*A small red card is seen falling onto the middle of a bare table, the camera zooms onto the card and see's all that on it is a black symbol that consists of a top hat just on top of a eye covering mask, which had one eye set ablaze, below it were the words 'Take your Heart'*


[Atlas: Goldan family mansion]

[Time: 11:32 P.M.]

[No P.O.V.]

Two men wearing thick black coats with fur edges with hoods drawn over their heads are standing guard at the front door of a large Atlesian mansion, they were holding Altas Standard issue Assault Rifles and were wearing goggles to keeps the currently falling snow out of their eyes.

"Man I gotta get onto the day shift soon." One of them said all of a sudden, "I mean I haven't spent much time with my wife and daughter since I took this job"

The other guard looked at his partner, "You might be in luck. I heard that that Mister Goldan has started to change out all his night shift guards for Atlesian Knights. I even hear he's gotten himself a few of the newer models for the more important locations." The other said.

"You think that's a good idea?" The first guard asked, "I mean, yeah he doesn't really have to pay a robot a salary, but truth be told I never really trusted machines. They could get hacked or broken or glitched or all sorts of things. As much as I'd like day shift I think Mr. Goldan's getting a little careless in his defenses by having a bunch of robots handle more and more of them."

"Personally, while I don't care about working the night shift, I wouldn't mind a Knight taking over this post. I haven't had feeling in my toes for a week now." The other guard said.

"You should probably get that checked out." The first guard pointed out.

What the guards were unaware of was that there was a figure running across the arches in front of the building.

[OST: P5: Life Will Change]

The figure was that of a young man with shaggy black hair, he wore an open chested black trench coat with a tail that was cut into three parts over gray collared shirt, black trousers, brown cuban heeled boots, and a pair of red gloves. Over his face the man wore a white bird shaped mask with black interior that covered only his eyes.

The man then ran across the arch and jumped onto a balcony of the building and easily pushed the glass doors open.

"Glad to see Goldan didn't realize he should check to make sure everything was locked when he left for his little vacation." A young girls voice said within the man's head. "Alright Joker, you remember when the target was right?"

The now named Joker smirked, "I remember Oracle." Joker said quietly as he slipped into what appeared to be the master bedroom.

"Good, Queen and Mona will be waiting by the garage for the escape, while Fox, Panther, Skull and Noir will meet up with you after you've gotten the target and will cover you on your escape." the now named Oracle said.

Joker nodded and quietly pushed open the door out of the bedroom, before peeking out the the side.

On his left was an Atlesian Knight Model #130, it's back turned to him.

Joker smirked as he quickly leapt onto the Knight's shoulders and pulled out his weapon, a small single edged dagger, and quickly stabbed the AK in the underside of the head before tearing upward, disabling the droids vocal systems before disabling the droid altogether.

Joker jumped off the falling AK dashed to the corner of the hall, peeking over he saw another Knight, this one not looking in his direction, and several tables between him and it.

Smirking Joker dashed into the shadows of one of the tables, becoming coated in the shadows of the table. Joker then dashed from table to table in a black blur, soon enough reaching the AK, which had turned around to check the other side of the hall, completely moving past Joker without noticing him.

Dashing out of his hiding spot Joker ran down the hall before turning into the library, shutting the door behind him and running toward a small bust of a young woman's head and chest. Joker grabbed the lower jaw of the woman and pulled it down, which actually revealed it to be a hidden switch as one of the nearby bookshelves pushed forward at an angle slightly.

"Why do big mansions like these always have secret rooms in the library?" Oracle asked rhetorically, "Well, at least the guy didn't move the thing."

Joker stepped into the hidden room and walked over to a small wooden box in the middle of the room, which was surrounded by a case of glass, "I don't see a switch or anything." Joker mused.

"Then that means the glass isn't locked down." Oracle said, "No... He's installed a DNA scanner on the glass, there's no way we're taking that without triggering an alarm."

"Where are Skull, Panther, Fox, and Noir?" Joker asked quietly.

"Close enough." Oracle said, "Ready to run?"

Instead of replying Joker pulled out his dagger again, however in less than a second a casing shot up over the edge of the dagger as if folded down to the back, then the blade extended forward a fair bit, this had caused the dagger to look like nothing more than a simple handgun.

Joker then smashed the glass with the gun, which caused an alarm to sound throughout the mansion, and quickly grabbed the small box and tucked it under his arm just as two AK130's burst into the library and saw him in the hidden room.

"Intruder, identify yourself and put down the property in your hands." One of the said.

Joker's answer came in the form of a sudden bullet being fired from his gun, which wasn't silenced apparently. The bullet tore through the head of one of the AK's disabling it.

"Intruder, you have committed a hostile action, prepare for-" The other started, but was cut off by a shotgun blast that tore off half it's back, more than enough to disable it.

"You're not slacking are you? You could have totally taken both down without my help." Said the newcomer.

Like Joker this was a young man, however he hand short, spiky, blonde hair and was wearing a black leather jacket and black pants that had knee pads, a red ascot, combat boots, a pair of yellow gloves, on his face was a dark grey mask shaped like a skull, minus a lower jaw.

