Years before the events of Wings of Liberty

Space was an unforgiving void of cold and death. Step into it without any protection, one is bound to freeze and die a painful death. Despite all this, space is the frontier that all sentient being yearn for, as the infinite of possibilities awaited those who encountered. Of all of them, one was to aid in the stopping of the Impending Doom, gifted to Zeratul, Dark Prelate of the Nerazim Protoss.

The Void Seeker, the Dark Prelate's personal ship, bolted past groups of asteroids and ice particles. Zeratul was in search of an unusually powerful psionic signal in the middle of nowhere. The scanners inside the ship gave bigger ticks telling Zeratul that he was nearing what he was here for. The only obstacle that was in between him and his destination was a large asteroid which the Void Seeker flew below, revealing…

...A Terran ship?

"This is most unusual." Zeratul said to himself as he maneuvered his ship closer. The Terran ship looked battered as if something had attacked it. Frozen bodies floated around the wreckage. 'How can there be psionic energy in a derelict vessel?' The Prelate thought. Just as he was about to leave, he noticed something. Among the darkness engulfing the ship, there was a single orange rectangle. Zeratul knew. There was somebody alive. He immediately piloted his ship into a large hole and landed the seeker. He activated his personal shield before disembarking, preventing the unforgiving space from killing him. He make a quick surveillance around his surroundings before he started to walk.

The interior of the ship was littered with debris of all sorts. The illumination of the stars dimmed as Zeratul walked further in, making him ignite his warp black on his gauntlet. Green light brightened the corridors, which housed multiple metal doors, most of which were broken open. Zeratul couldn't help but to wonder what had happened here. As he continued inside, he saw corpses of Terran Marines sprawled on the ground, with their armor either white or red. The Dark Prelate nodded. He finally knew what happened. he remembered hearing stories from his fellow Dark Templar about a civil war between the Terrans. He snapped back to reality when he saw a breached door that didn't seem like the other rooms that he had passed by. Zeratul decided to enter it. Upon going inside, he found pieces of armor that seemed very different from what he had seen in the corridors. Unlike the bulky power armor he saw, this armor seemed to fit on a human body. It seemed polished and was made to let the user to be nimble. Zeratul continued his inspection to find sniper rifles, unusual goggles and experiments equipment. "Interesting, but it is of little concern to me." The Prelate said to himself before walking out.

Zeratul stopped at a sealed door. He sensed a massive psionic presence behind it as he approached the door. He was tempted to break through, but the thought of a possibility that the source could be a living thing stopped him. Instead, he concentrated his psionic energy to the green crystal on his right shoulder pad. Black mist surrounded him, and he disappeared.

When the smoke cleared, Zeratul found himself in a bright room. He heard noises of panic. He turned to find…

...A human child.

"D-don't come close to me!" The child stuttered as he backed away from the prelate. Psionic energy tinged every nerve of the Nerazim as he approached him. He knew. This child was the one. He deactivated his Warp Blade and slowly walked to the boy.

"I mean no harm, Terran." Zeratul tried to assure.

"I-I…" The child continued to stutter. "What do you want?" He crumpled into a ball.

"I have come here to seek something powerful. I appear to have found it."

"What do you mean?"

"I can sense powerful energies swirling in your mind, Terran. I intend to take you."

"A-are you going to kill me?" The child asked, fear engulfing him.

"As I have said, I mean no harm." Zeratul simply repeated and the human sighed in relief.

"What's your name, Mr. Alien?"

"Zeratul. Yours?"

"John. John Raynor. Some baddies took me from my daddy. I wanna go home…" The child started to sob. Zeratul stared at him for a while. He didn't know what would happen if he simply took this child to a Terran world. He was so young, six years old in fact, to the Prelate's eyes. The child seemed to have nowhere to go. Unless…

He could take him to Shakuras and take care of him. Teach him the ways of the Nerazim for his survival. Show him the little social information of the Terrans that his species know. His brethren might outrage over bringing an inferior species to train, however. But leaving such a strong psionic source behind could be dangerous without self control. Zeratul made up his mind.

"Terran, I suggest that you come with me. I fear that it is too dangerous to return to a Terran world."


"I shall take you to my world. I shall teach you our ways. We shall protect you from the ones who took you away." A long pause followed. Zeratul continued to stare at the child as he seemed to be making a decision. The silence broke when he looked at the Prelate.

"Okay. Daddy told me to never follow strangers, though." Zeratul chuckled at the words. He then remembered the unusual armor that he had found in that breached room. Since he was looking at a Terran, he thought that this child will need it in the future.

