Hello! I wrote this story at the end of summer, and I am now in the process of transferring it from my spiral bound notebook to my computer. there will be three or four chapters all together. This chapter is only about Drakken and Shego, just so you know.

"Well Shego, I never thought this day would come!" said Drakken, as he flew through the sky on a hover craft with the words "Just Married" around the base of it.

"I know right! I'm surprised you even had the guts to ask me!" Shego replied.

"Well, Flowery helped out a lot" Drakken said, referring to the mutant flower vine that grew out of his neck.

"Oh yeah." Shego now recalled that it had been the flower that pulled the ring box out of Drakken's pocket and opened it. "Hay that reminds me, I've been meaning to ask you, does that thing have a mind of its own or what?"

"Well as far as I can tell Flowery acts on his own but responds to what I want" Drakken said, slightly embarrassed.

"mmm okay, well that's great Dr. D, I just wish we didn't have to take it with us on our honeymoon."

"Not to worry Shego! Flowery?" the flower popped out of his neck, eager to do his bidding. "flowery, I need you to not come out at all unless I tell you to. Understand?" Flowery looked about as dejected as a flower can look, but it nodded it's "head" and retreated back into Drakken's neck. "Now, as to our honeymoon, where shall we go, my dear?

"Uh don't you know where we're going? When I asked you about it before you said it was a surprise."

Suddenly nervous, Drakken tried to dig himself out of the situation he had gotten himself into. "Well, Er… It is a surprise! Because, you see... Nrrg... you get to surprise me with where we go?" he stuttered.

"Drakken!" Shego said, the anger evident in her face and voice and the glowing of her hand.

"Now Shego, there's no need to get violent. We are high above the ground on the hovercraft you know." Shego grunted and lifted her fist, but before she could throw a punch, Flowery whipped out and pulled her into a kiss instead.

After a long moment Shego pulled away. "All right, let me drive." She said. "I have a couple ideas about where to go." Drakken was very relieved, but a tiny bit miffed that Flowery had disobeyed his order. But the next thing Shego said made him dismiss the thought completely. "I take it back about the Flower. He's not so bad." She said, not realizing she used the word "He". Then she quietly added, "Way better than those face petals you used to have."

With Shego Driving, she and Drakken soon found themselves relaxing under the sun outside of a beach house on a secluded island. "Ahh, now this is a good vacation! Nice work Shego!" said Drakken. Shego shot him a look, slightly annoyed that he didn't do the "work." But when she thought about it she was glad she got to pick the destination, knowing that as hard as Drakken tried he probably wouldn't have found a place this good.

"Yeah, this is one of the places I used to hide from you when I wasn't working. I looked up 'island rentals' online, then I found the owners and strongly encouraged them to give me the place." Shego sighed. "you know Dr. D, sometimes I really miss being evil."

Drakken sat up and looked at her. "Shego… You know our cupcake business is thriving and a good source of income, so ther isn't really a need…" he trailed off. "And besides, we're still evil, just only when it's absolutely necessary" Drakken frowned. He had meant to be encouraging, but instead his statement made him feel the same as Shego. Shego did smile though, at the memory of the pizza guys face when it was "absolutely necessary" to steal pizza for their date. But She still couldn't shake her mood. She wished they could do something more dramatically evil.

Drakken realized Shego was still upset, and he was starting to feel the same, so he got up and said "how about we go in and I make us some nice coco moo? I know that always cheers me up!" He knew it always cheered her up too, but he also knew she would never admit it.

Shego started to get up and follow him inside, when they heard a huge splashing sound as a submarine emerged from the water. The top hatch opened and a shot man came out, saying in a shrill voice, "Finally! A location where I can build a secret lair that Kim Possible will know nothing about! Then I can make evil plans in peace and finally achieve world domination!"

"ah, hmm… Dementor?.. Nnggh…What are you doing here?" Drakken asked, more than a little annoyed.

"were you not just hearing it with your own ears? I am going to use this island for great evil! Oh, but I suppose you wouldn't be remembering what evil is hmm?" Dementor replied.

"Nnnggaah! I'm still evil!" Drakken claimed, flailing his arms.

