The voluptuous lioness slowly swayed her hips toward the footboard and crawled onto the bad with her ass pointed up, taking special time to make sure the Shinobi got a good view of every flawless curve on her tight, athletic body and straddled his lap, leaning forward just before their chests touched. She giggled at the terrified young man and pulled the bed sheets taut so he wouldn't leave. "What's wrong, assassin?" she asked. "Uncomfortable?" She grabbed at the hand covering his mouth, seeing a cute chin and the prominence of cheekbones along with the rest of the scar over his left eye extending almost to his lower jaw. "Damn, you're fucking cute, why hide that to the rest of the world?" Kakashi broke free of her grasp multiple times but she regained it as soon as it was lost. She finally caught both wrists and pinned him down. "The huntress always catches her prey," she whispered, "and you'll make a fine meal." Kakashi felt the full weight of her breasts on his chest and her breath in his ear as she examined his uncovered face, giving his ear another flick of her tongue. A switch seemed to click in the ninja's head, and the wriggling to a more comfortable position in his boxers indicated whatever she was doing worked. "Ooh," she purred, sliding down his body like a snake and stopping as she straddled his thighs, leaning forward on her elbows so the edge of her delectable black tube top curved over the peak of a tall bulge under the white sheets. "Is that your knife, or something far more dangerous, poking me just now?"


Leone's hand had already ripped the white sheets off the bed and her eyes widened in anticipation at the pulsing tent Kakashi pitched. "What do you want to do to me?" she laughed. "Or what have you been wanting to do?"

Kakashi was more nervous about this than killing a man. "Have a good time, topple the government, maybe read a little, both with you and the rest of the-" He covered his crotch but she slapped it away.

"Just relax and let me see!" Leone exclaimed as she rolled down his boxers, shocked the assassin with eight inches in length and six inches of girth. "We don't allow hidden weapons in the compound, so I'm going to have to cross examine this blade of yours." She looked up at him with a pouty face, sitting up and squishing her round, perky breasts together. "Did these do that? I assure you, they're very sorry." She rolled up the bottom of her top, letting her twins edge out over the bottom of the fabric, stretching the front even more than usual. "You know, when I was younger, I used to work in a massage clinic. I know the human body better than anyone here, meaning I can push every button that makes you tick, using just my hands I've made experienced guys burst in 15 seconds, you want to know how that feels?"

He was uncomfortable with it, but wanted to see more. "I think we need to talk about this, before we go any further, I mean if anyone else was awake they could hear-"

"What a boner," she giggled, holding her breasts just above the red, bulging head of the Shinobi's skin kunai. "Such weapons need to be-" She shot his erect member through the center of her chest and between her glorious chest, letting his head peek out from in between them with a cute pop.

Kakashi gasped at the amazing, plush and squishy pressure, feeling his heartbeat push against the soft, fleshy suffocation that gyrated in opposite directions on either side of him, making it tilt left or right depending on how she moved. He sat up with his hands behind his back as she and the tube top continued to squeeze and pull and roll lazily around the shaft. Every breath she made hit the hypersensitive head, making him tense up thus expanding upon the pleasure her speciality elicited from his mouth.

"Now that I've got you in here," she said with a victorious smile, making two piece signs with her hands as she rapidly squashed and pulled away from his head. "You sure feel huge, and you should feel grateful, I've known guys who would literally kill someone to fuck these kittens."

"That sounds mentally unhealthy," Kakashi retorted in between his soft moans.

Leone laughed. "Are those your last words? You look like you're about to have a heart attack!" She stuck her cute, round tongue out and bent her head down, lightly flicking the tip. Kakashi's hips bucked at the surprise. "You're so sensitive… I wonder what else I can make you do!"

"Hey!" Kakashi exclaimed. "You need to tell me when you're going to- ohhhHHhHh gOOoooOoOod..." Leone continued licking the head while she squeezed up and down, popping the head into her mouth and rolling it around in soft, warm, wet ecstasy while she looked down at her job with her bright, golden eyes while her head slightly bobbed up and down on his staff. She lapped his head once and looked up at him with that devious smile that told Kakashi there was nothing else he could do. "You want me to stop?"

It didn't take long for him to decide. "Hell no."

Leone squeezed her breasts even tighter as a reward. "Then I'm going to jerk you hard, so you better cum like crazy, okay?"

She didn't give him time to respond and spat on her chest, letting the trail of saliva form a lube around his cock that added a slight shlick with every upward tug. Kakashi felt as if he was being tugged forward, the power in each stroke so intense. She combined this with her oral treatment and Kakashi shut his eyes for a moment as a deep, hot churning within him built up throughout his pelvis and at the base of his member.

"Does it feel that good?" Leone chuckled. "You might be extraordinary but everyone loves my tits, isn't that right?" Kakashi's hips bucked again in response, nearly tagging her in the eye. "Kyahahaha! I've never seen you with thatexpression before. If it feels that good, just cum already."

Her taunting made it even harder to hang on as his shaft bulged, swelling toward the top. Years of elite ninja self discipline couldn't stop what would happen next. "I can't hold it-"

"Do it," she growled, crushing his shaft on both sides with her creamy smooth, wonderful tits and dragging them up while she ran rapid laps around his pulsing head creating a vortex of indescribable joy. She sucked her cheeks inward and sucked up like it was a straw, driving an already crashing Shinobi over the edge.