In his hands was a pump action shotgun, however with a quick flick of his arm the barrel closed off and the pump of the shotgun split into four segments that shifted to the end of the barrel and ended up the same distance around the barrel from each other, the former pump of the shotgun then segmented further and flipped around to reveal ridges that reconnected to form a club that would certainly hurt to be hit by. This change took less than a second to happen.

"Figured you'd like a shot at them Skull." Joker said smirking.

"Whatever. You got it?" The now named Skull asked, and was given the answer by Joker lifting the box he had taken, "Nice, now let's go before more trouble gets here."

With that Joker and Skull ran out of the room, soon finding two more destroyed AK130's, one that was cut clean in half, the other had several dozen bullet holes in it, and two more people standing over them.

The first was yet another young man, this one with dark blue hair. He wore a black jumpsuit that had a high upturned collar on it and baggy forearms, white motorcycle boots that reached his knees, blue gloves on his hands, a blue and white striped waist sash, and clipped to the back of that sash was a a long white fox tail that had a red ribbon wrapped around it on his face was a white fox mask that covered his whole face.

In his hands was a katana that was sheathed, said sheath had a trigger just near the hilt, which so long as the sword was sheathed, could have the weapon spun around to double as an assault rifle given that part of the sheath can be removed to change out the weapons magazine, that part of the sheath is wider than the rest of it.

The other figure was a woman with long pale blonde hair that was tied up in wavy ponytails. Her outfit was a skin tight red leather catsuit worn with a matching red panther mask that cover her upper face, it had a cleavage cutout, several zippers on the front and with it she wore pink gloves that almost reached her elbows and dark red thigh-high boots clipped to her lower back, just under her tail bone, was a panther's tail the same color as her suit.

In her hand was an SMG, but with a quick flick of her hand it segmented into a long whip, leaving the trigger and ammo magazine with it's grip.

"I suppose there wasn't a way to get the box without triggering an alarm?" The one with the fox tail asked.

"Fox, if he could have avoided the alarm he wouldn't have triggered it." The cat suited woman said.

"I suppose you're right, Panther." Fox admitted. "But we had better clear out before the police arrive."

"Noir's on her way to the garage right now." Oracle announced to the group, "You guy's had better get there too."

The group nodded to each other before sprinting down the hall, no longer caring just how much noise they made, and any AK130 that did come in front of them was shot down.

The group then arrived at the doors that were no doubt the garage, in front of it they saw a young woman cut one last AK130 in half with a battle axe.

The woman had curly chin length hair that a light auburn color, which was hidden under a mauve cavalier hat with a plumed feather, she had on a long sleeved light pink blouse with a cravat, black corset vest, puffy mauve shorts, black pantyhose with identically colored shoes, a holster belt carrying ammo, more specifically grenade launcher rounds, with her hands covered in purple gloves, on her face was a black bandits mask that covered her eyes.

Her battle axe had only one blade, but a long handle and where the second blade would have been was a chamber for grenades, as she rested it on her shoulder it easily collapsed down to a grenade launcher.

"Nice one Noir." Skull cheered out.

"These things are easy compared to Shadows." The now name Noir said with a grin on her face, "Even the Grimm are tougher than these guys."

"That's for sure." Oracle said, "Wait... I'm getting a reading from the other side of that door."

"An actual human guard?" Noir asked aloud, as all the group could hear Oracle.

"No, I'm sensing a strong Aura, I'm thinking a Huntsman." Oracle said.

"What? You mean Goldan's had a Huntsman in his back pocket this whole time?" A new female voice said from Oracles side, "Mona, get the van ready, we're coming for a pick up."

"Oh no." Oracle moaned.

The group within the building nodded to each other as Joker kicked the door to the garage open.

Inside were two of the new model AK200's, much sleeker and brighter than the 130's, however standing between them was a woman with white hair that was tied up in an off center bun, uniformed in a white coat with a red brooch covering her neck, her coat left part of her upper arms exposed and she had black gloves covering her hands, garter belts being incorporated into her pants. In this woman's hands was a white sabre that had dust chambers built into it.

"The hell?" Skull asked, "She's an Atlesian Specialist! The hells she doing playing security guard?"

"Who might you be?" Joker asked as he put his hands in his pockets, keeping his voice level.

The woman narrowed her eyes, "Atlesian Specialist Winter Schnee. I'm here to bring you in for your breaking and entering, as well as robbery."

"Schnee?" Joker asked, "How's your father been doing?"

Winter narrowed her eyes, "I'm not the one who's going to be answering questions here." Winter said, "But I'm going to be bringing you in, get them."

One of the AK200's lifted it's rifle to begin firing, however Skull was faster as he rushed in to kick the 200 in the face, knocking it back and messing up it's aim before caving it's head in with his club.

The other aimed at Joker, only for its gun to be ripped from its hands by Panther's whip, and was soon destroyed as well by gunfire coming from Fox's weapon.

