Edward watched as the man paced back and forth in the apartment, an angry look on his face. He had realized rather quickly that it was useless trying to get away from the man, he seemed much stronger than Ed was currently.

Stopping with an angry growl, the man turned to face Ed, his eyes flashing white for a second time since they met. "This is wrong!" He hissed at Ed.

"Tell me about it." Ed grumbled back, his eyes focused on the man. "You still haven't told me anything about who or what you are, yet you kidnapped me from the streets."

Another growl escaped the mans lips. "I don't usually have to explain what I am to a demon. If that damn mongrel had followed the agreement, he wouldn't have changed you without your initiation in hell."

"Well, he did, and I need some explanations." Ed said with a growl of his own.

The man stared him up and down, before sighing, the anger still present, but not aimed at him as much as it had been. "Fine. My name is Roy. I'm an Angel."

Ed let out a scoff, rolling his eyes. "Yeah right. There's no such thing."

The man, Roy, glared at Ed, lowering his voice as he spoke, making him sound so much more dangerous. "You believe in demons, but not in Angels. Are you that stupid?" Before Ed could continue, Roy touched his forehead, making Ed flinch back.

"What the Hell!" Ed growled, his voice seemingly deeper than it had been, making his eyes go wide in surprise.

"I cant take you serious when you're not yourself. Your not a woman, you shouldn't be masquerading as one." Roy stated as he moved towards the window.

"Uh… thanks?" Ed muttered, staring at Roy's back. There really was something different about this man, or Angel, if he could believe in such fairy tales.

"Look, usually when a soul is sold, I have some time to try and save the soul. That's the agreement I have that Demon. That seems to have been nullified now, though." He stated as he glanced back at Ed over his shoulder. "If he turned you without giving you at least a year, turned you without proper initiation, then it means our agreement is over."

"What agreement?" Ed asked as he took a step closer to Roy.

With another sigh – he seemed to be doing that a lot tonight – Roy turned to face the demon, his eyes somber. "We have been in a near eternal fight, me and that Mongrel. After fighting for such a long time with no real outcome, we decided on an Agreement. He would purchase souls from the hopeless who summoned him, but he would always give them a minimum of one year. The year I had full control to try and save their soul. If I succeeded, the contract with the demon would be nullified. If not, the soul would be sent to Hell for five years to be 'Trained'. That made sure that there was no blood-thirsty demons running about, not knowing anything of the world beyond the human understanding."

"So why..." Ed started, yet he couldn't finish the sentence.

"He didn't want me to have a chance to save you." Roy growled, turning to face the window again. "He obviously knows something about you that I do not."

Edward let out a low laugh. "What's so special about me. I sold my soul to save my brother."

"There must be something about you… something only you would be capable of doing."

This made Ed think. Sure, his father had been a he-witch of sorts, and Edward had his fathers brains. He had no problem performing rituals that most witches had had problems with. But surely then the Demon would have gone after his father. The man had been dead for years. That's when the thought occurred to him, making him turn his back on the Angel as he spoke.

"I was a witch, you know. Even if I was given the year that you had agreed to, my soul would not be salvageable. Witches go to hell, no matter what."

Ed turned as he suddenly felt Roy's hand on his arm, only to stare up into his onyx eyes, a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"Even witches' souls can be saved, Edward. Every soul has the chance to be saved." Roy spoke, his eyes seemingly determined. "i will save your soul. The agreement was not met, therefore, I have every right to try and get your soul back."

"I don't really need your help." Ed muttered. If Ed got his soul back, surely Al would die again. No-matter the cost, Ed would not sacrifice his brother for his soul.

"What you bought with your soul will stay as is." Roy muttered, seemingly reading Eds mind. "What was purchased cannot be taken back by the Demon. He could try, but there are other Angels watching. He wouldn't get far."

"Al would be safe?" Ed breathed out, staring up at the impossible man in front of him.

"Yes." Roy said with a nod, letting go of Edwards arm. "Now, whether you want my help or not, you're stuck with me. Angels aren't easy to get rid of." He added with a smirk. "Our first step to getting your soul back is to figure out why he had you target that man."