Kakashi let out a loud groan and locked eyes with Leone, gripping the sides of the bed and curling his toes while he let out burst after burst of hot white satisfaction down her gulping throat. He continued gripping the sides of the bed, his head tilting forward and every muscle tensing as she continued squishing and rolling while she sucked his head like a lollipop while she softly purred at her reward with the corners of her mouth pointing out in a smile. He was out of his league, and at his most sensitive, but she didn't give a damn. She didn't stop until every drop had swirled around in her cheeks and poured down the back of her throat, mercilessly ending his experience with a neat pop. She continued to laugh as he let out a final spurt that went across her face over one eye and into her hair, dripping off the front of her golden locks and eyelashes. Kakashi took a moment to breathe. "Holy shit," he said exasperated, watching her slowly remove him from her chest with a subtle but audible slimy sliding noise. She opened her mouth and stuck out her white tongue, winking at her partner.

"How much were you gonna let out?" she asked. "I thought I was going to drown in all of that!"

"If you had kept going," he said, "you might have taken everything!"

"Oh, trust me," she replied. "I will get everything, especially if you keep cumming so fast. Popping you was a cinch," she giggled, "I've always been proud of my titfucks, but usually the other person's all tuckered out." She lightly tapped Kakashi's hardon, making it wobble from side to side. "You, however, have the endurance I like, I hope."

Footsteps tromping down the hallway turned their faces white. "Is something going on?" Kakashi whispered as Leone slinked over to the side of the bed facing away from the door.

"People probably think you're in trouble," Leone taunted, "with you moaning like a girl and all."

Kakashi scowled, throwing the sheets back onto him while rolling onto his side also away from the door to hide his stiffy. "You're the one who decided to Night Raid me again for the past fifteen minutes, you can't just make a-"

A heavy foot kicked down the door and Tatsumi rushed in, wielding his blade with Lubbock right behind him. "Kakashi, we heard you yelling down the hall, are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine," he said, watching Leone's hand creep up toward the bed. "I just had a nightmare."

"You sounded like you were hurt by something," Lubbock said, "are you sure you're alright?"

Kakashi watched her hand slither under the covers and her palm bumped his head, twisting and rubbing in soft circles with her palm. He clenched his fists and shifted his thighs uncomfortably. "Yes, I'm fine, thank you."

"Well," Tatsumi said, Kakashi's eyes went to the back of his head as Leone silently jerked him toward a second orgasm with her velvety soft hand, mixing in some of his cum with her sweat to create a gooey salve. "Alright. Lubbock, if he says he's okay, then he's okay."

Lubbock shrugged. "Fair enough." Kakashi lurched forward while their backs were turned as she started to rub just at the top, running back and forth over the head rapidly. "G'night, Kakashi."

Leone raised the bed sheet slightly, letting a second stream of cum fly out from underneath and pelt the window. "So thick," she whispered, "it's like you've never masturbated before." The boys left and locked the door from behind. Leone couldn't repress her quiet, honeyed giggle as she moved to the door again, leaving a dually tapped Shinobi defeated in his own room. She reached for the handle but felt a strong grip on her hand. "Oh?" she said, turning around and receiving a wild kiss from her less experienced friend, but it was passionate and yearning, and after making him explode while the other boys were in the room made her horny all over again. She returned the gesture, grabbing him around the waist and squeezing his tight ass as she dominated him again, scratching his shoulders as she edged him toward the bed with her tongue pushing against his in the same direction. "Lie down," she whispered into his ear.

"No," Kakashi defied her, reaching for her scarf and throwing it onto the chair in the corner. He reached behind her back at the zipper for her tube top and carefully unzipped it.

"Ooh, be mindful," she said, leaning onto his shoulder as he flung it off. Her breasts pushed forward a little bit, letting Kakashi marvel at their size, roundness, firmness and perkiness of her cute, pink nipples. "You're going past the point of no-"

Kakashi kissed her again, reaching for her belt and helping her take it off. He continued down her body, exploring her flat, toned stomach and running his hands along her wide hips and bubble butt concealed only by a black thong under baggy, white pants. Finally he removed her thong, welcoming him to her dripping, bald, pink pussy with tight, thin lips and a cute, button-like clit on a slightly puffy vagina. His eyes widened and he stopped for a moment, cautiously running his hands among the inside of her thick thighs. She laughed again in a condescending tone.

"Get onto the bed, you don't know what you're doing, if I wasn't on the pill you probably would have knocked me up prematurely," she said, biting her bottom lip as he reluctantly agreed so she could watch his rippling back muscles flex their way over. "I didn't intend it to get this far, and usually I like more experienced guys who know what they're doing," she said, glancing at his mindless expression and back at his hardon, "but then you had to go and make me wet, are you going to do something about that?"

"I do know multiple Water Releases," Kakashi teased coyly, making her roll her eyes.

Leone straddled his legs while gripping the head. "You know, most assassins can't handle cumming more than once with me, Bulat and I even did it once to see how he'd fare, and he's gay." She looked him in the eyes again with that steamy smile, slowly sliding her shaved, aching lips up all eight inches of his cock while biting her bottom lip. "He popped twice and fell asleep, but you… what you don't have in skill, you have in stamina." She chuckled at the talented assassin's thunderstruck face and soft moans. "Typically, I require both and end up getting myself off after round 2, but now I can't hold back. Are you sure you're ready for this It hasn't even gone in yet and you look like you're about to shoot again, what do you even do when you're horny?" she said, reaching for his book and flipping to a random page, reading it aloud as she continued to grind him with her oozing, slimy entrance. "He sensually rubbed her areolas with his hands, her dulcet, pleasing whimpers of bliss setting Hitomi ablaze with passion-" She laughed and tossed the book aside. "Is this what you're getting off to?"

"It's a good story, with action, romance and love," Kakashi argued.

Leone prodded the oozing head of the impressive saber in front of her. "Bullshit, you pervert," she laughed, "are you a virgin or something?"

Kakashi stopped speaking and turned away, flustered again.

