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Lincoln woke up with somthing laying on his chest. He opened his eyes to discover it was Lucy. "Oh yeah..." Lincoln said as last nights memories flood back to him.


"Damn Lucy, your so tight." Lincoln said as he pumped in and out of her. "That's because I'm 11yrs old" Lucy says as she moans. "Lincoln *moan*I'm about to- " Lucy gets cutoff due to Lincoln cumming with out warning. "Ahhhhh" Lucy says as she cums and her pussy overflows with their combined juices.

Lucy falls forward and passes out in the bed. "Good night my beautiful Lucy." Lincoln says as he pulls the covers over them and falls asleep.

End of Flashback

"I'm never going to get tired of that." Lincoln says right as the twins break into His bedroom. "Dad wants you up and awake to help move Leni's stuff." The twins say in unison. "Got it girls, thank you." Lincoln says, getting dressed. "Your welcome Lincoln" Lana says with a smile, but Lola is suspicious. "Why were you and Lucy sleeping naked together?" asks Lola with a sneer on her face. "It's a special kind of sibling bonding." Lucy says, now awake. "Well then do it will Lana and I." Lola begs, her attitude changed drastically, feeling like she's missing out on somthing. "Maybe some day in the future my little princess." (Yes, it will actually happen at some point in this story.) Lincoln says, wrapping his arms around Lola. "Yay! Thanks Lincoln." Lola says, satisfied by that answer and leaving with Lana.

Lincoln runs out of his room, jumps onto the railing on the stairs and slides down, falling on someone as a landing. "Look who FELL into my world." Luan says with a chuckle. "Sorry Luan, I'm just in a hurry." Lincoln says, helping her up. "No problem, I did get a pun out of it after all." Luan chuckles. "Come on sport," Lynn Sr. yells from outside, "We're leaving."

"Gotta Blast!" Lincoln tells Luan before running to the car and getting in. "Gad you could make it Linky." Leni says, hugging him, squeezing him against her huge chest. "Can't... Breath..." Lincoln coughs out. "Buckle up kids, we're going on the road." Lynn Sr. states, pulling out of the drive way.

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