Deep in the kelp forest there lived an old sea warlock who went by the name of Thomas Jefferson. He had once been a much respected member of the king's court but had been discovered practicing such manners of sorcery called "democracy" and "the right to free speech". As a result he had been banished to the deep, dark depths of the abyss from which he had escaped to where he abided his time now, watching and waiting - much like Aaron Burr in this sense - but while Burr waited to see how the war would turn out, Jefferson was rather hoping it would come to pass. Maybe then he could get back to his rightful place in the palace but this time on the throne! He smiled at the mere thought. The palace, His! And all he had to do was continue building up the tensions between the idiot land dwellers and the not so much brighter sea creatures. They would rue the day they ever kicked Thomas Jefferson out of the throne room! But drat. Thomas swam over to his crystal viewing mirror that sat in the center of his tastefully decorated lair. If it wasn't for that brat Hamilton and his ideas of diplomacy. The words sent a shiver through his spine and all the way to the fin at the end of his fuschia pink tail. Well. No matter. He would just have to send his hench... friends to continue spying on the King's ward. Maybe then he could find out what the little brat and his friends were actually planning.

"Yes," Thomas smirked to himself, "Let's see just how much trouble the little wretches can get in before being discovered."

With a chuckle that reverberated through the cavern, Jefferson halted his musings to stare into his mirror watching a hazy picture of Hamilton and his two friends appear in its surface, "This will be quite fun indeed."

Back in shallower waters Hamilton and his group of misfits continued their swim towards the sun which filtered through the water to warm their bones. "Where exactly are you planning to go Alex?" Lafayette's youthful voice broke the relative silence.

The other merman sensed the nervousness in his younger friend's voice , "I'm not going to stay too long... I just want to see the castle..."

"And then you'll want to see the harbour, and then you'll want to see a human, and then you'll want to grab a souvenir... We've done this all before...", Hercules listed off his green tail flicking with agitation.

"Oui, Herc is right mon ami... these trips always end badly..." Lafayette fiddled with the hilt of the sword strapped across his back, "Sooner or later your... adopted father will find out about these little... how you say... excursions?"

"You two worry too much, we'll all be fine!" Hamilton scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest, "Now c'mon! We will be discovered if we keep dawdling!" And with this statement he swam off through the seaweed and closer to the human's castle on the coast.

The two merman spared one last glance at each other before following the smaller prince as he steadily made his way up to the surface of the water, dodging the barnacle covered beams and posts that held wooden platforms up in the air for the humans who didn't like getting wet.

The three young mermen maneuvered around the undersides of ships and the chains of anchors as they slowly made their way through the harbour, skillfully avoiding lobster traps and nets that skimmed the sea floor. Schools of fish darted out of their way as the mermen cautiously made their way forward taking care so as not to move any rope or buoy that might signal their less than welcome presence. Finally Alexander stopped beneath the hull of a smaller sailing boat, "Just a little peek!" he promised them before silently gliding through the water towards the sun and the surface. Mulligan crossed his arms in disbelief while Lafayette fiddled again with the hilt of his sword, curly hair tied back to keep away from his face, brow furrowed as he watched his friend reach the surface.

With hardly any hesitation, Hamilton stuck his head above the water, only to quite suddenly come head to head with a green - eyed, freckled face leaning over the side of the ship.