Leone gasped, gripping the high shaft of the knife with her right hand and softly rubbing up and down. "Holy shit, you are!" she laughed. "That explains so much- I'm gonna fucking destroy you!" Her demonic grin returned and she raised her hips, stretching her folds open so Kakashi could see the pink, dripping sleeve of heaven beckoning him inside. "I'm so sorry, after tonight you'll never want to read another book again." Kakashi swallowed in anticipation and watched every moment in agonizing detail, the closer her passage approached his key. The head prodded the entrance and he winced. She slowly bent forward, breathing heavily on his neck and chin. "You've got such a nice dick, and its first time is gonna be all mine," she said, licking his neck like an electric rod. She sat up again, initiating the plunge. She blushed heavily as he parted her lips, filling her out in measures indescribable by the virgin.

"Warm, slippery, wet, smooth," Kakashi said, sitting up a little as she coiled down on him, her juicy lips hitting his smooth crotch and locking him into her snug, bumpy receptacle. She smiled and tapped six inches above her second mouth.

"You're right here," she said, "do you feel that?"

Kakashi simply nodded in between shallow breaths.

Leone tilted her head in confusion. "You're not going to tell me you want to cum, I just put it in!"

"No, it's not that," he said, "you do know that by avoiding the refractory period twice, I'm really goddamn sensitive down there."

"Then," she said, wrapping her legs around his back and rolling onto hers, pushing him deep inside her rolling snatch. "Go at your own pace," she said with a smile, "unless you're feeling scared." Kakashi swallowed nervously and pulled back, slowly pushing himself in again as he savored every tingle that went up his spine. "Well? You virgins are such a burden, pump faster!"

Kakashi followed her orders more than willingly, slamming himself in again and making her gasp at the sudden force. Her eyes widened and her nails scratched at his back. "You like that?" he asked, receiving an excited nod as she hugged him tightly, letting out a cute, high pitched yelp with each powerful thrust. Kakashi continued speeding up. He wanted more of it, needing to hit it faster and harder as the itch her tight slit transferred to him growing more and more intense. He pulled out and rolled her onto her back. "I want to do it this way," he said, seeing her raise onto her hands and needs. She wiggled her apple shaped, bubble butt to tease him and he took the bait, plunging with such intensity that Leone's claws popped out and she ripped at the sheets. Kakashi developed a fast rhythm that was mind-numbingly ecstatic, living for the sound her cheeks made when they hit his hips. He let out another groan and gripped her ass.

"Slap it," she ordered, "slap it hard-" she grit her teeth as his hand came down hard, vibrating her perfect ass and feeling him lean forward onto her. "Is my pussy that good?"

"I'm going to make you cum all over the bed," he growled, "you're not going to be able to walk once I'm through with this wonderful pussy!"

"Yes, yes, yessss," she purred, receiving what she wanted in spades and thrusting back with equal force. "You have that frantic style of an inexperienced dirty boy, and I love it!" She continued her light yips and Kakashi groaned, sitting her fat ass against him and placing one hand under her heavy breast while kissing her neck and using his other hand to support her juicy thighs while she bounces. He pressed his chest against her back while she moved his hand down to her pelvis, letting him feel her walls open and close again with a slight tumbling sensation. "And you better not-"

"I'm gonna come!" Kakashi said in between hard grunts.

"Well that was fast!" Leone chuckled, fading into a sigh, "but I guess it couldn't be helped." She laid back, pushing the center line from the head of his penis down the shaft onto the clit directly as he chugged along inside like a freight train and turned around, being her knees up and down as she rode him full cowgirl style. She ran her hands through his soft hair, pulling him up pressing her forehead against his. "I wanna see your face when you come," she said in between short breaths, returning to her cattish rawls the harder he bumped her womb. "Damn, you actually might see mine too-"

"Shit!" Kakashi exclaimed. Leone pumped one arm in victory and she clamped down tight, giggling giddily in anticipation for the finale.

"That's the way I like it," she exasperated, gasping again as he took control briefly. "Oh fuck!" She bit his neck hard as he exploded inside her, she scratched from the center of his back outwards and moaned loudly, her tongue hanging out of her mouth as she let forth a counterflow of warm, runny squirt on his abs and thighs that ran down to his thick, fruity solution rushing into her body that overflowed in a small, sticky pool of white underneath her welcoming lips. "There you go," she said softly, "cum to momma, your balls must be putting everything they've got into this, god, virgin creampies are the best!"

Kakashi sat straight up and gripped her buttcheeks, kissing her wildly as if he'd lose the moment for good. She kissed him back while slowly grinding on the mess while he was still inside, keeping him rock-hard as the itch inside her begged to get scratched even more. "That was exhilarating," he said, trying to pull out. She grabbed his ass and yanked him forward, the sudden re-entry on his head making the ninja groan again.

"Kukukukuku… We haven't even started yet," she cried, her hungry, golden eyes locking onto Kakashi's thunderstruck, relaxed ones. Leone put her hands on his shoulders and raised again, her eyes rolling up at the feeling of his meaty cock bulging in the middle and thinning toward the head and base. "And you better get used to it if you think you're going to keep making moves on me," she said, "because we're not going to stop-" she leaned into his ear again. "-until I'm completely satisfied."

Kakashi came to the realization that she wasn't planning on letting him sleep tonight, not that he felt he'd want to.

"Don't worry about it breaking or anything," she said, "It's not like you're not gonna get soft inside me anyway."

