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Ron trudged out of the water, completely frustrated with himself. Three years of consistent monkey training, and he still couldn't stay focused in the monkey state.

"Stoppable san" a ghostlike figure appeared next to Ron.

"Whaaah! Sensei!" Ron was startled at the appearance of his teacher.

"Stoppable san, do not fear. Your monkey skills will come in time, but now you must go after Kim Possible."

"Hey, were you ninja spying again?" Ron asked suspiciously.

"that is not important. Kim Possible needs you." With that the Sensei disappeared. It always creeped Ron out a little when he did that, but it was also strangely motivating. Not that he needed motivation in this particular case, but still, it was comforting.

Doot-doot-dee-doot. Ron pulled out his hand held kimmunicator. "Yeah Wade?"

"Ron! Why are you wet? Where's Kim?"

"Monkey power malfunction. Drakken and Shego took Kim when she froze up! By the way, what's the sitch on the freezing thing?" Ron was running back to his scooter as he talked to Wade, switching screens when he got there.

"The device is called the Immobilizer. It interferes with the magnetic field, causing everything in the area stop moving. Unless they are wearing the special magnetic rings that come with the device, No one is able to resist the effect. I'm guessing Drakken and Shego are wearing those. If the immobilizer is turned off, or moved out of the area, the effects will wear off too." Wade explained

"Ok, so how come I never stopped moving?" Ron asked.

I'm guessing it is the very powerful magnet that is still in your pocket, and not on Kim's finger."

"Not funny Wade!" was all Ron replied as he shot off the screen. In a minute, he was pulling to the Possible residents. He was glad to see a pair of teenage twins working on their newest rocket car. "Jim, Tim, I need your help!" he said, jumping off his scooter.

"What's the problem Ron? Did Kim"

"say no? Cause if she did,"

"we can't help you." Jim and Tim said together.

"No, she didn't say no! I... Hay, how did you know about that?" Ron asked.

"We have our whole house wired, so"

"when you talked to our dad about Kim,"

"we heard."

"Okay, you guys really need to quite that dual talking thing. It was kinda cool when you were little, but ever since you're voices changed its been just plain creepy. besides it's probably not cool with the ladies!" Ron said.

"As if you know about the ladies!" Said Jim.

"you can't even ask Kim a simple question!" Added Tim.

"It's not simple! And I was going to ask her, but Drakken and Shego showed up and took her."

"Drakken and Shego? Aren't they"

"not evil anymore?"

"You know, they said that they are still evil, but I'm not convinced. I think they are only a little bit 'bad' now." Ron said. "But they did take Kim, and I need you guys to upgrade my scooter again so I can get her back"

Jim and Tim looked at Ron's blue scooter, then at each other. "Hicka bicka boo?"


Ron thought it was weird that they still said that catchphrase too. He was sure that wasn't cool with the ladies. But at least it meant that they were going to fix his scooter.

When they got back to the lair, Drakken Immediately got to work building a larger scale version of the immobilizer, leaving Shego to carry a stiff Kim by herself. "Hey Dr. D, where should I put Kimmie?" She asked

"Just put her by Monty for now." Drakken replied.

Shego leaned the immobile Kim up against the stone Monkey Fist, then asked "Hay, should we set up a trap or something?"

"Hmmm?" Drakken glanced up from his work. "Oh, you mean for ah... Erm..."

"Ron Stoppable." Shego interjected.

"Ah yes, Stoppable. I don't think he'll be a problem on his own." Drakken answered.

"Whatever." Shego said as she grabbed a magazine, and sat down with her feet propped up on the table. She had a little bit of lingering concern, but she didn't show it.

By the time, Jim and Tim were finished with the scooter it could travel by land, air, or water, and it had stealth mode.

"Ron Stoppable"

"we present to you,

"The ultra-scooter 3.0" Jim and Tim finished together

"Bondiggity! I owe you guys big time"

"Oh you don't owe us." Said Jim.

"Just don't ever do anything to hurt our sister." Added Tim.

"Ever." Jim emphasized.

Ron could see by both of their faces that they were serious, but he knew he wouldn't have any trouble meeting their demand. "No Problemo!" He said as he sped away on the US3.0. As he drove he called Wade again. "So, Wade, which lair am I headed too?" Ron asked.

"The usual one. I never set up cameras there, but I am detecting a magnetic disturbance in that area. I'm sending you the GPS coordinates and based on the information Jim and Tim just sent me, your scooter should take you there on auto pilot." Wade said.

"Got it!" Ron exclaimed as his scooter sprouted wings and took to the sky.

As he got close to his destination Ron switched his jet scooter to stealth mode. When the familiar lair came into view, he felt kind of nostalgic. It had been over three years since he and Kim had last broken into this lair. He landed the scooter and for a moment, wondered about how he should break in. he ended up just trying the front door, and, surprisingly it worked.

"Hello? Kim?" Ron loudly whispered as he walked into the dark room. Suddenly he heard a crash a few feet away from him. "Kim, is that you?" He asked, hoping that it wasn't Shego.

It's me Ron." Said the voice he wanted to hear. "I tripped over Monkey Fist when you walked up."

