Hey everyone so this is a Buffy and Star Wars crossover, I decided to post it under Star Wars since only Buffy will appear in this you don't need to know much about that show to get by reading this. this is my first ambitious story so I hope you guys like it!

It will be Buffy/Anakin pairing in later chapters but Padme lovers do not worry she will still have a big part to play in our heroes lives :)

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Buffy woke up face down in... Sand. Ew gross its all in my mouth! She spluttered and spit and somehow managed to pull herself into a kneeling position, where on earth was she? She looked around, and then she looked up, two suns well whaddya know. She must have hit her head hard when she, uh, arrived here. Speaking of which, she did feel kinda off balance, her body felt weak and it ached something fierce! Like she had just gone 10 rounds against Faith, or baddie Angel, or the master or... Well, she had a lot of enemies.

Wobbling her way onto her feet, nothing but sand in all directions. Might as well pick one and start walking right? What could possibly go wrong. Walking for what must have been hours in the sand was proving much easier said than done, wobbly slayer and sand do not mix. Eventually she noticed an object appear on the horizon, she made her way towards it and discovered it was some sort of spire thingy rising from the ground. She touched it and felt the soft hum of machinery working, okay, so what does it do? She pressed the few buttons it had on it, but nothing happened. Looking around, she noticed some mushrooms growing off of it, how could they grow out here, though the desert was dry as a bone... Unless this spire thing had water inside it. Smart Buffy, she mentally congratulated herself, before remembering that she couldn't get it to work. She sunk down and rested against it, she was weak and dehydrated and probably going to die right next to a damn water source! Stupid spirey thingy.

She didn't know how long she lay there drifting in and out of consciousness, but the next thing she knew she was being shaken awake. After her eyes slowly adjusted she realized it was a woman shaking her, luckily this woman wasn't setting off any of her slayer senses cause Buffy wasn't sure she was up for a fight anyway. This stranger seemed to be checking her for any obvious injuries and of course there were none.

"Water" Buffy managed to rasp out, to which the women quickly held a flask to Buffy's lips and helped her drink.

"You poor thing! You should have just taken some from the vaparator" the women said, she had a kind voice, very motherly- like... is that a word?

"Didn't... Didn't know how" this got a confused look from the women. Obviously this was something everyone around here was supposed to know, guess she missed that handout.

"My names Buffy" at least her voice was slowly returning.

"I'm Shmi" she replied politely and then helping Buffy drink some more water before she continued, "what are you doing all the way out here?"

Buffy scoffed " I don't even know where here is"

" We are quite a journey away from Mos Eisley"

"Moss what?" Buffy replied stupidly.

"Mos Eisley the main spaceport this side of Tatooine?" Shmi had that concerned look on her face again.

Spaceport? And what was a tattoo... Mean? Lean? tattoo something!

"I'm sorry I have no idea what you are talking about" Shmi examined her for a few more moments before speaking again.

"Did your starship crash here? You seem like you might have concussion" Buffy shook her head. Wait... Starship?! Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.

"No Id definitely remembers if Id been to a place that has two suns before, I don't know how I got here, but I'm pretty sure I'm not on my own planet anymore" Buffy hoped honesty was the best policy here.

The implications of what she herself had just said had her mind reeling. She had jumped into a portal she was sure would kill her, but it seemed to have taken her to a different place entirely. A different dimension... or even galaxy. Could that be possible? Of course it could Buffy you idiot, your life is hardly average Joes.

Shmi seemed to be taking the strange lost girl in front of her all in her stride at least.

" I thought you must have been an offworlder" the older women replied simply.

"Wait, what were you doing out here?"

"Oh, I'm here to pick the mushrooms of the evaporator to take home. You're welcome to come with me if you'd like? We could get some proper food in you and help you get your bearings"

Buffy nodded slowly, Shmi seemed trustworthy and kind. With some assistance Buffy got onto her feet. As they walked Shmi tried to fill Buffy in as best she could on this planet Tatooine, not really knowing the extent of what Buffy didn't know however. Buffy tried to take it all in but a steadily growing feeling of unease made it hard to concentrate. Her slayer senses were telling her something bad was about to happen.

