A/N: A little house keeping before we start. At times characters may become a little out of character. Why? There are twelve Dauntless stuck in an apartment with no doors or windows, being asked to sit for long periods of time reading a book about themselves. I think we would all go a little crazy at times if we were put in that situation. Especially when they are reading about their own deaths.

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I'm starting to wake when I feel warm fingers tracing circles on my chest. I feel the goose bumps as her fingers lightly flutter over my skin. I keep my eyes closed just enjoying the feeling of her touch. Slowly her fingers start to move down tracing my right nipple, a shiver runs through me.

"Tris," I whisper, my voice still heavy from sleep.

"Mmm," she hums as she moves to my left nipple and I feel it start to harden under her touch.

"What are you doing?"

"Exploring," she whispers to me. Like it's a secret that only I'm allowed to know.

"Exploring?" I question as her fingers start to move lower. She is tracing her fingers over my flame tattoo that is on my ribs.

"Mhm," she answers slowly tracing and retracing the tattoo.

I lie here enjoying the feeling her touch is giving me. The power she holds over me is intense. She stops tracing my tattoo and uses the palm of her hand to start rubbing along my abs.

"Are you sure you want to keep this going?" I ask. Not wanting her to stop but not sure she is ready for where her hands are leading her.

"You don't like what I'm doing?" she casually asks but I can hear the uncertainty in her voice.

"I like what you are doing. Very much."

Her hand is now at the top of my shorts. I can feel the hesitation in her movements.

"You don't have to explore any further," I whisper.

"I like exploring Tobias," I can hear the smile in her voice.

Her fingers start to run along the band on the top of my shorts. I feel myself become aroused not just at her touch but the thought of what she may do.

Slowly, tentatively her hand starts to move across my shorts. My breaths become short and shallow. I close my eyes and just enjoy the feeling of her through the thin fabric barrier. Her movements becoming more confident with each stoke.

Then suddenly her movements stop. I open my eyes to see Tris staring at my shorts, her brow is furrowed, like she is debating internally on what she wants to do next.

"Tris," I whisper. She turns and looks me in the eyes. A small smile plays on her face as she moves closer and starts to kiss me. The kiss is sensual and sweet. All her movements have been slow and careful. As we kiss I feel her warm hand back on my skin but now it is moving under the band on my shorts.

My breath hitches as she touches me for the first time. I small moan leaves my lips as her tongue enters my mouth. I've never been touched like this before. With kindness and love, the feeling is overwhelming on so many levels.

"Oh Jesus," I cry out.

"Am I doing this right?" She asks in barely a whisper.

"Yeah," I breathlessly answer. "It's perfect."

Nothing could prepare me for this. Not the few times I had to relieve myself after hours of watching her train. As the days went on her clothes became tighter, showing just how perfectly proportioned she is.

At first, I spent hours trying to punch the feelings she evoked in me away, then I tried cold showers. But neither worked. Eventually I had to resort to touching myself, something that was discouraged in Abnegation but was talked about openly in Dauntless.

Thank God for guy talk I think to myself. Although nobody expressed just how amazing this would be. I focus on her touch but at the same time I'm not focused at all. As she continues to kiss me and stroke me I feel myself getting closer to release. I know the words I am calling out make no sense at all. But they do seem to spur her on, as her movements become quicker, more confident.

I know I won't last much longer, I wish it would never end. My breathing is now erratic, with heavy panting between the sensual kisses that bind our lips. I start to buck into her hand, I can't stop the movement, I am at her mercy.

"Shit, Oh God. Don't stop," I cry out. As my body tenses, the release so near.

"Yes, yes, yes," are my final cries as I fall over the edge and the feeling of pure bliss washes over me.

I lie there panting, coming down from my high. I open my eyes to see Tris staring.

"Thank you," I whisper as I rub my thumb over her cheek.

Tris gives me a small smile, I can see the uncertainty in her eyes. "Are you okay?" I ask.

She nods her head. "I just, I. I didn't, I don't. Did you . . . enjoy that?" She stutters out her face flushed red.

I quickly kiss her, trying to put everything I am feeling in the kiss. I'm not good with words and I hope that this shows her just how much what she did means to me.