"He's an investigator. According to the file the Demon gave me, he was investigating a demon in the military." Ed stated with a shrug.

"So he was poking his nose where it shouldn't be." Roy said with a frown. "Surely, that means that the military is the Demons target. Why else would he go out of his way to try and keep the demon hidden."

"What would a demon want with the military?" Ed asked, walking over to the single bed, dropping down onto it.

"If I was a demon, then the military would probably be the best way to spread the word of wishes being fulfilled."

"Wishes being fulfilled?" Ed growled, his eyes turning black once more. "How is being turned into this a wish being filled?"

Roy stared at the boy for a moment, waiting for his eyes to turn gold again before speaking. "You know, you're nothing like the demons I've met before."

"In what way?" Ed asked, curious.

"Firstly, you don't smell like you've been rotting in a basement." Roy lifted his hand to stop Ed from interrupting him. "You're not aggressive, you're not blood-thirsty. You're bordering on being human. Except for the creepy eyes."

"Your eyes aren't much better." Ed growled out, crossing his arms across his chest, making Roy grin.

"A side effect from being down here so long. My celestial form is growing… tired."

"What?" Ed blurted out, his arms dropping to his side.

"Angels aren't meant to be down here so long. I was due to return when I heard the cry. I couldn't just leave knowing a soul was being taken."

Edward seemed quiet, taking in what the Angel was saying, a wave of guilt filling his chest where his soul used to be. He was the cause this Angel had not returned home.

Home… something Ed no longer had.

Why was he letting this Angel help him in the first place? He had no-where to return to. He had broken his only tie to human life, so there was no reason for him to go back to being a part of that life.

This Angel had a home to return to though. And he was keeping him from doing that. Why? Because he was different? Well screw that.

With determination, Edward got up, his eyes turning Black again, this time with no intention of changing back. Recalling the grin the demon had worn when he had taken his soul, Edward did his best to pull the same face, walking up to Roy.

"You honestly think you can save me, Angel? Who said I wanted to be saved in the first place? I was a witch, and now I'm a demon. I've upgraded! No way am I letting a creature from heaven take that away from me. I am Happy being a damned soul." Ed drawled, as he came to stop right in front of the angel, staring up into his eyes with his pitch black orbs. "I don't want to be saved. Being human is not what I called being saved."

Edward started walking past Roy, only stopping when he felt the hot hand wrap around his arm. "You cant lie to me, Edward, even if you tried."

Swallowing hard, Edward turned to face the Angel again. "I am not Lying, Roy. I do not need to be saved. I knew what I was getting into when I said yes. Now, do me a favor Angel, and buzz off." He snapped, yanking his arm out of Roy's grasp. He turned to leave, but came face to face with the Demon who had taken his soul.

"Hello there, pet." It cooed, making Edward growl. He had no time to react before being pulled behind Roy, the Angel standing in front of him protectively. Edward had the strangest sensation of feathers wrapping around him protectively, but pushed the sensation to the back of his mind as he focused on the Demon and Angel in front of him.

"Hello Roy Mustang… I haven't seen you in what… 300 years?"

Roy let out a growl, his hand on Eds arm tightening slightly. "We have a lot more than pleasantries to discuss, Mongrel."

"Why, Roy, I thought we were old friends. You cant even spare me a friendly hello?" The Demon spoke, a fake hurt on his face.

"Don't fuck with me, Demon. We had an agreement which you broke when you converted this boy's soul."

"Agreement? I was merely playing your game until the right person came along. I'd have you return him to me now, thanks." He said as he reached for Edward, making Roy snarl.

"He is not going with you. You can get bent."

"You know, for an Angel, you sure have a bad mouth. What would your father say?" He said Mockingly as he seemed to circle the two, Roy moving to constantly face him, pulling Ed with him. "What's this kid to you, anyway? He's nothing more than a witch."

"What do you want with him?" Roy growled, ignoring the question.

"Oh, right. This is the part where the bad guy spills his plans, right? Wrong. What I want with him is none of your business. What is, is what will happen to you if you don't let him go." It said as the red eyes flashed, a threatening howl following suite.