Kakashi tensed up with every bounce, her organ coiling and uncoiling around his shaft and his sensitive head lightly kissing the end of her sugary sleeve. Leone gripped his shoulders tightly as her hips rapidly slammed down in his pelvis, pounding pleasure pulsating through the ninja's body. The mixture of yelps and groans filled the room again, this time with Kakashi on top and thrusting all he had into her as she bit his neck again. He burst again with a louder moan and Leone squealed in delight as another stream of hot ejaculate painted his abs. Kakashi nearly collapsed inside her and huffed heavily. "I came in an instant," he said, growing hard as she squeezed and released with her pocket.

She rolled on top again, facing him with that wide, evil smile once more. "I guess it's my turn now," she said confidently, "enjoy the view." She turned around, squatting as she lowered her bouncy, tight butt onto him and took him all the way. Her tempo was slow at first, grinding and slowly jamming herself down onto him. As if a switch had been flipped on, he hit his pelvis faster than anything unlike he had ever thought was possible. Her exquisite slot jerked Kakashi rapidly, bouncing and shaking her ass from side to side and in wide circles with the hips. Her mastery of his body part was pristine and her pussy like a honey jar, and cumming three times in a row with her only validated that assumption. "Keeping cumming rapidly, that feels so fucking good," she said, throwing it back when she leaned forward. "Just like that baby," she said with a tired laugh. "I'll be done soon," she promised, rotating her body in small circles as she pulled out and pushed in like a circular vacuum tube. The sliminess and wetness of her natural lube made it slide in and out with ease.

"No please," Kakashi said, hugging her across the front and jackhammering upward, "take your time."

Leone squeezed shut again and another spurt filled her to the brim. Kakashi's knees trembled but he was determined to enjoy as much of this as he possibly could. "You sure about that?"

Kakashi licked up the back of her neck, making her spine tingle. The itch down where she couldn't reach resurged.

"You've just sealed your fate!" she cried, milking him happily for the next four hours. They came together for the final time with Leone on top, whipping his cock out and letting that burst shot spray across her stomach, chest, face, and hair while her legs shook back and forth violently from his precise strikes of splendor that spliced her in all the right places. His cum dripped down her face like little raindrops of victory she gained over Kakashi as he finally laid back, admitting his defeat. She laughed in between hard breaths as the last of her earth-shattering orgasm oozed off the bed and onto the floor. She let the adrenaline pass and stuck it back in again, licking her lips in a perverted yet exhausted state. She leaned forward and pulled the sheets again over them. "Damn, I needed that."


The night passed with them locked together chest to chest, but the night wouldn't last very long.

Bulat kicked down the door as the black of night faded into the dark blue just before the dawn. "The base is being attacked!" he barked, ripping their eyes open and quickly closing the door. "Oh my," he said, putting a hand over his mouth to stifle the laughter.

Leone dismounted the groggy Shinobi. "Do you think he saw us?" she chuckled, going to the sink by the window to wash her face off and splash some of last night off her body before she could get into a real bath.

"Yes," Kakashi said bluntly, figuring it was no use getting embarrassed over. He reached into his black backpack and handed her a water canteen. "This might be easier than using your hands." He felt the bruises on his neck and covered them up with his facemask. "Although it won't get rid of this."

"Oh, suck it up," Leone said, taking the canteen as he pulled his perfectly folded uniform out and changing into it. He donned the facemask and checked his blade before sheathing it on his back. "You know you loved it."

"I never said I didn't," Kakashi said suggestively, "you cannot tell right now, but I am winking."

Leone finished dressing and yanked open the door. "Let's go." She turned around, finding him already gone. "Well alright!"

The team gathered outside with Najenda giving a briefing of the situation as they entered the dark surrounding forests. Lubbock held an interesting position, with his arms outstretched and fine strings wrapped around his finger that you could only see by the glinting of the material from the rising sun. "Good, you're all here," she said, "as much as we hoped what triggered Lubbock's trap was a rabbit or a dog, it appears to be a band of recall agents outsourced by the Empire." That statement made the ninja tense. That meant there was more than just the Empire Konohagakure needed to focus on. "Lubbock will stay here and monitor their advancement upon the compound, your job is to make sure Lubbock won't have to monitor much. Mine, stay here with Lubbock in case any slip through the cracks."

Mine groaned and stomped over to Lubbock with her arms folded and her man-sized high tech rifle leaned up against her.

"As for me, I have matters elsewhere," she said, entering the compound. "I do not need to wish you luck."

Tatsumi brandished his blade enthusiastically. "Then let's get 'em!"

Leone transformed into her lion state and vanished in a flash of gold. Akame drew her katana and spun it around as it took a strange red and black aura that made Kakashi feel cold just looking at it. Bulat seemed to be changing as well, as a solid palm into the ground and a quick incantation plated him with the suit of impenetrable armor with his sword that he had faced when they first met. "Activate, Incursio!" he exclaimed, letting a light, golden energy envelop him and turn his blade into a six-foot lance with a broad, red head that made it look like a piked axe. Kakashi felt his stomach drop in that moment as hindsight made him look back on just how much danger he had put himself in trying to fight him, even Sheele's special weapon roared to life with demonic energy that made the dull, rusty shears clean and incredibly fine.

"Kakashi!" Tatsumi whisper-shouted, seeing the main members leap into action. "Did. You. See. That?!"

Kakashi couldn't help his amazement. "Remember when we tried killing them?"

Tatsumi laughed but then turned to him, sweating profusely as he laughed with a sad frown. "I don't want to."

Bulat laughed from behind them, scaring the life out of both of them. "We're not your targets, Bulat!" Kakashi said, "I think you might have killed Tatsumi over here!"

Bulat ran in between them. "I need you two to split up, we need to search as much ground as possible for these bastards, and if you could call me bro, that'd be nice. Bye!" He rocketed into the air with a massive leap, landing nearly on the other side of the forest.

