His mother payed Ollavander and ushered him out of the shop. Draco only nodded when his mother suggested they eave to get him a familiar. His thoughts were else where, mostly on his new wand. "Everything about me just has to be 'special' in one way or another. Merlin, I just can't be normal even if I tried." Draco cringed a bit at the reminder of the part of his life that will forever mark him as an outsider for the rest of time.

Of course, even if he didn't have his...problems, he still wouldn't be considered a normal child. With the politicly powerful and bias parents he had some influence as their son, even in a young age. He also grew up in a gigantic, elegant manor with only other rich kids to entertain himself with. If he didn't live with his Godfather every time the Dark Days came he would have no idea how the 'lower class' worked. To him, it was much more simple, no politics, no insults hidden as complements, no need to watch your every move in public. But, on the other hand, they didn't have the advantages an important figure head like his family had. Money, he rather liked his luxurious life style, call him spoiled but he couldn't imagen living any less elegant for a long period of time. Influence, many people would get out of their way to get on their good side, it was rather useful actually. And power, no matter what many people say, what they thought mattered, the word of a Malfoy is worth more than the word of a commoner.

But that really isn't the point, he will never be normal, he accepted that already. It was just...hard, especially during his Dark Days.

"I shouldn't let it ruin this," Draco thought as he shook his head. "This will be my first year at Hogwarts and I shouldn't let anything get in the way. Besides, it's not like I can do anything about it."


"What abdominal creatures." Narcissa thought with a sneer as she glared at all the smelly animals. She really hoped Draco would pick a house trained pet, she wouldn't bare having to live with such filth around the house. She lifted her gaze from the (slightly) cute ice bunny trying to freeze it's way to freedom (but to no avail) to observe her son that was just a few feet away, judging a few owls.

"An owl would be best." Narcissa approved. "Such domestic and intelligent animals, he would also need it for sending letters home."

It wasn't fit for a son of the House of Black to use the cheap barn owls Hogwarts had for use. They were simply better than that.

Narcissa frowned as she felt the strange, but albeit familiar, feeling that something was off about her son. She knew everything about him, she was his mother, she knew him since the day he was born. But she just knew there was something she didn't know about, every time she tried to think deeper into the problem the more lost she became.

It wasn't the beginning of his pre-teen years that activated the alarm bells in her head, it happened so much sooner. She just cant remember when...

"Mum! Mum! I want this one!" Draco practically shouted as he carried a resting eagle-owl he somehow convinced to preach itself harmlessly on the arm of her son.

The eagle-owl stood straight and proud, an air of pure dignity around it. It was a bit taller than your average owl, had a mixture of white, honey brown and black feathers and had large, bright amber eyes.

Narcissa smirked. "He certainly has good taste."

"Alright Draco, what shall you name it?" She asked bringing her son to the cash register and ordering some shop assistant to get a items necessary for the care of an eagle-owl.

Her boy frowned in thought, he needed to pick a good name. He could pick a traditional name, but naming a pet after some great-great ancestor of his would offend said ancestor at best. Plus, those names are already overused.

He thought for a moment before quickly coming to a decision. "Ace." He snuck a peak at the bird in question, he seemed to have approved of the name because it straightened it's back and gave a slight chirp.

She nodded, although she would have preferred a more significant name she found Ace acceptable. Also she didn't want to place doubt inside her son's head, she was already fully disgusted b so many animals around, she didn't want to stay any longer than she needed to.


After his trip to Diagon Ally, Draco dig through all his new things like a child on Christmas. He personally didn't care for the books and such now, but going through all of it made the aspect of going to school a lot more real.

Draco sighed as he draped himself on top of his bed, he felt a swirl of various emotions every time he thought about Hogwarts. Dread, excitement, fear, anticipation...He needed to go, he knew that. The years spent at Hogwarts are supposedly the best ones of a wizard's life, no magical child would even think about missing out on the magical school they grew up hearing about.

He twirled his wand, he had much more to worry about than any normal student should. Even though they had a plan to take care of the Dark Days, there would always be the risk of exposer. Even though he had three years of practise using a Time Turner, it would be much more difficult fooling a whole school than just his parents.

Draco frowned, he has had this train of thought frequently and no matter how much time he spent mulling it over he always came to the same conclusion.

This year at Hogwarts will be like no other.

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