"You ruffians! Scoundrels! You will pay for this! You shall pay dearly!"

Sidon had no idea if these goblins could understand speech, but continued to cursed at them regardless. These disgusting foul beasts deserved no less, and once Sidon was free, he was going to show them exactly the full force of his anger. How dare they? They were lower than pond scum; they were chum.

"Deviants! Wretches! Bastards!"

One goblin, a grey-colored foul creature, looked up at that last insult. If there was an ounce of intelligence amonst these monsters, it was that one. The grey goblin shoved its last portion of cooked fish down its gullet, not bothering chewing it, and picked up the small knife it been using to clean off the scales. It stood up and turned to Sidon.

Sidon gritted his teeth, ready. He was not afraid of pain, he could take whatever they threw at him. Besides, that small knife was not going to do much damage. It was not sharp enough to cut through Sidon's thick skin. Dumb, dumb, stupid goblins.

Except the grey goblin didn't go Sidon. It turned towards Link.

"No, wait," Sidon breathed in horror realisation, watching the goblin walked over to his friend. Sidon tugged desperately on the chains around his wrists and ankles. "No, you leave him alone! Wait, no!"

They didn't need to tie Link up, but they did anyways. His arms and legs were bound by thick rope, cutting into his skin, possibly cutting off his circulation. Thick splotches of blood stained his lovely blue tunic. The side of his face was bruised black and blue. Worse, Sidon could tell Link had a fever. His face was red, he was sweating profusly, and every breath he took sounded like something was rattling around in his chest. Not even in his sleep could Link escape this misery.

The goblin grabbed a fistful of Link's blood-soaked hair and hauled his head up. It stuck the knife underneath his chin.

"Stop!" Sidon cried out. "Please, I'll... I'll say no more. Please, don't hurt him."

The goblin held the knife there for a few seconds longer, then released his hold. Link's head smacked against the dry ground. A low painful groan dribbled out of his mouth.

The goblin stalked back to the others, turning its back to Sidon like it knew he was no longer a threat.

Sidon bit down on his lip, angry at the goblins, but more angry at himself for allowing more pain come to Link. Right now Link was relying on Sidon to rescue him, to get them both out of here. If Sidon could not control his temper, then what good was he?

"I'll get you out of here," Sidon whispered to Link. By the campfire, the goblins jeered and laughed obnoxiously. "I promise."