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They were put on a chariot waiting to be pulled into the arena. Anakin and Padme stood side by side in front and Buffy stood in the middle a step behind them. The Jedi and the young queen kept exchanging looks and then looking away from each other, Anakin's eyes finally landed on Buffy.

"You seem calm? We are about to be taken to our certain deaths..."

"Ive died before. It loses some of its power after that." She replied cooly, but with a hint of satisfaction in her eyes at Anakin's wide eyed expression.

"Youve what? How can-..." The chariot lurches forward and the gates open, the question dying on his lips as the roar of the insect-ey people reaches there ears. Out of the fire and into the frying pan Buff.

They passed a man with auburn hair and beard that Buffy assumed and seconds later had confirmed that this was Anakin's Master, Obi Wan Kenobi. As they were being chained to the pillars she heard Anakin telling the older man about the rescue attempt and she heard a distinctly sarcastic "Good Job" in reply.

The cheering of the crowd drew the slayers attention to the gates opening across from them, as the most bizarre looking creatures she would probably ever see in her now shortened life. One a strange creature she would have likened closest to an enormous blue crab was screeching as it was prodded towards its target. The other was most definitely this universes version of a rhino and the creature that was obviously intended for her and Padme made her think of a hybrid between a lion and a rat. Killed by a rat-lion, I thought Id go out with more style...I mean if I had to die prematurely again.

Padme had the right idea, climbing the pillar to get out of range, Buffy quickly followed suit. The jedi could look after themselves she was sure. Unlike Padme however, Buffy didn't know how to pick locks. Slayer strength don't fail me now. She wrapped the chains around the circular hoop they were attached too as tightly as she could and pulled with all her strength, they snapped off and she almost toppled off the pillar from the force. There was gonna be bruises on her wrists later. The creature had taken quite unkindly to Padme was desperately scrambling the post to get to her.

"Padme throw me the chain!" The other women nodded and did as she was asked, Buffy waited for the creature to try another scramble and then leaped with all her might, she swung straight at the creature and kicked it directly in the ribs. The force of her swing sending the creature flying several metres away. She swung around the pillar several times and landed back on the sand expertly.

Bad move. The creature had just been winded and was now staggering back to its feet and looking directly at her. She wasn't sure if an animal could give a look of pure hatred, but if they could it would look like that! It stalked towards her, lithe and ready to pounce. Buffy crouched also, dodging was her only option...or so she thought until the ground started shaking and the rhino creature charged directly at it, a nasty crunching sound as giant horn met ribs.

Buffy leapt onto the back and squeezed Anakin's shoulder "Nice save Jedi" she said just as Padme leapt down and landed neatly behind her on the creatures back. He kicked the animals side and it started moving towards the jedi master just as Obi Wan finished killing his own creature.

"What are those?!" Buffy pointed at the circular shapes rolling towards them

"Droidekas!" Anakin and Obi Wan said at the same time. They were completely surrounded, the crowd was in uproar except most of them weren't looking towards them, but rather up at the balcony. Not a moment later a figure wielding a purple lightsaber flung itself off the balcony, she waited for the sickening thud but it never came. The man landed relatively gracefully not far from them as the sound of lightsabers igniting echoed all across the stadium. Buffy couldn't deny that it looked pretty cool, that is until an army of droids came charging towards them and the jedi rushed to meet them. Anakin and Obi-Wan were given lightsabers and she kinda wished in that moment she could use one too, luckily Padme grabbed herself a blaster and threw another one to her. She nodded her thanks.

Chaos. That was the best word to describe what was happening here, shots and explosions were happening all around her and she lost sight of Padme. Buffy ducked and weaved around laser fire and even got a few good shots in, 4 down and only like...thousands to go, good job Buff. She shot one droid point blank in its head that was aiming its fire at Anakin and Obi Wan. She managed to spot Padme getting onto a creature pulling a chariot when she felt Anakin run past her and shout back.

"Come on Buffy stay close!" Don't need to tell me twice hotshot She replied internally but quickly caught up due to Slayer speed, she pretty much dived into the chariot while Anakin stood on its ledge and deflected shots away from them.

It was hard to say for certain but Buffy was pretty sure they were losing the battle. They were just simply too outnumbered, the Jedi were good she could recognise their warrior prowess anywhere but the stream of droids entering the arena just seemed endless. They had been knocked off their chariot and her and Padme were crouched almost inside its overturned shell while Anakin did his best to defend them. The two made some inside joke about 'aggressive negotiations' which went right over the slayers head.

"They are surrounding us!" She informed them, snapping them back into focus, Yeah guys flirty banter can wait for later...if there is a later. Buffy looked around the circle they were now trapped in, there was maybe about 15 jedi left, and then herself and Padme. Its over, Im gonna die for real in this topsy turvy galaxy. But the final shots never came. All the droids suddenly stopped firing.

"You have fought gallantly. Worthy of recognition in the history archives of the Jedi Order. Now it is finished. Surrender. and your lives will be spared."

The purple lightsaber jedi didn't seem to like that.

"We will not be hostages for you to barter with Dooku."

"Then, I'm sorry, old friend. You will have to be destroyed."

The droids all aimed at them again, Buffy took a step back and bumped arms with Anakin, he gave her hand a quick reassuring squeeze, he looked like he was going to say something but suddenly Padmé exclaims.