"Oh poor Drew. He doesn't realize everyone knows he has become soft." Dementor continued to taunt.

"Gah! As you can see Dementor, this island already belongs to us so you are going to have to find somewhere else for your stupid lair!" Drakken Shouted at his former friend.

"I'm afraid you are mistaken in thinking that I am the one who is to be leaving. I placed a tracker on your hover craft and followed you here for the very purpose of finding a good place for my new evil lair, and I am prepared for any fighting you might be putting up. I actually came up with the idea as I sat through your boring wedding ceremony." Dementor Declared.

"Yeah sorry about that, my brother Hego does tend to drag on doesn't he?" Shego added herself into the conversation. "I was getting bored with him myself. And now I'm Bored with you! Dr. D?" Shego looked at him questioningly. Drakken nodded, now too angry to speak. But that was all Shego needed. At once she launched into action, taking out two of Dementor's henchmen with her green plasma hands. But when she went for Dementor himself, she was met with thick iron mitts clamping around her hands. "Oww!" She exclaimed.

Drakken was now visibly seething with rage. Or at least it was visible to Shego. Dementor didn't seem to notice. "Now Drew" Dementor said as one of his henchmen pointed an overlarge gun at Shego, "leave this island now, or your little wife is history!"

"yeah, I wouldn't call me his little wife, and I definitely wouldn't point your little gun at me." Shego said.

Her calmness threw Dementor slightly off guard. "I am not understanding why not. Your flaming hands have been apprehended!"

"because of that." Shego motioned toward Drakken with an ironed hand. At that moment, several vines shot out of Drakken's back and with a loud "Gaaaahhh" he took out all the henchmen in sight and the cannon that was pointed at Shego. Shego was about to take Dementor out herself, when she noticed something wrong out of the corner of her eye. "Drakken look out!" She shouted, but it was too late.

Somehow Dementor's skinny brother-in-law had snuck around behind Drakken and knocked him out. He now had a laser gun pointed at Drakken's head.

Dementor immediately took up the opportunity at hand. "Now, what will it be? Your island, or your little husband?" Shego was filled with frustration, increased by the fact that she could do nothing about the current situation. She briefly wondered if the skinny henchmen would have the guts to pull the trigger. But when she glanced at Drakken's limp body she realized she wasn't willing to take that chance. Also, Dementor now had his own gun pointed at Drakken's head. Apparently, he wasn't taking any chances either.

"fine take the stupid island." She said and carried he unconscious husband to the hovercraft, his limp vines dragging along behind. As she started it up she said "you know your plan isn't going to work. Kimmie will find you." With that she flew away, ignoring Dementor's reply.

As soon as the island was out of sight she burst into tears, partly out of frustration as she tried to drive with iron mitts on her hands, but it was mostly the thought of Drakken almost being killed that bothered her.

Drakken came around to the sound of her crying. "Shego? Why are you crying?" He asked nervously. Shego never cried, so he wasn't sure what to do in this situation. In response Shego threw her arms around him. "ouch." He said as iron came in to contact with the back of his head. "Oh s-sorry D-Dr. D." Shego said through her tears. She was embarrassed to be crying in front of Drakken, but she couldn't help it.

"that's all right She… Oh your poor hands!" Drakken exclaimed, interrupting himself. Flowery immediately sprang into action, opening a hatch in the floor of the hovercraft and pulling out the emergency tool box. Drakken knelt down and started searching through it, grunting every time he pulled out a toll he didn't want.

"uh Dr. D? I think you can just undo the latches." Shego said, holding up her hands. Drakken looked up and saw that she was correct.

"nrrg. I knew that!" He lied. Shego smiled at her husband as he hurriedly got up and struggled to undo said latches. He was a bit of an oaf, but he loved her, and she loved him. Finally, Flowery leant a petal, and together they got the iron mitts off. Again, Shego threw her arms around Drakken. She was still crying and Drakken couldn't understand why. "There, there, Shego." Drakken said to his wife. "It's all right now your hands are free."

Shego started giggling at his predicament in not knowing what to do. Now Drakken was getting seriously worried. He silently willed Flowery to feel behind her neck and make sure there wasn't a moodulator there. When he was satisfied that there was none, he pulled out of the embrace and said, "Well Shego, how about I find our next honeymoon location?"

