Sword Art X Dragon

He spent two years a slave to the whims of a madman, now one act of kindness and this Red Headed little tart thinks she owns him? Well that certainly won't do.

Chapter 1 Capture

'Hey hon, can you make sure to pick

up some tempura scraps from the grocers on

the way home from your parent's?

Home Made Takoyaki tonight. \"o"/'

A black haired teenager made his way home with a grocery bag in hand and an extra spring to his step; homemade anything from the woman he loved was always worth the extra spring in his step. Despite being the vastly superior cook of the two of them, his love (savior, partner, angel) had far too busy a schedule to prepare more than some (delicious) sandwiches and bentos for lunch in the morning for the two of them.

It wasn't like he was a slouch or anything in the kitchen, since his own schedule was far more flexible what with him working from home on a computer 4 days of his business week. As it was, he'd learned to cook over a raw open flame (for god sakes boy, gut the fish), seasonings being a myth and as such 90% of their diet was either plain grilled meats or raw fruits and vegetables.

There was also a slightly less… innocent… reason for the spring in his step; the fact that she was cooking at all meant something had happened and she would have a rare day off tomorrow, which meant he would probably skip his morning classes and they could, ahem, enjoy some quality time together tonight.

Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya was walking on air, stopping to say hello to passerby's in an uncharacteristic show of friendliness, helping old ladies with their bags, and whistling a happy tune all the way. He'd gotten some sleazy grins from some old pervs and deadpanned eyes from some older woman who clearly knew what had put him in this mood; though he did notice a couple of older couples share amused moon eyed looks, so that was cool.

Several young women who attended his school had stopped and stared at him with dazed expressions on their faces, which was kind of rude- he wasn't that antisocial. It was mostly them who didn't approach him, merely staying back and huddling and whispering whatever rumors about 'Kuoh's Dark Prince' he'd heard himself called a few times. The males of the school were more open about their dislike to him, glaring and calling him a pretty boy bastard.

He honestly didn't know what he'd done to garner such hate from his host school; he simply tried to act normal and not be too much of an inconvenience.

'Not that I know what normal is anymore' he thought to himself darkly, what was normal anyway? Was it not checking the entrances and exits of every room you walked in on, was it not having a knife or two on you at all times, certainly it must be swallowing your food with quick but cherishing movements because you didn't know when you'd get the chance to next, wasn't it?

There was just something off about Kazuto Kirigaya and everyone could sense it, so he did his best to stay out of the way of the people he'd have no idea how to interact with if they did talk to him.

It reminded him of… lonelier times.

Hate filled eyes watching him, questioning his presence, accusing

Whispers behind his back, just audible enough-deliberately so- for him to hear

Silent camps where there should be 5 more breaths, a song in a crystal, alone

He abruptly shook his head brushing the thoughts away, tonight of all nights was not the time to be weighed down by such negatives, 'It's over Kirigaya don't let memories of hell get you down when you have heaven waiting for you at home.'

His good mood restored Kirito made a slight detour through the park on his track home, it'd be a late dinner anyway and chances were his love wouldn't be home for a while at least. After his brief dark spell just now he could bear to take a few extra minutes clearing his head in the cool evening breeze rather than arrive at an empty home and letting the silence drive his mood down again.

Kirito was striding along at a steady enough pace, enjoying the night air (not faked, so good on the skin) humming a small song to himself; unconsciously he'd picked up on that tune (Thank you. And goodbye), man he was more effected than he'd thought if he was humming that old so-

"What the hell?" he questioned out loud

Right in front of him was the statue at the front of the park, the statue that he'd passed two minutes ago.

Frowning he was half way to raising his hand in the air to check his map when he froze and chastised himself.

'Your IRL right now dummy, stop before you lose your sense of reality' at least that was what Sugu had said would happened to him after he scared her those first few weeks when everyone was still adjusting; he'd thrown a kitchen knife to pin a fly that was bothering them at the dinner table.

