Chapter 1

AN: Hello everyone I bet you're all surprised to see another update from me so soon. Well I just had the sudden urge to finally start my Naruto x Atlantis the Lost Empire story and the beginning of what I am going to be referring to as my Naruto x Disney-Pixar-DreamWorks Universe or (D-P-D for short). All of the stories that exist within the Naruto x D-P-D universe will essentially be tied together by one common thing a Reincarnated Naruto from the previous story.

However there will be exceptions to this which I will be sure to mention at the start of the stories in which they take place. For example this story is an exception as it is the starting point for the whole Naruto x D-P-D Universe. Additionally think of the whole universe as a cycle when one story ends so long as there isn't a sequel then the universe itself ends before reforming except with slight alterations.

For example when the Naruto x Atlantis stories and the sequel to both set far into the future which is a Naruto x Treasure Planet story ends the cycle ends only to reform with slight alterations that lead into the Naruto x A Goofy Movie/An Extremely Goofy Movie stories I plan on doing and so forth.

Anyway one quick little thing I should mention is the guidelines for this particular "Cycle" if you will.

First: This is Post-War yet Pre-The Last Naruto at the start of this story however he will be nowhere near as powerful as he is in canon. I will explain my reasons regarding why he is weak pretty early on in the story so please bear with me. However I will also mention that AFTER the Sinking of Atlantis he will become even weaker to the point where he no longer has access to his jutsu except for the Tree Climbing Exercise which I will also explain early on.

Second: There is no Milo in this story as Naruto will be filling his role on the team.

Third: The pairing for this story will obviously be Naruto x Kida however I MAY consider adding Audrey during the events of the second movie if I can find a way for it to make sense and work.

Finally: Whenever somebody speaks a different language like say Atlantean I will have it in Bold and Italic example; "Everyone to the Shelters!".

Now without further ado let's begin shall we…I present to all of you The Fox of Atlantis

It was a bright and sunny day with few clouds in the sky and the ocean was completely calm overall a very peaceful day. However all of this was suddenly changed as a flash of light filled the sky followed by a thunderous boom that ominously filled the air. A large mushroom shaped column of light began to form off in the distance pushing away all the nearby clouds. The light additionally began pushing the nearby water resulting in a massive wave beginning to form.

As the wave grew in size dozens of small flying craft whose shape oddly resembled that of a Hammerhead shark along with several larger flying craft whose shape was reminiscent of a Lobster were speeding away from the wave as fast as they could. Near the head of each of the Hammerhead shaped craft there was a small seat just big enough for a single person. In each seat were men wearing what was obviously a soldier's uniform consisting of a yellow hat and shoulder guards, a grey shirt over which they wore a red vest.

The group was rapidly fleeing the ever growing wave and as they did so one of the soldiers looked over to a nearby craft "You fool! You've destroyed us all!" he yells out in his native language to the man who is looking back at the wave. The soldier then looks back at the wave that is now easily several hundred feet tall and his eyes widen "The wave is gaining! We have to warn Atlantis!" he yells frantically just as the wave begins to gain on the group even more rapidly.

The man looks on in horror as it envelops the stragglers of the group before quickly gaining on and consuming the middle portion of and a large portion of the front section of the group. He hears another man yell "It's Too Late!" before said man screams in terror as he is swallowed up by the wave.

The wave still gaining both speed and size swallows up man after man and craft after craft as it continues on its path of destruction. It slams into the front section of the group consuming all but a few of the craft. Said craft speed forward as fast as they can flying low to the ground through a winding ravine and over several hills passing a few stone building. They then fly under a bridge towards a large city surrounded by rivers and aqueducts in a circle.

At the center of the city is a large multi-leveled circle of buildings. Residing in the center and highest level sits a tall palace like building above which a large blue colored crystal floats. However as the craft fly towards the city the crystal changes color from blue to red and beams of light shoot out of it towards the city. The lights begin to pass over the city as if they were searching for something.

The sky begins to darken as the wave gets closer and closer to the city. In a watch tower on the city's borderline a man sees all the craft being chased by the wave. His eyes widen in terror as the wave begins enveloping the outer most section of the city. He quickly turns around and runs to a large tube and yells "Everyone to the Shelters! Everyone to the Shelters!" repeatedly his voice being carried and amplified by the tube which is connected to a large face with glowing eyes and mouth.

Hearing the man's yell to more men standing in a tower next to a large bell begin hitting it with large hammers just before the first man's voice is cut off as he is swallowed by the wave. Down below in the streets panic ensues as people begin running as fast as they can towards the center of the city. Flying craft begin to crash land as more and more people try and escape grabbing their loved ones in the process.

Near the center of the city an aged man wearing clothes that look as if they were made for royalty stand next to his wife and little girl who appears to be no older than 5 or 6. Suddenly a figure jumps down in front of the trio surprising them. The figure is a man who appears to be in his early 20's likely no older than 21 or 23. He has spiky blonde haired, sapphire blue eyes, and what appear to be marks on his cheeks that resemble whiskers with three on each cheek. He is wearing a short-sleeved red jacket that reaches down to his legs with a black flame like pattern at the bottom. Under his jacket is a orange and black shirt and a necklace with a large blue crystal as its centerpiece. He has on a pair of orange and black pants and for footwear is wearing a pair of black open-toed combat sandals.