We pull away and she says, "you really enjoyed it."

"Yeah I did."

I'm walking down stairs when I feel something wet hit me. I look at my shirt and what looks like water is sprayed where my heart is.

"Bulls eye," Uriah whoops. He sees the shocked expression on my face and starts to run. He has something in his hand and my first instinct is to chase him.

I jump the bannister and start to chase him. I quickly jump over a couch and tackle him into a bean bag.

"What the hell Uri," I shout as I grab the device that is in his hand. "What is this?"

"Get off me Four," he shouts as he starts to push me away laughing. "It's a water pistol."

"A what?" I ask.

Just as Uriah is about to speak, Zeke, Lynn and Tori come around the corner and start shooting water at Uriah and me. I start to shoot back as Marlene and Shauna join in.

I can hear laughter as I try and roll away from Uriah, who is trying to use me as a shield. "Uriah," I shout but not in anger. I am laughing, I am soaking wet as are the others standing here shooting one another. I can't move properly because I am laughing so much.

Eventually the water runs out and I can finally sit up properly. "Where did you get these from?" I ask.

"A package was here when we got up this morning. We all have gifts. Max was given twelve water pistols. So we decided to play," Zeke tells me with a big grin on his face.

I hear laughter, I turn to see Tris and Christina walking down the stairs laughing at the sight of us. "What have you all been doing?" Tris asks as she walks over and helps me to stand. I go to hug her but she pushes me away.

"You're all wet," she screws up her face as she says it.

"We should have a game of capture the flag," Uriah announces.

"Has everyone opened their presents?" I ask.

"Only Max," Zeke replies. "We found the water pistols and all got distracted."

"We got presents?" Christina asks excitement in her eyes.

"Presents?" Tris asks. "I've never received a present before."

"Tell me you are joking," Marlene looks shocked. "What about your birthday? Christmas?"

"No it was selfish to receive gifts. We always had one day that we didn't have to help to prepare meals or clean-up, which I assumed was my birthday but I never took any notice. At Christmas we would gather for a service with the rest of Abnegation and then spend the day with our families helping to feed and clothe the factionless," Tris tells the group, most stand here with shock written all over their faces.

Marlene is the first to move. "Well Tris," Marlene says, linking her arm with Tris. "I think you should open your gift first. Let's all gather around and see what we got."

The girls are all talking excitedly to each other. I take off my now water riddled shirt.

"Four," Zeke shouts. "Put your shirt back on."

"What? Why? I am soaked," I say with a frown on my face.

"Dude," Zeke exclaims. "No one is going to be looking at their gifts with your chest on display." Zeke is trying to cover Shauna's eyes with his hands.

"Zeke," Shauna calls out. "Move your hands, you idiot."

"No way. Not until Four has his shirt back on," Zeke laughs.

"I'll go and get a new shirt," I mumble, completely embarrassed.

"Wait," Uriah says. "I need one too." Uriah whips off his soaking wet top.

"Bro, not you too," Zeke says. "God, your nearly as buff as Four. What have you two been doing?"

"It's called working out Zeke," Uriah pushes his brother. Zeke loses his balance and starts to fall onto a bean bag taking Shauna with him. Lynn and Christina are laughing their heads off as Uriah quickly runs from the room before his brother can get up and chase him.

I get back down stairs and find everyone gathered in the lounge room. Where the coffee table used to be is our gifts. The coffee table couldn't be saved after Eric and I smashed into it during our fight.

"I'm going to be Santa," Zeke tells us.

"What's a Santa?" Tris asks.

"You don't know who Santa is?" Lynn scoffs.

"Abnegation remember," I say.

"Santa is an old fat guy with a white beard in a red suit who delivers presents to kids while you are sleeping on Christmas Eve. When you wake up in the morning if you have been good then you got presents from Santa," Eric says, sounding bored.

"They didn't celebrate Christmas in Erudite either?" Uriah asks.

"They did," Will says. "But we didn't have Santa."

"Why wouldn't you have Santa?" Christina asks.

"I'm surprised that Candor would lie to their children about Santa," Eric replies.