'Pinned the damn thing though'

The silently horrified looks on his parents' (not real, empty-STOP IT) faces that his mother had tried to desperately hide had done it for him. Don't bring work home, it gave Sugu at least som-

"What the hell?!" he stopped again, there right in front of him was the same damn statue he'd just passed not even one minute ago.

Had he accidently got so caught up in his thoughts and turned around, or worse, was Suguha right? Was his tenuous grasp on reality already slipping and at some point he'd entered a game reality and just couldn't remember?

Taking a moment to observe his surroundings he saw a couple only few yards away from him, obviously wrapped around each other, making their way to his direction. He stepped out of there way and quietly watched them walk past him not even noticing his presence; not ten seconds later he watched as they inexplicably turned around and start walking back without rhyme or reason before stopping looking up at their surroundings before shrugging and continuing on their way.

Kirito's eyes narrowed in suspicion; at this point anyone else as shown by his observational experiment of the lovey dovey couple would give up and go on their way. Someone as healthily (rightfully, saw the trap, fangs in the dark) paranoid as him may have been reduced to staring at the invisible barrier like an idiot, until it went away.

But Kirito was Kirito, a damn good tactician, but a hardcore survivor, with an inability to let anything he didn't understand be let alone until he felt reasonably sure he could trust it (or it was dead).

Stooping down he picked up a rock and chucked it as hard as he could, quickly stepping to the side and placing a hand to the hidden knife strapped to his back, in case it bounced back. The rock hit a tree a few feet ahead of where the lovey dovey couple (and presumably him) turned around.

'Physical objects can get through, so it was a mental thing only. Some kind of user attention distraction progr-' he abruptly cut himself off from that line of thought, this wasn't a game.

Then again since when were games ever just games for him

He took a second look at the distances between him and the turn off point, The L.V.D. couple hadn't gone anywhere near as far as him, and he'd been distracted by his own morbid thoughts. Did that mean if he wasn't paying express attention to where he was going it wouldn't work, huh loophole.

'If focusing on the road in front of me isn't allowed' he thought whipping out his phone, 'then let's give my head something else to focus on'

Quickly turning to GPS, Kirito zoomed in as close as possible with satellite imaging his location; not that it did much other than show a dot on his general position but for now it would do as a first experiment.

Focusing with all his might on the tiny dot he began walking and praying he wouldn't walk himself into oncoming traffic in the opposite direction. He even made up a game in his head so he wouldn't look up at where he was going, though it proved to be unnecessary. As soon as he made it passed a certain number of yards there was a sudden clearing in his head and an explosion of small wildlife sounds he hadn't noticed he couldn't previously hear.

Kirito narrowed his eyes in full on mission mode now; someone or something had put up a barrier and probably wouldn't want to be disturbed.

Removing his backpack, he took out his shorter heavier than standard bokken, wishing he'd have his real blades on him, or that he could he even afford a single real blade outside of the semi-decorative one hanging over the fireplace that acted as their home security.

He'd keep his various knives sheathed and hidden for surprise purposes, he'd take the grocery bag for similar reason that on the off chance his opponent was reasonable and sane; he might just pretend to have wandered in by accident if he had to.

Thanking his sister for going through her 'Go Green' phase and giving them all cloth (far less noisy than plastic) grocery bags. He slowed his breathing and melted into the darkness, making his way up the beaten path.

As it was it all proofed unnecessary, because not even a second later the air up ahead was lit up by a bright light and he could just make two silhouettes in the distance. One of the figures, in his school uniform if he wasn't mistaken, fell to the ground while the other broke into mad laughter.

Quickening his pace he circled around just a bit so that he wouldn't be directly in the standing one's, a female, line of sight. Some words were said in a rather arrogant mocking tone... God he hated that tone.

Smug eyes, just a stupid kid, can't move, disgusting piece of shit hands touching his love

Oh yes, that laugh had certainly not endeared him to whoever this assailant was.