"You got it, bro!" Tatsumi said. "Kakashi, get out there and beat some ass!"

"We'll be back before breakfast," the ninja said dryly, running straight at a tree then vertically up the side with his arms behind his back. Tatsumi stopped with his jaw in the grass.

"What the fuck?" Tatsumi exclaimed, just shaking his head and continuing toward the enemy.

Kakashi continued from the treetops, quickly seeing at least twenty five not-so-stealthy special forces running quietly toward the base. He leaped forward, performing another series of handsigns and stopping on one. "Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu!" he announced. Four pillars of smoke next to him materialized into four running copies of himself, wielding weapons and wearing the masks. "Spread out," he said, "let Night Raid and the enemy only see one of us."

The clones nodded and dived from the trees. Kakashi followed them, landing in the center of a group of seven heading straight for the compound. The group stopped and turned around, surrounding the ninja with their scimitars and lances brandished and ready. "Are you one of them Night Raid assassins?"

"I'm here to kill you for shits and giggles, yes," Kakashi said dryly, driving his sword through a man's chest and kicking his partner in his jaw so hard it snapped. He landed on his feet as the other five rushed him at the same time. "You're just following orders, but you've picked a bad employer."

Three strikes cut them down, allowing him to move onto the next group. The sun rose and the blood fell freely; Kakashi returned to the camp after cutting down his clones where no one would see it, and on the way he found the bulk of their band by the river surrounding one individual with a black and red blade. He decided to watch from the trees as Akame did what she did best, cutting down enemies faster than they could react. Within seconds, the pool of blood around her feet was enough to send them running, but multiple kunai and a couple well-placed kicks sealed the deal. "There you are!" she exclaimed. "I was wondering where you went!"

"Splitting up was the most efficient," he lied, following the amazing swordswoman back to the compound. "I came back to find you, but I would have been in the way."

Akame frowned. "I thought you had gotten hurt," she said, looking up at him as they met with the rest of their team at Lubbock and Mine's position. "What did I tell you about that?"

"I haven't been hit yet," Kakashi said, "and when the times comes I'll spare no details."

"All clear," Lubbock said, allowing the team to take a collective sigh.

"So what now?" Tatsumi asked. "Food?"

"Training!" Bulat exclaimed to Tatsumi's dismay. "Get washed and dressed, you're going with Mine today, Kakashi can go with Sheele. Let's get on that grind!"

Kakashi slipped his mask into his pocket and looked at the ditzy, beautiful purple-haired assassin. Her hair was messy from the night before and her baggy rabbit-themed pajamas were caked in someone else's blood. She simply tilted her head and smiled softly. Kakashi nodded to her. "When would you like to begin?"

Sheele took a moment to think, with a hand on her hip and another on her chin. "At noon, no, eleven."

"Eleven?" Kakashi confirmed.

"I'll knock on your door," she said softly, walking back to her room. "Wear something casual, we're just running some errands for Akame and I'll need your help." Kakashi thanked god he could wash up and did so; sex and blood didn't make the best smell. He walked out of the bathroom in black shorts and his facemask and walked back to his room, seeing the green-haired surveillance master waiting for him.

"Hey Lubbock," Kakashi said, stepping into his room but stopped by a hand on his shoulder.

"Kakashi, my man, how's it going?" he asked with a shit-eating grin Kakashi likened to the ANBU chairman as he sucked up to the Hokage.

"Can I get dressed first?" he asked.

"This is important," Lubbock said, "I need your help on two things." He pulled Kakashi into the room and slammed the door shut. Kakashi sighed and went into his backpack, throwing on a gray tee-shirt with a brown smiling pug on it with khaki shorts, making his thigh pouch look like a fanny pack. If anyone asked about the mask, he was sick. "First of all, I would like to applaud you. No one here that I know of has made it this far. Bulat mentioned to me that you and Leone-" he leaned in close to the Shinobi. "-did things, thingish… things... things that would allow you to provide me with some necessary... information."

Kakashi saw the camera in Lubbock's hands and recognized that other look on his face, the one belonging to the author of the book on his bedside table. "Absolutely not."

"This is your training," he said quickly, "in stealth. If you do not comply I will tell Najenda."

Kakashi scoffed. "Why would she allow any of this?"

Lubbock grinned deviously, pulling out a mission ledger of which Najenda signed from his green hoodie pocket. "Because she has a great sense of humor."

Kakashi snatched the sheet from him faster than he could react. "No way!"

Lubbock cackled, his generally calm voice cracking into shrill insanity. "You have to do it! I can compensate you greatly for up close shots!"

"I said no," Kakashi said.

"Do it," Lubbock insisted.

"Or else what?" Kakashi asked.

Lubbock was a little taller than the Shinobi, but judging by this morning it would be a bad move to take on this guy in a fight. Lubbock darted for the bedside table and Kakashi gasped.

"You wouldn't!" he exclaimed as Lubbock snatched the book laughing. Kakashi growled in anger, lunging forward and beginning a chase around the room.

Lubbock flipped the book to the last page and Kakashi's heart sank. The room dropped thirty degrees but all Kakashi could do was sweat. "I'll do it! I'll spoil the end of this…" Lubbock read a few sentences and his face bunched up as the lewdness from the text hit his eyes. He held it sideways, letting some of the pages flip down as he read the words. "This is porn."

"It's a realistic tale of action, heroism and romance!" Kakashi argued, "and I will not get you those-"

"Hitomi collapsed into Daisuke's arms," Lubbock read with a sly grin, "the tower-"

"No!" Kakashi bellowed, plugging his ears. "Okay! Okay! I'll take your damn pictures!"