"I shall be back. Wait until I return." Zeratul said before blinking out of the room, leaving the boy in the room. He walked to the armory, grabbed a full set of the said armor and placed it in the Void Seeker. He then walked back to the sealed door that housed the Terran and blinked inside. "Come. We have a long path to walk." With that, the child approached him, entered his shield and blinked out of the room. It was a second later when the life support systems of the room died out, depleted of power.

For ten years, Zeratul and John dwelled in Shakural to train the human the ways of the Dark Templar. During the first years, John received somewhat hostility against fellow Nerazim younglings, thus Zeratul decided to train him himself. During this, John learned how to control his psionic powers, how to utilize it into abilities, learned how to wield a warp blade and learn Terran and Khalani language. As he was a Terran, however, the Prelate permitted his apprentice to hunt wild beasts for sustenance.

Zeratul took John around the Koprulu Sector and met Tassadar in the planet Char. The Templar found John's immense psionic potential so impressive that he decided to teach him how to cause psionic storms and eventually feedback. John eventually found his father James Raynor, the commander of the Raynor's Raiders. He, the Dark Templar, the Raiders and the Khakis Protoss fought together against the Overmind in Aiur, where he witnessed the sacrifice of Tassadar to save his people.

John participated in the evacuation of Aiur to the Nerazim homeworld of Shakuras. He aided in fighting off the United Earth Directorate alongside with his master. He was shocked to find his master begrudgingly kill Matriarch Razagal to save her, which eventually lead John and Zeratul into a nomadic life until they found out about the Hybrids from Duran.

John's loyalty to his master did not sway as he and Zeratul traveled across the Koprulu Sector in search for answers about a prophecy, which recited a possible end of the Universe. He continued to hone his skills until he met Kerrigan, rebuilding the Swarm for revenge against Arcturus Mengsk. With the permission from Zeratul, John accompanied the Queen of Blades throughout her campaign, where he had managed to learn more about Narud, the servant of Amon, the fallen Xel'Naga before being killed by Kerrigan. John returned to Zeratul after Arcturus Mengsk was finally brought justice after all the lives he had ruined, where he continued his master's journey to search for answers.

One year before the events of Legacy of the Void

Warp blades illuminated the night skies of a dark planet. A feral Hydralisk lunged at its assailant, only to be sliced in half. 16-year old John Raynor, a disciple of Zeratul was surrounded by a group oh Hydralisk as a part of his training. His assignment was simple: kill them all. The teenager wore a slightly outdated Ghost armor that his master had found ten years ago when he found him. He was wielding a dual bladed warp scythe ornamented with skulls of the Zerg he had killed. This was common to the Zer'atai tribe despite his master being one of the Lenassa tribe. His human armor was accompanied by a single shoulder pad ornamented with a green Khaydarin crystal that permitted him to wield the powers of the void. On his back was a C-20 Canister Rifle that he had recovered from the battle of Augustgrad when he had fought along with the Queen of Blades. His left arm was fitted with a warp blade gauntlet that held a green Khaydarin crystal similar to the one on his right shoulder pad. He covered his nose and mouth with the purple cloth and wore specially designed boots that he had built.

John ran to another Hydralisk and killed it by sliced upwards and blinked to another and spun his scythe. He found himself surrounded by nine more of the Zerg as the one he had just killed fell. The Nerazim disciple covered himself in black mist, and then suddenly blinked furiously towards one Hydralisk after another followed by swipes of warp blades. He reappeared back on the center, and right of the nine Hydralisks split into two random pieces and fell. The last remaining one fired its spines to him, but John dodged them skillfully and ran to his foe. He proceeded to rip the two mandibles from its face and stab the canine on its abnormally big head. The Hydralisk wheezed in pain as John dragged the mandibles closer to its eyes until they cut them, ending its pain. The teenager gave a sigh as he found that there were no more Zerg left around him. He turned back to fin Zeratul standing tall.

"Master." John greeted, kneeling in one knee.

"You have done well, Raynor. You never cease to impress us." Zeratul replied.

"'Us'?" John asked, standing back up.

"Your fast adaptability to an alien society has impressed even the High Templar. I'm sure the Matriarch will think alike." The Dark Prelate responded and then started walking. The teenager followed.

"Master, is there something that I lack? I have been training for a decade in preparation to walk the Shadow Path." A pause followed. John waited for an answer as Zeratul kept his silence.

