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General Pov

As the very axis of the earth slipped away like water from under her feet, a crackling heat flooded her veins that filled her body from the ends of toes to the tips of her hair. The world flashed with colours, colours she couldn't see before. Threads burst from everything as she tried to close her eyes but they wouldn't listen.

Her eyes watered and her brain felt like it's been used as a ball. Things she shouldn't be able to see were now dominating her sight.

Black sticky oil stripes that boiled away the colours away from its surroundings replaced the roads. Like the poison Aunt Petunia poured onto the wild lilies that appeared in her garden.

Twisting carelessly like a leaf in the wind, she was thrown.

Then she regained her equilibrium, her eyes were gifted with the sight that people in surrey rarely, if they ever, see in their whole life. The whole town was… tiny. So small it seemed she could pick buildings by pinching them between her fingers. It was like her body forgot what gravity is, and decided to do what it wants. Or maybe it was the other way around?

Her scream was lost in the air and cut off without a whisper.

'How do I get down? Or move at all?' She thought as she spun in a cartwheeling barrel roll. Her chest felt funny like there was something missing only to be replaced abruptly with a different thing.

She tried kicking her legs but she just flipped over. So she crossed her ankles while she pressed her mind for an idea. I wanted to fly like the lost children. I wanted it really really badly so...

'Just wriggle your shoulders and think of where you what to go.' (1) A memory from the library popped into her mind.

"Of course my happy thought was flying I just have to finish the steps." She breathed deep, then shook her shoulders in random shapes. 'Forward, I want to go forward.' Imaging herself flying forward, it took a while but her body inched slowly after a while.

"I did it I flew." Gasping with exhilaration and physical exhaustion. "A few feet is a good start. Maybe I can rest on that cloud over there."

After a few heart jolting drops, a dozen traumatized pigeons and one janitor she was able to get to rise to the level of the clouds. "O.K. it's the same as flying, I want to sit on the clouds so I can." She stared at the cloud wishing that it was as solid as it looked.

She pushed a bit and sunk deeply then stopped. It was like a very firm sponge like the ones used to wash Vernon's company car.

"Eeeeeep! It worked, I did it!" Muffled voice pitching in excitement. A hand clasped over her mouth, knowing making noise was a bad idea. Pushing the other hand down on the cloud with the same results, she slowly climbed on to sit on the edge. Glancing down at the town realizing she should be feeling some sort of panic or fear.

"That's what I'm missing in my chest, well I don't miss it I like this bubbly feeling better". She spoke and she convinced herself with a nod of her head. "I never felt this before it's nice and warm. I won't let the mean people in the house know they take it away."

Yawning she flopped backwards with a laugh when she bounced up a little. "Never ever giving it up, never-never…"

Eyes slipped shut as the sky blackens.

Hours passed until the moon was brightly hanging above, her nose scrunched at the light as she blinked upwards to see the moon in all its glory.

She glanced down at the town. "Huh, I'm downtown, better go back, to borrow some food."

Floating up off the cloud she started to fly down and forward. Stopping a few feet above the rooftops, she went towards Little Whinging. The streets were different at night so it took a while to find her way but eventually making her way to the empty plot where the old picnic area was. She hides under the bushes and waited till morning, planning on what to try next.

"If I can fly what else can I do? Image things into existence? Maybe grow plants to giant sizes?" She whispered to herself. Thinking of how easy it would be if she could just make a giant fruit. Or giant anything like flowers or pumpkins, maybe a peach or nut (shell and all).

The backdoor opened and there stood Dudley. "Are you out there? If you are I got you a goodbye rucksack." He whispered as he walked outside.

"Dudley?" she crawled from the bush and floated over to him. Why was he glowing grey? "What's it for. " Looking at it she could see it bulging with food there was even a clumsy rolled blanket clipped to the bottom of it.

"For you to escape, Dad went out and bought a gun. I never saw him so mad before. I need you to leave so he doesn't get you." Dudley was sobbing, his face was turning red. "Please, I don't want you to die."

She stared at him before hugging him, the bubbly feeling was back she could feel it seeping into Dudley. "Tomorrow go to the library I'll leave you something to remind me of." Grabbing the bag she floated up. "Thanks, Dudley, and don't worry we'll meet again." she grins down at him he wasn't grey anymore. "You should learn to fly too."

Waving she flew to the library something seemed to tell her what to do. "A pirate ship that no one can remove or break, I can grow it out of trees. It will have golden sails and a copper bottom. Silver ropes with lookouts on all three masts. It will be unsinkable and...and with a bit of help fly better than any plane. Its name will be, will be… Never-never." She landed on the concrete lot and finished speaking. "It will say thank-you for my freedom on the wheel and it will tell people I was here as it rests on a sea of sapphire leafs".