It was then that Kirito's sense of reality took a hard battering ram, as everything went sideways and the girl's body-morphed?

Big black feathered wings burst from the girl's-woman's now- back, and a rather risqué outfit appeared on her body.

''What the shit'' Kirito thought aloud, letting the rare curse (it's not appropriate Kazuto-nii) slip from his tongue.

'What the hell kind of twisted shounen manga did I just walk into' he thought stunned

"Sorry… blame God… power… GOODBYE ISSEI" he saw her rear her hand back in a throwing motion-

He was already running, there was no time for thinking or hesitance, even before the light spear? Don't Think, MOVE!

Wing girl's hand reared back

Kirito jumped


"AAAAAAH!" the winged demoness screamed more from shock then from pain, as 30lb bokken wacked her from the side catching her temple, which would have clocked in at an impressive 80mph if anyone present cared enough to know.

"WHO THE FU- AAAAH!" he didn't dare let her have moment to breath, rather the moment the first hit made contact he was already spinning, gaining momentum to land a second hit that sent her unprepared body rearing back a solid three feet.

"Are you okay!" he spared to ask the boy he'd taken a protective stance in front of, not taking his eyes off the succubus like creature in front of them.

"K-k-Kirigaya S-s-sempai" the boy choked out, strangely enough he recognized the voice even if he didn't look down to confirm it.

Issei Hyoudo, one of his school's three great perverts, the kid that made sure to tell him every day that 'damn handsomes' like him could go die. Oddly enough he liked the slightly younger boy if only for how upfront he was about his personal dislike rather than spreading rumors; there was also the fact that the boy seemed utterly oblivious to the 'avoid, not right' aura that surrounded him and a select few others, his dislike being purely based on his physique.

He oddly enough reminded him of a shameless version of Kirito's own best friend Klein, a scruffy twenty something gentleman who was blunt as hell, had the face of a thug and the heart of a marshmallow. He'd seen Hyoudo stay after school to help one of the more aged teachers carry things to her car and several other little good deeds, he was a pretty dependable guy- just like Klein.

And he was dying

"Can you stand Hyoudo, can you run out of here and get help?" he asked even if he knew it was a long shot.


"Actually it was a titanium alloy practice kendo bokken that hit you; my hands I kept to myself" he said in a falsely polite voice, even in a life or death situation able to snark with the best of them "Talk to me Hyoudo."

"I'LL KILL YOU, YOU DISGUSTING MONGREL" it screeched again, rearing its wings and Kirito raised his bokken in a defensive movement to the creatures amusement.

"A HA HA HA, You think a single mortal creation could harm a Fallen Angel like ME. I'M-"

'No, it's obvious it won't that's why I'm playing up being poor pathetic mortal to make you drop your guard' he snarked back in his head, making sure to keep a mask of fear on his face and not betray the utter loathing and disgust he felt for this sick Fallen Angel creature.

Kirito's heart was pounding, his mind was at 200% focus, his breath in possibly an unhealthy contrast to his heart was slow and even. Here, right here, with death literally staring him in the face, and a weapon however shitty in his hands, is when he felt his most alive.

It could be an intoxicating if utterly terrifying feeling; he'd almost missed it in his years of peaceful training, and corporate climbing, and tinkering away in his computer lab, and being all domestic.


Because Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya has always been a survivor but now; now there's a wounded comrade behind him with superior enemy combatants in front and no reinforcements on the way, now he has parents and a little sister he actually talks to, now he has real friends who could, would, and had walked through fire for him, but most of all.

A small bag of white rice leaned lay busted on the ground near his foot.

Now he had someone to love and to hold waiting for him at home and he could not die here.

Brutally trained survivor's instincts churned in his head as the bitch's monologue began to wind down; he analyzed what he had to work with; what did he have, what did his opponent have, what could he risk, what could be left.