"Raynor, unlike the other younglings, you have been training for only a decade. Others have been doing so for over a century, and some even longer. Your immense power may make you equal to your fellow younglings, disciples, but remember that they have more experience." John nodded. "I shall aid in your overcoming inexperience. However, there is one thing that I cannot help you." The teen stopped and looked up to his master's eyes, prompting Zeratul to stop too.

"What is it, master?"

"Ever since you've last seen your father four years ago, you've been kept from the Terran society. When I believe that you no longer need training and perhaps walk the Shadow Path, you should return to your species and live with your fellow Terrans."

"B-but master Zeratul, Shakuras is my home! I have been raised by you, but…"

"Indeed, to some of us you are our brother… in all but blood. You have lost most of how Terrans live. Indeed, I may not know how humans live, but it is obvious that their way of life is… far from ours." John gave a sigh. Over the past decade except for when he was with the Queen of Blades, he had forged a bond with Zeratul so strong that he didn't know what he'll do without his master. He had grown too dependent on him to the point that he had forgotten that he was a Terran.

"'re right, master. If it weren't for this conversation, I would have forgotten that I was a Terran. But I don't know what to do." John said.

"There is a planet near this world that gave signatures of Terran life. I shall take you there while I depart to continue to search for the answers of the Prophecy." Zeratul replied.

"Master, why do you wish to go alone? I still have a lot to learn from you!"

"The path ahead is too dangerous. Do you remember the countless times you have risked your life fighting the Hybrid?" John thought in search for a counter, but he couldn't. His master was right; every time he encountered a Hybrid, Zeratul always had to grasp him from the maws of death.

"-perhaps you're right, master. I'm not prepared. But that's why I wish to train."

"Consider this as your assignment, Raynor. I shall leave you in the said Terran world for a year. You are to restore your human ways and integrate yourself to their society. Is that clear?" A long pause followed until John opened his mouth.

"...yes, master."

"Good. We depart now." Zeratul said before walking toward the Void Seeker.

Hours have passed since the Void Seeker had departed from the world Zeratul and John were in. The ship soared through the cold and unforgiving Void towards their destination: the Terran world in the edge of the Koprulu System. It was just like Aiur, but without the Zerg. The satellite of the planet was shattered as if something massive impacted its surface. The Nerazim master and disciple didn't know what this world had to offer. That was what John was up to to find out.

"Master, I don't see any signs of space stations or satellites. How can there be Terrans in this world?" John asked. Zeratul mused at his disciple's curiosity and maneuvered the ship to the dark side of the planet. Instantly, John saw the numerous lights that dotted portions of the continent. However, unlike the dazzling lights which surrounded Korhal or Shakuras, only portions of light existed in this planet. "That's odd. Terrans would normally have city lights EVERYWHERE on the planet. What's keeping them from doing that?"

"That, I know not." Zeratul replied. "Perhaps this would prove my point of human presence. Now, I shall drop you off on the surface." He added as he turned his ship towards the planet and dived. The air around the Void Seeker heated up and fire covered the the belly of the ship. Everything rattled around Zeratul and John as they commenced their descent. Despite travelling around the Koprulu Sector and landing on countless worlds, the planetfall was what always worried John. He always wondered how all this rattling didn't seem to do anything to his master, as he was calm as ever. Nonetheless, everything calmed down to show the dark skies of the world. Wherever they were, it was night. The shattered moon above seemed to be one of the few sources of light of the current area. John looked below to find lush green trees of some kind of forest.

The Void Seeker performed its descent on the ground, but it remained levitating. John and Zeratul exited the ship and looked around. Except for a few growls of what sounded like predators hunting prey, all that could be heard were leaves following the path of the wind.

"So, I guess this is when we part ways for an year?" John asked Zeratul.

"Indeed, my disciple. I shall return here after one solar cycle of this world. I hope to see what you will learn about human society here." Zeratul replied.

"I will not fail you. Adun Toridas (May Adun give you sanctuary.), master." John placed a fist on his heart.

"Adun Toridas, John Raynor." The Dark Prelate repeated, placing his four-fingered hand on his disciple's left shoulder. They stayed still for some time before Zeratul walked back to the Void Seeked. The ship ascended up to the dark skies while John stared at his master's departure. With the ship out of sight, he looked around his surroundings until he saw city lights on the horizon.

"Civilization is there… I will have to walk to it." John said to himself as he started walking. He ignited his gauntlet blade for light. The rustling of grass followed behind his every footstep.

