Enjoy the story

I remember gently lifting you into my arms as the flames burned around us. I walked out of a place in which had once felt so safe was now up in flames. I walked through the streets of Tokyo and found the CCG'S reaper. He gently laid you in the snow which floated around us. I remember how we used to play in the snow. "Please I can't do this anymore just kill me." I say to Arima.

He looks at me and I could've sworn I saw sympathy in his eyes before he killed me. I woke up in a field of Sunflower's and Spider lilies. I slowly got up. "Were am I?" I thought. I feel no pain and there are no signs I had ever been killed. I looked over to a beautiful cherry blossom tree to see a familiar figure. Hide. He sat under the tree with his familiar headphones placed over his head and a book in his hands. I gently tapped Hide on the shoulder. He looked up with surprised brown eyes. He removes his headphones and sets down his book. "Kaneki?" Hide asked softly still surprised. "Y-your supposed to be alive." Hide said sniffling. "Life isn't worth living without you." I said gently connecting Hide and my lips. Hide deepened the kiss tears rolling down his face. We broke apart with our for head's resting together. "I love you so much but I wanted you to live." Hide said crying. "I'm happy because I'm with you." I said.

"Your hair is black again." Hide said to me gently running his fingers through my hair. "So it is." I said noticing a strand of black falling into my eyes. "I wonder what will happen now." Hide asked me. "I don't care as long as I'm with you I'm home." I said and we walked through the field of sunflowers to a small yet cute house with a mail box with the names Hide and Kaneki on it. It had a beautiful garden. We walked through the gates into the yard we are finally home.

Ahahaha no regrets writing that