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Chapter IV

I found myself searching for that damn suit in the attic for the party I'll be attending in Vienna for Frau Schmidt wasn't around today, and she was the only one who knew where it was. Baroness Elsa Schraeder invited me, and…well, I'm currently courting her right now.

After the death of my wife, Agathe, I was a horrible mess. I was surrounded by liquor and the walls of my own study, shutting myself out from everyone- even my children. I want to forget that she died. I want to forget that Agathe's gone, so that my heart won't be crushed again, but sadly, I could never forget my lovely wife. I could never forget that she's dead.

Parties were a way for me to escape the terrible world I'm in. When I'm in a party- I'm in a whole new world- and in a way, I could forget that she died. I could forget all my problems.

In this world, I met Elsa. She wasn't someone who could just remind me of my heartbreak, such as my children, my house, or even Salzburg. She was different- glamorous, beautiful, charming, the perfect hostess- but in a way, she is my savior. She saved me from remembering my troubles. She never speaks to me about Agathe even if she knows, and she makes sure that I just have a good time. In return, I want to have her enjoy my company as well.

I then began courting her.

I suddenly bumped into a box and its contents toppled out of the floor. I checked what fell off the box and I saw one of the oldest navy uniforms I owned- the ones I used on the boat when I was still starting out in the navy. I moved to pick up the clothing when a piece of what looked like paper fell.

On the floor was a picture of me with a girl. I got the picture from the floor and waves of nostalgia suddenly hit me. I was seventeen, and the girl beside me was my childhood friend...and sweetheart. She was sixteen then, and her name was Maria Kutschera.

I remember that picture being taken by the park close to the lake, where we sat down and ate ice cream a lot. I saw this man offering to take pictures but with a price, so I paid him, and Maria and I took a picture together.

Memories of Maria and I started flooding through my mind. I remember her and I composing songs, me giving her that guitar, all the times we've spent on her mountain, sharing our dreams with one another, Aunt Susanne and her apple strudels, her favorite things, music, carving her name and mine on the tree where I planted a memorable rose nearby, us saying our feelings to one another, me defending her against my parents, and promising her that I would see her before I'd go to the Academy for proper goodbyes.

Sadly, that didn't happen.

I was forcefully taken away by my mother so that I could go to that Academy as soon as possible. She wanted me away from Maria, for she thought that Maria was just a gold digger given her social status. I fought back, I tried to escape just so I could fulfill that promise for her. But with how many tries, I failed. With that, I resorted to writing letters to her.

I wrote her letters almost everyday until I couldn't send any more because I was receiving no reply. I didn't know if she hated me, if someone tried to block those letters going to her or going to me, but I eventually gave up on receiving a reply from her.

I loved her so much. She meant the world to me, but sadly I guess our story has ended in an unfortunate way. But I know that she'd always have a special place in my heart. I know that there's a part of me that has never stopped loving her- because even if our story has stopped, I guess my heart never stopped beating for her.

One day, my mother confessed to me all that she has done to tamper Maria and I's relationship. She asked someone to forge my handwriting to write to Maria that I wanted her out of my life. To add insult to injury, she delivered a briefcase full of money, showing her that I'm paying her to get out of my life, because "I happened to realize that she was a gold digger." What's more is, all the letters coming from me to be sent to Maria were blocked by my mother. She asked someone to get all the letters I've written to Maria in the mail post, and kept it, so that it won't reach Maria. But now, she doesn't know where the letters are, because one day, it just got lost.

After telling her story, my mother gave me a sincere apology- which was very much unlike her. I remember her relaying that story to me with tears in her eyes, and she was practically kneeling on the floor begging me for forgiveness.

At first I was mad at her. But, in time, I learned to forgive her. She was only doing what she thought was best for me, and I understand that. My mother and I soon were in good terms, and she started to change for the better. My father was more than happy to see that, for he was sick of my mother doing nasty things to other people. He helped my mother on her journey to change, and that road led to a better person- and I'm proud of what my mother has become.

I then decided to move on from Maria and focused more on my career in the navy. I gradually improved myself, sunk a few ships and submarines, became decorated, and well, now I'm a retired Captain. I would say that I have achieved my dream when I was a child.

And when I moved on from Maria, that's when I met...Agathe.

She was wonderful- she was gracious, talented, smart- and she was an amazing mother to our seven children.

Oh no.

I remembered what I tried to forget.

Memories of Agathe started flooding my mind, starting with the good ones, until it ended in her death- as it always did.