Ed let out an involuntary shiver at the sound, memories of his transformation to demon coming to mind. Without thinking, Ed wrapped his free hand around the arm Roy was using to hold on to him.

At the touch, Roy let out a growl, the sensation that had surrounded Edward before, fading, only to be replaced with a gust of wind. The sudden wind threw the demon off guard, long enough for Roy to pull Ed through the door, running into the street, Ed barely keeping up with the Angel.

Edward dropped to the ground as he tried to catch his breath, Roy standing next to him, his eyes darting around, as if searching for their pursuer.

"Why?" Edward wheezed between breaths. "You should have just handed me over to him."

"You're really not fooling me Edward." Roy said blankly, another gust of wind hitting Edward, almost like an agitated bird…

"You have wings..." Edward blurted out as it hit him, staring up at Roy, making him stare back. Without warning, Roy burst out laughing, the first real smile Ed had seen on his face since they had met. Again, the strange sensation in the pit of his stomach hit him, making him frown.

"No shit, shorty." Roy breathed between laughs, making Ed swing his fist at him, completely missing him of course. "You really aren't a normal Demon, Ed." He added with a smile. "Now, we have to get you out of dodge, since he's just going to keep coming for you, and I need to figure out what he's planning with the military."

"Get me… Fuck you." Ed growled. "I am not a kid. If you are going to go against my wishes to save my soul then I am going with you." Ed stated as he crossed his arms across his chest.

"I can't take you with me, Ed. This is dangerous. Besides, what if the Mongrel comes back?"

"Yeah, what if he comes back. Then all your efforts would be in vain, because I'd go with him without you to stop me."

"Stop fucking around." Roy snapped, another gust of wind hitting Edward, his hair whipping across his face. "Why can't you just accept that I'm going to save your soul?"

"I accept that… not that I want to… but I will not let you go alone." Edward said. "I've never been someone to sit back and watch as others tried to take things on on their own. You might not have known me when I was human, but I was a fighter. Never gave up..."

"And yet, you sold your soul."

Edward growled, stepping closer to Roy, ignoring the sensation it brought. "I traded my soul for my brothers life. I did it, and I would do it again without any second thoughts. You think you know a damn thing about me? You don't know shit!"

"I know you act tough, but you're scared out of your wits. I know you say you don't want to be saved, but you don't want to be damned." Roy wrapped his arm around Edwards waist, a strange look on his face as he continued. "I know you feel a flutter in the pit where your soul should be whenever you get close to me… I know this, Edward, because I feel it too."

"Bullshit." Edward breathed, but didn't dare move.

"Do you know what a soul-mate is, Edward?" Roy asked, a hesitant look in his eyes, making Edward bite his lip, unable to speak. Slowly he nodded though, not trusting his voice. "For Angels, there is no such thing. Nor for Demons, really. Yet, when I saw you leave the building that first time, I saw something in your eyes… something an Angel should never be able to see."

"What?" Edward breathed, not quite sure Roy had heard him. But even if he hadn't, Edward knew what he meant, because he had seen it too. He had pushed it off as a side effect of the change… but now?

"They say that when you see your soul-mates eyes for the first time, you see… well, some describe it as heaven. I think its more like a sign, like a connection… like a puzzle piece that you just know will fit yours."

"That's why you want to save me?" Edward asked, his hand resting on Roy's chest.

"I want to save you for more reasons than one, but yes, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious as to what would happen if we were together. There's never been an angel that became one with a human, let alone a Demon."


"Not until now." Roy breathed, reaching down to claim Edwards lips, his breath caught in his throat. He half expected something to explode. For the world to come to an end. Instead, his lips parted slightly as Roy's tongue explored his mouth, the taste of honey filling his senses. It felt like his body had been set alight, but with a fire of pleasure.

Roy broke the kiss breathlessly, smiling down at Edward. "The world didn't end… that's a relief."

"I wouldn't have cared if it did." Edward breathed, his arms wrapping around Roy's neck, pulling him in for another kiss, as he felt Roy's wings wrap around him. For the first time in his life, Edward felt completely safe.

