widen once more. "Agasa I've come to return some...Oh Conan-kun! Fumiyo-san, I didn't know you were visiting! What a pleasant surprise." Conan stared wide-eyed at the new arrival. He'd recognize that cheerful face and voice anywhere. Yukiko Kudo. But if that was Yukiko than...he turned to face Fumiyo, who rose to greet the new arrival.

"Yukiko! I'm so glad to see you. I'm sorry I didn't call ahead of time. This was a rather last-minute visit after all, what with Ran and Kogoro being out of town. I wanted to have Shinichi-kun look after him, but you know how your son is..." Fumiyo grinned wildly at Yukiko, hugging her lightly. Yukiko returned the grin. This was seriously getting stranger by the moment. Why was his mom reacting so casually to this stranger who was clearly someone in disguise. At least...he thought she was. Now, he wasn't so sure. Nothing was adding up here.

Conan glanced back at Shinichi, who wore a bored expression on his face as he rolled his eyes at Fumiyo. "Obasan, you know I'm busy with cases and stuff. I don't have time to babysit this brat on top of that!"

Yukiko crossed her arms, a light glare crossing her features. "You shouldn't speak to your relative like that Shin-chan! It's impolite." she turned to face Fumiyo. "Sorry about that Fumiyo-san. Honestly, I thought we raised him better than that. I'm sure he will have no problem watching little Conan-kun for the rest of the day while we catch up with each other. Will you, Shin-chan?"

"Okaa-san!" Shinichi seemed ready to protest, but Yukiko's look was enough to make him bite his lip. He then turned to Agasa. "Come on Professor, back me up here. You know how busy I am." He glanced at Haibara. "Besides, aren't you the ones who were saying earlier I'm a bad influence on him? I wouldn't want him to get into any more trouble…" He looked pleadingly at both of them, clearly outnumbered.

Conan flinched. It was strange watching Shinichi's expressions and hearing his voice right in front of him. It was like looking into a mirror. Albeit, a rather blurred one. What was even more bizarre was how he almost felt sympathetic towards Shinichi in this situation. He certainly wouldn't enjoy being forced to watch a child all day long…

What was he saying? He was no child, and this boy, however similar, was not Shinichi. This was all messed up. He needed to pull Haibara aside and see if he could get some answers. It was just after taking her antidote that he ended up in such a state after all, and she and Agasa seemed like the only "normal" people here.

He quickly grabbed on to Haibara's hand, pulling her to the side despite her light protesting. He overheard something along the lines of "young love" exit his mother's mouth, but he choose to ignore it continuing forward without looking back.

He pulled Haibara into the Professor's kitchen where they could talk in secret with one another. "Alright Haibara. Now, can you answer my earlier question? Just what the heck is going on here?" He stared at her quickly, taking note of the unreadable expression on her face, though it seemed to be a cross between fear and confusion.

Haibara shook her head. "I don't know what you're talking about, Conan-kun. You collapsed earlier and your cousin and I brought you here for Oji-san Agasa to look at." she stared back at him, that same earlier look of concern crossing her face. It was seriously starting to creep him out.

Conan shook his head in disbelief... "You mean you don't remember giving me the antidote?" he blinked at her, locking gazes with her while she stood there looking for all accounts as young as she appeared.

There was a slightly fearful expression on her face now as she took a step back. She shook her head rapidly. "An-ti-dote?" Haibara seemed to struggle with the word before a lightbulb seemed to turn on in her head. "Oh I get it... like that thing they give to people on tv when they got bit by a spider or something." Haibara's face seem to brighten. "I remember now!"

Conan looked at her expectantly. Up to that point, she had him a bit worried with her slightly childish act, but she was probably just teasing him...right?

Apparently not. "You were playing detective again with Shinichi-nii weren't you?" she grinned at him and he found himself withdrawing at the creepy childlike look on her face. This was most definitely not the Haibara he knew.

He paused, chuckling nervously. "Come on Haibara this isn't funny, you're pulling my leg, right?" He gazed at her, unsure what to make of her odd expression. "We both know that I'm..."


"Well, it seems you two are having an interesting conversation." Conan whirred around suddenly to see Shinichi standing against the doorway casually. "Mind if I cut in Ai-chan?" he bent down gazing down at Haibara a strangely smug grin on his face. Conan shuttered a bit. It really was like he was looking at himself, and that made the situation all the more disturbing.