"Shmi how much further is it to your home?" the urgency in her voice making the older womens head whip round and look at her worriedly.

" We are only about half way, why?"

"This is going to sound crazy, but I can sometimes sense things before they happen and right now my senses are telling me we need to hurry" She looked at Buffy and her eyes light up in understanding but it was too late. The sound of what Buffy could only describe as a war cry pierced the air and both women turned to the source. Over the lip of a nearby dune came several sandy colored robed creatures that she had never seen before in all her years of slaying.


Buffy decided in this moment she really hated sand! She couldn't run on it, but the creatures didn't seem to have a problem judging by the rate they were catching up and Buffy wasn't sure that in her weakened state she could take them all on.

The chase soon came to an end. A perfectly aimed throwing net pinned Shmi to the ground and Buffy did not have enough time to untangle her before the creatures descended on her too. The first creature to come to close received a kick to the stomach that was quickly followed by a high kick that sent it flying backwards. The next swung a pointy staff at her which she ducked and then kicked its feet out from underneath it. The sound of a gunshot made Buffy whip round, it was standing some distance away and aiming right for her, the message was clear. The first shot was a warning, move again and you die. Buffy never even noticed something approach behind her and the last thing she remembers was the blow to the back of the head and the ground rushing up to meet her.

Some time later:

Buffy woke up with her hands tied above her head, the room was dimly lit, but it looked like the inside of some crude looking hut and Buffy guessed from the dimness it was nighttime outside. Something stirred to her left.

"Buffy... Buffy are you awake?" a weak voice asked, the weak voice of Shmi. Buffy could just about make out her face in the dim light, she was battered and bruised.

"Oh god what did they do to you? What ARE they?" did she ask too many questions? She felt like she did.

"Tusken Raiders, vicious creatures" well you could certainly say that again. Wait... I only just got to this damn place I can't have made enemies on account of my slayerness already.

"What do they want with us?"

"Torture us, use us as bait to attract more-" she gasped and broke out into sobs "-my husband will come looking for me, he warned me about going out so far alone. This is all my fault" Buffy could make out the other woman's body shaking with more sobs.

"Shmi listen to me, this is not your fault and I WILL get us out of here, where I come from I'm a warrior and I've taken down worse than this, whatever brought me here has drained me but as soon as my strength comes back..."

If it comes back...

3 weeks later:

Which was taking far longer than she hoped, it was returning little by little she could feel it. She had a theory that the daily beatings were slowing down the process as a lot of her power went into her super speedy slayer healing. For a while this interested the Tuskens to the extent they focused far more on Buffy than they did Shmi. But eventually their interest in her resilience turned to increased annoyance and rather cruelly they discovered the best way to get a reaction out of Buffy was to torture her new friend right in front of her.

And the two women had indeed become friends, you know what they say about traumatic times bringing people together. They kept each other sane over the three weeks they estimated they had been here. Shmi talked about her family alot, especially her son Anakin who had become something called a Jedi. From what Buffy could tell they were some kind of warrior that could use some magic mumbo jumbo called the force... They sounded a little like slayers except there were many of them and they were warriors that preferred not to fight, peacekeepers Shmi called them.

In return, Buffy told her everything - like everything. The whole slayer deal, demons, what earth was like. Basically, her entire life story and Shmi took it all rather well and didn't treat her like she was crazy, which was always a plus. Although she almost felt really bad complaining about her life when she found out Shmi and Anakin used to be slaves, actual slaves. Buffy began to wonder if this was a hell dimension after all.

Far away on Naboo:

Anakin Skywalker twists and turns in his sleep. Cries of pain echo in his dreams.

"No... No... No... Mom!... Don't, no, don't!" His eyes fly open and he is panting heavily, his thoughts are a mess, what would his master recommend? Meditation... of course.

He stands out on the balcony for some time when he senses Padme's presence.

"Don't go"

"I don't want to disturb you."

"Your presence is soothing." Brief pause.

"You had a nightmare again last night."

"Jedi don't have nightmares."

"I heard you." He opens his eyes and looks at her. The surety in her voice means there's no point denying it.