Again, Roy broke the kiss breathlessly, his hold on Ed never faltering. Glancing around, Roy let out a sigh. "I'd love nothing more than to stay here and be with you, but we need to get your soul undamned before we continue. Kissing you was dangerous enough… any more contact and we might just destroy the world." Roy said, only half-joking.

Edward simply nodded, reluctant to let go of Roy, but doing so any way. He shivered slightly as the warmth of Roy's wings disappeared, only to have Roy take his hand, a gentle smile on his face.

"Come on, Ed, lets get to Central headquarters. I have no doubt the Mongrel is there, trying to speed up his plan."

Edward glanced around the corner, not really expecting to see all that much. It was nearly midnight, and Central was quiet. Just as he had expected, a single guard stood next to the gate, half asleep he had to guess from the way he was swaying slightly. Glancing back at Roy next to him, he nodded. "One guard. Should be safe to go over the wall."

"Then lets go." Roy agreed, quickly hopping onto the wall, reaching for Edwards hand, pulling him up behind him. They landed on the grass in unison, sprinting towards the far window that had been left open, a gust of wind from Roy's wings pushing them forward faster. Climbing through the window was the easy part of the whole idea. The hard part was finding the demon in question.

At least, that would have been the case if it hadn't been for Roy. He stood in the dark room, an office he had to guess, sniffing the air similar to the way a dog would. Ed stifled a laugh at the sight, biting back his remark about how much he looked like a dog.

"I can smell… Its faint.. but there's definitely a demon in the building right now." Roy said as he pulled Ed towards the door, leaning against it as he slowly peeked into the hallway, stepping into it moments later. Ed didn't dare speak, merely followed Roy as he moved down the hallways as if he had been working here for years.

Perhaps, Edward thought, a smile on his face, Roy worked here in his previous life.

They rounded the corner, a strange smell becoming apparent to Edward, his nose scrunching up in disgust. "Is that how I smell to you?" Ed whispered, Roy stopping for a moment to look back at him as he did.

"No. To me, you smell like… summer." Roy said with a shrug, ignoring when Ed rolled his eyes. "But if we don't get your soul back soon, your body might start to decay. After all, it's not like you eat or sleep, do you?"

A shiver ran up Ed's spine as his words hit home. "You're right… Which way?"

Roy started moving again, pulling Edward with him, his pace having increased from what it had been before. It didn't take them long to reach the room where the smell was originating from. Stopping in front of the door, Roy let out a low growl. "I can't enter."

"What?" Edward asked as he moved closer to the door, inspecting the strange marking on the door, his finger instinctively touching the liquid, bile rising in his throat. "Is this blood?"

"It's a blood-seal. To keep Angels out. That bastard knew I would come for him." Roy hissed, a gust following suite. Edward watched as Roy's hair moved in the wind, wishing he was able to see Roy's wings. He had no doubt in his mind that they were glorious. Just like him.

Shaking his head, Edward moved to wipe the blood from the door, only to have Roy stop him. "It's no use, Ed. The blood has been absorbed into the wood. We'll have to corner that Mongrel another time." He said, disheartened.

Which made Edward Growl. He hated that the Demon had him feeling so defeated. Neither did he like the fact that they had come all the way here, only to have to turn around. Screw that for a glass of milk.

Without a word, Edward pushed open the door, walking into the room, Roy reaching to grab him, only to stop at the sight of another blood-seal on the floor below Edward. Glancing back at the Angel, he smiled, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "I'll only be a minute love."

Edward moved further into the room, the pink tint on his cheeks slowly fading. Trust him to chose a terrible time to use such a nickname. Behind him he could hear Roy desperately calling out to him to turn back, but he pushed on, his eyes scanning the room slowly. It seemed so familiar, but he couldn't put his finger on it… These circles… the altar with the bones….

"It's a summoning ritual. Similar to the one you used to summon me."

Edward growled as the Demon moved out of the shadows, stopping in front of the altar, a woman following behind him. She seemed different than the Demon, yet not entirely human either.

"This is Alice, She's my daughter."

"Daughter?" Edward echoed, staring at the woman as she grinned up at him sheepishly. "How is that even possible?"