He still had a rather sizely headache, and it seemed to only increase every time he tried to piece what was going on together. There was definitely something suspicious going on here, or his name wasn't Shinichi Kudo. Though, by the way these people were talking and acting...that wasn't his name. Every time he seemed to be getting close to an answer he was interrupted. It was almost eerie the way things were working out. He had his suspicions from the start, but they continued to be disproven by the very existence of two key players here. One of which was standing right before him.

Well, perhaps he could make use of this situation. Shinichi wore a grin that seemed to say he knew a whole lot more than he was letting on. Perhaps everything. Either way, spending more time with him would certainly provide him with the answers he was searching for. For now, he would play his part. He put on his most childish expression and jumped up and down. "Oh boy is Shinichi-nii going to take us out to lunch?"

Shinichi blinked down at Conan, seemingly surprised at the sudden change in attitude. "Yeah squirt, mom says I have to take you two kids out for a while. The adults are having an important discussion." He sighed, as if slightly annoyed by the prospect. Though, it could be interpreted as he wanted to stay and be part of said discussion.

Conan glanced at Haibara, trying to read her reaction to this, but she continued to wear an ignorant look. If she was acting, she was not showing it at this point. Could it be he was still misreading this whole situation? Conan held his head in frustration as his headache increased once more.

"You doing alright kid? Look, if you don't want to come along, you could just say so. I'm sure you want to spend some more time with your mom while she's here, after all." Shinichi wore the same confusing concerned look as earlier. It almost made Conan want to go lay back down.

Conan shook his head. No, he had made up his mind. He was going to get to the bottom of this mystery, one way or another. The best way he could do that right now was sticking close to "Shinichi". "I'm fine, just a little headache! I want to go get something to eat with Shinichi-nii!" he smiled up at Shinichi, continuing to put on his best kiddy face.

Shinichi paused for a moment, putting his hand beneath his chin in his signature thinking pose. He seemed to be contemplating what to do in this situation. He didn't stay like that for long, though, as he stood up to his full height and smiled down at Conan and Haibara. "Well, I guess I have no choice then. Come on, let's go get some lunch."

Conan stared back at Shinichi for a moment, trying to take in what had just happened. He seriously couldn't believe what he was witnessing here. Shinichi was acting...well, like himself. It was seriously creeping him out. He needed to find out what was going on here and fast, before he started actually believing all this was real.

Conan was further surprised when Haibara ran up to Shinichi and grabbed his hand, smiling up at him. "Yay, I can't wait to eat with Shinichi-nii!" she jumped up and down, ever the excited seven year old. Okay, this was officially disturbing. Haibara never jumped that way. She was acting like Ayumi-chan. Almost like...no, he couldn't think that way. That was impossible. Wasn't it?

Conan watched as Shinichi smiled down at Haibara, as if everything was perfectly normal. He then turned to walk away. Conan just stood there in contemplative silence. There was a puzzle here, he just knew it. All that was left was to assemble the missing pieces.

He slowly began to retrace his steps. It had all started out like any other day. Things had only gone wonky after that note from Haibara. She had sounded a bit rushed, but he had thought nothing of it at the time. Thinking back, maybe that should have been his first clue that something odd was going on.

Then she had given the antidote with her usual warning. Though, now that he thought about it, she had mentioned something strange then, too. What was it? "These pills can have some rather strange side effects." What exactly had she meant by that statement?At the time, he had thought she had been referring to her usual warning. Had she already known somehow that something like this was going to happen?

Then there was the other pill she had given him alongside the usual antidote. Had that somehow played a factor as well? It made a strange sort of sense. If that "pain relaxing" pill had somehow made his body numb to the point of exhaustion, then it was possible that this was all one big dream, or hallucination. Still, it certainly felt real enough. He had even gone so far as to pull both Shinichi's and his own cheek, and that had hurt! It was still possible he could of imagined it, but the dull sensation he felt still seemed to indicate otherwise.