Lubbock laughed and closed the book, as soon as he did he felt the sting of Kakashi's heel knock the book back onto the table standing up. "Deal?"

There was a knock at the door. "Kakashi?" Sheele's voice said.

"Coming!" Kakashi said.

"Look, take it," Lubbock whispered, "Leone's heading to the hot springs at two thirty tonight after she returns from her mission, all I need is a breast shot and maybe a few of dat ass."

"You'll get your pics alright," Kakashi said with enough salt in his voice to put in a shaker. He tossed the camera onto his bed.

Lubbock jumped out the window as Sheele opened the door. "You must hurry, the marketplace has sales this time of day."

"My apologies," Kakashi said, clearing his throat.

"Then let's be on our way?" she said.

Kakashi followed her out of the compound and into the Capitol again in a long row of food stands with fresh and occasionally not as fresh produce, meat, and fish. It was definitely busy this time of day, as not a step hit the ground without stepping on someone's toes. It was a nice day out too, everyone bringing along their kids or dogs with them, meeting up with friends, but some incidents within the normality raised concern. "Some of these people look quite unhappy," he noted.

Sheele sighed. "They're unsatisfied with the Minister's government," she said, "the quicker he's out, the better."

Prime target, identified? Kakashi would save that for the letter. "Speaking of that, are you sure you should be out in public?"

Sheele smiled. "I haven't been caught in this part of town," she said, her smile fading. "Yet." She gasped and ran toward a stand selling cantaloupe. "Kakashi! Get that sale!" she ordered, tossing him a bag of gold coins. She cried out and fell forward, her glasses flying off her face and vanishing in the crowd. "Oh no, oh no! My glasses!" she said. "You have to help me find my glasses!"

Kakashi looked around frantically, staying calm but annoyed at the rude shoppers bumping Sheele around and calling her names as they were slightly inconvenienced. He pushed through a crowd of deal sharks and found the pair of glasses just as they were going underneath a stocky, flat-footed child's heel. He darted forward and hooked her leg up, crouching and snatching the glasses before the kid crushed the glass. He looked at the fuming mom of the now crying kid and put her glasses on, smiling nervously at the mother bear. "Sorry."

"Sorry?!" she barked, swinging her purse at him. Kakashi leaned back and found an opening within the crowd that led to Sheele's face. He whipped the glasses across the market grounds onto her face, making her fall back in surprise. He dodged another purse strike and flipped over the crowd, distancing himself from the family. He helped Sheele to her feet.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

Sheele was red from embarrassment. "Yes, thank you." She looked down, seeing some of the dirt on her stockings and a little on the front of her dress. "I made a scene. I'm sorry you had to see that."

"Sorry for what?" Kakashi said. "You lost your glasses, guys were jerks. Please, don't worry about it."

"It just-" Sheele fastened her glasses with a huff. "It happens a lot. I can be clumsy at times."

Kakashi folded his arms. "From what I saw you do this morning, that's hard to believe."

Sheele appreciated that statement. "It's the only thing I'm good at."

"Well, it's true that you're bad at being humble about how cool you are," Kakashi said, making her laugh a little. He used to have a friend who was a little ditzy, he realized how getting dogged because of it made them feel. His friend helped him now more than ever, but he'd give it back to have all of him again. "Lead the way."

Sheele put on a determined grin. "Right! We'll shop like no team has ever done before!"

"I feel empowered!" Kakashi said, feeling that less and less as he was soon in charge of all the bags. The masses froze as a bell tower sounded three times and like bugs in the light they scattered and thinned into anyone brave enough to stay on the street. "What's happening?"

Sheele's face went dark. "It's an execution," she said, turning to the ninja. "Those three rings indicate the capture and crucifixion of an enemy of the Empire." Her expression was grave. "In the past, that was used to signal the death of one of us."

Kakashi hefted the bags on his shoulders and followed Sheele worriedly to a large mass outside a pyramid of crucifixions in the cobblestone central square in front of a running lake leading outside the walls and into the countryside. The sun cast a black shadow upon those executed, some elderly, others children, no one was spared. One in particular caught Kakashi's attention in a terrifying convention. They left the young woman's forehead protector on as she died, slowly bleeding out from a stomach gash like a stuck pig. He set down the bags and quickly pushed the people to the front, stopped by a line of guards wearing light armor.

"Back the fuck up," one guard spat, pushing Kakashi into the arms of other observers that pushed him back to his feet.

"Kakashi, wait," Sheele said, slowly but politely making her way through the crowd.

Her protector had been frozen over on one side, melting from the sun, but he could still recognize her heritage from the black spider etched into the steel. "Tsuchigumo…" he realized, remembering them from the war. They were allies to Konoha. She wore a special operative uniform too; she came here on the same pretenses as he did, now a daughter, mother, sister, lover, or friend wasn't coming home. She had obscene and derogatory messages carved into her skin that had been infected for days, some of the bigger wounds hosting maggots already. Her hair had been ripped out in chunks with bits of her scalp and she slowly looked down, locking eyes with the saddened ally. She and Kakashi kept their gaze into one another's eyes, and as the soft wind blew Kakashi's hair out of his face her thousand yard stare seemed to widen into a sense of unvocalized surprise. She recognized that ace in the hole, slowly rotating forever in the infamous ANBU's eye. Moreover, she recognized the ninja wielding that power. Konoha's acting, he could tell that's what she was thinking.

She looked down at him and smiled, letting the blood run down from in between her teeth and onto her blue flak jacket as her soul went in the opposite direction. Kakashi simply bowed his head, accepting the burden willingly of fighting for both of them. "It's horrible," Sheele said, "this is how they keep us in check, through intimidation and subjugation."