As Drakken and Shego hovered over the water they soon came across a cruise ship. They quickly took over it, and were in the process of searching out a good room when they met with none other than Frugal Lucre.

"Hay if it isn't my old prison roomie slash evil mentor and his sidekick! Good to see you! You know I'd heard rumors about you, that you weren't evil anymore. 'no way' I said 'that's my evil mentor' though when I said that they said that I was just proving their point which I don't get what they meant by that, but anywho, here you are taking control of a cruise ship! It's not that evil I'll admit. What are you doing here anyway?" He immediately saw where they parked the hovercraft and noticed the writing on it. "you two got married?! Hay why wasn't I invited? After all…"

As Frugal Lucre blabbered on, Drakken leaned toward Shego. "Shego"


"Throw him overboard."

Uh, yeah" she replied and wasted no time in doing just that. Unfortunately, Francis somehow got back on the ship (jetpacks aisle 79) and found them again. So, their only option was to leave.

Their luck was not better anywhere else. They went to a resort only to find Duff Killigan taking revenge on that particular resort for not having a golf course, they want to adventure theme world but Drakken's cousin Motor Ed was turning all the rides into super cars, and Senior Senior Junior was uprooting all of the trees around their forest cabin. And everyone seemed to have something to say about how Drakken and Shego weren't evil anymore. Finally, they went home to the evil lair, completely exhausted. But when they walked through the door they saw the worst sight yet: Drakken's mother Decorating the walls with colorful wallpaper. Shego literally felt like throwing up when she saw it.

"Gah! Mother!" Drakken exclaimed in horror.

"Drewby! You're supposed to be on your honeymoon!"

"Yes, well you see, mother…nnngg… there was a er mishap with the reservations." Drakken replied, completely uncomfortable. "Er, Mother? What are you doing here?" He asked in a small voice. There was one person he feared more than Shego; his Mother.

"Well Drewby, your place was so ugly before, I thought I would surprise you by redecorating while you were gone. Do you like it?"

Drakken was speechless. In his silence, he was aware of Shego hurling in the trashcan behind him. "Erm, Mother?" Drakken said, in an even smaller voice than before. "Can you leave?"

"That is no way to talk to your Mother! But of course, I understand, so I'll leave just as soon as I get a kiss from my Drewby!" She proceeded to pull Drakken down by his ears and plant a sloppy wet kiss on his cheek. As she moved toward the door she turned to Shego, who was still leaning over the trashcan. "You better take good care of my Drewby sweetheart. We both know you don't deserve him!" with that she was gone, and Drakken and Shego had never felt more relieved.

The next Morning Shego got up to find Drakken already hard at work un-decorating the front lab. She quietly joined in, putting her destructive hands to good use. As she worked she wondered if Drakken had noticed she was there. She thought if he had, he would be ranting. As she was thinking about this she ran into a man-monkey statue. She groaned "Okay, why do we even have Monkey Fist here?"

"All of us villains agreed to take turns keeping Monty, and trying to find a cure for his stoniness. Apparently, I'm still evil enough to do that!"

"Here it goes." Shego thought.

"But I guess that's how it goes. I don't try to take over the world for a few years, and suddenly everyone's saying I'm not evil. Can you believe them? But we'll show them Shego! We're still evil and we'll prove it to them. Especially that no good dirty rotten… Ngaahh! What kind of demented person follows people on their honeymoon to steal their location?!"

"hmm, maybe Dementor!"

"Oh, right... And everyone else! Everyone had to ruin our honeymoon Shego. Everyone! Even if some of them were just minding their own business. I wish they would all just, just stop!"

Shego snapped to attention. "Stop"

"Yes Shego. I wish they would stop bothering us. Uh, Shego?" Drakken noticed that she ran over to the computer and started typing.

"You just reminded me of an add I saw in Hench news. I think I might have a solution to all our problems… Found it!" Shego replied.

Drakken was now reading over her shoulder, and immediately knew what she had in mind. "Shego? I think it might be absolutely necessary for us to do some evil."

"You know Dr. D? I couldn't agree more."

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