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains no matter how improbable…" his favorite quote echoed in his mind, setting him off balance. Was it really possible? Could the pill Haibara had given him send him to an alternate place where Conan existed? A pill that could shrink one to the size of a child was one thing, but one that could send a person to an alternate universe entirely...how would that even work? By all scientific means, such a thing didn't exist. Yet here he was, standing staring at living proof.

Shinichi turned around to face Conan "Hey, you coming Conan? Come on, we don't have all day!" Shinichi called from the doorway, breaking Conan from his thoughts.

"Coming!" Conan called back. Whatever the case may be he would find out soon enough. For now, he needed to follow this "Shinichi" and find out all he could about the world he was currently inhabiting. Maybe he could get Haibara to reverse this later, somehow.

"Ah Kudo-kun, welcome! It's been a while. Ah, and who's this? I see you've brought little Edogawa-kun and another little friend as well." Conan stared up at the middle-aged man that stood before him. He didn't recognize the face, though he had a feeling like he knew this person from somewhere. As far as he could remember he had never been to this restaurant before though. This immediately struck him as odd, as this person apparently knew who both he and Shinichi were.

"Hello, Sasaki-san. Yeah, sorry about that." Shinichi reached up and scratched the back of his neck sheepishly. "I have been rather busy lately, and my relative wanted me to watch these two in the meantime. I thought this would be a good place to eat some lunch."

"Ah, I see. Well, I certainly can't fault your good taste." Sasaki chuckled glancing down at Conan. Conan flinched backwards under the man's gaze. Yes, there was definitely something familiar about this guy. He was wearing a rather ugly looking maroon tie around his neck that was fixed with a gaudy looking clasp. He had an unsettling look in his dark indigo eyes as he gazed down at Conan. Was that amusement? "What would the young detective in training like to eat today?"

Conan stared up at the man, flinching at his words. Shinichi quickly stepped in front of him however. "Sasaki-san, you shouldn't tease Conan-kun like that. I already got yelled at by his mother earlier for him following me around the way he does."

Conan glanced between the two, taking note of the strange looks the two shared. It was like there was an unspoken conversation going on between the two of them. Before he could comment on this however, Haibara broke in. "Shinichi-nii, I'm really hungry!" She whined.

Sasaki turned to address Haibara. "Ah, my apologies little miss. I'll show you to your table then." He grinned a strange sort of crooked smile. Conan got the distinct feeling he knew that smile from somewhere. Still, he tossed it aside as irrelevant for now.

Conan took a quick glance at the restaurant around him. For all appearances, it seemed to be a pretty normal looking Japanese-style restaurant. Although, there were some clear American touches to it as well. Strange. Why did this place feel so familiar? What was even more peculiar was despite this being the rush time of day, there were little to no other customers here at this particular restaurant.

"Well, kid are you just going to stand there gawking all day, or are you going to come and eat?" Shinichi stood with his hands on his hips. Conan was shaken from his thoughts once more as he realized he was once again the only one left standing in the door.

"Hai!" he said, running to sit next to the others. He quickly took notice of the fact that there were chairs next to the table that were just low enough for a child of his stature to reach. He easily climbed up into his, taking note of just how easy it was to slide in. Curious...it was if the owner knew that he did not like having to get help in reaching the table. Then there was that strange sensation of familiarity at this place and the owner…

"Here's a menu for you, Edogawa-kun." Sasaki placed a menu in Conan's hands, nearly causing him to jump out of his chair in surprise. He quickly caught himself. He glanced over at Shinichi and Haibara who seemed to have not noticed, both with their heads in their respective menus. Conan took note of the fact that Haibara seemed to be struggling with something.

"What is it, Haibara?" He asked an inquisitive look on his face.

Haibara blushed, which caused Conan to flinch back in surprise. He was still getting used to her rather odd behavior.

"I can't read this." she said, staring at the menu in frustration.

Conan stared at her, slack jawed. Shinichi chuckled a bit. "Sorry Haibara-chan, I'm so used to this I nearly forgot." He quickly grabbed at her menu. "Do you happen to have a kid's menu?" he looked at Sasaki, who nodded lightly handing him a different menu. Shinichi then turned to Conan "What about you Conan? Would you like a kid's menu?"