"Ah" Said Ron as his eyes adjusted to the light and he could see the statue of the man monkey on the ground. He could now see Kim as well, and it was a welcome sight compared to the last time he had seen her, when she was unable to move.

"Well now that you're here, we should stop Drakken. You can fill me in on the details on the way, like how you are immune to the whole immobile thing." Kim said.

"Sure thing, KP. But first, I want to ask you something." Ron said.

"What is it Ron?" She asked curiously. She remembered that he had been about to ask her something earlier, and was now as anxious to hear it as he was to say it.

Suddenly the lights came on. "Hay, look who decided to join the party! And look who woke up from her nap!" Said Shego, jumping down in front of them from some unseen upper level.

"For your info Shego, I was awake the whole time, and it was very unpleasant" Replied Kim, ready to tackle Shego, but Ron held her back.

"Hold up KP, you can't leave my side or you'll go immobile again." Ron told her.

"Got it!" said Kim, thinking back on what had happened before.

"That will make things easier for me!" Shego.

"Hope you fighting isn't as bad as you're decorating Shego." Kim shot back, as she took in the wallpaper that had only been halfway demolished.

"Mother-in-law!" Was all Shego responded as she launched herself at Kim, angered by the memory of the previous night.

Shego and Kim fought just like they had in the past. The only difference was that this time Ron was there, making sure to stay close enough for Kim to fight, but far enough away so he didn't get a flaming green hand to the face. He was so focused on this task, that he didn't even notice Drakken behind him until it was too late. Drakken used a tool that happened to be in his hand to knock Ron out. This distracted Kim just long enough that Shego was able to knock her out as well.

They woke up tied back to back with their arms flat against their sides.

"Kim, is it just me, or have we been in this position before?" Ron asked.

"Ahh, finally you're awake!" Drakken said. "Now please direct your attention to the Drakkenified Immobilizer!" he motioned to a machine that was literally just a larger version of the device they had seen earlier. There was an awkward pause as everyone waited for Shego to take the perfect opportunity to mock.

"Uh, Shego? Aren't you going to say something sarcastic?" Ron finally asked.

"You know, normally I would, but he hasn't gotten to do this in a long time... except with the pizza guy." Shego Replied.

Ron and Kim were surprised at this response.

"Mmnm yes, er, thank you Shego." Drakken said, just as shocked as the others. He was pleased that Shego was trying to make him happy, but he was more disappointed. He had purposely given the device such a dumb sounding name for her benefit. "Anyway, with this larger immobilizer, I won't only be able to immobilize one area, but every moving thing in the world! Then no one will be able to bother Shego and I as we go on our Honeymoon!" He finished with an evil laugh.

"Wait, That's it?" Ron asked.

"Er, yes, What's wrong with that?" Drakken questioned.

"I dono, it just doesn't seem very evil." Kim chimed in. "I mean it is a bad thing to do, but you're, motivation for doing it makes it seem..."

"Not evil!" Ron finished.

"Nrrrg! Stop that! It is evil!" Drakken exclaimed. "Come on Shego, let's go!" he said as he switched on the machine. He and Shego grabbed their travel bags and got on the hover craft. as they rose through the door in the ceiling Drakken said, "you think you're all that Kim Possible,"

"But you're not, Princess!" Shego interrupted. She had been wanting to do that for a long time.

"nerr... That's right, But Shego is!" Added Drakken, getting in the last word and complimenting his wife at the same time.

When they were gone, Ron said, "okay, I am never going to get used to them... You know, like that."

"I know what you mean, Ron." Kim said, then added, "But I'm still mad that I didn't get an invitation to their wedding!"

"So, uh, should we stop the machine or something?" Ron asked. "Not that we have to hurry, but..."

You're right Ron, but first, what was it you were going to say to me earlier?" Kim asked, really wanting to hear what he had to say.

"Oh! Heh heh. Well, I guess now is as good a time as any." Ron took a deep breath. "KP..."

Doot doot dee doot. "Oh, it's probably Wade." Ron stated the obvious.

"Yeah, we better answer. Can you reach my wrist kimmunicator?" Kim asked, since they were still tied up.

"Sure thing, kim!" Ron said as he reached for her wrist with his fingers.

"Go Wade." Kim said when she felt Ron hit the button.

"Kim? I can't see you." Wade said.

"We're a little tied up at the moment." Kim answered. "What's the sitch?"

"Oh, right. Drakken built a bigger immobilizer." Wade said.

"We know." Said Kim and Ron together.

"And it has frozen everyone in the world!"

"Except for us." Kim said. "And you?" She questioned.

"Well I have... a magnetic disrupter, uh, device here in my lab, just like Ron has in his pocket. I've calculated that if the immobilizer is left on much longer, it will ruin he earth's Magnetic balance."

"Okay, that does sound like a huge disaster." Ron said. "How do we turn it off?"

"Ron, if you can get your magnetic disrupter close enough, it should cause the immobilizer to malfunction and hopefully shut off."

"That's the only way?" Ron asked, not wanting to lose his "Magnetic disrupter."

