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Path The Wind Chooses

Pure souls. In my lifetime I have been fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, to know 4 beings that have souls that could be described as such.

One of the most famous of these souls is Orochimaru of the legendary Sannin. His soul none would question is a soul of pure malice, a soul that poisons others and devours all it can.

But for every evil there seems to be a counter born in this would I have known none that fits this description better than Hyuga Hinata. Her kind and gentle soul is one that adds to life by simply being. As long as I had the privilege to know her, she as seemed to have a way to easy any sorrow and pain you felt.

The most legendary of any type of soul you could encounter is without a doubt Kyuubi no Kitsune the strongest of the bijuu. The Kyuubi's soul is without a doubt a soul bent on destruction and death. One could even call it a soul of a destruction god. By its own words, it is a soul that lives for the kill.

The last soul has been my greatest of pleasure to know. It is the soul of Uzumaki Naruto, whom I have considered my brother for as long as I could remember. He along with my grandfather are the reasons that I sought the position of Hokage. Niisan's soul is one that protects others even from their own pain. Is a soul of a true shinobi one that without hesitation sacrifices itself to protect others. A soul of a guardian and a true hero.

It is with the purity of these souls in mind and the desire for the lessons of history to not be forgotten that I write this. I have tried to write the following with as accurately as I could from the record and stories I have gathered over the years. In the hopes that I could portray the good and the evil of history without either being forgotten. So that the ones to come can strengthen their will of fire from the greatest of the past.

– Sarutobi, The Fire Storm, Konohamaru