"I saw my mother. I saw her as clearly as I see you now. She's suffering, Padme. She is in pain...They're killing her! I know I'm disobeying my mandate to protect you, Senator. I know I will be punished and possibly thrown out of the Jedi Order, but I must go. I have to help her! I'm sorry, Padme. I don't have a choice."

"Ani, I told you I wouldn't let you give up your future for me. I'll go with you. That way you can continue to protect me, and you won't be disobeying your mandate."

"What about Master Obi-wan?" Padme smiles and takes his hand.

"I guess we won't tell him, will we?"

Tatooine - Tusken Raider Camp:

They had a particularly cruel beating last night. Buffy was already nearly fully healed, but she was worried Shmi wouldn't be able to last much longer receiving that kind of punishment. Buffy wasn't at full strength, but it would be enough. They were escaping. Today.

Tatooine - Watto's shop:

"I'm looking for Shmi Skywalker." Watto looks at him suspiciously. He stares at Padme, then back to Anakin.

"Ani? Little Ani? Naaaah!" Suddenly, the fiddly piece of equipment in Anakin's hands whirs into life. Watto blinks at it.

"You are Ani! It is you! You little womp rat." Watto gives Anakin a big hug.

"You sure sprouted Weehoo! A Jedi! Waddya know? Hey, maybe you couldda help wit some
deadbeats who owe..."

"My mother..."

"Oh, yeah. Shmi... She's not mine no more. I sold her."

"Sold her..."

"Years ago. Sorry, Ani, but you know, business is business. Sold her to a moisture farmer named Lars. Least I think it was Lars. Believe it or not, I heard he freed her and married her. Can ya beat that?"

"Do you know where they are?"

"Long way from here... Someplace over on the other side of Mos Eisley, I think..."

"I'd like to know." Anakin's grim look means business; Watto gets the hint quickly.

"Yeah... Sure... Absolutely. Let's go look in my records."

Tatooine - Tusken Raider Camp:

Buffy had already snapped her bonds around her wrists and merely had her hands up for show when their torturer for the day walked in, she waited patiently, primed to make her move. The lone Tusken walked towards Shmi, stopping in front of her with its back to Buffy, big mistake ugly. As it lifted the weapon that she had learned from Shmi was called a Gaffi stick into the air, she leapt up and grabbed it, and before the Tusken even had time to react, she backhanded it with her spare hand sending it to the floor and leaving its weapon in her possession. Without even a flicker of hesitation, she brought the sharpened pointed end that had been used to cut her so many times down straight into its skull. Instant death. But most importantly, silent. It had acted just as bad as any demon back home, she reasoned.

She snapped her friends bonds and before the older woman could say a word she said " Gather what supplies you can, flasks of water, preferably and wait for my signal, I need to find a way to distract them or we won't get very far"

Buffy kicked through the weird plastery back wall of their hut prison and gestured to Shmi to stay put. She snuck round what was obviously the edge of the raider camp, all the raiders seemed to be congregating towards the center of the camp. Good, more chance to come up with a plan. Looking around, she spotted an unlit torch that they must use to light the perimeter of the camp, that could work. Grabbing the torch, she ran the gaffi stick along its side much like a flint, and after a few attempts thankfully it lighted. Well, you only get one shot at this Buff don't screw this up.

She threw the torch with all her might at a distant hut and prayed. The torch bounced off the hut at the wrong end, NO! Her heart sunk, then, suddenly fire formed at the base of the hut from where the torch had landed and within moments the entire hut was in flames. The raiders were in a state of panic, the noise and commotion as they flocked desperately to the hut was something to see. They better put that out before their whole dry ass camp goes up in flames, she thought smugly.

Without a moment to lose, she ran back, grabbed Shmi by the hand and practically dragged her out the hut in her haste to get away. They ran and ran and ran till they were over the lip of a dune and out of sight of the camp.

"We can't rest yet, as soon as they discover we are gone, they could follow our footprints" she managed to pant out.

And so, they kept up the gruelling quick pace for hours, not even talking so as to put all their strength and concentration putting one foot in front of the other. After some hours they approached a Jawa transport, and fortune was smiling on them as the jawas recognized Shmi from trading with her and her husband in the past. The little creatures agreed to take them most of the way home.

They had done it. They were free.

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