AN: This is my first AU story ever. Just a quick warning, this story is inspired by some Supernatural. Witch!Edward, Demon!Edward and Angel!Roy. This is also a RoyXEd story. It will only be two to three chapters, with the second being much longer than this, as this is just the prologue. Thank you for reading

"You have got to be shitting me" Edward rasped out as he stared at his reflection

Edward had been through a lot, there was no denying that. His dabbling caused his brothers death, caused the loss of two of his limbs. But instead of learning his lesson, he continued to dabble with what no human should dabble with in the hopes of getting his brother back. The demon that had appeared had smiled, had dangled his brothers life in front of his eyes, all with an agenda that he had not cared about at that time. He had said yes. He had sold his soul without a second thought.

If he was being honest to himself, he would have said yes a hundred times over if it meant that Al would come back to life. His soul was nothing compared to the life of his brother. Al had appeared behind Ed, understandably confused as he watched him kiss another man that he didn't know from Adam.

But Ed had made another mistake. His trade had a time line. His brother would stay alive, that at least he had made sure of. What he didn't ask, was how long he had before his payment came due. He had barely gotten Al back to their flat before he started hearing the dogs. Of course, Al couldn't hear them. His soul wasn't up for the taking.

Edward let out a hiss as he pulled at his hair, his eyes changing color as he did so.

He had made sure to start a fight with Al, the only thing he could think of to get Al not to come looking for him. The things he had said, none of it true, yet all of it things that Al had always wondered about. He wish he could re-assure his brother as he stared at him, his eyes wide with tears. But that wouldn't have helped keep Al safe. Instead, Ed had turned around and walked out, his last words to his brother echoing in his head.

I want nothing to do with you anymore. You are nothing but a burden to me

Ed had cried as he ran. He wasn't ashamed of admitting that to anyone. But he ran, just to get as far away from Al before the dogs finally closed in on him. The demon had appeared again as he could feel the dogs breath on his face.

"You really should have thought the deal out a bit. Most people ask how long they have."

"I didn't figure that you would be so impatient to get my soul" Ed had bit back.

"Not impatient, just not in the mood to watch you try to find a way out of it." The demon said with a shrug. "You'll love what I have planned for you though."

At that, Edward had to frown. "I sold you my soul. Surely you're just going to send it to hell?"

"Oh Edward, you still haven't figured it out have you?" it said with a wicked grin, making Ed's stomach turn. "If I send your soul to hell, it will take years to turn you into the demon I need you to be. No, instead I'm just going to turn you into a demon right now. We'll skip all the torture that would normally be necessary."

Ed let out a hiss. "Why do you want me to be a demon?"

"I need a pawn on my chess board after all." The demon said with a laugh, snapping his fingers.

Ed didn't care to recall the rest. Turning away from his reflection, he went back into the dark room he would be staying in. Not that he needed to sleep anymore. He didn't need much of anything anymore. He had to admit, that was one of the perks of his new life. If you could call it that.

He sat down on the bed, picking up the photo he had discarded onto the mattress moments ago. He scanned the picture slowly, taking in as much details as possible.

His first task was easy. Kill the target.

With a sigh, Edward dropped the photo again, getting to his feet. He had to stop wasting time and get it done.

"You can't exactly go out like that"

Edward let out a growl, turning to face the demon. "Why not."

"You might have told Al off, but there are still other people who will recognize you. I suppose I can help you with this change."

Ed didn't have time to reply before the sound of fingers snapping filled his ears. Of course, with the sound the bastard had disappeared without explanation, leaving Edward stood in the empty room, staring at his hands. Nothing felt different. He felt just like he always did. With a shrug, he turned back to the door, his image in the mirror catching his eye.

"No" Edward breathed as he took a step closed, inspecting his face. He still looked the same, well, sort of. His lips seemed fuller, his eyes bigger. His hair seemed softer, longer even. With a shiver running down his spine, he glanced down at his body. Sure enough, he was still shorter than most men, almost the height of a petite woman. But what really caught his attention was the two bulges under his shirt.