Winter glared at the offending group before rushing in to attack Joker, who jumped to the side to dodge her initial stab and quickly switched his weapon to dagger mode to block a slash from her.

Winter pressed her weapon against Joker's until she was knocked slightly to the side by a shotgun blast from Skull, allowing Joker to back flip away and shift his weapon into a pistol to fire at her.

Winter pulled a second, smaller blade from the first one and used both of them to block the bullet's until Joker's clip ran dry.

Winter then created a Glyph that summoned an Alpha Beowolf that charged at the group while she got back up.

Noir smirked and pulled her grenade launcher off her back and fired once, blasting away the Summoned Grimm.

"Why don't you take off your mask?" Winter growled, "Stop hiding behind those things like the criminals you are and turn yourselves in!"

Joker smirked, "Fine, I'll take off the mask." Joker said reaching up to his mask, "Just remember you asked for it."

Winter raised an eyebrow at this and braced herself for anything Joker could pull.

"Come forth, Arsene!" Joker shouted as he tore off his mask, the mask shattering and burning away in blue flames, Jokers face was also still covered in blue flames, obscuring his identity.

Winter jumped back at the sudden appearance of the flames, but soon enough that didn't matter as a chill ran down her spine at a sinister laughter filled the garage.

Blue flames emerged from behind Joker, which formed a rather intimidating figure, it was larger that Joker, it had a black torso like an vest with a white cravat on it's neck, its arms were covered in a long sleeves red vest that reached it's clawed hands, it's legs had on leggings that covered the entirety of its legs, but not the waist and had boots with blades posing as long heels, two large black feathered wings on it's back, a ridiculously tall top hat on it's head. Said head was completely covered by a sinister black mask with red eyes and mouth and had two long horns curling to the front of its face.

"Arsene! Eiha!" Joker commanded as he grabbed hold of the chain and swung it forward, which caused Winter to focus once again on the fight, only for a red and black mass of energy to burst up from below her, tearing out a chunk of her Aura and knocking her back down to the ground.

The being Joker referred to as Arsene faded as Joker's mask reformed on his face, and while Winter was on the ground the five thieves shifted their weapons into their respective gun forms and pointed them at Winter's head, surrounding her and keeping a decent distance to prevent her from disarming them should she retaliate.

"What's the Atlas Military doing here?" Joker demanded, "Last I checked they don't exactly do mercenary work."

Winter scoffed and looked around, noticing her predicament as her Aura wouldn't exactly be able to hold up if they started to open fire, "We aren't, but when Goldan came up to us saying that is was the Phantom Thieves that were targeting him we decided to make an exception just this once." Winter admitted.

"So the reason you're playing security guard is because it's us?" Noir asked, "Don't know know what Goldan did less than half a month ago?"

"I don't care about that!" Winter snapped, "I volunteered the moment I heard it was you all."

"Really? You're still on about that?" Skull asked, "Sheesh that was almost half a year ago, lay off it already, besides shouldn't you be thanking us for what happened afterwards?"

"Thanking you!?" Winter shouted, "You-"

"Goldan recently robbed the Chieftain of Kou Kuana just a few weeks ago." Fox said suddenly, "While he can't do anything now that Goldan has returned to Atlas, because Atlas favor's it's rich and human over the poor and the Faunus, we can."

"So, you were hired to steal it back then?" Winter asked.

"No, we came of our own choice." Joker said, "In fact, Oracle should have sent General Ironwood incriminating evidence about Goldan by now."

"What?" Winter asked surprise.

At that moment the garage door to the outside is busted down by a black van backing up into it, the black van has a yellow stripe going down the middle, it also curiously had a cat tail and cat ears poking out of it.

The back door of the van burst open to reveal a woman with long orange hair wearing a mask that looked like large black goggles with orange lenses, she wore a skintight black bodysuit with fluorescent neon green glowing strips and matching black boots with neon green soles.

"Get in!" The woman shouted, her voice revealing that she was Oracle.

"Don't need to tell me twice." Skull shouted, blasting the ground near Winter to keep her off balance and allowed the group to jump into the van.

"Who's driving?" Panther asked.

"Queen." Oracle said.

The groups head than swiveled to the woman at the steering wheel, she had short brown hair in a bob cut, she wore a skintight black leather suit that is worn with a long black scarf, shoulder and knee pads with spikes with white gloves on he hands, on her face was an iron mask that covered her upper face with cut outs to reveal her reddish brown eyes.

"Oh crap." Skull said.

"Guys you better hold on!" A boyish voice called from within the front of the van, "We all know about Queen's road rage when driving out."

"Quit complaining Mona, we don't have time for safe driving." Queen retorted as she hit the gas pedal, sending the Van that was apparently Mona driving ahead at full speed, the tracks were soon covered by the falling snow, making tracking them impossible.


Well folks, this ended up being long than I expected for a teaser.

Now I just want to say it will be a while before I actually start writing this story, because I want to run a few of my other stories to the Wall of Canon, plus I want to watch a full playthrough of Persona 5.

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