The aged man looks at the blonde with sadness in his eyes "I should have listened to your advice Naruto" he says heavily his tone full of guilt.

The now named now just shakes his head "There will be time for reflecting later my friend, but first we must save as many people as possible!" he responds before turning to look at the wave.

Just then a soldier runs up to the group and extends his arm to the aged man "This way your Highness, Quickly!" he yells urgently trying to get the aged man and his family to safety.

Naruto looks at the now revealed to be king and his family "Go with him I will try to buy the city as much time as I can and get as many people to safety as possible!" he yells before bringing his hands up in a cross-shaped sign and yelling Multi- Shadow Clone Jutsu as two dozen poofs of smoke appear before revealing clones. The clones not needing instructions dash towards the incoming wave as Naruto follows behind them and begins leading/helping as many people as possible to safety.

The king seeing this begins to follow the soldier from before with his wife right behind him. The queen turns to see her daughter standing still with her doll in arms and reaches down to her "Kida, come on we must go!" she yells frantically pulling her daughter. Kida drops her doll and reaches back for it but the Queen pulls her around to look at her "Kida! Just leave it there is no time!" she yells frantically as people run by and the beams of red light still roam the city.

One of the beams of light stops on the Queen before turning blue causing her to look up and her necklace much like the one Naruto wears begins to float. The king turns to see his wife standing in the blue light as several more beams converge on her before narrowing and flashing resulting in her beginning to float in the air inadvertently taking Kida's bracelet with her.

Kida notices her mother begin to float up and reaches out to her before as she yells "Mother!" repeatedly as the Queen is pulled up towards the giant crystal in the sky from which the beams are emanating from. Giant statues that surround the central portion of the city come to like and clap their hands which results in a blue energy disc to begin to expand in front of them almost like a shield.

Naruto seeing this begins hurrying people along towards the innermost portion of the city. He looks towards the wave briefly and sees a massive wall of earth rise up to try and stop it. However the wave easily crashes through the earth wall causing him to wince as he got the memory of his clones being dispelled. He curses as his plan to try and stop the wave using the Earth Style: Mud Wall jutsu failed. Naruto looks back briefly to the energy wall and sees that it has begin to close as several flying craft crash into and explode. Naruto quickly makes another clone to go check on the safety of the royal family.

He then sees a family of three rush to the last remaining gap in the wall only for the son to stumble and slip out of his parents grasp. The parents notice then and panic trying to reach out for him but he falls down the steps out of their reach. Naruto dashes towards the child and picks him up before jumping into the air. He shifts his grip on the child before yelling "Here Catch!" to the parents before tossing their son to them. The child barely makes it through the gap and into his parents waiting arms before the shield fully closes trapping all who haven't made it past yet outside the innermost portion of the city…and at the mercy of the wave.

Naruto lands on the ground and sees people frantically pounding on the energy wall in a futile attempt to get to safety. He then looks out towards the wave as it begins crashing through the city destroying everything in its path. Off to the side he spots a couple holding each other one last time as they knew their lives were about to end. He sees parents hugging their children telling them to close their eyes and that everything will be alright.

Seeing all of this Naruto clenches his fists and grits his teeth at his own powerlessness. If only he still had Kurama sealed within him he might have been able to save everyone. If only he had more time he might have been able to set up a stronger wall to try and stop the wave. He sighs as all these thoughts pass through his mind before looking back towards the shielded portion of the city and smiles sadly "Goodbye my friend and thank you for all that you have done for me these last few years" he says solemnly. He then turns to look at the wave and one last time before closing his eyes as it envelops him.

Inside the protected barrier the king rushes over to Kida and wraps his arms around her protectively as she yells for her mother again. He turns her to face his chest and says "Close your eyes Kida! Don't Look!" as he watches crystal spin wildly as the energy shield closes around the top of Atlantis creating a protective dome.

The King then hears someone land beside and turns to see 'Naruto' there "Naruto I am glad to see you were able to make it inside" he says thankful for at least some good news after everything that has happened.

'Naruto' looks at the king for a moment in silence before sighing "I am sorry my friend but I am just a clone. The boss didn't make it inside in time, I am just here to check the safety of you and your family" he says sadly before not seeing the queen anywhere and realizes what must have happened.

The king's eyes widen upon hearing this before he lowers his head in sadness as not only has his actions lead to the death of countless of his people but also his wife and now his close friend. He looks up at the clone and is about to say something only for it to dispel causing his eyes to widen at the meaning behind it. The king kneels there for a moment still holding the now sleeping form of Kida and lets a single tear trail down his cheek as he mutters a low "I'm sorry" only for it to be drowned out by the noise of the wave slamming into the barrier as it sinks the city.

As what is left of the once great city of Atlantis is swallowed beneath the raging sea flashes of light can be seen from under the water as the city sinks lower and lower. After a short time the flashes fade away and the sea returns to its peaceful state as if nothing has happened. Over time the once great city is gradually forgotten and moves from fact into the realms of myth and legend. However it's memory lives on in the immortal words of a poet "In a single day and night of misfortune, the island of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea" and one other source that is determined to find it.

End Chapter 1:

Quick End AN: Well that is the first chapter of my newest story and I hope you all enjoyed it. I look forward to continuing this and everything beyond it as I have really wanted to do this story for a while. In addition I have wanted to start my Naruto x D-P-D Universe stories for a long time as well as a lot of them are corssovers I have really wanted to see done before.

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