"It was a great way for the adults to keep us in line. If we were good we would get a present and if we were bad we would be given truth serum as our gift," Christina tells the group. "Once we were older they told us the truth but they never thought of it as a lie. It was just a bit of fun for the kids."

"When I was a kid," Max starts. "There used to be an old guy from Amity who looked like Santa. He would come into the city and hand out lollies to the kids in each faction the week before Christmas."

"Why'd it stop?" Marlene asks.

"Abnegation," Max spits. "They thought it was selfish to spoil their children with such things while the factionless were going hungry."

"Okay," Zeke says. "Enough dreary. Let's open presents. Tris as you have never received a present before. You can go first."

Zeke walks over and hands Tris a basket wrapped in a tinted blue clear paper. Tris' eyes light up as she takes the gift from Zeke.

We all watch her excitement as she unwraps her gift. I remember when I first came to Dauntless and had never celebrated Christmas. Zeke took me to his mums for the day. Hana cooked us this beautiful meal and then gave us all presents. It was one of my first great memories living in Dauntless.

Tris starts to pull the contents out of the basket. She holds up different bottles to show everyone what she has. "What's bubble bath?" she asks.

"You've never had a bubble bath?" Uriah asks flabbergasted.

Tris just shakes her head as Zeke starts to laugh.

"What's so funny?" I ask.

"Just make sure you don't use the whole bottle at once," Zeke replies between laughs. "Uriah got into mum's bubble bath one day and when we got home we couldn't find him anywhere. Mum opened the bathroom door and found Uriah in the bath with bubbles covering over half the bathroom. If it wasn't for his dark skin I don't think we would have ever found him."

"How would I know how much to use?" Uriah tries to defend himself. "I was like five."

"You were fifteen," Zeke corrects him.

"Well, I like bubble baths," Uriah responds embarrassed.

"So, what is it?" Tris asks again.

"You put some in a bath when you start running the water and the bath fills up with bubbles," Christina replies. "You are going to love it."

"Have you guys got a big bath in your room?" Shauna asks. "Ours is huge, Tris make Four have a bath with you."

"Like that would happen," scoffs Eric. "Remember their both stiffs."

I look at Tris and we both blush remembering what we were doing earlier. I give her a small nervous smile and she smiles back.

"What else is in the basket Tris?" Lynn asks.

"Um, there's massage oil, moisturiser, hand cream. Lots of little packets of stuff. Oh and this," Tris says.

At the bottom of the basket is a black satin robe and slippers.

"Oh," Shauna gasps. "That is awesome."

"It actually looks like all you girls are getting similar," Zeke says as he starts to hand other baskets out to the girls.

Christina and Marlene are both squealing as they start to open their baskets. From what I can see they have the same products as Tris, not that I'd really know they just look similar.

"Look," Marlene squeals. "Candles. Did you all get candles?"

There are nods all around as the girls keep holding up different products and squealing or gushing over what they have received. It's exciting to watch not just Tris but all of them as they talk about what they are going to do with the different products. Tris looks overwhelmed at everything that is going on but at the same time she is laughing and smiling with the others girls.

"Okay, okay," Zeke starts to talk. "Let's start giving out some manly presents now."

"Eric," Zeke says as he passes Eric his present.

We watch as he opens it and out comes a book. Interesting. "You got a book?" Zeke asks sounding shocked.

"It's a cookbook," Eric replies and he sounds happy to have received it.

"Well, that's not very manly," Zeke says with a chuckle.

"It might not be manly to you Zeke," Eric tells him. "But it does mean you will be getting some new dishes to try."

"I can appreciate that you got that gift Eric," Zeke says. "I think we will all be able to enjoy that."

"Four," Zeke hands me my gift.

I unwrap the box to find hair clippers. Thank goodness I think to myself. I can finally cut my hair again.

"You are going to have to let me borrow those," Uriah says.

"You want to borrow my hair clippers?" I ask.

"Yeah. My hair doesn't stay this awesome without the proper care Four," Uriah chuckles as he rubs his hands over his head.

I don't respond. Of course he can borrow them but I really don't want to get into a conversation with Uriah about his hair.