Conan shook his head. "No...I...I'm fine…" he quickly recomposed himself. Right, he was in public. It was probably best he also put on his best "kiddie" act right now. Still, it felt so strange seeing Haibara act like that. It was...unworldly. "I'm a big boy just like Shinichi-nii!" Conan smiled up at Shinichi, despite the discomfort he was feeling at this point.

"Is that so?" Shinichi smiled down at Conan, and Conan flinched under his gaze. Shinichi then turned back to Sasaki. "Well, why don't we start out with a couple of drinks for these two and the usual for me." Conan watched as Sasaki nodded and jotted the information on his note pad.

"Mmm so that's two milks and an iced coffee. Got it. Anything else?"

Conan noticed that Sasaki had turned briefly to look at him before readdressing Shinichi. Shinichi shook his head. "I think that will be all for now. Thanks."

Conan immediately took notice of the fact that Shinichi had been purposefully vague about what he was ordering, and yet somehow Sasaki had known exactly what he wanted. What was even stranger was the order...iced coffee. That was his favorite drink.

Conan stared at Shinichi after their drinks had been delivered. Shinichi sipped lightly on the fresh iced coffee looking blissful. He suddenly noticed Conan staring, slowly putting the drink down. "Is there something on my face?" he raised an eyebrow at Conan, confused.

Conan quickly shook his head, staring wistfully at the deliciously tempting drink and licking his lips.

Shinichi chuckled. "Ah I see. You want some? Fumiyo-obasan will probably kill me if she knew I let you have some of this...still, I don't see any reason why not." he held the drink out, and Conan grabbed it eagerly.

Shinichi laughed. "You know, I've always loved that stuff. They say it's bad for you, but it helps me think clearly. It's especially useful after difficult cases."

Conan stared at Shinichi, only half listening to what he was saying. He was too busy taking in the delicious taste. Whomever had made this coffee had made it exactly the way he liked it. It further went to show that this was no dream he was in. This taste was too real.

"Hey kid, slow down! Leave some for me!" Shinichi grabbed back at the cup. Conan felt the urge to growl angrily at him and snatch the cup back, but withheld just barely. "Aww, you drank most of it…" Shinichi frowned at the now mostly-empty cup.

Conan gazed back longingly. How long had it been since he had last truly had the chance to sip that glorious concoction? Even while his parents were visiting, he had been mostly forbidden from the stuff due to his mom's incessant nagging. His father had been the one that got him hooked on the stuff in the first place, though. So at the very least, he understood.

Come to think of it...this coffee…it tasted like the rare kind his father had once picked up on one of his many world trips. Hmm… Conan turned to look at Shinichi who was finishing off the last of the cup. "Shinichi-nii, do you know where this coffee comes from?"

Shinichi paused a minute, turning to Conan, a strangely blank expression on his face. "I didn't know a grade schooler would be so interested in the origins of a silly adult beverage." he stated plainly, not missing a beat.

Conan lowered his eyebrows in thought for a second, taking note of the sudden sweat forming at the edge of Shinichi's neck. "But you're a detective Shinichi-nii! I thought detectives knew everything!"

Shinichi lowered his eyebrows. "Tch. Fine if you must know it's…"

"A trade secret." Conan and Shinichi both jumped as Sasaki suddenly reappeared. Haibara sat in continued silence, seemingly enjoying her milk, not taking note of the sudden arrival. "I'm sure you can appreciate that some secrets are best left unrevealed. Right, little detective-in-training?"

Conan stared back at Sasaki, suddenly feeling that all-familiar look on him once more. There was something truly unsettling about this guy. "Err, right!" he smiled his best kiddy smile and quickly grabbed at his abandoned milk carton, gulping it down. "Mmm. This is really good, Sasaki-san!"

Sasaki's features seemed to soften a bit. "I'm glad you like it. Would you like to order some food now?"

Before Conan could answer, there was a sudden blood curtling scream resounding from outside. Followed by, "He's dead!"

Conan lept up from his seat by instinct and started running in the direction of the voices. He ignored Shinichi's cries from behind him to stay put. It was but a moment before he reached it, followed by Shinichi with an unreadable expression.

There lay a man, his body stone-still on the ground. It was obvious he had fallen from a great height. Conan slowly looked up at the apartment building above, eyes narrowing. This...this was murder. There was no doubt about it. His day had officially just gone from bad to worse.

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