One of the guards that overheard her shot her a glare. "You shut the fuck up and move along before my boys and I heist you up there too." His friends laughed and tapped their lances on the ground. The crowd backed away from the guards, searching for the assassin speaking her mind.

Sheele covered her mouth and pulled Kakashi by the hand. "Let's go."

"These are the stains hired to protect-" Sheele stopped Kakashi's words with a finger over his mouth.

"It's not worth it, not here, but don't worry," Sheele said, her voice changing into a grave but intent overtone of her calming voice. "There will be plenty of opportunity."

"Hey, you actually look like some the bitches from over there too," the same guard called out. Kakashi's fists balled up and Sheele heard the bags drop under his knuckles cracking. "They're feisty and never break, but that made it all the more fun to do, you wanna know how that feels?" His friends continued to laugh hysterically.

Sheele grabbed Kakashi's hand and looked at him with a frantic and enraged expression as well, shaking her head in small, loud statements against what he was about to do. Kakashi relented and took a deep breath, much to her relief. He picked up the bags again.

"I was on that excursion squad with General Esdeath," the guard shouted, sensing he was getting a reaction out of the crowd with his vulgar depictions. "There was this one smoking babe, brown hair, blue eyes, she moved the water with her mind or some shit like that, she killed about eight of us until we stuffed her and her cuck of a guy friend with our swords, they only had six fucks guarding the whole border! If it's that easy then no one's gonna stop us from-"

Kakashi instead pulled Sheele's hand. "I'm going to slit their throats if we don't leave."

Sheele looked back at the martyr then at Kakashi. "Did you know her?"

No he did not, but in a way they were one and the same. "It's the brutality behind it all, maybe I just need to develop thicker skin while I'm here."

Sheele saw the anger in his face and her heart grew heavy. "It means that you're compassionate and have a sense of morality, but there was a connection between you two, no doubt about it. You felt her pain more than I ever could."

"In my village, many friends of mine met similar fates," he said, "they recognized that in the end, everyone's buried in the same mud. What I saw there…" He trailed off then looked back at Sheele with a straight face hiding sorrow. "It hit a little close to home."

From his prior performance it was obvious he wasn't an amateur, but just what kind of soldier was he? "I might be airheaded but I'm still an assassin," she said. "You're not an assassin, are you?"

"No," Kakashi said as they reached the border. "Not yet, at least." He turned to her and extended his hand.

Sheele led him to the country roads again and back to the compound, walking in as Najenda entered from the secret front entrance. She took her boss's chair and continued flipping through a stack of requests, reading each one thoroughly before putting it into one of two piles on the end of the dining room table while sipping a glass of red wine. She smiled at their entry. "From the looks of it, he passed?"

The ninja's brow furrowed in confusion. "What test?"

"You passed my training today," Sheele said, sounding sad for his achievement. "This is the most grueling, but as assassins we must keep our cool in all situations. Their descriptions of what they would do to the soldiers of the Land of Fire…" she tried to find a proper word. "Deplorable, but you kept a level head and kept from causing a scene with the mother."

"Losing your glasses was also a test?" Kakashi asked.

Sheele blushed again. "Well, no, but it showed that you're competent and can stay calm."

Najenda chuckled. "I applaud your teamwork, especially this morning on the battlefield, Kakashi." The Shinobi looked at her knowing expression. "It seemed as if you were in five places at once."

Kakashi played it off as a compliment. "Sheele was taking off more heads than me, most of the time I was trying to stay out of the way."

He had a feeling she knew he was lying, but he couldn't let her know that. "The latter is contradicted by the countless Shuriken wounds found in their bodies, Kakashi."

Kakashi laughed nervously. "Oh, it was-"

"Bulat is quite impressed, the rest of us are," she said, handing Sheele a picture of their next target. "Which is why you and Sheele will continue working together tonight to bring down your next target. The rest of the team will be taking down a relative of the Prime Minister, but we need you to assassinate the remaining two training heads of their infantry. They're already maxing out trainer hours and the army's combat readiness is showing it. We need you to make them suspend the program for awhile."

Kakashi and Sheele looked at each other confidently and nodded. "Consider them-"

"Dead," Najenda finished for them. "Good. I want you both back by midnight."

She would not be getting them back by midnight, as it was evident to the Shinobi how often Sheele used a stealthy approach with her apologizing or losing her glasses every now and again. He didn't get mad behind it, anything that came her way she'd cut it in half. The moonlight guided their path to a five story temple at the top of a tall, grassy hill among a stretch of rolling hills with a paved path on the side for shipments. All carriages were in the driveway, and the horses in the stable on the opposite end. The lights were out in the temple, but they didn't want to walk in as of no one was home. Kakashi drew his sword and crept forward with Sheele in the front. "Captain Toguro and Bui stay on the third floor when finishing black belt testing," she said, "the students are not our targets, so don't kill them unless they leave you no choice."

"There are no entrances," he said, finding no door and very thin slits for windows in the decorated, red and gold training prison.

Sheele smirked. "This is where I'm useful."

Kakashi trusted her and followed her lead, jumping onto the wall of the third floor. Sheele let out a high-pitched yelp as her foot slipped, but Kakashi caught her hand just in time. "You okay?"

She was embarrassed again but relieved. "Yes," she whispered, smiling as she slowly pushed her shears through the foot-thick brick walls. She giggled at his awe for her weapon. "Say hello to my Teigu, Extase," she said, spinning her blade and chopping a big circle into the side. "She can cut through anything-"

"Hey!" a hoarse voice from inside the dojo exclaimed. The light was on, thirty angry, sweaty black belts had been training in the room at the time, but there were no masters to be found.