"Hyoudo?" he stressed a second time

"I-I'm s-sorry sempai…I c-can't" Kirito grimaced, it wasn't anything he hadn't expected, still it would be an inconvenience.

Leave him said the dark monster in his head, that let him survive that hell camp, cut the weak links, use the foliage to disappear, you can do it, double back to the fountain and wash your scent in case it can track scent, hide the night in a tree, be home with first morning light.

Kirito risked a glance at Hyoudo, wounded, dying, slow, so easy to offer as sacrificial meat to this-

'Thank you for being my friend…Thank you. And goodbye'

'NO!' he could not, would not leave someone behind, he refused to turn his back on someone who needs him.

"-no. I will you kill you here and now you pathetic little-" the bitch began to form a light spear above her head.

'NOW', in a move that even the most amateur fighters would call utterly moronic (and thus utterly unexpected) he chucked his bokken and seemingly only weapon at the winged harpy, before ducking low to the ground.

The Fallen Angel, more out of reflex than anything, ducked the suddenly in coming projectile, lowering her closer to the ground.

"What th-" she stopped again as another object made its way to her face, choosing to slice through the second projectile headed her way, before hissing as recently cooked burning hot by her spear micro pieces of white rice hit her in the eye.

That's when Kirito struck

Sprinting at her from the direction of her closed eye he drew his hidden knife and jumped at the lowered Fallen.

Realizing he wasn't going to make the jump as she still had a little too much air, he used his knife to gut into her leg, his weight and the shock of sudden pain bringing her crashing down.

She didn't let go of her spear- he hadn't expected her to, in fact that made it better assuming he could avoid being disemboweled. The wound on her leg he felt was barely an inch thick despite being a 6 inch religiously sharpened blade with all his 170lbs of equally religiously sharpened body thrown behind it.

'All living creatures fight off what's in front, so…' using his falling momentum, he circled behind her tugging the closest piece of rather limited amount of spandexed clothing, pulling her body into his providing a fleshy shield between him and the dangerous spear of pure energy vengefully clenched in her hand, 'attack from behind'.


If Kirito could he would've rolled his eyes at her apparent "personal modesty" in the middle of battle, especially when she was wearing such little clothing that was- should-be meant for distraction purposes at best. Unfortunately he couldn't do that because the harpy had immediately begun thrashing with so much force he felt his hip bruise and his shoulder bone crack. Her wings were also making it difficult to hold on as she proceeded to thrash his body and make mostly useless attempts to stab him with her spear.

Kirito didn't dare let out a noise of pain lest she realize how weak his human body was in comparison and how easily something as simple as rising a few feet in the air and crashing back down would crush him.

Instead he shamelessly made use of easily exposed clothing and yanked at it, both to hold on and so that the leverage of tough material clothing would cut into certain… parts… of her deeper than his knife had, his knife that could only go 1 inch into her skin. Though 1 inch was more than enough for the target he'd chosen.

"Sorry, you're attractive and all" he grunted out against the beast's, cause thinking of her as a woman was neither quite accurate nor helpful to his present killer mindset, hoping any little thing would take it's attention and distract it "but I'm not interested in one eyed crow bitches."


Now in position Kirito flipped a second knife he kept in his sleeve into his other hand and stabbed down; there was a split second of shocked silence when the creature's body jerked and went still and warm fluid ran down Kirito's hand.

'All creatures who use sight value its loss most of all, and will let their guard down to protect it'

The creature shrieked

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! MY EYE, MY EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYE!" it's free hand went to clutch it's eye, while the hand clutching the spear loosened, and it was then Kirito struck again.

Using a jujitsu move he had learned because Argo swore up and down he needed to learn a way to protect his "danger-seeking" self now that he couldn't carry his blade everywhere he went, Kirito wrapped his legs around her middle and his arms around the spear arm. A simple application of leverage and he maneuvered her ordinarily stronger muscled arm down…


Light spear stabbed through skin, meat, and bone like a hot blade through particularly fleshy butter.

