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TB SHORTS: Pick and Mix

A bunch of short stories that are not long enough to post on their own. These stories will be set in the TAG & TOS universe. A combination of episode tags, fluff, hurt and comfort, humour, tragedy and general brotherly shenanigans. Warnings given (If necessary) for each mini story.

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TITLE: Gordon Tracy the King of Pranksters.

Gordon climbed out of the cool bath, patted himself down with a dry towel, applied the soothing lotion to his skin, took out some clean clothes from his drawers and pulled them on. He made his way outside, hoping his brothers weren't still laughing at his predicament. But unfortunately, there they were, and laughing they were.

"Here he is gentleman." Scott bellowed.

"Shut up Scott!" Gordon warned, dropping into an empty chair.

"I just want to know who did this... Gords, who finally out pranked you?" Alan questioned amusingly.

"Wait... So, it wasn't you Alan?" Virgil queried looking surprised.

"No, not me. Was it you Scott?" Alan asked.

Scott shook his head. "Innocent of all charges!" He answered with an amused grin.

Alan looked bemused. "So, who was it then? John's up on five, Kayo's taken Grandma to the mainland and I really can't see Brains setting this up."

They all looked towards Gordon who had gone uncharacteristically quiet.

"Wait... Virgil said with a slight chuckle. "Gordon, are you now suffering at the hands one of your own pranks?"

Gordon went bright red. "I... I was trying to get one of you guys, but when I set the powder up above the door... Well, I slipped over the trip wire... and... Well yes, you know the rest."

"Gordon Tracy, the King of pranksters." Scott announced in between fits of laughter.

Both Alan and Virgil were now both crying with laughter.

"Shut up guys!" Gordon scowled.

Scott looked at Gordon's sulking face. "Gordon, you have to admit that this was a massive error on your part."

"Yes, and If your trick had worked then you would have been in fits of laughter." Virgil added.

Gordon continued sulking.

"Oh, come on Gords." Alan continued. "It's not every day you get covered from head to toe in itching powder!"

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WARNINGS: Mild Romance.

TITLE: First Kiss.

I had been planning it for ages, I was going to tell her how I felt and tonight seemed like the perfect opportunity. It had already been the perfect day… Penny and Parker had been visiting, we'd had received no rescue calls and John had even come down for a fleeting visit.

Now, here she was, she was walking in the room and my heart started skipping a beat… Her dark hair, her beautiful features, her pure energy, her tenacity, and her amazing soul illuminates my life… Oh God! This is wrong! She's always called us her brothers, there's no way she would ever feel the same way. How could she? Why would she? She walks up to me and smiles, oh, that wonderful, magical smile…

"Scott, are you alright?" she asks.

I snap out of my daze. "Oh, hey Kayo… I didn't see you there." Oh, why did I just lie?

She looks disappointed at what I've just said. Why would she be disappointed? She smiles at me and makes her way to the couch, takes a seat, picks up a magazine that was on the table and begins to read it… I stand watching her and breathe out wistfully.

"Tell her!"

"Virg." I say when I see my brother standing next to me. "Tell who what?"

He sighs. "Tell Kayo, that you love her!"

"Wait… Who said I…"

"Scott, you may think you're not being obvious, but you are… You love Kayo and if you want my opinion…"

"No, I don't - But I guess I'm going to get it anyway."

He laughs. "You know me well… And I know you." He looks towards Kayo. "Now, as I was saying. You love her and from what I've seen I would guess that she loves you too."

"What… She does?"

Virgil was shaking his head in disbelief at me. "Bro. It's obvious… Now, Alan's asleep, Gordon's outside with Penelope, John's just gone back up to Thunderbird 5, Grandma's in the kitchen with Parker, Brains is off doing some sort of experiment and I'm going to head to my room. You've got the place to yourself… Now tell her!"

And with that Virgil turns and leaves the room… I turn towards Kayo, I breathe in and out, then I make my way over to her, and I sit down next to her.

"Kayo, I need to tell you something…" She places her magazine down and she looks in my eyes and I gaze into hers. I gently push some hair away from her eyes, and that's when it happens, I lean in and I kiss her soft lips. And, oh… Wow! She's not pushing me away… She's returning the kiss, and I can now feel the sparks, I can feel the magic unfolding around us.

Eventually we stop and I gaze once more into her eyes. "Kayo, I love you."

She smiles the sweetest of smiles. "I love you too Scott Tracy."

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