This is a basic replace the protagonist with another protagonist challenge. Basically Kazuto replaces Shiro and Miyu is also there He has no memories of his life before the fire and his personality is basically the same but he has Shiro's need to be a hero. Also due to his name being Kazuto Emiya his username will be Kazuya not Kirito due to Kirito being a combination of his first and last name. I would like it if he had joined both Kendo and Archery. I would like it if the story also followed the games and that during the 5th Holy Grail War that Archer (EMIYA) is replaced by Counter Guardian KAZUYA. After the war both him, Illya, and Miyu go into Sword Art Online you can have others come to if you want. After Kazuto beats Kayaba Hollow Fragment starts. Along with the Hollow Area the Moon Cell appears. Kazuto replaces Hakuno and Saber Arturia is his Servant and due to glitches in the system Saber is level 1. Just like Hollow Area only Kazuto can enter and Saber can't leave it. Unlike Hollow Area however only Kazuto can enter the Moon Cell. Also Kazuto leaves Fuyuki to go to the SAO recovery school as well as to meet his family. In GGO Kazuto changes his username from Kazuya to Kiritsugu in honor of his father as well as Hunter knives and a Thomas Contender. For Mothers Rosario Kazuto heals Yuuki with Avalon. I just can't stand to see Yuuki die! For the Alicization arc I don't know. For pairings if single then Kazuto and Arturia no Asuna, I don't hate the pairing it's just that like most canon pairings after a while they seem kinda boring. For harem, Arturia has to be the main girl and I would like it if you would add Sinon, Yuuki, and Ailce to the harem. Anyway those were what I would LIKE for there to be if you accept the challenge. The only MANDATORY rule is that 1. Kazuto is in the fire and is adopted by Kiritsugu. 2. Is that if you decide to do a single pairing then it has to be Arturia. Other than those 2 things do whatever you want to do.