He had breasts. Edward Elric had breasts. He had turned into a woman.

It was all he could do to not lose it, trying to remind himself that this had all been for Al. It didn't really help.

Roy hated this place. Not because of the people, but because of the smell. It smelled like rotting flesh. Of course, he knew why it smelled like that. That was the whole reason he had to be there. To save them. These idiots oblivious to the dangers surrounding them.

With a sigh, he shoved his gloved hands into his pockets, resting against the wall of the coffee shop, his eyes scanning the people as they passed him. He knew someone had made a deal recently. There was a wail each time a soul was sold, an Angel in heaving crying at the loss. He hated the sound to his very core. That's why he decided.

He had to save the lost soul before it was too late.

Shifting his head slightly, he continued to scan the people, looking for the telltale sign of a lost soul. Usually he could track the lost soul to a point, yet this time, the soul almost seemed to have disappeared completely. It was so disconcerting, it had him rattled. And Roy was never rattled.

His eyes landed on a demon disguised as a human, not having noticed his presence. Letting out a low growl, he shifted his gaze. He didn't have time to chase down every demon in the place. Wrinkling his nose in disgust as the demon passed by him, the smell of putrid flesh only noticeable to his kind nearly making him gag.

Regaining his composure, he watched as a golden haired woman stepped out of a building, a strange look on her face. Had he not been staring at her, he would have missed the flash in her eyes, making him push away from the wall in a start. He watched carefully as she scanned the street, before heading off in the direction of the military headquarters.

Without thinking twice, Roy was moving, following the golden haired demon.

Ed really didn't have time to struggle with what it meant to be a woman. He was a demon now. Demons had no gender. Demons had meat suits. He had just been lucky that his meat suite had turned out to be his original body. After all, it had been the nearest empty body.

He could feel the other demons nearby. It was like this city was the center of activity for his kind. It made sense, really. Central was.. well… central, really.

Shaking his head, his hair flowing across his back with the motion, he turned left, his feet seeming to know exactly which way to go to get to his current target.

Maes Hughes, Ed recalled, was a military officer. Killing him would have proven difficult had he been human. But he also knew that Maes would be leaving to go home soon, to his wife and child, and he wouldn't be expecting a woman to attack him so suddenly. That was what he was counting on as he neared the headquarters, watching as Maes left the building just on time.

Ed waited for him to turn the corner before picking up his pace, his hand reaching for the dagger he had tucked away. Everything was going according to plan.

That was until a hand wrapped around his arm, pulling him back.

"What the Fuck!" Ed hissed as the figure pulled him into an alleyway, out of sight.

"You can't kill him."

Edward stared up at the man, his black hair and black eyes barely visible in the streetlight. He had to resist the hiss that was building up in his throat. Something about the man felt… different. "Look, buddy, I don't know what you think I was going to do, but I am merely on my way home." He said with as calm a voice as possible.

"I'm not blind, demon. I know you was about to kill that soldier."

Ed took a step back, his eyes changing from Gold to black. "How do you know what I am?" He hissed, the dagger shifting in his hand.

At this, the man laughed. "You can't hurt me with that. Though, you can try." He added with a smirk. "I know what you are because I hunt your kind."

"What do you mean you hunt my kind? What exactly are you?"

The man frowned, his eyes flashing white for a split second. "How can you not know what I am… Wait… How long have you been topside?"

"Topside?" Ed repeated, getting agitated by the way this man was making him feel stupid.

"How long were you in hell." He stated, seemingly agitated as well.

"I haven't been in hell yet." Ed answered with a shrug.

Frowning, the man took a step forward, making ed take a step back. "You're the lost soul… why are you already a demon?" He breathed, making Ed frown up at him. He took another step closer, but this time Ed didn't move. "I didn't even get a chance to save you… that's not how this works." He growled, taking a final step closed, his breath hot on Eds face.

"Save me?" Ed breathed. "How exactly did you want to do that. I sold my soul, there's no way out of that."

With a growl, the man grabbed Eds hand, pulling him down the street, completely ignoring Eds protest. "I think we need to talk, somewhere private."