"Georg, what did the doctor say? Am I dying?"

"He will do everything to save you. I will do everything to save you. I love you Agathe, please, stay with me."

I stood frozen to the spot, staring at the wall.

Stay with me.

I shook my head, clearing my thoughts. I was shaking as my heart felt horribly painful at the memory. I put the picture of Maria and I in my coat pocket and moved to fix the mess that was on the floor and moved on to find that suit.

I sat in my study, continuing my work. I was writing with my fountain pen, and once I was finished, I put it in my coat pocket.

I felt that there was something else in my pocket and took that something out- and I saw the picture again.

I found myself staring at Maria's eyes- remembering the blue of it even though the picture was black and white.

My mind was reeling. I was feeling a bit happier, my heart was beating a little faster. I chuckled. First love never dies, I guess.

I felt my eyes get lost into hers in that picture as my lips curve into a smile.


Wait, what just happened?

It was week two of my stay in Vienna after the party. I was staying in Elsa's sitting room in her villa, reading the newspaper when I heard the telephone ring.

I picked it up. "Hello?" I said to the receiver.

Hello and good morning. I'd like to speak to Captain von Trapp?

"Yes, you are speaking to him, who is this?"

Ah, yes. This is Frau Schmidt, sir.

"Frau Schmidt! Why have you called?"

I would just like to inform you that the new governess is arriving today.

"Is that so? Alright, I'm going to be on my way to Salzburg soon. Thank you Frau Schmidt."

You're welcome sir.

Georg ended the call. Elsa entered the sitting room. "Georg? You're going back to Salzburg?" she asked, surprised.

"Yes. I'm sorry for the surprise, darling, but you see it's a bit of an emergency. The new governess is arriving and I have to meet her to see if she's…employable," I said. Elsa chuckled. "How about the one who stayed for two hours?" she teased. I laugh. "Oh no, not employable at all," I said.

"Then I'll see you soon. Send me a telegram once you arrive in Salzburg," Elsa said. "Alright, darling. I'll just pack up," I reply, kissing her cheek before going to the guest room to pack up my things. One thing was on my mind as I was thinking about what could happen when I return to the villa.

This day is going to be dreadful.

Knock knock knock.

"Come in," I said.

"Sir, the governess has arrived," Franz informed me. "Alright, where is she?" I reply, stopping from work as I fixed myself to look more presentable. "At the great hall*, sir," Franz said. I nod at him. "Thank you Franz," I said. He nods back before leaving my study.

I combed my hair, fixed my tie and cuff links, and straightened my coat, before I moved to go to the great hall. On the way, I passed by Frau Schmidt. I stopped her.

"I trust that my children are ready to meet their new governess?" I said, "Yes, sir. They're dressed and ready. They are simply waiting in their rooms," Frau Schmidt replied. I nod at her. "Thank you Frau Schmidt," I said.

I started to walk to the great hall again, and once I arrived, I was surprised that no one was there. I only saw a carpet bag and a guitar case on the floor near the stairs. My fingers started wiggling- a habit I acquired when I'm tense or getting annoyed. In this case- I'm getting annoyed.

I searched the other rooms nearby- the sitting rooms. No one was there. I realized that only one room was left.

The ballroom.

I started to walk to that room, my temper getting the better of me. The ballroom was one place that Agathe loved to stay in- I remember the parties we've thrown in that same ballroom- I remember how many times I've danced with her. That room should not be disturbed! It's…sacred- for Agathe's memory.

My heart was giving me pangs of pain again. Argh, I hate remembering that…she's gone.

I slam the two doors open, shaking my thoughts away as I mask the sadness I feel with the my stoic face and my naval, sophisticated aura. I was surprised as I saw a woman dancing with an invisible partner, before standing upright in surprise. I raised a brow. I started to move to the side of the door frame, giving her the hint that she should leave the room- and I mean now. The nerve of this woman to barge in to rooms of houses she is certainly not allowed in, and exploring it as if it were her own? It's basic etiquette! It was just...rude!

She quickly walked out, and the woman looked like she was in shock, and she looked like she was scared. I stare at her, my eyebrows furrowed in annoyance.

"In the future you would kindly remember that there are certain rooms in this house that should not be disturbed," I said.

Her face started to calm down as she replied, "Yes, Captain, Sir." I turned around to close the door, and faced her once more.

I found myself looking at her face, studying it, as she was ogling mine.

She looked oddly familiar- no- she looked very familiar.