It was around winter, the sky was gray and the temperature was of spring; not a rare thing around these parts of England. Narcissa Malfoy née Black was sitting on a comfortable chair reading a book with a tea cup in front of her left hand. It was about the time when Draco would want to go outside and play, he was an adventurous little boy and his mother loved watching him discover new things a two year old had never seen.

Every so often she would turn a page from her book and when she did she would look up to find her son. This time she saw that he was sitting around the roses, thankfully Draco knew not to touch them so Narcissa wasn't worried. She looked up again after another turn of a page and saw her son still sitting near the roses, only staring at them. Narcissa felt something was wrong, mother's intuition you could say. Getting up she put her book on the circular glass table and walked over to him.

Touching his back she tried to get her son's attention. "Draco, is something wrong dear?" Narcissa saw that his pale gray eyes were… different.

"Flower… bad" Draco put on a sad face, almost crying on the spot.

Narcissa looked at the roses, but didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. "Well, if you touch the spiky parts it will be bad."

Draco seemed to try to connect her word, tried speaking with the words he only knew. "Flower ugly, no red, fall down."

Now it was Narcissa who tried to connect his own words, but it didn't really make sense to her, the roses were normal as any roses are. Draco was now angry, his mother looked confused and he wanted to make his point, he saw something she didn't… apparently. Narcissa knew he was trying to tell her something, but he was just two, barely a baby to her but she was happy he was showing signs of intelligence; and a talent in magic which started last week.

"Water bad" said Draco while he pointed to the roses.

In the end, Narcissa just dismissed what happened as weird little boy things, which Draco was not proud of but forgetting about it when given a cookie. Three days later… Narcissa was walking down the halls of the manor to the library, looking for children's books so Draco would look at the pictures. She had a good few when she looked through the window and out the garden. She saw a house elf near the roses, waving his hand around and as shaking. When he was getting up to leave, Narcissa called him.

"Dobby" she said quietly. He appeared in a pop and was looking really guilty.

"Yes miss" he said nervously.

"What where you doing to the roses?"

Dobby didn't answer for a few seconds; he suddenly threw himself on the floor and pleaded. "Please miss, don't punish Dobby, it as an accident. Dobby didn't means it! He forgot the bottles to use and he messed up!"

Narcissa was a bit frightened with the elf, even though he was in her presence for a short amount of time but never shown anything.

"I will not repeat my question." She said sternly.

Dobby regained his composure and looked at the floor. "Dobby messed up the roses, he put the wrong water and the roses died. I got new ones and replaced. Don't punish Dobby" He hid himself from his mistress.

Narcissa never liked house elves, but didn't dislike them either but she did often use their services. Looking at him she felt a shiver through her spine; she quickly dismissed him and power walked to the roses in question.

"Flower bad… flower ugly, no red, fall down… water bad"

Opening the doors she repeated the words Draco had told her three days prior in her head. Again, a chill crawled around her. She entered the garden and headed straight for the roses, she saw the newly magically planted ones. Looking around she saw the old ones lying about a foot from where she was. She knew Dobby must have left them there when she called for him. Taking a single rose she saw that it was dried up, brown, ugly and fallen… due to wrong watering or potion. She remembered Draco's words once more; she tried to reassure herself many times that Draco probably saw what Dobby did and tried not to question the logical part of her, and had forgotten the incident, until next morning.