"Will," Zeke says as he passes him what looks like it is probably a book.

Will opens his present to find he has a dessert cookbook. "Oh, is there a Dauntless cake recipe in there? Uriah asks.

"I doubt it Uriah," Max replies.

"Why?" Uriah asks.

"Because the recipe is a guarded secret," Max says. "Even the cooks at Dauntless don't know what's in it."

"Then how do they make it?" I ask.

"It comes from Amity in packets," Max says.

"Why would we let Amity know the ingredients but not our own cooks?" Tori asks.

"I don't know Tori," Max says. "It is how it has been done for over two hundred years. I don't ask I just enjoy."

"It couldn't be that hard to work out, could it?" Uriah asks.

"They don't put peace serum in it, do they?" Zeke asks.

"No peace serum, Zeke," Max answers. "We do have the recipe. It is locked away in the volt for safe keeping."

"Dauntless has a volt?" Tori asks.

"Yes we do. We keep the records of everyone who has ever lived in Dauntless there. We also have weapon designs and a few other top secret items in there," Max proclaims.

"Can I try out some of these recipes?" Tris asks Will.

"Be my guest," Will replies.

"Awesome," shouts Uriah. "I mean it won't be as good as Dauntless cake but it will be nice to have some dessert."

"Max you already opened your present," Zeke tells Max.

"What did Max get?" Christina asks.

"I got twelve water pistols, which I am sure that means that I am supposed to share them around," Max says with a smile. "I also got a note telling me to make sure that I keep them away from Uriah and Zeke when we aren't using them."

"Why would you get a note saying that?" Zeke asks.

"Please," Lynn scoffs. "You would probably try to shoot us with water while we are sleeping. Or worse when we are trying to read these damn books."

"There will be no water pistols around the books," Eric demands.

"Watch out Eric, your Erudite is showing," I tease.

Eric doesn't take the bait and just ignores me.

"What's your present Zeke," Uriah asks.

Zeke picks up the last present. It's a strange shape, no corners or straights. He tears open the paper like a little kid, pieces of paper flying everywhere.

Shauna, Tori and Uriah start laughing their heads off as Zeke holds up what looks like a very old and worn teddy bear.

"Who would give you that?" Christina sounds disgusted.

Zeke holds tightly to his bear as he tells her in a serious voice, "do not upset Captain Snuggles."

"Captain Snuggles?" Eric laughs out loud.

"Hey don't tease just because you are jealous," Zeke jokes. "Do you need a hug Eric?"

"No, eww," Eric looks like he just ate a lemon.

"You don't need to show everyone your tatt now Zeke," Tori teases Zeke.

Uriah and Shauna burst into laughter.

"The tattoo on your butt is that?" Lynn points to Zeke's bear. "What were you thinking?"

"I love my bear," Zeke replies. "Captain Snuggles helped me to deal with a lot."

I can see the Dauntless born all give a small nod, I would assume Zeke is talking about when his dad died, but I would never ask.

"What could you have ever needed it for?" Christina asks. There isn't malice in her voice maybe confusion but I see half the room tense.

Zeke can joke about his dad and the accident that claimed his life but he doesn't like to talk about it very often and it is usually only after he had a few drinks.

"Just drop it Christina," Tris says. She may not know why but she is perceptive and can see that half the room doesn't want to talk about.

"Come on," Christina says in her usual brash way. I don't think she will ever lose her Candor tendencies they are to in-grained in her.

"He helped me when my dad died," Zeke quietly tells the room. There is silence for a minute. No one sure of what to say next.

"Water pistol fight," Uriah shouts.

"Yeah," is called out from over half the room.

"But first," Max says. "Let's clean all this up and put your presents away. Then you can play with your guns."

"Yes Dad," Uriah jokes as we all get up and start cleaning the paper and presents away.

We are standing down stairs waiting as Max fills the water pistols for us.

"Okay we need some rules," Eric says.

"The kitchen can be a safe zone so you can refill your gun. But you can't hide or linger in there," I say.

"Beds are off limits. I don't want a soggy mattress," Shauna declares.

