'Daddy, Carly; look!' Ciara called.

Her little sister; Summer Isabelle Aurelia Brady was unsteadily, but determinedly, taking her first steps across the lawn.

'Oh my God…' Carly exclaimed, staring at their ten month old daughter in delight, immediately fishing out her iPhone from her pocket to record the moment.

'You can do it, sweetheart; come to me.' Bo stretched out his arms encouragingly.

Summer stopped, uncertain all of a sudden; her bright little green eyes staring up at them.

'Come on… few more steps, come on sweetheart.'

'You can do it, Summer!' Shawn Douglas added, clapping his hands and everybody present echoed the encouragement.

Summer took another tentative step towards her father, then another and another; finally reaching him amidst cheers.

'You're a big girl now, aren't you?' Bo lifted her in his arms. She grinned at him, displaying two milk teeth on her lower gum as she patted his cheeks. Chuckling, he stroked her black hair and kissed her on the forehead. Standing beside Bo, Carly touched Summer's plump cheek; loving her so much. Her birth hadn't been easy. Carly had gone into premature laborthen suddenly began hemorrhaging right after Summer was born; to Bo's horror but adamantly refused to leave the delivery room when advised to; determined to be there for Carly no matter what, even though he felt like screaming when he saw Carly looking like death from the loss of blood and the doctors fought valiantly to save her life. Their baby girl's name was actually meant to be Isabelle but Shawn Douglas, while holding her, described her as "a summer breeze" hence Summer instead, Aurelia was added at Caroline's insistence – much to Bo's everlasting irritation.

Melanie and Nathan had named their son, born three weeks before Summer, James Thomas Horton;everybody called him Jamie. He had his mother's eyes and Nathan's features and dark hair and was as lively as could be. Mel firmly took the discarded empty beer can he was trying to play with away from him. 'You're not doing that on my watch!' she said, picking him up.

Bo and Carly were having a barbecue outside their cottage and the family were very much present. Sami's children ran round in delight; Ciara, Claire and Theo as well while the babies were under the adults' firm eye. With the events of the past firmly behind them, they was nothing but love and laughter in the air. On their return to Salem, the family had given Carly a very warm welcome, even though they were disappointed they missed the actual wedding. Frankie had given his blessing, he and Nicholas reconciling with Bo. As for Hope, making her peace with the irreversible situation, moved on with her life and now in a relationship with a lawyer who recently moved to Salem with his son. Aiden Jennings was a widower and seemed to adore Hope (Lord knows why; was Mel's scathing remark) and Bo wasgenuinely happy for her. She did make her mistakes but it was good she wouldn't be alone either and Carly agreed with him.

It was a perfect picture day. Daniel, Shawn Douglas and Roman heatedly arguing over a latest match; Nathan, Brady and Nicholas joining in. Abe, EJ and Justin on politics; the women trying to decide on the next book for book club, Mel and Carly reluctant but active members to their husbands' great amusement. Bo and Frankie at the grill, Carly walking by and pressing a kiss on his mouth, Summer on her hip; one small arm around her mother's neck.

Every morning Bo woke up with Carly next to him, he counted his blessings; remembering the fateful night he first laid eyes on the beautiful spirited woman and the moment he'd dashed to the airport to stop her from leaving forever. With Summer, their world was complete. The years had gone by but Carly and Bo will always remain the same; the princess and the sailor… and each other's eternal flame.