Kakashi and Sheele looked at each other, confirming the proper assessment of the situation they were in. "Shit," the said, slipping into the sparring floor and onto the mat. They saw two spiral staircases in the corners of the square room.

"You guys must be Night Raid!" one student wielding a blade said, pointing it at the duo. "Kill them both! We don't need the Captains to take you down! Surround them!"

The two assassins stood back to back, staring down 15 soldiers planning on skewering them. "Take the top floors, I'll take the bottom," Sheele ordered.

"Charge!" the ringleader shouted, racing to stab them in every possible place.

Kakashi threw down a black smoke bomb and he darted through the crowd of budding masters while Sheele dropped through a hole she cut in around herself.

"Split up," the ringleader ordered between coughs, stumbling toward the fourth floor. Kakashi was already up the stairs, breaking bones and punching blood out of anyone in his way. As the mob from the third floor joined him on the elite dojo floor he found himself surrounded again by black belts. "You must be tired of living," the ringleader said again, "all of us have at least killed 50 men, what's one man gonna do? Kick his ass!"

Kakashi chuckled. "I remember when I got my first black belt," he said, charging one edge of the crowd itself. "It can be a humbling experience. Let me show you." The crack of the first jaw led into a wild melee where the Shinobi didn't bother using any jutsu, no bone was sacred to break. In the end, the school laid flat on their asses, groaning and rolling with pain. Kakashi rushed up to the next floor, finding only boxes, training dummies, and containers. Sheele was taking on both instructors alone. "Shit!" He ran down the stairs again past the second floor, admiring and feeling a little terrified behind her handiwork. He ended up on the first floor, a small room with two bedrolls on either side of the lantern-lit chamber. Sheele stood in between the two heavyweight masters with little worry on her face, rather a gaunt and haunting expression the Shinobi could only describe as a looming death. She tilted her head to the side in a cute but off putting fashion with Extase covered in blood by her side.

"Take this bitch's head!" one master cried out, charging with a flying spin of his longsword. Sheele didn't bother turning toward him and leaned back.

"Sorry, to both of you." She rolled underneath her opponent and let Extase take the kill, chopping the man in half.

The other master let out a cry of rage and gave Sheele a better match, but the contrast between her usual self and the demon wielding the giant scissors could not be understated. Every move was fluid like a bloodstream and quick as a guillotine, calculated and carried out with ease, with her stone cold face of indifference broke the spirit of anyone unfortunate to be in her way. Kakashi had seen more vicious and awe-inspiring Shinobi and Kunoichi in the field, but no one ended life like they were hardwired for it to the effect as she did. She cut through the second master's sword like butter and the buff swordsman leaned back, yelping in pain as she cleaved through his nose. Sheele pushed forward and opened her scissors again, staying silent under his screams for help as she decapitated him. The blood fountain sprayed all over her dress and face and her aloof smile returned. He wasn't sure if that disgusted him, or made her more attractive in the scariest way possible.

"That was messy," Kakashi said.

"But the job is done-" She tripped over one of the bodies but caught herself with Extase. "Whoops! Silly me, falling all over everything," she laughed, despite the surgical precision she practiced just seconds ago. She was a completely different person. "Shall we go?"

Kakashi cleared his throat, seeing the blood running down her face as a warning to stay on her good side. "Lead the way- do you need me to clean your glasses?"

"No, but thanks anyway." Sheele took them off curiously and wiped the blood from them onto her dress. She put them back on. "You and I make a pretty good team, I'd say."

They left the compound in the dead of night, leaving within the black forests on foot. "That was all you," Kakashi said, "I didn't want to get in the way or else…" He made the gesture with his thumb across his neck.

"Najenda paired us because you're quite agile for a new assassin," she said, "we balance each other out."

Kakashi rubbed his chin, thinking back on the guy that got popped like a zit. "Then she's underestimating you."

"We'll work together more, I'll show you what I mean," she said, nearly running into the table as they entered the compound. She and Kakashi went down the hallway and Kakashi stopped at his door, receiving a light hug from behind. "Just stay alive for me, alright?"

Kakashi chuckled. "Wasn't planning on dying. Goodnight." He went into his room and closed the door, mentally preparing for his next task with his inner thoughts and the silence. He reluctantly reached for the camera Lubbock assigned him and looked on his bedside table, seeing the wind-up clock reading the time as two and a small scroll opened revealing a map going to the hot springs. He took off his wolf mask and set it down, shaking out his hair and walking to the mirror to look himself in the eyes. "You, are, a man," he said, but then morals hit him in the face, "a man who's about to get killed if he's caught, but Lubbock will get his due." He stopped talking and turned in the mirror, seeing his wolf mask not where it should be. He stood at the edge of his bed, letting the three black tomoe in his red eye whirl to life. His hand went toward his thigh pouch, but to his dismay and surprise that had been swiped too. He flicked his wrist, shimmying the kunai from his sleeve into his hand. She wasn't sneaky nor fast enough to evade a Shinobi. "Those don't belong to you."

"I know, take them back from me," Najenda said. Kakashi whirled around and threw the kunai. She knew it was just meant to scare her, but she caught it anyway. "Resourceful, fast, dangerous, just as I expected."

Najenda knew if things went awry, it would take all of Night Raid to put him down. "Can I help you?" Kakashi asked.

Najenda handed him his belongings, keeping an arm's distance. "We have our intel operatives too," she said with that same knowing smirk, heading toward the door.

"Now hold on just a-"

"We will speak on this later," she said. "This is on a need to know basis, and as of now, it's you and me. You have pictures to take." She closed the door and Kakashi rushed to open it again, but she was already gone like a ghost fading into the darkness. He closed the door again. He felt it was no longer just him and his own thoughts. Certainly, that would complicate things.