Jujitsu was all about using an opponent's strength against them; even before he knew his chosen weapons were basically useless in landing permanent damage, he knew he had to either take or get rid of her clearly superior weapon.

Kirito let go of the Fallen Angel before it could start thrashing again and break the rest of his bones, even if he'd held on he wouldn't be able to force the spear in any farther as she had dissappated it the moment she'd realized what he'd done.

"Aaaaargh" the creature screamed wings flapping wildly as she crashed and thrashed on the ground clutching stomach and eye alike.

An ordinary man may have felt some measure of pity for the dying creature, her very human like appearance alone would have encouraged some measure of mercy for the pained being.

Kirito wasn't that man, and if he could he'd finish it off while it was weak and didn't have the chance to hurt any of his at a later date; Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya did not let wounded pray get away, ever.

(Battle over, his love safe, traitor Laughing Coffin-scum striking at his love's turned back, "murderer")

Except now, because he literally had nothing that could land a finishing blow; he still had wounded allies that needed immediate medical attention and he wasn't doing so hot himself. Not wasting time doing something needlessly edgy like examining his work, he turned and sprinted with what energy he had left towards Hyoudo and freedom.

Hyoudo, bless his heart, seemed to realize his uselessness and found the incredible strength to stand even clutching his stomach and using his discarded bokken as a crutch. Not wasting precious time explaining the situation to the fool boy who'd picked up his bokken and probably meant to help, he grabbed Hyoudo by the arm and hobble sprinted back through the park.

"Run", Hyoudo didn't need to be told twice

The boundary line, they had to make it to the boundary line, even the creature did not want to deal with authorities. A call to the police to get them on the way, or even just a horde of passersby, anybody would do; he could feel the blood from Hyoudo's wound spilling on them both, still he ran on.

"RAAAAAAAGH" there was an animalistic roar of rage from behind them followed by thunderous flapping sound and a light enveloped the area, and Kirito felt what hope of them making it out alive sink like a stone.

Next to him Hyoudo had obviously come to the same conclusion if his sudden heavy breathing was anything to go by and wasn't just him dying and being severely out of shape. Up ahead he spotted the boundary line and on the other side oblivious to the mad desperate dash, to what was possibly the first bit of good luck to hit, a policeman armed and doing some kind of patrol for couples getting busy in the park at night.

"Hey!" Hyoudo called seeing him and unaware the man couldn't hear them, "Hel-"


An explosion hit behind them so close Kirito could feel the heat on the back of his neck of the spear that had no doubt just missed them. As it lucked out again the explosion managed to richochet them forward. Which is where their luck ended.

Rocks tore into his back, and there was a sickening noise like a water balloon popping and he saw Hyoudo's stomach wound explode red as they were crashing in the air. When Kirito landed there was a crunch as his hand folded under his body and he already knew without the numb fire spreading through his hand that it was broken.

'Damn, now I can't even try to defend myself' he glanced over to Hyoudo and saw the crazy S.O.B actually trying to stand, did he not understand when to give up? Didn't matter, it served its purpose and Kirito dug into his center and crawled to a manageable position. Looking around he saw the cop still in the area, sitting in face on that thrice damn statue and just out of range.

'Irony you be a cruel mistress, My Lady'

A flapping sound drew his eye- eye? Why could he only feel his left, did he wound the right?- to the significantly less sexy bird woman devil angel harpy creature in the sky.

She stared down at the two of them, wings flapping, with a look of pure unadulterated hate. Any snark he could have made would have been useless as she was clearly far passed being distracted into verbal spar and is in a wordless rage just staring at them. Her right eye still had the knife stuck in it- like his disturbingly unresponsive right eye.