"Once you are hit you need to sit out for sixty seconds," Zeke suggests.

"What if we have certain areas of the body that are a kill zone or if you get hit to many times you have to sit out," Lynn offers.

"Okay," I say. "What about heart and head and you are out?"

"That sounds fair. How many times can you get hit before you have to sit out?" Tris asks.

"Once you have been hit by three different people then your game is done," Max suggests.

"Who is going to time you while you are sitting out?" Tori asks.

"We will have to use an honesty system until someone is knocked out of the game. Then they can time you. The dining room is for people who have been knocked out or are waiting for their time penalty to be up," I say.

"That sounds good. Now we need two flags," Max says.

"Let's forget about the flag part, see how we go without it. If it doesn't work then next time we will use flags," Eric says.

"Let's do this," Zeke says. "Four and Eric should be team captains."

"You can go first," I tell Eric.

"Tris," Eric says.

"What? No you can't pick Tris," I declare.

"I can and I have. Now pick," Eric states.

"Zeke," I say.

"Don't sound so disappointed," Zeke chuckles as he clasps me on the bag.

"Lynn," Eric says.



"What's with all the girls Eric?" Zeke asks.

"These three are the smallest here. Which means there is less of them to hit," Eric says. Smart move I think, I still want Tris on my team.


We continue picking until the teams look like this: Eric's team: Tris, Lynn, Tori, Marlene and Will. My team: Zeke, Uriah, Max, Shauna and Christina.

"You have five minutes to come up with a game plan. Then you will have thirty seconds to find a place to hide or whatever you want to do. Go!" Eric calls out as we split into our teams to discuss what we are going to do.

"How do you think we should play this Four?" Uriah asks.

"I think we should go on offence. Try to take them out as quickly as possible. Each have a specific target. If we find someone else then take them down while we look for our own target."

"That's a great idea," Zeke says. "So, let's pick who we go after. Four I think you should take Eric."

I really wanted to have to chase Tris. But beating Eric would be great.

"Okay," I say. "Zeke who do you want to go after?"

"I want Lynn," Shauna butts in.

"I want Will," Christina pipes up.

"Does that mean you want Marlene Uriah?" I ask.

"No way. I want Tris. She may have beaten me in the rankings but I'm going to get her now," Uriah explains. The excitement of the game glowing in his eyes as he bounces on his toes. "Plus, Marlene would kill me if I went after her."

"Whipped," Zeke mutters. "I'll take Marlene," Zeke says with a grin.

"Max, you get Tori," I say.

"You have sixty seconds before the game begins," Eric shouts as his team start running in all directions.

"Watch where your opponent goes," I whisper shout, hoping the other team doesn't get what we are doing.

We quickly scatter around the apartment. I didn't realise there would be so many places that you could hide. Eric's not small so he should be easy to hit once I find him. I thought I saw him go up the stairs.

I walk tentatively, watching that no one jumps out and shoots me. I hear cries from down the stairs, sounds like someone has been knocked out of the game but I'm not sure who. Whoever gave us these presents sure knew the best thing to keep a dozen Dauntless occupied. It feels good to have a moment in time where we aren't concentrating on the books.

Uriah jumps out but stops when he realises it's me. "Have you seen anyone I ask?" I mouth.

Uriah just shakes his head. Next minute a hear Uriah squeal as Tris has shot him in the back of his head. She starts to laugh as she runs back down the hall way.

"Damn it Tris," Uriah groans as he lowers his weapon and starts to make his way down the corridor.

"Wait," I call out and move towards him. "Give me your gun," I say.

"Good thinking Four," Uriah says as he gets a big grin on his face.

I keep walking down the hall when I hear movement in Uriah and Marlene's bedroom. I just start shooting and next thing I hear is a small yelp. "Stop, you got me," Marlene calls out.

Marlene storms past me not looking happy. I didn't get a kill shot but she will be out of the game for a minute. Zeke jogs up next to me. "You got my target," he says.

"I didn't know who it was I just started shooting," I reply.

"I saw Uriah sulking in the dining room," Zeke laughs.

"Tris got him with a head shot," I chuckle.

