Cherub. The Beginning.

Chapter 1. Fight

Jared Mason loved his sister. She was three years younger than him at eight years old. He loved the way she would cuddle him when she was cold, he loved the way her hair smelled, he loved the shape of her little toes as she would poke them at him. But he hated her sister's friends. And more particularly he hated one of her friends older brothers.

Jacob Black was three years above Jarred, he was in senior school and about as smart as an average ape. But he always managed to be around when his little sister was invited to hang out with his. He always needed to be where she was, weather it be him 'afraid' to stay home alone when his parents were away, or having to sleep over since his parents were going out of town and wanted both their kids accounted for.

And when Jacob came over Jared felt like tying a noose and stepping into it. Jacob was a bully. He was always finding ways to ruin Jared's life, one sleepover or playdate at a time. He has made Jared eat dirt, cut his hair, punch him and one time ripped one of his fingernails off. Jared hated it whenever his sister announced he would be joining them.

But the worst thing was no one believed him when he told the truth. His mum never believed that Jacob could be abusing him, his sister didn't care. Jared never knew his dad, but he thought he would believe him, this caused him to resent his mum and wish she had been the one to die in the car accident instead of him. Thoughts like this always made Jared feel guilty afterwards though, his mum was depressed. Jared didn't fully know what this meant at his age but he knew it when his mum would lock herself in her room for days at a time, forgetting dinner and the fact she had kids.

Jared had learned to take over the household and become part father part brother to his little sister. He learned to cook and clean, to forge their mums signature when it was needed and how to unlock the money box hidden underneath the desk in the office. He knew he shouldn't waste the money in it, but sometimes he stole a few dollars to get chips after school when he had forgotten to pack lunch after his mum had gone into one of her states.

On this particular afternoon Jared was in a foul mood because Mrs Johnson had yelled at him after he didn't hand in his math homework due to him being too busy last night to do it. Then he had an appointment with the principal of the school about the fight he had been in last week. He looked guilty down at his scabbing knuckles the whole time, only looking up when the principal had told him he had a week's worth of after school detentions. To top it all off his sister had invited her friend over after school which meant Jacob would be waiting there for him.

He kicked a puddle as he walked the ten minute track to his house, soaking his pant leg but not really caring. He wondered what his mum would say about the detentions but had bigger things to worry about as he stepped into the door.

The kitchen was a mess, his little sister had trashed the kitchen. There was flour milk and sugar everywhere and burnt bits sticking to the pan where the stove still showed hot. His sister wasn't meant to cook when home alone but figured she would of found a way around it claiming Jacob could supervise them.

As he turned to go into the living room he caught the smell of something bad coming out of his mother's room, he took a step forward going to investigate it but before he had made it three steps Jacob was in front of him. A manic grin on his face.

"Jarred!" He purred "I wondered when I would be seeing you." With that he picked Jared up by the shirt and slammed him back onto the kitchen counter. All the air in Jared's lungs was forced out in the impact with a thud. Jared wheezed. Jacob had never been this physical this quickly, and Jared was scared. Jacob let go of him laughing and brought his fists up to his face. "Go on then, you want me to stop? Make me?." Jared slid off the countertop and brought his fists weakly up.

Jacob went on the attack, planting a fist in Jared's guts and kidneys before Jared knew what was coming to him. Jared was pushed back by the force and tripped on a wet patch on the floor. Jacob used this to his advantage and as Jared was falling planted a fist on his nose, erupting it in blood and causing a sickening sound as Jared's head snapped back onto the marble tiles of kitchen flooring.

Jared's vision blurred as Jacob launched a final kick. Digging Jared in the ribs and causing his body to spasm. Jared then saw Jacob walking off, but his eyes felt like they were looking down long cardboard tubes and he had the worst headache of his life. He saw his sister start to round the corner, bumping into Jacob, he saw the shock in her eyes and the power in his. But before he could do anything his vision went black and he was plunged into a dreamless sleep.