On some random day in 2016, Leonard woke up and heard Mick yelling in the front room of the place they recently got. With great annoyance, he truged out of bed to see what all the yelling was about. What he saw was surprising. Sitting on a broke down couch, was Mick with a beer in his hand watching a movie. The movie in question...Frozen. It had just gotten to the part where Anna punched Hans in the face.

He knew he would regret it later, but, he had to ask.

"Hey Mick, what you doing there?"

"Watching Frozen, what's it look like?" Mick grunted.

Mick then got up and started the movie over. He sat back down and looked to Leonard.

"Sit, watch it with me," he said and pointed to the spot on the couch.

Blinking his eyes, Leonard sighed. Why the hell would he want to do that? Of all things in the world? He then shrugged. Why the hell not? He shook his head and nodded sitting down next to Mick.

"Okay, now what?"

"Now, shut up and watch," Mick said.

The movie soon started and already, Mick was commenting on something. The scene when Elsa accidentally shot Anna with ice which was a total accident.

"You don't lock her up, teach her to control her powers, have you ever heard about Hogwarts? Come on."

As the movie continued on, Leonard wondered how Mick found this interesting as they watched it. About ten minutes into the film, about the part where Elsa ran away from the villagers because of her powers was the time Leonard got up to get another beer. In the kitchen, he got some food as well.
"Why? Why am I watching this?" he asked outloud.
He must have been very bored, that's all.

Leonard came back into the front room. He let out a short snicker as he watched with amusement as Mick was singing along to Let It Go. He shook his head and sat down with the makeshift borito in one hand and a beer in the other.

"Thanks, I needed another one," Mick said steeling the beer from Leonard.

Leonard's eye twitched but he said nothing as the movie continued. Pretty soon, there was this talking snowman who started singing a song about summer or something. This genuinely made Leonard laugh at the irony of it all. And then a part where Anna and Kristoff were talking about 'shoe size' and how it doesn't matter.
"This IS supposed to be a kid's film right?" Leonard commented making Mick snort and shrug.
"How do you think the adults get through this?" He said.
Leonard let out a small snicker too and nodded.

The rest of the movie seemed to go by quicker then Leonard thought it would. Pretty soon, Hans revealed who he really was.

"If only someone loved you," he said.

Mick grumbled. "Bastard," he said.

Two minutes later in real time anyways, Anna punched Hans across the face.
"Ha! Waylay that motherfucker!" Mick shouted pointing his empty beer bottle at the screen.
"You really like this why exactly? It's just another love story," Leonard said.
"NO, it's not just a love story, it's about how a sister's love can conquer anything."

Leonard scoffed. "I'm going for another beer sense you drank mine,"
"You do that," Mick said.

Credits to 1seddiefan. We own nothing credits to CW, DC, and Disney. The ending is supposed to be awkward.