Hello, humans. I want to apologize to all of you. I have vanished for about 2 years without ever letting you know why. I lost the spark I once had for writing and pursued other hobbies such as gaming, choir, acapella, and musical theatre.

I could just continue this story, but it wont feel the same. I started this project as a Freshmen and I'm a Senior now. With that in mind, I'm rebooting this story. You can expect much better work now that I've taken College English classes and read over 5,000 stories on this site. Look forward to chapters that take you at least 10 minutes to read in stead of 1 and many chapters as I'm in quarantine for the seeable future due to Co-Vid19. The new rebooted story should be posted tomorrow or the day after.

And with that my loyal humans, with Love, Luck, Louds, & Lemons, I'll see you all in the reviews and the upcoming reboot!