The air is filled with spaceships flying into the arena, firing solid green laser beams at the droids. The droids turn their attention to the newcomers and Buffy sees this as an opportunity to get some shots in, taking down more than a few droids this is much easier when they aren't firing back. She quips mentally.

The ships land around them, acting as a barrier between them, Buffy sees the white clad armored troops firing at the troops. This must be the cavalry. Her, Anakin, Padmé and Obi Wan all jump into the closest ship to them and it takes off rather rapidly, she sways slightly and grabs the handrails above her head.

She looks out at the chaos thats happening all around, they are flying at a line of towers in the desert.

"Aim right above the fuel cells" Anakin commands, and maybe for the first time Buffy sees a powerful young man rather than a teenager like herself. His advice was good, the tower they shot at exploded.

"What are they?" She asks. Anakin goes to respond but it is Obi Wan that does.

"Federation Starships, they will be full of battle droids" they turn their full attention to each other for the first time and he continues.

"I don't believe we have been introduced, Im Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi." He says in a formal tone, he almost has a British accent about him, he's like a jedi Giles. She decides.

"Buffy Summers, galaxy hopper and trouble magnet at your service" he looks momentarily confused and she thinks it might have been the wrong time to joke.

"Look over there!"

"Its Dooku follow him!"

"We are gonna need some help" Padme tells them. She seems worried, Dooku must be the big bad of this place.

"Wont Anakin and Obi Wan be able to take him?" She asks

"There isn't time, we will have to handle it" Obi Wan shouts over the noise.

Moments later laser shots rock their ship and Buffy sees Padme falling backwards as if in slow motion, she reaches put to grab her but misses her by inches, watching her plummet into the sand below.

"Padme! Put the ship down!" Anakin sounds distraught.

"Anakin! Don't let your personal feelings get in the way!" Obi Wan scolds. Buffy makes a split second decision.

"Il go!" She lowers herself so her feet are dangling out before turning back to Anakin.

"Il look after her I promise!" She leaps out before she gets a reply. Her feet hit the sand, she forward rolls once and she's straight up sprinting back towards Padmé, they had covered a bit of distance while they had argued.

The trooper that had fallen with her was helping the other woman up just as Buffy got there.

"Padme are you alright?!" She asks her putting her arms on her shoulders checking her for injuries or sign of anything being broken.

"Im alright, you should have stayed with them! They might need help!" The woman said, sounding winded.

"They were arguing and wasting time! I think you need me more than two jedi right now!" Buffy snapped back, frustration evident. Padme goes wide eyed for a moment and then nods, her face softening.

"Sorry I...Thank you. Im just worried about them"

"We should go back to the forward command centre" the trooper chimes in helpfully.

"No! No gather what troops you can we have got to get to that hanger, get a transport, hurry!"

"I don't understand, two jedi should be able to handle an old man right? Aren't jedi the best warriors in this galaxy?

Understanding flooded Padmes face. "Sorry Buffy this must be all so confusing for you. Dooku is a sith, which is basically a jedi thats gone bad. When they use their powers for dark or selfish reasons its called using the dark side of the force... I admittedly don't fully understand myself I'm not a jedi either. All I know is Jedi are supposed to block out bad emotions because it leads to the dark side, they aren't even supposed to love."

So that's why Obi Wan said that Anakin needed to put his feelings aside, he must have a thing for Padme.

She is pulled from her thoughts by the sound of a ship approaching, they flag it down as best they can.

They quickly hop in and the pilot tells them

"Master Yoda's ship has gone on ahead to help Master Kenobi" Padme nods and Buffy looks at her questioningly, the senator cant help but laugh

"Master Yoda is the head of the jedi council, he's the oldest jedi alive...by quite a lot"

Buffy nods in thanks and notices they are coming in to landing, she gets a feeling something isn't right and leaps onto the platform before the ship has even landed and runs down the dark corridor.

She runs into a hangar and the first unbelievable thing she sees is a little green man clashing lightsabers with the old man they had been chasing before. The second is the giant pillar about to fall on top of Obi Wan and Anakin being suspended in mid air. Both Yoda and Dooku are surprised by her standing there, which the older man uses to press his advantage, he fires a bolt of lightning into the ceiling and huge rocks fall towards Yoda, who must drop his guard to protect himself from the rocks AND keep the pillar up. Dooku lifts his blade above his head, ready to strike a killing blow when Buffy reacts on instinct and shoots him right in the shoulder. The older man gasps in pain and turns his full attention to her.

"Foolish girl. You should never challenge a sith!" He spits out and then fires lighting out of his fingers directly at her. She closes her eyes, she can do nothing but wait for the pain to strike...but it never does. She opens them to find the lighting is hitting her body, but as it does it just bounces harmlessly away. She looks at Dooku and sees the surprise on his face too. Then a feeling goes through her body, one she has never felt before, it fills her and moves right from her toes and whooshes up into her head. Its so much she feels like she's going to burst. He has long since stopped firing and is looking at her like she has grown another head. She begins to shake with the pressure of keeping this feeling in her body, it suddenly explodes out of her, sending both Dooku and Master Yoda flying backwards. what on earth is happening to me?!

She stumbles forward dizzy and disorientated, she wants to help the little green man that has just been caught in...whatever she just did.

However, her vision is starting to go black, she feels her legs give out and the darkness swallows her before she even hits the ground.

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