Michael sat on Jesse's couch, Fiona's head resting in his lap. He had a cold towel draped behind her neck and on her forehead and two around her wrists and two more around her ankles. Her fever wasn't coming down. He was worried.

He was just about to go ask Sam to make up an ice bath when Jesse came in with their doctor and his "make sure the police don't know" assistant.

"Hank Lawson," said the shorter of the two men, shaking Michael's hand.

"Evan Lawson," said the taller.

Jesse and Evan went into the kitchen while Hank stayed, and started pulling medical supplies out of his bag. He took the bandage of Fiona's wound, checked her pulse and her temperature—now a concerning 103—and started prepping a portable ultrasound.

"So what happened to her?" Hank asked.

"We do private security. We were taking down a con artist. Things got heated. She got taken hostage. She took a letter opener in her side."

"And why didn't someone treat it before? This is bandaged with a t shirt in case you didn't know."

"She was taken in for questioning about…the case with the con artist. She has a record and the cops offered her immunity if she told them her story…but only for her involvement in that specific incident…they also didn't offer her medical care beyond the t shirt…she just got home about an hour ago."

"I understand the timeline now."

"Well hopefully you understand how to get her better too."