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This story is a translated from the french story with the same name, written by Aurore Heart, with her permission. I wanted to translate it in English just because I like the story a lot and wanted more people to have access to it, since most stories seem to be in English on this website (and a lot in Spanish. I can't read them though)

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Prologue: A strange letter

Kisuke Urahara listened distractedly to the conversation led by Isshin Kurosaki, bored to death. He didn't really feel like hearing the Soul Reaper discourse about his wife. He knew the story. He leaned against the wall, putting his hands behind his head, his bob slipping over his eyes, and was about to take a nap to escape the incessant babbling when Jinta bolted into the room shouting:

"Urahara-san! A letter for you!"

The blond lifted the corner of his hat, surprised. This correspondance could not be coming from the Soul Society, and he didn't see who could be writing to him. He took the letter that the teenager was handing him, and opened it before the curious eyes of Isshin and Tessai. It is at that moment that Yoruichi walked in, as if she had felt she would be able to bother him with this letter. He raised an eyebrow upon reading the heading, then progressively turned pale as he went on. It just... it just couldn't be possible.

"Hey! There's a photo too!" remarked the brunette, jumping up and down.

She bounded forward to take it, but Urahara held it out of her reach. The brunette returned to her spot, grumbeling, while grabbing a bottle of sake - he wondered where she had gotten it from. The blond looked at the picture, and immidiatly knew he was in deep trouble. He reread the letter quickly, and asked:

"Tessai, what day are we?"

"August 24th, wh...?"

"I'm leaving!"

Kisuke shot up and was about to flee, as one would say, when Yoruichi pinned him to the ground and snatched the letter from him.

"So, let's see what could possibly frighten our little Kisuke..."

She glanced rapidely at the paper, and burst out laughing.

"Is this a joke?! Hahaha our Kisuke is a dad! And his daughter is coming... Tomorrow! I understand now why you were in such a hurry..." she said, tousling his hair.

The blond grunted. The hopes of peace and quiet he had had since the end of the war with Aizen were gone now. And in addition the girl was 16. How could he deal with her? Even though according to what he had read, he didn't really have a choice, he was the only one the kid had left.

He sighed, resigned.

"Tessai, get a room ready for her, we'll have to deal with it."

"What about the Soul Society?" asked Isshin.

Urahara thought it through quickly, before concluding.

"There's no way I'm involving this child in my problems, and there's no way the Soul Society in knowing about her existence if it has no reason to be."

"In short, if it turns out she has no powers."


Yoruichi, who felt ignored, made a big smile, before asking her name.

"She's called Lisbeth."

Her eyes widened.

"Her mother was European, even if she lived in Japan, I guess she chose the name accordingly," he said, shrugging.

"Say, what does she look like?"

But the blond wasn't listening, completly lost in his thoughts. He would have to hide his activities from the girl, account for the presence of Tessai, Jinta and Ururu. His head already ached, he that only yearned to be left in peace to make his experim... Darn, that's another thing he'd have to stop. He sighed again and crossed his fingers.

He'd have to convince her she didn't belong here, for her own safety.