"Now I understand why he looked so upset. You don't think he will keep trying to be competitive with her do you?"

I know he is talking about Tris and Uriah and comparing them to Eric and I. "No, they have become great friends. I think it will be forgotten as soon as we finish the game. It would be better if we won though."

"Yeah I agree."

We start to enter the different bedrooms hoping to find someone. We walk into Christina and Will's room. I point to Zeke to check the bathroom and as he walks in he shouts, "shit!"

I hear Eric chuckle as I walk up behind Zeke using him as a shield and I hit him straight in the heart.

"You're out," I say with a grin on my face.

"Awesome," Eric mumbles as he and Zeke make their way downstairs. Eric is out of the game but Zeke is just in a time out.

The game goes for another half an hour. The only people left in the game are me, Lynn and Tris. Uriah has pulled the cards out that he got as a present and he is playing some card game with Zeke, Marlene and Tori.

I haven't seen Tris since she first hit Uriah. Which means she must be upstairs. Lynn has been running all over the house, never staying still for very long. Tris must have found some place to hide.

"Tris, Lynn," Eric shouts. "There is only Four left."

"You can't help them," Zeke whines.

"Why not? There was no rule for that," Eric states.

"Can we go and watch? It looks like they are all upstairs," Christina asks.

"No," Eric says. "I don't want you getting in the way."

"It's only a game Eric," Christina grumbles.

"I don't care, I want to win," Eric proclaims.

I walk further along the corridor and can only just hear the others talking down stairs. I can't make out what they are saying but there is a lot of laughing going on.

I see Lynn run from Marlene's room into Eric's room and I give chase. She is standing completely still as I walk in the room shooting water at her. I get the kill shot but before she moves Tris jumps out from behind her and shoots me straight in the face with water.

Lynn and Tris start cheering as I stand there stunned. They start to move towards the door when Tris stops in front of me and kisses me on the lips. With a smile on her face she whispers, "sorry Tobias."

I know she's not really sorry as she runs out the room with Lynn laughing and cheering. I hear them run down the stairs shouting, "We won, we won."

I slowly make my way down the stairs and Zeke is standing with his hands on his hips. "What the hell Four? You let two girls beat you."

"Yeah and how did you get taken out?" I ask.

He mumbles something incoherent and then says, "but your Four. You're not supposed to lose."

"Too bad Zeke," Eric says. "Better luck next time." Then starts to walk away laughing.

I don't care, we had a lot of fun and watching everyone laughing and joking is a nice change to the feelings that have been in the house the last few days. I've still got the three wins against Eric in capture the flag.

I spend the next couple of hours in the training room with Zeke and Uriah. The girls are explaining to Tris and Lynn what the products in their gift baskets are used for. It seems Lynn is almost as clueless as Tris when it comes to pampering yourself. Or so the girls told me. I have no clue and Zeke and Uriah didn't want to hang around to find out either.

"Who do you think put us here?" Zeke asks.

"I don't know," I answer. I am sure Tori knows but I don't say anything. I think that if they knew that she knows something then she would be hounded into telling. Or worse. I have no idea what Eric or even Max might do if they thought she knew something.

"It's just," Zeke says. "They would need to know me well."

"Why do you think that? You know almost everyone in the compound."

"Exactly, but not many people know about Captain Snuggles."

"Everyone who has ever seen you do a nudie run of the pit knows about your bear," Uriah chuckles.

"Yeah but they wouldn't know that I still own the bear. And it was at mum's place. They would have had to get into her place to take it. Do you think they would harm her?"

"Zeke stop worrying. Hana is more than capable of looking after herself. I don't think these people would harm her, not Hana," I say.

"But," Zeke says.

"Stop," I tell him. "You will make yourself sick worrying about things you have no control over."

"But it's my mum," he says.

"Zeke, please," I beg. "Nothing bad would happen to Hana. I think we have enough to worry about."

"How are we going to stop this?" Uriah asks.

"I don't know. But we are going to need to come up with something before we leave here," I say.

"It's all becoming real now, isn't it?" Zeke says.

"Yeah it is. I think it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Look how everyone reacted to Will dying. There is another seven people who are supposed to die," I say.