"Well, by my calculations, the negative effects on the planet will begin in roughly a minute, so technically, yes, it is the only way. Sorry Ron." Wade answered.

"Right. KP, we need to stand up, so I can get my hand in my pocket." Ron said.

They stood up pretty easily, having had previous experience being tied up like that. While Ron tried to reach the ring in his pocket, Kim tried to reach her lazar lipstick. Unfortunately, as Ron wiggled his hand, trying to get a grip on the ring, his pants fell down to his ankles.

"C'mon, really?!" He said, but then he got an idea. He quickly kicked his pants off one leg, and used the other to throw the pants, with the ring in the pocket, at the machine. Kim and Ron became Immobile as the pants flew through the air and landed, hanging over the immobilizer. The effect was immediate, and after a moment, the could move again.

"Uh, Kim, I think it's gonna blow!" Ron said, as the machine started emitting a high-pitched whirring sound.

"Got it!" Kim exclaimed as she finally reached her lipstick. She quickly zapped off the ropes and they both ran out the door.

As they hopped on the scooter an automated voice said "No pants detected." And a compartment opened to reveal a spare pair of pants. Ron quickly pulled them on before going.

"Nice touch tweebs." Kim commented as Ron drove off the cliff, switching to flight mode as he did so. As soon as they were out of range, they heard the explosion behind them, and were both glad that they had escaped in time.

When Drakken and Shego left the lair, they didn't need to discuss where to go. They both knew that they had unfinished business with Dementor. But as they neared the island, they could perceive that people were moving around on it.

"I guess Kimmie and Stoppable wrecked your machine." Shego said.

"Gahh! Kim Possible and that buffoon are always ruining my plans!" Drakken said as he folded his arms and pouted.

"No worries Dr. D, I got it covered." Shego said, and pulled the original Immobilizer out of her bag.

"What? Hay how did you?.." Drakken looked confused, but also pleased.

"I had a feeling something like this would happen. Shall we?" She asked, inclining her head toward the island.

"Certainly!" Drakken replied. They turned the immobilzer on, but only left it on as they removed all the weapons from the guards and deposited them in the ocean, along with anything else that Dementor brought with him. Once everything was gone, the turned the immobilzer off, knowing they could take on Dementor and his henchmen in a fair fight, and wanting the satisfaction of beating them up. Pretty soon all the henchmen were running to the submarine in retreat.

"You fools!" Dementor shouted. "Get back here!" anything else he might have said was cut off as several vines wrapped around him, and lifted him in the air.

"Now Dementor, admit defeat, leave our island, and never come back again!" Drakken said.

"No! I will not be soft like you! I will never give in!" Dementor stubbornly yelled at him.

Drakken was hoping that would be his answer. "Very well." He said calmly, setting Dementor down. Before Dementor got over his confusion, he got punched in the face by Shego, and was out cold.

Drakken and Shego sent Dementor off with his henchmen, leaving them with instructions to go back where they came from, and delete any record of the location of the island. The henchman agreed and left as fast as they could.

When they were finally gone Drkken sighed with relief. "Shego? He said, "I love you."

Shego smiled. "I know."

Later, at the Bueno Nacho in Middleton, Ron was acting depressed, even with a Naco in front of him. "Ron, what's bugging you?" Kim asked. "You saved the earth, and me, but you haven't even touched your food."

"Oh, it's just that I lost... Something, back at the lair." Ron said.

"The magnetic disrupter?" Kim guessed. She knew from the way Ron and Wade had talked about it that it was something special.

Ron sighed "KP, it wasn't just a magnetic disrupter. It was... Well I was going to..."

At that moment, Wade ran in with Rufus and said, "Ron! I have something for you!" he handed the "magnetic disrupter" to Ron.

Ron took the ring from wade, and immediately got down on one knee in front of Kim. "Kim, I've been trying to ask you all day; will you marry me?"

"Of course I will, Ron!" Kim said, throwing her arms around her best friend, boyfriend, and now fiancé. They sat together on the floor just like that for a few moments, then Ron pulled back from the hug so he could kiss her instead.

After a while Wade spoke up. "I'm still here, you know."

"Uhuh, uhuh!" Rufus agreed.

"Oh, right! Uh, sorry guys." Ron said, blushing slightly. "By the way, how is the ring not destroyed, and how did you get it back?" He asked Wade as he placed the ring on Kim's finger.
"It's indestructible." Wade replied.

"Right." Ron said, realizing that he should have assumed that in the first place.

"But I wasn't the one who found it." Wade continued. "I built a tiny airplane out of some parts I had lying around, and Rufus flew it to the lair. He's the one who found the ring.

"You're the best Wade." Kim said.

"Ahem!" Said Rufus.

"you too little buddy!" Ron said.

"Now can someone explain to me why my engagement ring is also a magnetic disrupter?" Kim asked.

As Wade explained Ron's original request regarding the engagement ring, and told them everything it could do, Kim beamed at Ron. Ron smiled back at her, certain that at that moment, he was the happiest man in the world.

The End! I couldn't resist that star Wars reference, it was too perfect. Thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!