'Oh Lady Irony, I thank your presence for these last minute chuckles of my life'

'Look closer', the deadly pragmatic survivor voice in his head overrides the morbid humor,she's weak, holding her wound, she won't attack again till she builds up strength'his lone responsive eye swivels to the recent explosion site, 'her eye is messing with her depth perception, she should have killed you both',his eye swivels again to his final companion,'her main target is still the boy, he's not going to make it anyway-no medicine in the world could patch that up, leave him, you have people to live for-

A vision hits his head,

Klein, his first best friend, his scruffy face trying in vain to flirt with his love's best friend

His sister Sugu, face lighting up as he grabs his bokken and spars with her for the first time in years

Agiel, big and strong, slipping him a beer at his bar because sometimes even the strongest need a little extra at the end of the day.

His love in the kitchen humming to herself in a moment of true peace neither truly thought they'd live to see, his love threatening him with a bread knife of all things because he's said something morbid again, his love's face scrunched up, her head thrown back in a moan, looks up at him and says-

'No', he shakes his head clear of the monster once more; he will not use his loved ones as an excuse to abandon someone else to a death they have no hope of surviving from, he wouldn't be able to look them in the eye ever again knowing he'd used their memory to justify the monster inside.

'You have promises to keep' that dark part of him tries one more time

Another image, a little girl programmed to have his dark hair and eyes, and nose if his love is to be believed, and his love's everything else. His snark, his love's laugh, his habit of naps. "Papa?"

But Kirito merely ignore the vision, his heart breaking, 'I'm sorry Yui"

"Hey Hy- no, Issei, I think we've been through enough to use first names" he asks turning his head to the average looking boy trying not to bleed out and is staring at him like he's crazy.

Heh, he probably is

"You're going to be alright Issei" he says in a reassuring voice with a smile to those eyes whose desperately staring at him for some kind of plan, "There's a barrier around us keeping all outside attention away" as he says it Issei's eyes widen and he looks panicking to where the cop is standing ignoring all else, and Kirito sees defeat clutching him.

"Listen to me Issei-" a great light in the sky is accompanied by another animalistic roar, "Ignore her" he continues in a remarkably steady voice when it looks like he might lose the boy.

"My phone has already called authorities" lie "that cop has back-up coming whether he knows it or not, your job is to get him to not be a hero, run in the other direction, it should be easy to convince him with your injuries, do not comeback without that back up, hear me? Otherwise it'll be a massacre."

Issei nods grabbing on to the plan like, well like what he is, a dying man ignoring the clear holes.

"What about you?"

And Kirito would smile if there was time for even that much,

'Stupid boy'

'So are you'

instead he uses the precious milliseconds that could be used arranging his face to perform a round house kick he really shouldn't have the strength to do, and sends Issei flying across the barrier a good 15 yards away, but such was the power of adrenaline.

Not even a second later a light spear tears through muscle and bone like a hot knife through fleshy butter.

Kirito falls and, yeah it really is as painful as he thought, damn, when human beings finally get lightsabers war is gonna suck ass.

Mercifully the world starts fading quickly, he doesn't know if Issei made it, doubtful, if even that cop made it away from the harpy's rage, possibly.

oh damn, he forgot the tempura scraps… Asuna's gonna be pissed… I ruined… our dinner… pla





"What do you think Akeno, should I revive such a brave young trooper, he did save our precious pawn after all"

"It's your call Buchou, he doesn't have any Sacred Gear, and you don't have any pawns left"

"No hospital around could save him in time"

"If you really want my opinion, he's clearly resourceful, disciplined, and well trained. We could use someone like that, and with the deadline…"

"…I see, thank you for your insight Akeno"

"Fufufu, you already knew what you were going to do Buchou; you merely wanted me to agree with your rash decision"

"…You're not funny"

"Fufufu, you have no time to be embarrassed Buchou, he's fading fast"

"Tch, very well, Kazuto Kirigaya, I command you rise from your grave as my servant, live for my sake as my eternal Rook. Welcome to the club my young soilder."



"Huuuuu, COUGHCOUGHCOUGH huuuu, As- huuu, A-asuna"

And in the backroom of a school clubhouse, Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya lives.




Part One End