The ground ripped open like a strained zipper on a dress as seven vines shot out; all in a straight line, carrying her into the sky. They swelled to five feet wide and started to make ship sixty feet in the air. The ground around them continued to rip down the middle of every street in Little Whinging. Trees the branch colours of brown metals and see-through blue leaves, were the same height as the vines that jumped up out of the ground.

She watched as a billion different blues created a sea around her. She floated off the lookout to see beautiful curving letters in the same green as her eyes write themselves. Looping around the ship she made a way out of town.

She dozed with the wind blowing her into the west, as the sun rising in the sky revealed the gift she left. Whispering things and bringing voices that told tales.

In London, a little girl with a broken heart proclaimed, when at Wendy's house that if nothing happened then fairy-tales did not exist. The wind pushed open the window and pulled out unnoticed skeleton leaves from her mother's projects.

"Now Hermione don't be like that. Those older kids are just jealous of you that's all, now please stop crying you'll make yourself sick". Her mom rubbed her back as she sat beside her laying daughter.

"Just think tonight in two years, you'll be living in Wendy's house. Maybe, just maybe a lost boy will vist you". Her dad tried to help.

"You really think so?" Hermione looked up rubbing her eyes. Not seeing her mother glared at her father or the slap on the arm. "I hope it a lost girl, boys are stupid."

She woke with a jolt and stopped mid-flight as leaves connected with her face. "Wendy's house? Of course, I'll go but why does the warm feeling want me to go to a house?" The wind just pushed her down towards a rose bush not answering. "Someone might own those roses, I can't just take them." More pushing. "Well...maybe just one." Plucking off a rose she quickly left for safety. Finding a tree to sit on she looked at what she gained she recognized it from a neighbours yard Petunia was jealous of them. "It's a dark purple bourbon rose and skeleton leaves..." The warm and wind pressed a thought to her. "You want me to make a dress?"

Looking at the flower she pictured without her meaning to a dark green top and sleeves. A dark purple skirt that was super twirly and loose. It will always keep her warm in the cold and cool in the heat. Adding a few more things she focused on the idea she wanted she pushed it into the flower. A petal suddenly enlarged then another. A loud pop and she had a massive flower laying on her legs.

"It worked? It worked! Awesome!" Looking it over she saw the three buttons at the neck, so that was the back. She pulled it over her head, the petals skimmed the top of her feet. It main front petal hid the pockets behind it which were really large.

Jumping out of the tree she started to do circles and loop-de-loops. She placed the rucksack on her back again and the extra leaves in her dress pocket. She tightened the straps of her bag. She decided to use the leaves later. Leaving behind the clothes she was wearing before.

She weaved between light posts and looped between lines. She took a breath and landed on the top of a swing set, not noticing the gapping families behind her. Flying was hard, pulling off bag her bag she pulled out apples biting into one she stuffed the others into her pockets.

Chomping down the apple she lobed the cob into the field and watched as the warmth make it into a silver tree with golden fruit bloom (2).

"Excuse me, are you a fairy?"

She tilted her head down see a group of kids and floated down. "Me? I don't know. Maybe?" She looked at them all and felt the warmth in her hands. Grabbing two hands she shook them. "Nice to meet you. I have to go soon do you know the name of this place?" She made sure to shake them all. "Good they're gaining the colours."

"You're in Hook at Hartletts Park." One of the smaller ones said.

"Ahh. Thank you." She lifted up off the ground.

'A dragonette?' A picture popped into her mind just as she let go of the last person's hand. It was of a six-limbed animal that flew and walked on two but ran on four.

Waving her thanks she flew off while the warmth pushed some coloured threads into the adults. 'Where should I go?' Wendy dropped another apple core over a small field as she flew down close to the trees with the wind picking up. Eyes heavy they tried to close which she fought against the light growing weaker as the day past.

Lights in the distance greeted her eyes as a chill set into the air. 'A town? Maybe she can find a library here to sleep in. Flying above the rooftops she weaved around the chimneys. It doesn't seem to be a large library but it will do with the rain clouds gathering.'

Slipping through the door behind people as they went out. Blinking in surprise that what she thought was a community centre plus library, was just a library in multiple sections. 'This is much better!'

Subconsciously putting at a notice-me-not around her she went looking around. Going up the stairs she looked for a room to borrow for the night. 'Perfect..' She thought as she found a room with a bean bag she could use. Dropping on it she wriggled off the rucksack and grabbed an old but warm blanket. Sleep soon grabbed and held onto her even as the thunderstorm of the year coiled and roared outside.

(1) Peter Pan and Wendy storybook

(2) Various Folk Lore

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