"She's half-human. Her mother was human. I say was, since Alice here ate her way out of her mothers womb. She's such a smart child, has been from conception really."

"That's sick." Ed growled, Alice merely shrugging at his words.

"Its what demons do. Real demons, anyway. I never expected you to be able to, though. You're only a half-breed. Not even a proper one at that."

"What do you mean?"

"All these questions. We're not at school you know." The demon said with a sigh, before shaking his head. "I could only convert your consciousness into a demon. The rest of your soul wouldn't be broken without enough time in hell. Don't worry, you'll get there soon. But right now, I need you to do what I intended for you."

"Fuck that." Edward said with venom in his voice. "I'm not your slave, you cannot control me."

"Actually..." It spoke, flicking his fingers in the air, Edwards body moving towards him against his will. "I can. You see, I OWN you. I can do to you whatever I want. And right now, I want you to summon my master. Get on with it, Edward."

Roy watched from the door, his fingers digging into the wood as Edwards body moved in front of the altar. He knew he was being controlled. He knew that Edward would have to sacrifice what remained of his human soul to summon the Horseman that the Mongrel intended him to summon. And that would cause his soul to be damned for eternity.

How could he let that happen? After several hundred years as an Angel, on his own, watching as humans found their soul-mates, he had finally found his own… and now he was going to lose him?

No. Roy took a deep breath, his fingers loosening their grip.

If he did this quickly, he'd have enough time to shield Edward from the blast that it would cause. The question was whether he was ready to make this sacrifice.

Taking a step back, he focused on the man he wanted to protect. Another step backwards. Another.

"This is so going to sting." Roy muttered, pushing himself forward with all his might, his wings flapping once to give him the boost he needed.

That's when time seemed to stop for him.

Entering the seal was painless. But as his body hit the other side, he let out a pained gasp, the force of it nearly knocking him out. Flapping his wings harder, he continued to push against the seals barrier, biting his lip to stop the pained scream that was caught in his throat.

With a flash, the pain dissipated, and he was moving towards Ed faster than he had ever moved before. Ed let out a startled yelp as Roy wrapped his arms around him, his wings shielding the two of them moments later.

Edward couldn't believe his eyes.

Roy's wings were onyx, just like his eyes. They were spectacular. Why was he seeing them now? And what was Roy doing in the room… Why was he covered in sweat and blood?

"Roy, what did you do?" Ed breathed, staring up at his pained face, a look of pure hurt in his eyes.

"I couldn't lose you."

"What did you do?"

Slowly Roy lowered his wings, the smell of burning flesh and something else filling Edwards senses. Edward slowly got to his feet, scanning the room… or what was left of it. The room seemed like it had experienced an explosion of some sort, scorch marks against the walls, with two silhouettes burned into the far side wall, with the two of them in the center.

"What?" Edward breathed out again, turning back to Roy, only to let out a gasp. "Your wings!"

Roy got to his feet slowly, his wings hanging behind him, or what was left of them. "I don't really need them anymore."

"Roy… you… you caused the explosion? You shielded me with your wings?"

"I don't need them anymore." Roy repeated, stepping closer to Edward as tears filled his eyes. "I wouldn't be able to leave you even if I tried."

"Roy..." He began again, only to have Roy's lips crash against his, the kiss seeming so much more desperate that they had ever before. Edward leaned into the kiss, closing his eyes as the tears rolled down his cheeks.

This Angel had sacrificed his wings for him… A Demon.

Edward broke the kiss, staring up at Roy with sadness in his eyes. "I'm so sorry."

"I'm not. Edward… Killing him released your soul… You're human again..." Roy leaned in and kissed him again, a much shorter kiss than before, before breaking it and looking at him with a completely different look in his eyes. "Now I can be with you… without causing the end of the world."

Edward let out a soft laugh, shaking his head. "We can't have the world end just yet, can we."

Roy claimed Edwards lips once more, slowly wrapping his torn wings around them.

Even with broken wings, Roy felt like he was in heaven again. He wouldn't trade his new heaven for anything.

After all, Angels deserved happiness too, Right?