John took his freedom to look to his holographic screen projected on his let gauntlet. The screen showed a map which seemed to uncover itself as he walked. He used his deactivated scythe as a walking stick should he start to feel exhausted. The sky seemed to be slowly brightening up from pitch black to dark blue. Dawn was coming up. He was nearing what seemed like a medieval castle until…



John stood still. He took his scythe, still deactivated, and prepared himself with a battle stance. He sensed darkness around him. His both hands on the scythe, John looked around his surroundings until he found a pair of red glowing eyes. The said eyes slowly approached the teen, revealing a bipedal canine creature and a white head with read lines on it. Its hide seemed bony, somewhat resembling the Zerg. To John, he could already sense dark energy emanating from this creature. It snarled and crouched down as if it was about to pounce. Without any change of emotion, John ignited his warp scythes and his eyes started to glow dimly due to psionic energy. He tilted his head as if he taunted. It was then the monster pounced, its sharp claws and teeth ready to bear down on flesh and armor.

Big mistake. Just one meter left to its prey, the Nerazim disciple spun his scythe, its green blades slicing the monster's head cleanly off of its body. The corpse fell beside John and started to evaporate into black mist. "So much for hunting for food…" He said to himself just before he sensed more dark presence around him. This time, nine pairs of red eyes surrounded him. Immediately, the same creatures of one John had just killed appeared, circling him. They analyzed their opponent, searching for the time to strike. However, much to their confusion, the disciple simply smirked as he surrounded himself in a cloud of black mist. Immediately, eight blurs appeared on each monster one by one followed by eight swipes. John reappeared where he was, kneeling down with one hand on the grassy soil. A second later, the eight creatures that experienced the blurs started to break apart, spilling black blood and viscera on the ground. Their corpses too evaporated. All that was left was the last monster, which snarled at John. The teen said nothing but pointed his warp scythe to it, giving an intimidating glare with glowing green eyes. The monster, shaking its fear away, charged at the teen, only for him to swipe right, cleanly cutting the creature's abdomen in half. The two pieces evaporated. By the time the skirmish was over, the sky was bright enough for John to see the green of the forest. Knowing that where he was was hostile, John activated his Ghost armor's cloaking field and continued on.

Beacon Academy


"Did you see that, Professor?!" A middle-aged woman with blonde hair and glasses asked a man with grey hair and glasses. The man didn't say anything as he repeated the footage on his Scroll. The captured video showed a teen with a futuristic armor with what looked like an otherworldly shoulderpad and gauntlet being attacked by ten Beowolves. His 'staff' that was ornamented with skulls of what seemed like Grimm suddenly spawned two glowing green blades on two ends, turning it into a double scythe. He spun it on one Beowolf, cutting it down with ease. Then, he was surrounded by nine of them, only to disappear in a mist of black and seem to teleport around eight of them, and teleport back to where he was. In a second, the Beowolves except the unaffected one turned into nothing but ribbons. The last one struck, but only to be severed into two pieces. The teen simply disappeared in a blue flash.

"Indeed, Goodwich." The man replied.

"What should we do? Should we…"

"Call him? Sounds like a good idea, Glynda." The man interrupted, sipping from his mug.


"Glynda, what I can see from what we have just saw, he looks like a child with potential. His… Semblance is something we have never seen before. He can make a good Huntsman."

"But what if he won't accept? What if he's an Atlesian spy? We don't even know if this person is-"

"Old enough? We'll see about that. I'll decide if he'll be a student, or a teacher. Besides, I have never seen an Atlesian armor that resembles such, including the weaponry. Lastly, I know that he will accept." Ozpin cutted her, taking another sip.

"Professor, the Initiation happens today! What if he harms the students?"

"I'm sure he won't. Besides, I don't think the Initiates will have difficulty should he harm them. Once the Initiation is done, I will personally see this man."


Greetings from Aperture!

I have just watched two seasons of RWBY and it's amazing! For some reason, I have fallen in love with reading crossovers about it, especially Halo. As I am a huge fan of StarCraft, I wanted to combine the stories of RWBY and the game.

Now, before I spark an outcry, yes, Jim Raynor had a son, who was named John. He had psionic capabilities, thus the Confederacy took him away. However, the ship that carried John exploded, killing him. In this A/U, John survives the destruction, only to be rescued by Zeratul. I hope this won't cause any... rage.

Also, I understand that Zeratul is from the Lenassa tribe, who use Gauntlet Warp Blades. The Prelate tried to teach John with the gauntlet, but he found the use of the warp scythes much more comfortable. Thus, Zeratul decided to teach him the way of the Ze'ratai as well.

The crossover will contain the events of RWBY Season 1 and 2 along with Legacy of the Void. I hope this will go out well. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Thank you from Aperture!