"I don't want to think about it," Uriah says. "I hope that if I lose everyone that I love that I go too."

"Don't say that," Zeke moans. "I don't want to hear stuff like that Uriah."

"Fine but tell me you're not thinking the same thing," Uriah says.

"I don't know what to think," Zeke says. "I just keep hoping that we read the letter wrong and that we don't have to hear about anyone else dying."

"I don't think that is going to be the case," I say. "I think we are going to have a lot more tears in that room then we do laughter."

"We will just have to have more water pistol fights then," Zeke smiles.

Uriah and I just nod. More water pistol fights sounds good to me.

"Dinner's almost ready," Shauna tells us as she walks into the training room. "You might want to have showers before. You all stink."

I walk into our bathroom and there are bubbles everywhere. "Tris," I call out.

"Yeah," she answers.

"Where are you?"

"I'm in the bath."

I see a hand start waving and I follow it over. I look down and Tris has bubbles above her head and all around her. I can't help but laugh. "Did you let Uriah pour the stuff in?" I ask jokingly.

"It said to put a cap full. But Christina and Marlene both said to put two. I only put two cap fulls in and this is what happened," she laughs.

"So, do you like bubble baths?" I ask as I sit on the edge of the bath.

"Are you kidding? This is the best thing," she says with a huge smile on her face. "We really missed out on a lot growing up in Abnegation."

"We did."

"But I still miss the simplicity. Is that silly?"

"No. I don't think it's silly. I like to think that it lets us appreciate what we have now. Enjoy moments like these, especially with everything that is happening."

"Do you think we will be able to stop it?"

"I don't know Tris but we will do whatever we can to try. I need a shower. Do you mind if I have one while you are in the bath?"

"No. You really do stink," she says with a laugh.

"Thanks, Shauna told us the same thing."

"What have you been doing?"

"Training with Uriah and Zeke. It was fun."

We get back to our room after dinner and I decide to take the clippers out of their box. As the clippers come out so does an envelope. It has mine and Tris' name on it.

"Tris, come look at this," I say.

"What is it?"

"Another letter. It's addressed to both of us."

Tris takes the envelope out of my hand and opens it. She pulls the letter from the envelope and starts to read.

"Dear Four and Tris,

The next book is going to be hard on both of you. Remember when I told you that you are stronger together? Well, now is the time that you need to remember this. You need to keep training. You need to try and find a way that we can stop this before it happens.

We will be doing all that we can to make that happen from Dauntless. We already have people who want to help us stop this war from happening. Watch the people around you, learning the truth may turn your friends into enemies, it could also turn your enemies into friends. Be careful with who you trust.

I'm sorry that we have had to put you in this position. We only want to save as many people as we can and we believe that you are both the key to this happening. We won't be letting you go once you finish the third book. We will need you to try and come up with a plan before you leave the house.

Max and Eric are going to want to turn anyone who is Divergent over to Jeanine as soon as you are released from the apartment. We are trying to put a plan together so that won't happen. But we need you to try and convince them otherwise. Good luck with that!

We have another safe house set up. We can take whoever you trust to that safe house once you leave here, if we have too. This will be our best way to fight the coming war and to bring Jeanine down. Once the books are read give Tori the names of the people you think you can trust. Thank you for not letting the others know our identities. It will be safer for all if we can keep it that way. Stay strong. Be brave."

"That's it," Tris says as she finishes reading.

"What do you think?" I ask.

"I'm worried."

"About the war?"

"No about the books. What is going to happen that we need to be told to remember that we are stronger together?"

"I don't know. But you are right, it is worrying."

"I don't know if I can handle this Tobias."

"Tris, you are the strongest person I know. We can do this. We just need to keep remembering that it hasn't happened yet."

"I don't understand why Max and Eric are doing this? Jeanine I sort of get, but Max and Eric. I thought Eric would be smarter than this."

"Eric wanted to be leader more than anything. I think the power has got to him. But Max, I don't know. I wonder if we will ever know. He hasn't said much and isn't giving anything away. To have so much blood on his hands, he better have a good reason."

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